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Best 70 Ideas for Youtube Videos to Make Money in 2022

Not sure where to start the channel? Looking for inspirational ideas for your channel? Creating a business content plan? Our list of 70 ideas for YouTube videos will help you.

When we first started doing this article, we planned to review only 30 ideas. But, when one begins to get through this topic, it becomes clear that there are hundreds of ideas, so we expanded the list.

Is There a Magic Formula for Success

The short answer is no. There is no perfect recipe for creating a successful channel. However, there is a list of factors that improve the channel’s rating.

  • The most important is how many times users watched the video after showing the icon — this is the title picture that we see above the title of the video when searching, recommended, etc. 
  • It is important to keep the audience. The longer they watch the video, the better. If the video is watched to the end, it’s generally perfect.
  • It is desirable that YouTube users watch videos one by one and do not leave the channel. The more videos they watch, the better.

All these indicators are in the statistics. So we track, analyze, improve — that’s the formula.

It’s not easy to make a YouTube channel. You will not only have to spend a lot of time writing scripts, creating and editing videos but most importantly, you need to find a topic that you like and make sure that it resonates with people.

We decided to help you and prepared ideas that can inspire you to launch your YouTube channel. 

Let this article become for you something like a source of inspiration that will help you choose an idea for your channel, and we will also suggest monetization options for each direction.

How Much Do Popular YouTubers Earn

Popular YouTubers earn more than $10 000 000 a year. The income of the channel directly depends on the theme of the channel.

There are even YouTube revenue calculators that can help you figure out how much you can earn based on video views and audience engagement.

Here are some successful examples. Ryan Kaji make $26 000 000.

Ryan Kaji of Ryan’s World (he’s 8 now) started his channel by unboxing toys. He now has a line of toys, clothes, a show on Nickelodeon, and a deal with Hulu. Kaji has over 25 000 000 subscribers. He makes $26 000 000 a year.


Jeffree Start earns $17 000 000 — he’s most known for doing makeup tutorials on YouTube. 

Preston makes $14 000 000 creating prank videos.


Channel Monetization

How to make money on YouTube? Here are some options that will be ok for almost every channel with a loyal audience.

  • Google Adsense

These are ads that pop up on your screen while watching your videos. Usually, they more or less match the theme of your video. You don’t know what kind of commercial your subscriber will see, but you can be sure of one thing: no extremist, shocking, provocative statements in the advertising on your channel will appear. YouTube very strictly enforces ad rules, so working with Adsense is probably the safest and most reliable way to monetize. Although not very profitable. For those who are just starting to use the system, the monthly income is usually $8-16.

To start you'll need to hit these requirements before your channel will be accepted:

  • 1 000 subscribers on your YouTube channel,
  • 4 000 Watch Time hours over the last 12 months,
  • Complying with all YouTube's policies and guidelines,
  • Setting up the AdSense account.

  • Patronage

Patreon is one of the most popular platforms, and it’s a great choice for creators with a loyal fanbase. It allows your loyal followers to pay a certain amount of money each month for access to exclusive content. You can give your patrons access to videos regularly, or throw them from time to time. 

  • Merchandise

People adore merch. But before you start printing t-shirts for your subscribers, ask them if they’re interested. Once you start selling merch, you can also include it in contests, giveaways, or even add it to one of your Patreon tiers.

  • Affiliates

You need to sign up for an affiliate program with a specific brand, and they give you a unique discount code or link that your watchers can use when shopping. Every time your link or code is used, you’ll earn your commission. Just tell above the affiliate code in your videos and also include it in your video descriptions.

  • Product Features

Brands might send you their products to test and review in your videos. It isn’t necessary to wait for the brand to contact you — go ahead and pitch yourself to potential sponsors. Just make sure whether brand products are connected with the theme of your channel.

  • Paid Sponsorships

That option is the treasure for making money on YouTube. This is when brands pay you to tell about their product on your channel. To be honest, this is not an easy target. But it is never too early to start pitching yourself to companies. Text them on social media, show how you would help, and let them see some examples of successful cases you’ve done in the past. 

  • Promotion of your business

Your channel can become a central element of your business. There will be posts with announcements of events, reviews of trends in your industry, a portfolio of your work, interviews with other experts. In this case, the blog’s task is to tell about your business and sell the entire product or service line.

