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4 CPA Networks Without Approval

If you want to start making some money online without having to get your account approved, you are in the right place. We are here to discuss the top 4 CPA Networks where you can immediately get started and earn your first few dollars online.

A CPA (Cost Per Action) network is an advertising model in which a publisher gets compensated for a specific activity performed on their website. Unlike traditional affiliate marketing, the individual may not need to make a transaction for the affiliate to receive a paycheck from the publisher. Some example activities that advertisers can make people do are: filling out a questionnaire form, installing a program, downloading an app, providing an email address etc. Furthermore, CPA networks are simple to use and oftentimes do not require approval.

Pros & Cons of CPA Networks that Don’t Require Account Approval

Oftentimes, getting approval to CPA networks can be very challenging as the managers have to make sure that quality traffic is sent to their offers. For that reason, is it a huge advantage that some networks have instant approval allowing one to get started right away. Moreover, these networks that don’t have account approval, tend to have a lot more offers. This makes it easier to find the right offer to promote given the traffic and audience you have.

On the other hand, the CPA networks that don’t have account approval generally have a lot more users; meaning that the levels of competition are a lot higher as well. This may make it more difficult to get people to perform certain actions. Furthermore, the support teams for these networks tend to be slower as they have more marketers to overlook. Without further ado, let’s get into the top 4 CPA networks without approval.

1. CPAlead

In the CPA affiliate marketing field, CPAlead is one of the greatest affiliate networks. CPAlead is a user-friendly platform with a large number of high-quality offers.

CPAlead offers many programs to monetise international visitors, although most affiliate networks focus on traffic from the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand.

CPAlead is the only CPA network that offers equivalent features to CPM ad networks, such as pop-unders, interstitial advertisements, and direct banner ads, to automatically monetise traffic based on offer performance.

Aside from ad-based tools, CPAlead lockers are highly customizable. The landing page can be designed in such a way that it creates more leads for the affiliates.

  • Approval Process — Instant approval
  • Requirements — Valid phone number
  • Minimum Payout — $25

Link: cpalead.com


2. RevenueHits

RevenueHits is a CPA ad network that assists publishers in monetizing their traffic through the use of automatic CPA adverts. Publishers will only be compensated if a user takes action after clicking the banner/ad.

RevenueHits is not an affiliate network, but rather an ad network similar to CPC ad networks. Rather than paying for clicks or impressions, RevenueHits only pays for actions, regardless of how many clicks the ad receives.

Publishers of RevenueHits will not have any control over the advertising that appears on their site, as they do with the ads that appear on their site from other CPA networks.

Recently, RevenueHits launched a new interstitial placement for the desktop that is a high-performing unit with excellent user experience and complies with Google ad standards. More conversions are expected to be generated by this new ad structure. As a result, expect a bigger profit while employing this style.

Apart from desktop ads, RevenueHits offers a variety of mobile ad types such as mobile dialog box ads, sticky footer banner ads, interstitial ads, notifier ads, and new tab ads to monetize mobile visitors.

  • Approval Process — Instant approval
  • Requirements — A website to publish ads
  • Minimum Payout — $20

Link: revenuehits.com

The AFF Tweaks Blog gives the following rating:

3. WOW Trk

WOW Trk is the fastest-growing performance-based affiliate network, promoting over 10 000 CPA, CPL, and CPC programs.

WOW Trk has campaigns in over 20 different categories, with the majority of them being non-incentive offers. Adult, finance, binary option, business opportunity, dating, travel, trials, surveys, prize draw, gaming, gambling, freebies, health & beauty, insurance, home improvement, forex, deals & discount, and so on are some of the areas where offers can be found.

Affiliates can join the WOW Trk and immediately begin advertising the deals. So, if you're a startup, don't be concerned about premium networks rejecting your account.

To finish the registration process, affiliates must validate their mobile number during registering.

  • Approval Process — Instant approval
  • Requirements — Valid phone number.
  • Minimum Payout — 25£

Link: wowtrk.com


4. AdmitAd.Com

Admitad is a cost-per-action network that caters to all of your advertising requirements. The Admitad provides publishers with new revenue models and dependable sales sources to secure traffic monetization.

Admitad was founded in Germany in 2009 and now has a global presence. Admitad has a cutting-edge in-house platform, premium payments on demand starting at $20, a slew of cutting-edge tools, and well-known brands.

Admitad features a user-friendly interface and gives statistics and analytics to its affiliates on a regular basis.

Admitad receives traffic from all over the world and works with foreign offers. Over 1 300 affiliate programs are currently supported, and over 550 000 publishers trust the platform.

  • Approval Process — Instant approval
  • Requirements — Website/ad space.
  • Minimum Payout — $20

Link: admitad.com



CPA networks are without a doubt one of the most effective ways to make money online nowadays. If you're thinking about getting into affiliate marketing, one of the above networks could be a great start to your entrepreneurial ventures.

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