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Best 30+ Ideas for TikTok Videos to Go Viral in 2022

TikTok is becoming more and more popular — even more than Instagram and Facebook. Considering the number of views, users prefer videos to photos. This means that TikTok is now an effective place to generate income. In this article, we list ideas for a video that you can use in 2022.

What Is TikTok

TikTok is a popular social network that originally appeared in China. It allows you to publish and watch short videos. Video can be easily and quickly edited. The main thing is you can get the good organic coverage that this platform provides.

TikTok trends are changing very quickly. With every new hashtag or challenge, hundreds of thousands of videos immediately appear on it. To stand out, you need to constantly look for new ideas or add creativity to the old ones.

The more reactions to your post, the more often the algorithm displays content to other users. But there is an important difference — people in TikTok often watch the content of users that they are not subscribed to.

We know that for starting from scratch on Instagram, you need to invest thousands of dollars. We know also about that crazy competition on YouTube – even with high-quality content, you can stay at 10k subscribers for a year.

The TickTock platform already has a free audience: all you need is content (which is the king as always). Most likely, the situation will change, so you need to act now.

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How to Become Popular on TikTok

Here are some tips to keep your TikTok posts visible:

  • Create a catchy profile. To do this, select a unique nickname, a bright avatar, fill in the information about yourself, write the description.
  • Follow the trends. New personalities and trends appear every day.
  • Make unusual content. This is a very obvious piece of advice that many ignore. Yes, your videos should be trendy, but at the same time, they should have something unique.
  • The rule of the first second. Nothing kills like a swipe in the first second. 10−20 such passes — and you will get 500 views as maximum. The only way to go viral is to literally hook users from the first second. And the best result will be watching the video until the end. Better yet, if a person wants to re-watch your movie again and again.
  • Use popular music and hashtags. See how famous bloggers do it. Make sure the hashtag matches the basic idea of ​​the video.
  • Do сhallenges. They can be both ridiculous and funny, and surprising. Challenges change every month, therefore, you must not repeat the old content.
  • Use TikTok with other platforms. Repost your work on other platforms: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram. So you reach out to more potential viewers. Invite your friends from other social networks.
  • Calculate the average age of subscribers. If the main part of the audience is young mothers, they are likely to watch funny situations with kids.
  • Do streams. Interact with subscribers in real-time. Subscribers appreciate the opportunity to chat with the creator of the channel. During the stream, you can dance, listen to music, tell different stories. This option is available only for channels with more than 1 000 subscribers.
  • Make sometimes unfinished videos. This is when a movie in several parts, and in the end, you write "continued in the next movie" or "I’ll post the next part in 24 hours." People are wondering how it will all end, and they will come back to your profile again and again.
  • Share your knowledge. This may not necessarily be scientific information. For example, one popular blogger has taken an unusual niche by filming videos about healthy breakfasts for his pets.
  • There is a myth "the shorter the movie — the better." This is not entirely true. No one will watch the dance for a minute. But if it’s an explanation of an interesting problem — why not. The optimal length of the video depends on the content.
  • Make a description of the video. In the end, you can ask subscribers a question to encourage them to respond or act. Each comment and like is counted by the algorithm and increases coverage.
  • “Show the video to your friends”, “subscribe to the channel”, “follow the link in the profile”. Do you know why such phrases help? It’s not always obvious to people what you want from them. Talk about it directly.
  • Be yourself and stay positive. This is the secret of the most popular bloggers.

Tip: Be careful when taking pictures of children. Videos in which there are children without the presence of adults may be blocked.

To upgrade your TikTok you can use some bots: TokUpgrade, or Toksocial, for example.

What Is It — Viral Video

The dream of any TikToker is to create not just an interesting, but a viral video. It’s not just a video with a lot of views. It gets maximum involvement — discussion, commenting, copying, parody, and active reaction in the media. Viral video spreads from one user to another like a virus — people actively share it with each other. The more users like the video, the more popular it will become.

It’s impossible to predict exactly whether the video will shoot or not. But if you analyze the most famous viral videos, you can notice what they have in common. The main components of the virality are the idea, beauty, originality, humor, non-standard format.

Ask yourself a few questions:

  • Is the movie unique? If so, great! If not, is it offering something new?
  • Will it be interesting to the target audience?
  • Is the video charged with emotions? Is it able to surprise, impress, scare, or make laugh?
  • If there is a problem in the video, is there a solution?

A video can become viral if it just comes out at the right time, for example, during a significant political or public event, or holiday. In addition, the idea of the video should evoke emotions and delight for you personally.

The main thing is the honesty and absolute sincerity of the author. Shoot only what you like and say only what you think.

Useful advice: if you log in to TikTok from a computer, you can download account statistics in XLS or CSV format. You need to click the "Download Data" button on the right.