  • Donations

Invite your readers to support you and your blog and send you a donation. Some vloggers offer their subscribers to treat them to coffee or buy them a virtual "flower".

  • Networking

Not every earning can be expressed in numbers. With the help of the blog, you can search for new contacts, make connections, promote your personal or corporate brand.

By creating a channel, you gain knowledge and experience that is difficult to measure with money, but they are extremely important for your future.

So, these were universal methods of monetization. Let's talk now about what type of YouTube channel you can create, and what are the nuances of monetization for each topic.

Travel Channel Ideas

People tend to explore the world. That is why we love to travel. But before many of us spend hundreds of thousands to go somewhere, we want to know more about it.

If you have the opportunity to travel, consider recording your adventures in other countries on video. Take pictures of nature and city landscapes so that your viewers can see what awaits them in a particular place.

In this way, you will help people to choose places for their vacation anв maybe to save money on a trip. Keep a list of travel ideas:

  • Pure travel. The most common format. These videos are based on your traveler experience, where everything is as it is. You just travel and show it on camera.

  • Reviews on exotic food. Everything that is rare in our area attracts the attention of dreamers. This channel will be interesting not only for travelers but also for those who like to cook unusual dishes.
  • Traveler Reviews. Talk about interesting places such as cat-cafes, creepy houses, nice streets, stunning graffiti on the walls. It will be even more interesting if they are with a historical past. 

Tell your viewers about your experience using certain travel products or services. If you are traveling, tell them about the hotel you are staying at and how visitors are served there. If you need travel insurance, talk about this too.

  • Video Guides. Guides are made to inspire and help other travelers. This is a difficult format that is not suitable for everyone. In fact, you should transfer your knowledge in the most accessible format, so you must be able to both travel and train others.
  • How to plan a trip. Such type of channel can be created from home — if you already had experience traveling to different countries. Travel planning includes budgeting, buying medicines, and basic things, getting to know what you can and cannot do in this country.
  • Video about the culture of different countries. If you’ve been to some exotic countries or, for example, Europe, London, the States, then you really would have something to tell.
  • Interviews with locals. You will need to prepare questions that may interest your subscribers and ask the locals. For this format, you will need to translate the answers for the viewers of the channel, and it is better to make subtitles.
  • Travel memories. Have you not traveled for a long time? Tell a story about one of the trips from your childhood, or even write about a funny incident that happened to you recently on an electric train.

  • Talk about history. Many people love stories about historical facts that occurred in the city where they are going — or where they just returned from. Mentioning famous personalities and historical events may interest many watchers.

You can also tell local legends. Suppose you meet interesting people during a trip and they tell you a real legend over a glass of beer. Such stories make your channel more convincing and will become an interesting addition to people’s guidebooks.

  • Answer simple questions. Let's say you just returned from the Netherlands. Although you may think that everyone knows such simple things as the fact which city is the capital of the Netherlands, it wouldn’t be bad to mention this in your video.

You won’t believe how many requests with the simplest questions Google receives. Not all people are geographically savvy, and not all the inhabitants of different parts of the world are familiar with different parts of the map.

You should not rely on the fact that everyone knows something, just because you are familiar with this. Often, tales of simple things can only be useful.

  • Write about your hometown. Just because you know your city does not mean that others know as much. We often forget that the place from which we happen to want to escape is on the "must-see" list of someone else. When I go on a trip, I always prefer to spend time with the locals, because who can show the city better than them? This rule also works in the opposite direction — who can tell a tourist about your native place better than you?
  • Traveling on the mountain peaks. If you like to travel to the mountains, you can tell how difficult it is to climb this mountain, how long you need to prepare, what kind of view it offers, what time it is better to go there.
  • Travel for introverts. The fact is that there are already many channels about fashionable crowded places. But there are a huge number of people who, on the contrary, want to be alone, and travel alone.

So you can create a channel for them, giving them advice on where to go so that there are no crowds of noisy tourists.

  • Traveling on Google maps. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to travel to different countries. But there is an alternative — Google Maps, where you can move anywhere in the world, just transfer the yellow man where you go and walk around the city.

