TOP Web Hosting Affiliate Programs — Best CPA Web Hosting Networks and Offers of 2024 For Sites and Online Bloggers

There are a lot of ways people can make money out of the internet, and affiliate marketing is one of them, which allows you to have a passive income. Having a passive income is not the only good thing about affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you get to be your own boss and choose the direction of your business all by yourself.

Affiliates are like the middle man between the seller and the customer. They introduce a product to their audiences, and if their audience buys that product, the affiliate receives a commission for it. There are a lot of pricing models and niches that an affiliate has to choose between them. Many other factors will have an impact on one affiliate’s business.

In this article, we will be showing you all of the things you need to know and we will talk about making money out of affiliating web hosts. There are affiliate programs for web hosting that allow an affiliate to earn up to $7 000 in commission. After you read this article, you can answer the question if someone can make money while they are sleeping.

What Is Web Hosting and How It Benefits Affiliates

Web hosting is an internet service that allows individual people or organizations to make their websites accessible throughout the World Wide Web. There are many web host providers across the internet and each of them offers its own tools and technologies for your website to appear on the internet. Your website data will go on a computer that we call a server. Web hosting services host these servers.

Nowadays everyone uses the Internet and the usage of the Internet is higher than ever, web hosting services are more popular than ever, and they are essential for the Internet. If web hosts go offline suddenly, millions of businesses will go down with them. People have websites for a lot of reasons. Big companies have websites for the sake of their business and individual people have websites for their reasons as well. All of this is because of web hosting services.

You can also host your website yourself, but many other people choose to buy their host from a web hosting provider because they are more convenient, more efficient, they offer better security and better technologies, they have professional management, and many other things.

There are quite a few plans for web hosting, but most of them are among these categories:

  • E-commerce or WooCommerce web hosting;
  • Shared hosting;
  • Cloud hosting;
  • VPS (virtual-private-server) hosting;
  • Dedicated hosting;
  • Managed WordPress hosting.

Usually, web hosting companies offer different plans for different budgets and needs. Some of them sell development and collaboration tools as well. Other things that web hosting services can offer are domain name registration, domain transferring, domain privacy, email hosting, premium support, third-party offers, and deals, website builders, business applications, or SSL security certificates.

The market for web hosting is also pretty wide. There are a lot of global web-hosting providers and a lot of private web-hosting services.

Endurance International Group is a company that owns a lot of web hosting services that you see on the internet. Some of the web hosting services that they own include BlueHost,, HostGator, and many other web hosting services.

Other services that are very popular in the web hosting market are Amazon Cloud, Google could, and Microsoft Cloud. Here is the share of the top million websites, using these web host providers.

The price of each web hosting service is also different based on the plan a customer chooses, so there are a lot of options for an affiliate to take a commission from. Besides that, each web hosting service has its pricing on its plan. For example, a web hosting service might have a monthly plan starting from $30 while another one might have the same thing starting from $80.

The reason why web hosting and web hosting affiliate programs are good for affiliates is that web hosts are making more and more money over time. Every day new people are trying to make websites and for that, they are going to need the help of a web hosting service. Along with this, making a website is also easier than ever now. Thanks to tools like WordPress and its plugins, everyone can make a website not.

If you have an audience that needs web hosting services and you are affiliate marketing on a blog, you can recommend a web hosting service to them.

Traffic Source

What is the most important factor in affiliate marketing that impacts the most on the number of your sales? The answer would be traffic. If you have a blog or website, there is no use for it if there is not enough traffic coming towards you. Imagine your website as a business, or a store. The more people you attract to yourself, the more opportunities you will find, so your overall income will increase.

For each niche in affiliate marketing, there are different traffic sources that you should be using. Some traffic sources are generally good for everyone and affiliates, but you need to focus on some of them more because they might be more important for your business.

A traffic source is a place where your traffic gets to your landing page. For instance, if someone sees your website on the search result page and clicks it, the search engine result page would be your traffic source.

