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Best 5+ Push Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketing or How to Make Money with Push Notifications

That’s not a secret that every affiliate marketer must choose a strategy to get traffic to affiliate offers. Now we are going to speak about the best traffic sources for affiliate marketing. First of all, let’s make it crystal clear: a traffic channel is a network that attracts users, subscribers, and potential clients to your website, blog, or social media account. You can track any visit to your blog, website, or social media page back to its roots. The origin is what we call a "traffic source".

Best Push Traffic Sources

Here’s the list of the different category types of affiliate marketing Traffic Sources:

  • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

The paid traffic network charges you a sum in that traffic channel for every click you get on the website.

You choose a traffic network (Google AdWords and Bing Advertising are currently on top of the list) and generate search ads based on keywords in the search engine database. You bid a certain amount per click after that, and run ads on it.

  • Social Media;

Any time we think about the sources of traffic for social media affiliate marketing, Facebook is our very initial guess. But social media marketing has more to deliver than the very simple mechanics that Facebook offers. Social networking sites are undergoing a tectonic shift and trendy channels such as Instagram and Snapchat are the first option for users.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO);

SEO is, without a doubt, one of the biggest sources of traffic for affiliate marketing in the long run. SEO uses Google and other search engines to get you a whole lot of organic traffic.

  • Mobile Traffic;

Currently, mobile traffic happens to be the fastest rising source of traffic. For example, Facebook's shares display a record high valuation, and this revenue increase is linked to clear supremacy in the mobile video advertisement domain. Google – another engineering marvel – has risen exponentially in sales due to mobile traffic sources. Impressing, right?

  • Search Traffic;

There are two types of search traffic:

  1. Organic Traffic;
  2. Paid Ads or PPC.

Organic traffic is unpaid traffic on the search engines. When you get anyone from Google's organic search page to visit your website or ad, the chances of conversion are 7 times better than if you'd had someone coming straight from a paid ad.

Paid ads are connected to Google Adwords, which is an advertising service developed for businesses that want to view advertisements on Google.

  • Native Ads;

Native ads are an ad format designed to imitate the feel and look of the particular context in which they appear. Since every publisher's primary concern happens to be user retention, and because Native Ads fit in and are less likely to be despised and vilified by users, it is only reasonable that this traffic source shows its worth in affiliate marketing.

  • URL Shortening Tools;

The shortening of URLs is a common technique online. It essentially allows a URL to be made much shorter, still making it possible for users to visit the website they want. Great tools for this purpose are Bit.ly, or Google URL Shortener. However, there’s a somewhat peculiar but still profitable platform that monetizes shortened URLs with panache, which is Adf.ly. By using the shortened URL, publishers get to make cash based on the users who happen to visit the link. This is called "Interstitial Advertising".

Push Notifications

The next type is Push Notifications and we are going to speak about them in detail.

Push traffic is a tiny alert that shows up on your screen or phone.

You may have noticed that when you visit a website on your phone or device, you receive a notification asking that you approve or reject the site's messages. You will begin getting push notifications from that platform if you approve the order.

Types of Push Notifications:

  • Browser notifications: cross-platform notifications that you receive from sites when you hit the enable button in your browser;
  • Mobile notifications: notifications that you can see at the lock screen of your phone, including geo-targeted notifications, promotions, and reminders.

Millions of users approved the request for push notification. But affiliate marketers see this as an opportunity to use push traffic to advertise. The commercials are sent straight to the audience's faces and there's no choice but to engage with them.

What Niches are Better to Promote in 2021

Here are some most promising niches:

  • Dating. Love is everywhere! Nowadays people such as their love on dating websites. A lot of people can spend hundreds of dollars a year on dating site membership. And, by using push notifications, you'll be able to hit those millions quicker.
  • Gambling. As people find out they can win big sums on a small bet, they are actively trying to get rich in online casinos. In recent years the gaming niche has earned many positive results and considerable interest.
  • Online-shops. Push notifications can work to stimulate sales. For example, you can send promotional messages about discounts on certain products. To make such notifications more effective, you need to segment your audience first.
  • News portals and blogs. Many media outlets are already using this technology. It is very convenient to receive notifications about the latest news and articles in thematic blogs. Therefore, if you periodically publish interesting articles, then install push notifications on your site.
  • Online-event. It often happens that you want to listen to an online conference or webinar, but at the most crucial moment, you forget about it. As a result, you do not get to the broadcast and get upset. Alerts can help minimize these situations. They will remind your subscribers about the time and place of the broadcast.

But always keep in mind two main rules:

  1. Don't send notifications too often. Otherwise, the only thing you will achieve by your actions is to unsubscribe from your push mailing list.
  2. Likewise, don't make your subscription Intrusive. This can only cause negativity and most users will simply leave the resource.
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Benefits of Using Push Notifications

First of all, there are high conversion rates. Moreover, it is easy to implement ad format and it doesn’t mess up with the user interface of your site.

Likewise, monetization is done after the user left your site, and they can be monetized for days, weeks, or months to come.

The important fact is that Google so far doesn’t hate push-notifications. And last but not least: the user decides when to stop receiving notifications himself! That is beneficial for everyone.

Here’s a website we have receiving around 1,000 visits per day grabbing push subscribers every time they enter to visit it:

Here are the sources you can use to set the push notifications:

The functionality combines app and in-app messaging, location targeting, and analytics. Business verticals include retail trade, entertainment & media, sports, and travel, hospitality.

Makes it easier for developers to work and helps them create more complex software. Owners can use a single API to send push notifications to multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, and Fire OS).

The service helps you to solve problems of application rejection, increase engagement, and reduce churn. Appboy has a complex system of user profiles, extended customer segmentation, and multi-channel messaging (email, a news feed, Push notifications, and in-app messages).

The main task of the Adpush platform is to help companies return their visitors to their website or mobile app.

Every day, 300 000 developers use the service to send 1.2 billion push notifications to 100 000 apps.

Here are TOP-3 partners by total revenue:

The first place is taken by a webmaster who attracted over 15 million subscribers and earned $223 574. Based on these figures, it attracted the cheapest traffic (according to GEO).

The technology of sending push notifications is the main tool in communicating with clients. This is why the creators of mobile apps have been using it for several years. If your app doesn't yet support sending push notifications, consider how to fix the situation. This technology will make it easier to interact with customers and help retain them.


Push traffic optimally combines a low price, a high percentage of ad delivery and no restrictions typical of Facebook Ads. There is no age or interest targeting on push exchanges, but there is no strict moderation on the subject of ads as well. This is a great tool for affiliate marketers who want to drive traffic to e-commerce, nutra, gambling, sweepstakes, or any other vertical.

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