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Best 10+ Adult Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing in 2022

Looking for promising adult traffic sources can get tedious at times. Sometimes there are way too many options and sometimes you can't find a trustworthy one. Things have become trickier with the increase in internet traffic contributed by adult sites.

Now, more traffic is coming from adult websites than other platforms like eBay, Netflix, Amazon, etc. However, to make it big in such a niche, you need to find a good traffic source that is trustworthy, delivers results, and helps you stay ahead of your competitors. What if there were, not one but, more than 10 amazing options for you to choose from?

1. Adsterra

Adsterra has helped thousands of affiliate marketers boost their profits. With over 30 billion ad impressions every month, the network has garnered tons of adult traffic over the years. Adsterra offers its client many of benefits, including specific targeting features, beginner-friendly policy, a diverse array of ad formats, vertical-friendly policy, payment options, fast moderation, etc. Their ad formats include Banners, Social Bar, Popunders, Native Ads, Web Push, and Vast, etc.

Moreover, they have also launched a new ad format called Social Bar. Social Bar is a highly customizable format that has shown promising results in A/B testing. Social Bar has outperformed other ad formats and works well with cam sites and adult verticals.

2. TrafficJunky

Who hasn't heard of TrafficJunky when it comes to adult advertising? It is naturally one of the key advertising networks, with 150 million daily average visits, for every affiliate marketer who is interested in adult traffic resources. If you are interested in getting your ads displayed on some of the most visited adult sites on the internet, then TrafficJunky is your best bet.

The Canada-based company has tons of opportunities for people looking to garner adult traffic with a diverse array of sizes and formats, cross-device targeting, a team of adult advertising experts, global reach, and other options to engage your audience best.

Moreover, there are +20 GEOs available on the platform, including CA, UK, UK, DE, and FR. Choose from various targeting options such as keyword targeting, cross-device targeting, flexible geo-targeting, auto-optimization options, ISP database, time/day targeting, API, sexual preference targeting, and frequency capping, etc.

3. ExoClick

ExoClick, with +8 billion daily ad impressions daily and +248 billion geo-targeted ads monthly, is undoubtedly one of the most extensive advertising networks in the world. The platform offers +30 GEOs and 20+ ad formats for you to choose from. ExoClick's GEOs include IT, US, ES, UK, CA, FR, DE, etc. It is mainly an adult-oriented ad network with 65,000 desktop/mobile publisher platforms. It has an interesting approach when it comes to targeting and retargeting mechanisms and offers affiliate marketers to obtain premium adult traffic for their ad campaigns cross-device and globally.

Talking about ExoClick’s mechanisms and what the company offers, you can enjoy a range of verticals, including gaming, Nutra, dating, and live cams. Plus, ExoClick affords you free access to the world’s largest adult traffic inventory, behavioral targeting, and retargeting.  

4. TrafficStars

TrafficStars is known for the premium adult traffic that every affiliate marketer dreams of. From advanced advertising solutions to exclusive adult traffic ad placements, TrafficStars will have you sorted in no time. TrafficStars boasts 3 billion ad impressions daily, 8 ad formats, and more than 10 GEOs for you to reap the benefits of. TrafficStars' ad formats range from video X pre-rolls, native ads, and push ads to classic banners and video IM siders. Plus, you can enjoy a diverse range of related verticals like gaming, dating, Nutra, adult cam, VOD, etc., paired with features like programmatic API, varied pricing, exclusive marketplace, vast targeting, etc.  

The top-performing GEOs include ES, US, CA, DE, EN, FR, UK, BR, IT, JP, etc. So, if you are looking for a platform to get big in such a vast and lucrative niche, TrafficStars is your best bet.

5. Vellko

With considerable experience in adult affiliate marketing, Vellko has been around in this vertical for a while now. Vellko integrates potential publishers and advertisers while serving multiple affiliate promotion verticals like health, home improvement, insurance, etc.

The leading adult source network offers many impressive features to its clients, including fixed and recurring commissions, affiliate marketing resources such as online tools, creativity, and content, dedicated affiliate manager, brand recognition, optimizing campaigns, customization, detailed analysis, and management of client's entire affiliate program.

6. Zeropark

With 3.5 billion ad impressions daily, Zeropark is an industry-leading self-serve platform with more than 5 000 active advertisers for digital marketers to market their products and services. Zeropark has over 37 700 running campaigns and can offer the best quality of adult traffic for its mainstream and adult-only channels. With this platform, affiliate marketers can access a better ad inventory and reach a diverse range of people.