Search Engine Organic Traffic

Experts always say that this type of traffic is the best one, and they are right. Google is the number one and the most popular website around the world so there is a lot of traffic coming and going, and if someone wants to look for something, Google is their number one choice. The amount of search engine traffic you get depends on a lot of things.

One thing it depends on is the keywords you work on. If you work on a keyword that people search a lot then you are going to get a better result on your page, so make sure to choose your keywords correctly, and definitely invest in long-tail keywords. Long-tail keywords are long phrases that people search for. For example, if someone wants to know about web hosting services, they will not type web hosts on Google, but instead, they will type the best web hosting service in 2023. In the case that we explained to you,  web hosting is a keyword, and the best web hosting services in 2023, is a long-tail keyword. Long-tail keywords also improve your conversion rate by a lot.

Simple keywords are crucial for gaining SEO (search engine optimization), and long-tail keywords are necessary for boosting your conversion rate. Conversion rate is the rate at an affiliate can turn its traffic into customers. If an affiliate has a %20 conversion rate that means %20 of the people who visit their page, will become their customers, and benefit the affiliates.

SEO is the number one factor that will affect your search engine traffic. You need to make sure that your website is optimized for the search engine, and how can you make it optimized? Google has some algorithms that will determine the quality of your website. You have to optimize your website based on Google algorithms standards.

In fact, no matter the platform, you need to optimize your page to that platform’s algorithm standard.


Another place that we believe is the second best place as a traffic source. Similar to the scenario with Google, YouTube is the second most popular website right now, so it has a lot of traffic potential. The Good thing about YouTube is that growing as a content creator is much easier than gaining rank on the first result page of Google. Making videos on YouTube is also very easy. All you need is a camera and a microphone, which you can use on your phone to do it. You can effortlessly turn the content into a video, and most likely it will take less time than creating any other type of content, so you would not have any excuse for not using it.

Social Media

Social media accounts are another source of traffic for whatever type of business you are having. For affiliate marketing, social media accounts are also important, and not only you can use them to affiliate, but you can also promote your web pages and convert the social media traffic to traffic for your other platforms.

These three traffic sources are the main ones that are a must-use for every affiliate. In the niche of affiliation for web host services, a lot of people have problems gaining traffic, so we talked about it quite a bit. If you want to make a website or blog, you need to focus on SEO. You can also use YouTube for affiliating. The most common content for affiliation on web hosts is educational content. You can find examples of affiliates with educational content on YouTube.

How Affiliates Earn Money with Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

There are a lot of different ways and a lot of pricing models that affiliate programs pay their affiliates. One of the most common pricing models that affiliate programs use right now, is the CPA (cost-per-action) pricing model. This method is the most efficient way of advertising for advertisers because it returns the full value of what advertisers pay. In CPA marketing, the affiliates will get their commission only when the customer they sent to the advertiser purchases the product they were promoting.

Unlike other pricing models such as CPM (click-per-thousand,) where the affiliate gets a commission for every thousand views on the advertising video, CPA has a %100 ROI (return-on-investment,) and guarantees the money that advertisers are spending will give them full value.

One example of an affiliate program that works with the CPA pricing model, is the BlueHost affiliate program. With this affiliate program, you will get a $105 commission per sale. That means if you send 10 customers for them in a month, you will have $1 000. For an affiliate program that is an extraordinary payment.

In the year 2020, Adam Enfroy made about $800 000 in one year from his blog. His blog is about increasing influence in a startup, and he works with affiliate programs such as BlueHost.


In this article, we talked about how you can make a lot of money, just like Adam Enfroy's blog with Affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, you can have passive income, and that means making money even when you are sleeping. The most common pricing model is the CPA pricing model, and you are going to work with it a lot. One of the most profitable ways to make money with affiliate marketing is working with affiliate programs, and one of the most profitable ones is web hosting affiliate programs.