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How to Add Admin to Facebook Ads Manager

Expanding the business simply means that one person can’t handle the social media part and advertisements anymore. At some point, you will have to delegate the administration of your Facebook ads campaigns to a partner, another colleague, or even an expert or a dedicated social media agency. As Facebook ensures high-level protection, granting permission to administer the Facebook Ads Manager and have access to ads features and budget to any third-party requires some actions, and here comes a small handout on how to do it. 

Adding Admin From The Personal Account

If you deal with the personal accounts: 

  • The first thing you need to do is to log in to your personal Facebook account;
  • Once you are on the main page, navigate directly to Ads Manager. To get there, expand the left sidebar and scroll down a little bit to simply follow this shortcut;

  • Once the Ads Manager dashboard is opened, go on the top left side and click on the Business Tool button, which is just below the home icon;


  • Once you click on it the field with the shortcuts will expand and you need to go with the Ad Account Setting;

  • The next thing to appear is the Ad Account Setup page, where on the right side in the section Ad Account Role will be displayed the list of people and their correspondent roles;

  • Click on the Add people button;

  • Enter the name of a new Admin;
  • Choose the right role for this person from the dropdown list on the right. Apparently, it should be an Ad account admin in our case;
  • Press the Confirm button and vu a la. 

Tips for the Business Account’s Owners

Some minor adjustment should be done when you are assigning admin to your Business Page:

  • Jump to the Business settings, where you will be able to pick your business page;
  • Go up in the right upper corner to choose Business settings and open it up;

  • Add a person to your business at first. To do this click on the Add button in the People section and put in the e-mail address of this person and simply give them admin access;

  • Once you click next you will be able to pick which business page you want to share with this person. On the right bar, you may grant access to certain features like posts and comments moderation, publishing, advertisement;

  • And complete the same step for the Ad account. You may enable the Admin to manage the Ad account completely;
  • By clicking Invite the invitation will be sent out to that mentioned e-mail address.

Other Specifics of Handing Over the Rights 

A few things to keep in mind before adding a new Ads Manager:

  • This action can be done by the Page Owner or by another Admin.
  • Only people who are on your Facebook friends list may be added as Admin.

The administrator has a full range of rights from publishing, reviewing, deleting posts and comments, managing roles up to eventually creating and managing ads.

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Overall it is worth to mention, that adding Admin to your Facebook Ads Manager is a 5 minutes business, but be careful whom you grant access to your business communication and advertisement budget.

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