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How Much Do Amazon Affiliates Earn?

As a person who starts affiliate marketing through the Amazon Affiliate Program, there might be lots of questions in your head: How long does it take for me to make money as an affiliate on Amazon, How much does it pay to do affiliate marketing through Amazon, and other similar questions. Search no more, because in this article, we will be sharing real data from real people so you can know what exactly to expect.

Income to Expect from Amazon Affiliate Marketing

The amount of money you can expect from affiliate marketing through Amazon depends on several things. You could say that you can start making from $100 to $20 000 a month on Amazon after 6 months or many years. There isn’t an exact number, and it is more dependent on your own activities and the way you benefit from different marketing strategies. However, there are some criteria based on which you can expect a certain amount of earning. These criteria include but are not limited to the following:

  • How much traffic is driven to your affiliate website;
  • How many users will end up clicking on your affiliate links after visiting your website;
  • How many people eventually end up buying the products you’re promoting;
  • The prices of products that they will be buying using your affiliate link;
  • What commission rate you are working with, which depends on the type of product and industry.

The last criterion, about commission rate, is something that can determine which affiliate niches are the most profitable and what can earn you more money. That means working on which industries is going to be worth your while. According to Amazon itself, Amazon Games and Cosmetics and Beauty products get the highest commission rate, 20% and 10%, respectively.

Now that we know what your income as an affiliate is dependent on, let us see some case studies of various affiliates and their income. Hopefully, these stats will give you enough insight.

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Case #1 — Gear Up Hiking

Let us start with a simpler blog. This blog is all about hiking, advice, tips to start hiking, and recommendations on products for hiking made by Asen Stoyanchev. In a recent interview, he has stated that he makes more than $1000 nowadays. He started back in 2019 without any specific affiliate marketing or SEO background. He also runs his blog all by himself. The reason why this is so significant is his strategies for gaining an audience. Looking at the numbers, he now gets more than 20k visits a month.

One interesting strategy that he uses, which is perfect for his niche, is that he uses Pinterest a lot. The reason for his success through Pinterest is the way he analyzed his audience. He knew that young people do hiking the most, and young people look for inspiration and pictures on Pinterest a lot. That is why he managed to make a great audience of people who are actually interested in his blog. Even though his blog is just a side hustle, in May 2021 alone he made $1 700. A huge part of this income was through the Amazon Affiliate program.

As apparent in the picture above, he made $728.86 from Amazon commissions. The rest came from other networks and sources. The key to his success as he said it was giving personality to his promotions and being active on Facebook and Instagram.

Case #2 — Smoked BBQ Source

This is one of the websites that was very interesting to us because of the incentives of the author. This website is managed by Joseph Clements. He has been interested in BBQ since childhood, and he started this blog as a side hustle. When he started in 2016, he wrote around 10 articles only in the span of a few months. After that, he got busy with life and work, but then he realized that he earned 24 dollars from an Amazon affiliate product that was laying around on his website. That was when he realized that if a small website can make 24 dollars, then, with a little bit more effort, he could turn that to a few thousand. And that is what he did. In one year, he hit $2 000 a month, and later on his website got 1.6 million visits back in 2019.

The main strategy that he used was to provide valuable content and product reviews for the audience. After some time, he realized that the more unique and valuable content he provides, the more traffic he can drive to his website through Google. He dedicated lots of time to checking product reviews, and now, the website is making more than $100 000, according to an interview. One thing that makes this case interesting was how he gained his courage after the little amount of money that he saw in his bank account. There is truly no limit to how much you can make.

Case $3 — Little Coffee Place

Going up a little more into the amount of money affiliates are making from their blogs, we have the Little Coffee Place website. Coffee is generally a great niche, because the revenue coming from coffee consumption is around $400k, and this number is increasing day by day, according to Statista. Little Coffee Place has pages reviewing products and coffee machines, mostly leading to Amazon products.

