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AdSense RPM Rates by Country in 2022

You could have a hard time monetizing your website solely by adverts. It takes a lot of traffic to become a successful AdSense publisher. Traffic generates clicks on ads that Google displays on your site. Adsense revenue that publishers receive from Google hinges on the site’s niche and the locations your traffic comes from. 

So, your revenue as a publisher depends on the particular country that you attract traffic from and the right keywords. The clicks on the keywords such as "insurance", "loans", "mortgage", "attorney", "lawyer", "credit", cost more than that of some others. And advertisers who are promoting these kinds of services, you might need to shell out on their AdSense ad budget.          

But first things first, let’s nail the basics and then detail the details.

RPM Depends on CPC

The AdSense platform uses several metrics when it comes to serving the ads. RPM determines the revenue publishers get for 1 000 ad impressions. CPM is the sum of money publishers pay for 1 000 impressions.

According to Google, to calculate RPM, you need to divide estimated earnings by the number of impressions, after that multiply that sum by 1 000.

RPM = (Estimated earnings / Number of page views) * 1 000

For example:

  • If your estimated revenue from 20 page views is $0.20, your page RPM equals ($0.20 / 20) * 1 000, or $10.00.
  • If your estimated revenue is $200 from 40 000 ad impressions, then your ad RPM should equal ($200 / 40 000) * 1 000, or $5.00.

RPM is a popular metric in advertising that makes it possible to compare revenue across several channels.

Publishers get 68% of Google’s display ads revenue. In terms of search traffic, publishers make 51% of the revenue approved by Google. These shares don’t depend on the publishers’ locations. Google doesn't give away the percentages on other ad inventory: the other product’s revenue share varies because of the different costs involved.

You can see details of all this stuff in your account:

  • You need to sign in to your AdSense, and then click the "Account" tab.
  • Under the "Account Information" section there's information about the revenue share of each of your active products.

Google advises focusing more on the overall revenue of the site since revenue shares might be misleading.    

The upshot is that the more an advertiser pays per click or 1 000 impressions, the more the publisher accrues for those impressions.

CPC by Niche  

Market players that run the ads in certain niches readily pay for customer acquisition. These niches are as follows:

Niche CPC
 Insurance  $61 per click
 Gas/Electricity  $58 per click
 Loans  $50 per click
 Mortgage  $46 per click
 Attorney  $48 per click
 Lawyer  $42 per click
 Donate  $42 per click
 Conference  $42 per click
 Degree  $40 per click

And the reasons as to why the companies agree to pay for a single click quite a price? Who needs reasons when a huge profit is quivering on the horizon. It all comes down to the basics of the market laws.

Target Tier 1 Countries

You’d better target some particular countries to increase your revenue from AdSense.

So-called first-world countries are ahead of the curve.

To target these countries with your site, you need to post content in the language people from these countries speak. To attract visitors from Canada, the USA, the UK, or Australia, write in English. If you’re going to get people from Germany, post the content in German.

On average, the RPM rate for generic websites is from 25 cents to $3. If popular blogs and sites are chosen as placements for ads, it can bring more money. Visitors are likely to go through blogs when they are at the top stage of a sales funnel when they just search and gather info about purchasing some product or service.  

The USA Has the Highest CPC Among the English-Speaking Countries

And the higher CPC, the higher CPM and, eventually, RPM.

In terms of CPC, the USA — wIth $0.61 — is at the top of the English-speaking countries, followed by the Land Down Under which CPC is $0.57. The UK goes after them with its $0.48. The fourth is Canada, with $0.45. When it comes to English-speaking countries, New Zealand is the last country on the top-5 list, its CPC is $0.33. All in all, the CPM among English-speaking countries is more of the same.

According to the research of Ybierling, the RPM by AdSense among the aforementioned countries ranges between $4,59 and $6,15, while the rest of English-speaking countries have $2 on average.