Apart from the high-paying traffic from adult sources, the platform offers many other verticals, including casino, gambling, male enhancements, gaming, downloads, antivirus, and Nutra, which provide amazing profits to marketers entering the adult audience niche. The best part about Zeropark is its high-quality and truly dedicated traffic and unparalleled user experience, thanks to its strict policy guidelines and procedures that keep everything under control.

Lastly, Zeropark has one of the largest ad inventories and amazing features like optimization options, adult traffic exact or broad keyword search, URL targeting, advanced targeting, automation, etc. It also has +20 GEOs for you to choose from including ID, PH, SE, IT, TH, US, LATAM, FR, DE, CA, and USA. Its robust targeting, exclusive marketplace, traffic calculator, multiple ad formats, and programmatic RTB make it one of the top placements when it comes to adult traffic sources for affiliate marketers.

7. AdXXX

AdXXX is another adult traffic platform for affiliate marketers that has great potential. The global advertising network specializing in adult traffic has been working in the industry for more than 10 years. It has a proper team of experienced professionals with years of experience in real-time to help you out. Even better, AdXXX has great connections and famous contacts paired with jaw-dropping offers globally.

The reason why it is on our list? AdXXX has ample experience up its sleeves that helps affiliate marketers meet their earning targets while learning something new about internet marketing. Plus, did we mention the adaptable payments that are processed every week? All in all, with global coverage spanning more than 180 countries and 6 continents and 960 million daily ad views, AdXXX can make your earnings skyrocket with its engaging, responsive, and high-value traffic.

8. Push.House

Push.House has created the perfect environment for affiliate marketers interested in adult traffic, so they can watch their effective internet advertising come to life. With a variety of tools at your disposal, you can use Push.House to manage finances, anal use your advertising tactics, increase your sales, and create unique campaigns to attract customers.

Even though the number of targeting options is not as much as others on this list offer, Push.House makes up for it by offering huge amounts of traffic. Some of the types of push traffic that our platform under discussion offers are native traffic, iOS push, in-page, and regular. Moreover, it allows you to choose from multiple payment methods. However, the thing that takes the prize is Push.House's amazing customer support.

9. 50onRed

50onRed is another platform that helps advertisers and affiliate marketers come up with affordable marketing campaigns and get desired results that exceed their expectations. The network’s most enticing feature is its in-text ads that persuade internet users to view and click on them. It makes things easier for the users by allowing them to access the information written on the in-text ads by clicking on the ad or hovering their mouse over it.

Furthermore, the platform keeps its display ads accessible by giving them prime placements, so the service, brand, or product remains in front of the user’s eyes and at the top of their mind. Plus, the full-page cost per view (CPV) makes sure that the user's attention remains on the ad. 50onRed's main focus is adult traffic for publishers and advertisers. You can double or even triple your revenue with this platform. So, what are you waiting for?

10. ADxAD

ADxAD is the perfect option for people who are interested in Asian traffic. With 34 countries, 3 billion bids per day, 100+ buyers, and more than 3 thousand advertisers, this platform have a specialist degree when it comes to Asian traffic. The best part about ADxAD is its impressive number of adult categories to choose from, so you can precisely target your audience according to your goals and desired results. ADxAD offers easy access, round-the-clock customer support, advertising means from direct traffic sources, and a case-by-case approach for individual solutions.

Plus, other than the standard traffic targeting options, it also allows its users to target selected premium publishers.

11. EroAdvertising

EroAdvertising specializes in adult traffic and offers some of the best deep targeting options and traffic monetization tools. With billions of ad impressions daily and many ad formats to choose from, including native ads, redirects, banners, and pop, EroAdvertising has a huge inventory of adult traffic to offer.

Plus, with access to more than 200 countries, thanks to EroAdvertising's geo-targeting, you can show your ads to different audiences based on their geo-location and niche. Some of the targeting options offered by the platform are geomatic targeting, language targeting, group targeting, cross-device targeting, and dayparting.


Adult traffic has risen in the past few years with the increasing interest of internet users in adult content and adult websites. Adult traffic, especially in affiliate marketing, acts as a lucrative way to generate high incomes. If you stick to it, you can end up earning jaw-droppingly high incomes in no time.

Although most people, including advertisers, publishers, and marketers, prefer free traffic, it takes way too long to start achieving the results you want to accomplish with affiliate marketing. Paid adult traffic sources guarantee success while building your audience in a considerably shorter time. And it costs little to none.

So, if you want to make it big in the adult traffic niche, these adult traffic sources have covered you.

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