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Error Notice ‘Your Advertising Access is Restricted’—How to Fix

You spent several hours creating the best ad ever and… it got disapproved. Seems like the end of the World? Don’t worry — this problem can be fixed and we will explain how. This article will be helpful both for those who faced such a problem and those who don't want to be trapped in such an unpleasant situation.


There are two possible reasons of getting an error notice ‘Your Advertising Access is Restricted’: disapproved advertisement or disabled account. The common advice for both situations: you should be persistent and try the following methods several times, if needed. Now let’s analyse the occasions separately.

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If you deal with the disapproved ad:

  1. Try to run the same ad from a different Facebook ad account and the same page, or a different ad with the same Facebook ad account and a different page.
  2. If step 1 did not work, contact Facebook Support.
  3. It is better to contact Support during business hours on business days.

If you deal with the disabled account:

  1. Contact Facebook Support.
  2. Create a new Business Manager account or use an account, which was not used for marketing purposes before.
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Case Study

To make you feel better, we will drop a real case here. Mike was working in marketing for 2 years and never expected to get a message: "Your ad wasn’t approved because it doesn’t follow our Advertising Policies...".

He immediately contacted the Support team to reanimate his precious ad.

It didn’t help him, even though he contacted the Support several times explaining the content of ad and his good intentions.

The further instructions were quite clear: Mike had to create a new account or use some acount which does not have any business history. The 2nd option sounded more beneficial, while Facebook loves older acounts and gets away easier with their actions.

Mike turned his teenage account into a business one, waited for 9 days without creating any ads and restarted doing his thing. Nervous experience, but you can survive.

How to Make Your Ads Be Always Approved

So, you fix the problem on your account or have your brand-new spotless Business Manager and feel the relief. But now you need to be very careful in order not to experience failed promotion again.

Just follow some rules:

  • Follow the Facebook Policies.
  • DON’T try to get likes for money or promote a website with a forwarded URL.
  • DON’T post anything that can hurt people (weapons, bombs, explosives).
  • DON’T create an ad that promises to make people rich immediately.
  • Always monitor the negative feedback.
  • DON’T make ads immediately with a new Facebook account. Wait for at least one week.
  • DON’T  set up ad accounts with payment information until you’re ready to use them.
  • Test your ads before the launch. If the first advertisement is approved, you can create a new one.
  • Write properly. Random capitalization or left caps lock when writing your ad is suspicious. DON’T add extra punctuation marks.
  • You also shouldn't replace letters with emojis or random characters to get attention.
  • DON’T submit ads on behalf of your client for their page or website.
  • DON’T use Facebook coupons from suspicious websites.


Ok, those were some of the rules, which should be followed while using Facebook Business Manager. Maybe it is difficult to consider every tiny detail but if you don’t want to waste your time and money — just play by the Facebook rules. Facebook ad guidelines should become your handbook for everyday reading to be safe that you are on the right path.

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