Do the First Steps

How to take the first step in TikTok, if you have downloaded it for a long time, but still have not started shooting? The main reason people don’t start making video content for TikTok is the fear of filming a video. In other services, for example, on Instagram it is easier — you can add simple photos, or write texts.

Especially for those who are registered in TikTok, but do not dare to take the first step, there is a function "Templates". Just swipe left when you open the shooting window in TikTok and select the Template that you like. Download a selection of photos and get a beautifully animated collage with music. For example, "How I spent my weekend."

If you have good photos, you can even get lucky and immediately get several hundred thousand views. After that, it will be easier for you to continue and even shoot real videos.

Ideas for TikTok Videos

  • A funny, unusual, shocking video can easily become viral and get a lot of views. What to shoot in TikTok in 2022? Use these ideas:
  • Social Vines. These are videos about problems in society, providing help to animals, the topics of kindness, or charity.
  • Dancing to popular tracks. Initially, TikTok was considered a dance network. Now a lot has changed, but dance videos are still popular. To make it unique, dance in unusual places. Many bloggers even arrange challenges, come up with their own movements to be paired up, and ask their followers to repeat. It’s important to use popular recognizable music for the video.
  • Lip Sync. This is when you sing a song to the soundtrack. It is important not only to learn the movements but also to actively use facial expressions. To hit the beat, don't be lazy to rehearse the song well in advance.
  • Animals and food. The theme of animals (especially cats and dogs) always causes interest. Pets often eat something unusual. For example, cucumbers, watermelons, or sweet corn. If your pet likes to eat something special, the audience at TikTok will definitely appreciate it.

  • You can shoot videos with the reactions of your pet to an unexpected meeting with another animal, the appearance of an obstacle, the disappearance of the owner, and other situations. Often the reaction of a cat or dog is so funny that thousands of people watch the video dozens of times.
  • Angry pet. Movies with a vivid manifestation of the nature of animals also quickly go to the top. You can add funny descriptions by drawing analogies with the human character.
  • Dancing animals. Recently, pet dancing to popular music has become a new trend.
  • Dressing up. This idea will be appreciated by those who like to buy outfits for their pets. The funnier the costume and the music for the cat or dog will be, the more likes the video will receive.
  • Sports with animals. Pets often try to interfere with the owner’s training. Sometimes you can make a funny story out of it.
  • Jumping pets. You can shoot videos in which animals jump over any objects.
  • One of the most popular options is a video with changing clothes and its variations. All tickers already know how to shoot such videos, how to pause and make a smooth video. If you add humor and creativity to the banal scenario of a quick change of clothes, then success is guaranteed.
  • You’ll need some outfit changes, nice lighting (or a window!), a tripod, and a free video editing app like InShot
  • Flip the switch. A man and a woman usually take part in such a video. One of the characters shoots video on the phone in the reflection of the mirror. A click — and they change images: a man appears in a female look and a girl in a man's one. Such stories can be shot in new versions: with grandmother and granddaughter, or dad and son.
  • Clothes swap. With every click, the image of a person changes. But the location and position of the hero remain unchanged. You can combine dance with dressing up.
  • Pillow walking. The idea came into fashion during the period of self-isolation when all office suits were replaced by pajamas and home sets. The heroes of the videos create a wardrobe consisting only of pillows, rugs, and blankets.
  • Beauty Lifehacks. Recording useful tips for looking after your appearance will be a trend. Whether it's making curly hair with a stick or making anti-aging masks at home. The more interesting and simpler the information, the better.
  • Haircuts. For some reason, people are very interested in looking at the process of cutting. You should not say goodbye to hair, you can use a wig and create bold images without harm to your own appearance.
  • Makeover. This is a video in which the characters try on new images. Such videos are made by comparing yourself in a casual way and with new makeup and hairstyle.
  • Makeup creation. These videos have long been in trends and do not lose popularity. You can remove the step-by-step process of applying makeup with your own hands. To add entertainment, ask someone else to put on your makeup. For example, a boyfriend, girlfriend, or child.

  • Like a star. With the help of decorative cosmetics, a blogger turns into a star, which in ordinary life is completely different.
  • Another interesting idea for the video is unboxing. You can do reviews on some trending products, and by purchasing them by mail, do unpacking on camera.
  • Step by step cooking. For adding more fun, dance while cooking, turn on some interesting music, show culinary tricks.
  • The trend coming from Asia is food on camera. Eat your dinner and post about this video.
  • Recipes verses. Try to imagine the recipe in an unusual form and tell about it in verse or song.
  • Relax video. It is impossible to explain, but such videos gain thousands of views. On such videos, people shake, crumble, break, crumple different objects. In the videos they create slimes, mix various textures, cut soap. Such videos are mesmerizing, relaxing and make you watch until the end.

