June 04, 2022
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You realize that everything is built on deception.
I will not write how much time I've spent because I am ashamed of myself). If I need to describe Admitad.com - this affiliate program network is a SCAM!!! Over 2 million hits and only ONE purchase. ONE from 2 million!!! There was really one more, a grandmother bought curtains on my link and made a mistake in the registration in the registation of the offer, not everything was sent. If she didn't make a mistake I wouldn't even know about this order, it wasn't displayed anywhere in the statistics. It was simply stolen! And maybe there were more "LOSSES". Very unclear instrument in Admitad "LOST" orders. Any of the networks won't give you statistics on social networks, the real one. There was a campaign at the SberMobile for the transitions, I have accumulated these transitions to 3.900, out of this sum Admitad has approved me 18 rubles). They are working there comfortably, you work and the Admitad gets the money.
I have a friend, a lover of computer games, he installed five games with my links, no games appeared in the statistics. But the games on which I've registered myself
appeared) How does it work? I understand that what was done with your IP and you can prove to Admitad.com is being paid somehow, and if there are no DIRECT proofs, then you won't get the money for your work. Conclusion is that everything is BUILT ON LIES and DECEPTION.

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