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How to Post MLM Ads on Facebook in 2021

Multilevel marketing (MLM), also known as network marketing, is a strategy used by sales companies to make their existing distributors recruit more distributors. The distributors then get a percentage of the sales their new recruits make. These new recruits are called the "downline" of the distributors. So, the distributors earn the share and earn money through their direct sales of products to clients.

For instance, Kristyn earned from multilevel marketing by selling essential oils for a company called Young Living for 10 months during the summer of 2018.  Companies dealing with home care, beauty, and health products are the ones the use multilevel marketing most commonly. Another MLM distributor for LuLaRoe, Chrysti, sold clothes for the company for two and a half years. According to her, she choose the brand because of the way its success was portrayed on social media by other sellers who worked at LuLaRoe.

Is It Possible to Promote MLM Using Facebook Ads

Yes. You can promote MLM ads on Facebook only if you do it the right way. Here are the key elements you need to incorporate in your ads:

  • Something your target customers want to see and are willing to get their credit cards out of their pockets.
  • A relevant image with some text on it. Keep the text up to 20% of the picture. If it is more than 20% of the image, it won’t comply with Facebook’s advertising guidelines.
  • When running MLM ads on Facebook, do not mention network marketing, affiliate marketing, MLM, etc. If you say these words, Facebook won’t run your ad.

What to Focus on When Getting Started With MLM on Facebook

Before starting with Network Marketing or Multilevel Marketing on Facebook, you need to build a relationship with your customers. Here's how you can focus most of your energy on it:  

  • Build a Targeted Audience

Connect with people who have similar interests as you. For instance, add friends like high-achievers, influencers, and entrepreneurial-minded people, etc.

  • Find The Right People

The most effective and easiest way to go about it is joining Facebook groups and searching through their members.

  • Make the right conversation

Now, you have the right audience, make the right conversation with them. Make use of a Facebook-based network marketing solution to find out what to talk about.

How to use Facebook Stories For MLM Marketing

Facebook stories are essential. Here’s why you need to use Facebook stories to run your MLM ads:

  • Suppose you are not using Facebook stories to promote your network. In that case, you are simply missing out on the benefits of getting traffic and garnering engagement on a relatively less cluttered Facebook space. All your followers do not use Facebook stories; only some of them do. So, with specific people looking at Facebook stories, you are more likely to be seen and recognized.
  • Facebook stories are gaining traction. You’d be surprised to know that a whopping 500 million Facebook users view stories daily, and this number is only going to increase.
  • Facebook stories are the first thing people see when they open Facebook as they are on top of the page. So, you have a chance to capture their attention because stories are difficult to ignore.
  • Lastly, you can share Facebook stories on Instagram as well. So, you can post your MLM ads to two channels and get traffic from them while using the same content.

What Should You Share to Run your MLM Ad on Facebook Stories

Here are some proven-to-work ideas for you:

  • Polls

Polls do really well, no matter where you post them. They make people interact with your brand. You can simply use Yes/No polls on stories related to your niche and ask people’s opinions on topics. For example, you can post sneakers or heels; what’s your fav? And add pictures of both.

  • BTS

Another way you can garner traffic for your ad is by sharing the behind-the-scenes of your ad campaign on your Facebook stories. This allows you to connect with your audience by showing them what happens behind the camera.

  • Exclusive

Launching a new program? Or a new deal coming up? Share that news via Facebook stories and tell them how they can join via multilevel marketing.


It takes time to figure out what kind of ad format works the best for your page and brand. Mostly, trial and error are involved but go for it once you find out the ad format that works the best for you in terms of engagement and traffic. Once you do, there is nothing stopping you. Multilevel marketing companies contributed to the economy of America with $34.9 billion in revenue during 2017.

However, the process does not just end there. Facebook MLM is not a set-it-and-forget-it scenario; it asks for maintenance. So, once you have your MLM ad campaign in place, and running, start tracking and measuring the essential metrics.

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