This is a great strategy, especially since they have more than 60K monthly visits. Coffee makers are also great products to promote, since their average price is $200.

As you can see on their website, most links refer to Amazon products, which explains why their website makes $8 000 to $10 000 a month.

Case #4 — Sleeping Culture

The sleep and mattress niche is one of the best niches to focus on, because who doesn’t like sleeping. In this case study, we will see how this blog managed to make around $4 000 of passive income for itself, just by reviewing mattresses, sleeping products, and answering questions regarding sleeping better.

As you can see on their website, they mostly have affiliate products leading to Amazon. This niche, and this content strategy has managed to make them $160 000 a year.

 When they first started out in 2018, only in a span of 3 months, through only 15 articles, they managed to have their first sale in about 2 months for $3.45. But after that, things picked up, and now they are earning even more than $4 000 a month.

Case #5 — Build a Site Like

This is an interesting case because the owner of this website has a nice plan ahead for what they are going to do next. They are a team that help people learn how to build different types of websites, and through affiliate marketing and mainly Amazon, they have managed to make around $2 000.

As you go through the website, you understand that at the beginning, they made only $150 from their website. Getting to $2 000 is a great deal of achievement, especially the way Build a Site Like did it in only 6 months. As you can see below, their website receives 16 000 visits every month, which is great. This means that basically out of all the visits to their website, they make 10 cents on average.

The great thing about these stats is that a lot of other websites are earning the same amounts of money, except if their niche is a profitable niche, such as beauty and cosmetics, which we will be exploring now.

Case $6 — Chic Pursuit

Chic Pursuit is probably one of the most successful beauty blogs we’ve seen so far, due to the fact that they are now having their own affiliate network. But that is not our topic. Let us explore how Chic Pursuit managed to make around $10 000 in one month in 2020. As they state on their income report, they used the Amazon affiliate program from the US and UK, earning more than $2 000 from it.

In 2020, Chic Pursuit used to get more than 170 000 views a month. That is a lot of views. Aside from the fact that they used lots of ad display revenue, their Amazon affiliate sales were also great.

One important strategy that you will notice if you browse Chic Pursuit for a while is that they really care about the audience and they write as if they are actually making a connection with the user, in almost all their posts. Knowing that they have more than 2 000 subscribers to their newsletter, you will have no doubt left that they have succeeded at making an effective connection with their audience.

If you read more through their blog, you will realize that they started from very low, and one of their first income reports reported an income of $3 000 a month back in 2018. So, in only two years, they managed to add $7 000 a month of passive income to their earnings.

Back in 2018, they earned around $1 200 from Amazon for the US and UK, which means a lot, because this number increased by about $1 000 in two years. Now, this is a website that gets most of its earning from traffic and ad revenue, but still, the fact that the Amazon products can still bring you so much means a lot.

This brings us to our last case study, where this passiveness of income is more apparent.

Case #7 — Practical Wanderlust

This travel blog started in 2016, with a couple sharing their tips on traveling after they had a year-long honeymoon. This website is very interesting, because they managed to almost double their income in only 10 months. Now, you might be thinking of small numbers, but we are talking about their income starting from $4 000 in January 2018 to $10 000 in October 2018. Their

Their Amazon income was $700 first, but after a few months, it easily reached a stable amount of more than $1 000 a month, with income from other ways, as well.

One great thing about blogs like this is that usually they are started as a side hobby, and when the author or founder realizes that they are getting some money from Amazon links, they get encouraged again, and they follow up with better articles.

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One great strategy for earning money through Amazon affiliate products is reviewing products and introducing great things to your audience. At the same time, people should be able to find the answer to most of their questions in your blog. This means that your blog shouldn’t just be product reviews, and it should also consist of some guides and useful information about choosing Amazon products as well. Using this method, you can easily expect to earn up to $2 000 a month in less than a year. However, that is just an estimate of how much money you can earn at the minimum if you invest enough attention, care, and purpose in your blog.

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