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Weight Loss Facebook Ads Best Examples + How to Get Approved

There are a lot of different social media that you can advertise on. One of the most popular places to put an ad on is Facebook. The problem with Facebook is that you might go through a lot of obstacles and stages to make your ad a successful one or to get it approved. Weight loss advertisements are one of the most popular types of ads you may have or find on Facebook, but there is a lot to making a successful weight loss ad on Facebook.

In this article, we will be showing you how you can make your weight loss ad approved, and we will show examples of the tips and tricks you can use to make your ad a successful one.

Make Sure The Product You are Advertising is Safe

Sometimes you advertise for a product that is not so safe to use. Even if the product or the plan that you are trying to sell is safe, Facebook might still count it as an unsafe plan. Here is the Facebook policy that is directed to unsafe supplements. Do not mention these types of supplements in your ads or your landing pages.

You Can't Use Personal Attributes

Any kind of personal attributes in your ads such as a person's race, skin color, sex, medical background, or disabilities. These types of advertisements might be aggressive and offensive for people.

Non-Functional Landing Pages

If there is nothing wrong with your advertisement and you are still getting disapproved then there is a possibility that there is nothing wrong with your ad, but something is wrong with your landing page. Facebook also looks at and reviews your landing page and there are some policies in terms of how your landing page should look. 

Tips for You to Get Your Ads Approved

First of all, we have to mention that weight loss ads are very popular on Facebook, and there are a lot of marketers working on these types of ads, pushing a lot of traffics towards different traffics, so these types of ads have been getting more restricted day by day to make sure everything is working in order. You need to make your ad stand out, and here are some tips we have for you to make your ad a good ad that gets approved.

  • Use Realistic Information

So the first one is to be realistic about your ads. Every day we say a lot of people putting aggressive information about their product just to get customers to buy their products. On Facebook, using aggressive and dishonest information about a product doesn't work, and it only leads to your ad not getting approved because of dishonesty in your advertisement. All information you put in your advertising has to be realistic. Take a look at this advertisement below.

Do not do this.

Anyone with a little bit of knowledge about losing weight would know that there is false information in this advertising and that to lose weight in 5 minutes is not possible. So make sure to tell your audience what exactly your product can offer.

  • Do Not Use Any Negativity in Your Advertisements

Using negative language in your ads can hurt your advertisement, and because of that it might not get approved, so make sure you are not using any negativity in your advertisements, and you do not insult a certain group of people.

Do not do this.

For example, in the ad above, you see that they have used the term "Are You Overweight?". Some people might find it to be offensive or insulting and it is going to make them feel bad about themselves, and because of that, your advertising will get disapproved.

Another matter of negativity might be using sentences and words such as "Weight loss" or "Lose fat." These types of phrases are also considered negative and aggressive towards your audiences. Instead of using phrases of these types that go towards an aggressive advertisement, use more motivational words such as "Achieve a healthier life." Or even use motivational pictures instead of negative ones.

You can see in the examples below what type of pictures you should be used to motivate and what images can go towards negativity in your ads.

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  • Avoid Using Before and After Pictures

We have all seen before and after types of advertisings for weight loss but they are outdated, they do not impress anyone anymore, and they might do what is called body-shaming, so make sure to avoid any before and after type of ads because then your ad might get disapproved. Before and after pictures are good at a personal level but not so good when it comes to advertising.

Do not do this as well.

For this example, the image that you see above is not going to get approved because the information on it does not seem to be realistic, it has a before-after picture, and it is not so motivational, but aggressive.

Best Examples of Weight Loss Ads On Facebook

Now that you have got the basics of your ads and you can finally get your ads approved on Facebook, it is time to look at some marketing techniques that can help you improve your advertisements and the general quality of your ads.

Some factors that you should be considering while putting out an ad are location, their behavior, and some personal factors such as gender, age, etc.

  • Target Your Audiences

When it comes to advertising on social media, one of the most important steps is to know who your audiences are, and this helps you to approach them better.

Some factors that you should be considering while putting out an ad are location, their behavior, and some personal factors such as gender, age, etc.

  • Location Targeting

Location of the products that you are advertising matters because depending on your ad and the type of your product, the location of it might be different. If you have a weight loss program that is available at only one location then you might want to target your nearby locations. The other thing is that some products have different areas of servicing products, so you need to watch out for that as well. You can use different Facebook spying tools to copy the regions that other marketers are advertising.

Here is a map that shows you which areas of the United State have people with more obesity. Using maps like this, you can target different locations.

  • Targeting Behavior

One of the things that I love about advertising on social media and Facebook is that you can advertise based on the behavior of your audiences and that creates a unique and creative way of advertising. You can find about a user's behavior based on the things they have posted or liked in the past, devices they use to browse Facebook, or things they purchase.

Facebook itself does recommend some keywords for weight-loss advertising, but there are always some other keywords that are far better than what Facebook recommends.

You can use ad targeting tools to find the words you should be focusing on based on user behavior. There are 4 categories that you can divide keywords into.

General weight loss keywords such as weight loss itself. Diet-related keywords such as low-fat diet or low-carb diet. Exercise-related keywords like fitness and sports. And for the last one the brand names.

  • Use High-Quality Visuals

One of the things that are going to attract any audience to itself on social media including Facebook is using great visuals. In fact, if you do not have good visuals for your ads, people might just skip it and not notice it. Not everybody will notice the small text you put under your advertisement but everybody will see the pictures and the visuals of your ad.

You can see in many of the examples above how marketers are pushing towards advertising with pictures and videos.

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If you are trying to create an ad of any kind on Facebook, whether it is a weight-loss ad or any other kind, the most important step is to follow Facebook's policy. This will not only ensure that your ad will get approved, but it is the most important step to step up the quality of your ad.

In this article, we told you what things to follow and what things to avoid with their examples so you can both get your ads on Facebook and get the quality of your ads to the highest possible. There is a lot of research behind an ad, so make sure that you do enough research before posting an ad, and if you do so, and if you do what we recommended you to do, you will get the most out of your advertising.

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