  • Another type of relax movie is ASMR. ASMR, or autonomous sensory meridian response, is a pleasant physical or emotional feeling (not based in science) triggered most often by soft sounds such as vocal fry, rustling leaves, crinkling paper, or scratching dry skin. With the help of highly sensitive microphones they add the sound of an ice crunch, wood planing or just a pleasant whisper.
  • Video with grandma, or grandpa. Ask your relatives to take part in the challenge. Such a video will definitely cause a smile and tenderness.
  • Shopping from Amazon, or Alibaba. If you often order products, then you can do reviews on them.
  • Trying to kiss a best friend. A bold idea for those who are ready to take a new step in their relationship.
  • Catch the melody. The author of the video opens a window or just walks down the street and starts loudly singing a popular song. Ideally, people on the street should pick up the tune and scream the following lines in response. Of course, the video should be rehearsed in advance.
  • Parodies of films and music. Combine two videos into one collage. A small piece of the film in one window and your identical parody in another is what viewers will certainly want to watch to the end.
  • Written phrases. The idea of the video is simple: the author only makes a sequence of quotes to the music. Sometimes it turns out funny, sometimes sad, but always exciting.
  • Combining voice sounds. It's funny when an adult man opens his mouth, and instead of a rude voice, we hear children's chatter. Or when the animals are voiced by the voice of Google translator. Such videos will last for a long time at the peak of popularity.
  • Bad shots. If something went wrong during the filming, this can also be shown. Perhaps this video will be better than originally conceived.
  • Pranks. Good jokes on relatives or strangers cause a lot of positive emotions. However, it is important not to overdo it, because not everyone loves such things.
  • Big head. With the help of special filters, the hero enlarges his head to huge sizes, and the body remains in standard parameters. In this case, you can do absolutely regular things: make faces, dance, play sports or even learn lessons, and this is already becoming ridiculous and attracting attention.
  • Sport exercises. Record the video exercises that you perform daily at home. Mount the movie in fast mode, add music or voice acting. TikTok users like these videos
  • Sports tricks usually collect a lot of likes due to the “wow effect”. Can you pull yourself up 100 times, have a flexible body and a good stretch, or do you have tricks with a soccer ball? If you know how to do something unusual, be sure to share it.
  • Video provocation. The author of the video shows simple finger manipulations and says that only 1% of people can perform them. After viewing the users, these statistics are interested, and they want to check whether this percentage of people is related. So the viral effect is born.
  • Tricks and experiments. This type of content always attracts attention due to the effect of surprise, people want to watch such videos to the end. You can really show tricks or just learn a few editing techniques.
  • Another option is experiments with carbonated drinks. Any spectacular experiments with cola and other carbonated drinks make a huge splash in TikTok and gain a large number of likes.
  • Clips about unusual cars: sports or non-standard cars out of trends and fashion. There is always an audience for these videos. If it’s not possible to shoot such videos yourself, you can search them on the Internet and mount something interesting.
  • Life hacks. Secrets that make life easier always gain a lot of likes.
  • Masterclasses. How to do makeup, draw something, cut hair, make a bag out of a scarf, clean an old stain, and so on. Such videos usually turn out to be very entertaining, and the viewer certainly wants to see the result, so 99% of these videos are watched until the end, and sometimes even reviewed.
  • Can you draw? This is your huge advantage. Video drawing literally captivates the viewer. Record the process from a blank sheet to creating a finished work.

  • Shoot while traveling: sew views, shelves in stores, local people on the streets, etc. The videos where you are doing something unusual will be especially interesting: jumping from a bungee, diving with scuba gear, and the like.

The idea of ​​fake travel can be attributed to the same category. For example, take a video from home in a swimsuit with a cocktail in hand, against a background of a computer screen saver with an image of the sea.

Question: Is it true that you need to start a new account if the first few videos have not become popular?

Answer: No, you can upgrade any account if you create good videos regularly. You can try to create a new one, but if you have no views on the new one, then the problem is clearly in the content.

Where to Look for Ideas for New Content to Become Popular

Coming up with ideas is no easy task. You need to work on this constantly, not knowing the rest. Trends in TikTok are rapidly updated. Track the video in the Interesting section. Keep track of which videos are becoming popular and do better. Some more tips:

  • View subscriptions of your viewers. Very often in the subscriptions of the target audience you can find popular users. They like to talk about how to catch a hype with a little effort.
  • Look through pages of foreign bloggers. Many successful ideas now come from Asian users.

  • Adapt content from YouTube and other services.
  • Re-shoot old Vines. The video format in TikTok is limited to 1 minute, this is how long a standard vine lasts.
  • You can also subscribe to thematic communities in other social networks, where they discuss trends and news in the TikTok application.


TikTok trends are changing very quickly, so you should follow the latest news. The main thing is to make something of your own, don’t just copy other people. Do you know other ideas? Feel free to share with us in the comments below.

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