CPC in Asia

In Asia, the CPM varies greatly. Singapore with its $0.27 is in the first place by CPC among the Asian countries. The United Arab Emirates is the second one with $0.15, Japan is third, its CPC is $0.14, Hong Kong has a CPC of $0.13, Malaysia and China have the same CPC of $0.11, India has $0.07, Indonesia has $0.06. And the average CPC in South Korea is $0.1, then goes Saudi Arabia, with its $0,09.         

CPC in European Countries

Among the European countries, Luxembourg and the United Kingdom have the highest CPC of $0.65 and $0.48, respectively.

Country  CPC
 Luxembourg  $0.65
 The United Kingdom  $0.48
 Finland  $0.45
 Austria  $0.45
 Sweden  $0.31
 Ireland  $0.31
 Denmark  $0.28
 Norway  $0.26
 Germany   $0.22
 Switzerland  $0.21
 Belgium  $0.21
 Spain  $0.19
 France  $0.17
 Greece  $0.16
 Russia  $0.15
 Malta  $0.15
 Italy  $0.13

According to Ybierling, targeting the Polish language is a good idea, since its RPM is about $0.5 with AdSense.

German language, as well as French, Greek, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and Russian generate more of the same revenue, their earnings per 1000 impressions are below $0.5 with AdSense.

To translate your website to European local languages is always a good practice to follow since it allows you to reach local markets. Lots of searches in Google are performed in local languages as the stats show.

CPM Overall in the World

The research data published by the Ybierling website states that with regard to RPM per language targeting Slovak brings about amazing RPMs, namely above $3. Romanian and Slovenian generate around $2, and English, Latvian and Czech above $1 with AdSense. Polish, English, German, and Vietnamese might generate over $5, Chinese Simplified, French, and Greek could bring about $4.

So, these languages are the ones to target first of all.

How Much Money You Can Earn

The plan is as follows:

  1. As you can see, websites with information about insurance have a high CPC. Make a little research for keywords, by doing so you can find out that "car insurance" keywords pay a decent amount of money.
  2. Write the best possible articles on car insurance agencies.
  3. Using SEO techniques, get your article on top of SERP.
  4. Drive a good portion of valuable organic traffic to your webpage, and monetize it through AdSense.

AdSense Ad Types

Google AdSense rates largely depend on the ad type.

Find out which AdSense ad types are the most profitable for you. So, you should not only choose the most profitable traffic locations but pick the best ad type as well.

There are several types of ads to choose from:

  • Text and display
  • Matched content
  • In-feed
  • In-article

In-article is a native type of ad for articles that naturally fits your content. As a rule, these ads bring over a decent amount of clicks. In this way, ads match content becoming a part of the picture. This type of ad increases the UX level and page views as well. These ads are placed alongside the related articles. To draw a comparison, sidebar ads are not as efficient because people usually ignore them. So, don’t rely only on this type of ads to increase your traffic.

Auto Ads

Adsense Auto Ads are run based on machine learning, the system puts the ads automatically on your site with Google picking the most appropriate placements.

Search engines use all their power to select the right place for the ads. However, advertisers neither have an opportunity to choose the number of ads that can be shown nor they can select the exact place to show the ads. And that fact really annoys some advertisers.

If you’d like to run Auto ads follow the next steps:

  • You need to sign in to your AdSense.
  • Then, go to the "My ads" section and select the "Auto ads" tab.
  • After that, under the tab called "Choose your global settings" select "Automatically get new formats" to add new ad formats automatically.
  • Then, save the selected configurations.
  • Copy the code in the section called "Place code on your page".
  • Then, paste the code between <head> and </head> tags.
  • Repeat this on each of your pages.      

Use more discoverable content such as bulleted and numbered lists, this will increase your RPM. The success of website monetization by means of ads also depends on the device type, for that matter desktop users bring over more profit compared to mobile users.  

The Bottom Line

To become a successful AdSense publisher you need lots of traffic, as well as engagement of that traffic with the ads on your website. In terms of advertising, you compete for clicks with other advertisers. That’s why by targeting the highest paid keywords you can build a successful AdSense business such as insurance, loans, mortgage, and so forth. 

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