Partnerkin is the largest independent media in the field of affiliate marketing and online moneymaking.

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Promotional post

We don't mark articles with labels like "Advertising"
Quality promotional posts get more than 1 000 views
The audience of our channel is organic and pure
No deletion of posts/re-posts

Advertising positions

  • The standard website background is replaced with the advertiser's background
  • No one will miss your ad
  • Global reach

Technical requirements for branding

Attachment in the rating category
  • Attaching on 1, 2 or 3 positions
  • Attachment is accompanied by a 140x50 image and colorful advertising text
  • The line is highlighted in color so no one will miss it
"Category Sponsor" package
  • 300x35 banner in the profiles of all affiliate programs/networks from the category
  • The big 250x250 banner is on the right side of the affiliate program parameters
  • 250x250 banner appears when the user reaches a certain point of the page
4 banner positions on the site
  • 1000х90. Displayed on all pages of the site
  • 1000х60. Displayed at the top of the site
  • 300х400. Displayed on the home page as well as in articles and news
  • 1000х60. Displayed at the bottom of the site

Technical requirements for banners

No refund is made. We have the right to refuse any advertiser if we consider his advertising inappropriate