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How to Make Money as a Twitch Affiliate in 2022

Twitch is a streaming platform, especially for streaming video games. Recently, Twitch has started an affiliate program to help its community of gamers, viewers, and streams to make money and give their work a little bit more value by affiliate marketing. Now with an affiliate program, streamers and gamers can do what they like and make a living out of doing what they enjoy.

Twitch is one of the best places to start affiliate marketing, especially if you are into video games and streaming them. In 2022, it is possible to make a living and earn money by playing a video game you find interesting. Once, playing video games as your job seemed like a childish dream, but now it is possible.

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How to Become a Twitch Affiliate

As for a starter, not everyone can just start being an affiliate on Twitch. The first step to becoming a Twitch affiliate is that you have to meet some qualifications. The qualifications that are needed are not hard to meet. Anyone can become a Twitch affiliate. The only thing that it will take might be a little time so you can make everything ready and become a Twitch affiliate. The terms that you need to meet in order to be qualified to become a Twitch affiliate are simple.

Terms You Have to Meet

The first thing you need to have is that you must have 500 total minutes or 8 hours of streaming, or higher, in the last 30 days. You also need to have 7 unique steaming days in the past 30 days. Having unique streaming days means that your 8 hours of streaming should not be all in one day, but you have to spread those 500 minutes on seven different days. The other thing you are going to need is an average viewer of 3 people. The last you are going to need is to have 50 followers.

At first, when you start streaming, you might not have any viewers at all. You can ask your friends or people you know to come to see your streams so you can become a Twitch affiliate. Remember that you need to meet all of these four conditions altogether within 30 days.

After you have done all the things that Twitch needs for you to become a Twitch affiliate, you will receive an email, and Twitch will invite you to become an affiliate. After you accept Twitch's invitation, It will transform you into the performance tab of your Creator Dashboard. In there, you will be filling some basic and general info, you will agree to their terms and arguments, and you will complete Royalty and Service Tax Interviews and which will provide Twitch with your Amazon tax information. When you are an affiliate, all of your viewers will receive channel points by watching your content. You can also edit your channel's program.

How to Become a Twitch Affiliate Quickly

If you want to become a Twitch affiliate, there is no instant way to do it. You have to prove to Twitch that you are a streamer willing to put in the effort to become something more than just a streamer who is streaming for fun. There are some things you can do to make yourself grow faster, and now we are going to give some tips that will help you have a better start and grow faster.

  • Upgrade your Quality and Try to Provide the Best Quality Possible

The first rule in any business is to look good. Maybe you have great content, or you are very entertaining, but nobody is going to care if you cannot display these properties in the best quality possible. When viewers come to see your streams, the first thing that is going to take their attention is qualities such as how much frame rate you are taking in your game, how is your video streaming quality, how is your sound quality, and so on. If you do not have quality in what you do and it does not look nice and clean, your viewers will think you are not caring enough about what you do, or you do not value them enough to step up your quality. This way, they will not support or help you in your way.

  • Invest in Your Streaming

Investing in a good set of hardware and software that will help you to build a professional streaming experience will help you tremendously. If you have a webcam, try decorating your room and design to make the stream and the webcam frame more appealing for your viewers. Also, if you want to use any graphics and plugins, choose the best ones.

  • Have a Plan and a Strategy

The second important factor of any business or work is having a plan. Always make sure to schedule your streams. If you plan your streams ahead, your viewers will know when you are going to be online, so they can plan their lives and get to your streams without anything to worry about. You can set a schedule of your streams in your Twitch channel, or you can inform people from your social media accounts such as Twitter or Instagram. The greater you become, and the more viewers you get, planning your streams will be more useful.

  • Stay Positive

Staying positive is one of the most obvious keys to success whenever you want to do any kind of thing. Try communicating with your viewers and make them. People love a person who will make them laugh or make them happy. Streaming might sound frustrating and pointless sometimes, but that is a part of everything in life so try not to give up and always stay positive about things that are happening around you.

  • Do Not Be a Lonewolf and Try Networking

Most of the streamers will start alone, but you should be making friends along the way as you are growing. Sometimes your streamer friends will promote your channel, and they will help you in many places. It is really helpful to make streamer friends, and it will help you a lot in growing as you are being a part of a larger community.

  • Build a Streaming Brand for Yourself

If you are a gamer, you probably have a gamer tag. Try turning yourself into a brand. This will help a lot of viewers to remember you and to know you. Your viewers can also communicate better with you as a streamer. If you go on Twitch and ask people who is Félix Lengyel, a lot of people might not know, but everyone knows the famous xQc. That is how effective branding can be.

How Twitch Affiliates Make Money

There are 4 ways that a Twitch streamer can make money off what they are doing: Subscription, Bits, Advertisement, and In-game sales.

  • Subscription

One of the things you can do as a Twitch streamer is to put up a subscription on your channel so that your viewers can pay for them. There are 4 subscription prices of subscription, and they are $4.99, $9.99, $24.99, and premium free. Subscribing to a channel can have advantages such as badges, custom emotes, a subscriber-only chat, or less advertisement. Usually, more successful streamers offer things like Emotes and badges. The picture below shows one of the subscription plans of xQc, as an example. You can also see the advantages that the subscribers will get if they subscribe to his channel.

  • Bits

If you have Bits, you can sell 100 of them for 1.40 dollars, with a discount on one big purchase. Your viewers can tip you or any other streamer with Bits. Bits can be earned through cheermotes, and viewers can buy cheermotes with enough bits. Once a viewer spends Bits on a cheermote, the streamer will receive the revenue equal to one cent per Bit.

  • Advertising

As a streamer, you can choose how many ads you want on your channel and how long they are going to be. Twitch affiliates will get ad revenue from each ad displayed on their channels. This revenue can range from $2 to $10 per 10,000 views. Below you can see the example of an Ad.

  • In-Game Sales

You can buy some games while the streamers are streaming that game on Twitch. Some games also have in-app purchases, and you can use the in-app purchase option while a streamer is streaming them. If a viewer purchases something from the type of games we mentioned through an affiliate while they are streaming a game, the affiliate will receive 5% of the revenue. In the example below, you can see the game Clash of Clans. When a Clash of Clans streamer is playing the game, they usually announce their creator codes so you can support them.

Twitch Affiliate or Twitch Partner

Another way that Twitch streamers can make more money from their streams is by upgrading from Twitch affiliate to Twitch partner. The Twitch Partner program offers a better plan for a streamer to grow, but it is not as easy as becoming a Twitch Affiliate. Becoming a Twitch Partner can offer you a lot better deals and lead to even more income.

Here is a table that will explain the differences between Twitch affiliate and Twitch partner:

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In this article, we showed you how you can make money while playing games and streaming them for other people. There are many great streamers such as Ninja, who make a lot of money. According to Gossipcop, Ninja has a 25 million dollar net worth. Streaming games is a highly well-paying job, and you can play games and make money out of it, so it is the perfect job for you if you enjoy playing games.

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