In your channel, you can open the secrets of abandoned buildings and houses, guess what is hidden behind the walls, and share your thoughts with subscribers.

  • Airlines and Airports. Tell us about the airlines with which you had to fly. Here are some good topics:
  • Feedback about the service on board (especially bad);
  • Pros and cons of early and late departures;
  • Lists that you can take in luggage and hand luggage;
  • What food is given on airplanes?

As for the airports, tell us about the location, how to get there, where are ATMs and terminals. Here are more topics: aero express trains, lounges, and VIP lounges, rooms for mothers and children, duty-free, wi-fi, location of stands for charging a phone, vending machines, cafes.

To prepare such videos, explore the websites of airlines and airports: there are tons of ideas. Call the hotlines and specify details if you do not understand something. Look at the discussion on the forums: there you can find really unique information.

  • Health and travel comfort. Do not write pills tips (even if you are a doctor)! Each organism is individual, so let travelers collect their first-aid kits themselves.

But it’s great to give simple tips that keep subscribers healthy and relaxed. These include topics: how to survive a night at the airport, how to avoid motion sickness, what you do not need to eat and drink before the flight.

  • Currency Advice. Tell us about the currency in a particular country:
  1. How fast the rate is changing: is it worth buying a currency right now or exchange in six months,
  2. Is it better to go with cash or card to the country,
  3. Where to find ATMs without commission,
  4. Show the options of mobile tariffs in roaming or tell about the SIM cards you buy.


How to monetize

Collaborate with other well-known travel channels, websites, and media; generate custom-made paid content for them. 

Make a deal with the owners of hotels, restaurants, and spas: they serve you for free, and you produce a detailed review.

Create and sell manuals and guides for specific countries and cities.

Use travel affiliate programs: Booking.com, TripAdvisor, Agoda, Skyscanner, etc.

Pure Entertainment

This is perhaps one of the most popular topics. The growth potential is massive. There are many entertaining channels, but the opportunity to create something new and become popular here is always great.

Jokes, vines, funny videos with animals, a compilation of fails — all this is gaining a huge amount of views. Another thing is that constantly updating your channel by adding similar content is not so simple.

Do not forget that entertainment is not only humor. Various popular tops and collections of interesting facts, for example, also relate to entertainment content.

And also entertaining subjects are author's films, animated films, personal stories, and many other things. Entertaining topics can be combined with educational, then this will give an additional influx of audience.

  • Vlogs and diaries. Keeping a personal video diary on the Internet, or vlogging is one of the easiest options on YouTube. The topics that you will talk about can be very different. You can shoot yourself throughout the day, discuss interesting events, express your opinion on a particular issue, etc. That is, a vlog is a video blog about your personal life and interests. If your hobbies turn out to be fascinating for your audience, then the video will quickly gain popularity.
  • Life video. Going to the store, hospital, cinema, attending a master class, and so on. Try to show your usual day in an interesting interpretation and with good jokes.
  • News channel. Although the news is mainly shown by official sources, nonetheless, their discussion is available to everyone. Many built entire channels on this. There are many ideas here, so keep a couple of not-so-obvious topics:
  • Yellow press. It is amazing why there are so many media outlets that tell scandalous news from the world of celebrities, but there are so few video channels on this subject. It is enough to go to popular sites early in the morning, collect the most interesting, record a news release, and publish.
  • Robotics and the future. Today, robotics is changing many industries and businesses. You can tell the news of this topic and report where else robots have replaced people. You can describe the fears associated with replacing people with industrial robots in the workplace, you can share the experience of introducing robotics in large industries.
  • Music videos. Performing covers of popular songs are some of the most entertaining videos on YouTube. People like to hear new artists performing their favorite songs.

If you can sing or play musical instruments, record covers of your favorite or very popular songs in your performance on video and upload it to YouTube.


  • Comedy channels. You've probably noticed an endless amount of funny videos on YouTube. And this is no coincidence. Some of the most successful channels are those that contain collections of funny and absurd short movies.
  • Unboxing. Short movies, where vlogger unpacks new things or gadgets, are incredibly popular on the Internet. One unboxing video that shows the toys inside Frozen Super Giant Surprise Egg has attracted more than 37 000 000 views. 

Compared to other video types, unboxing videos are easy to make. You can unpack your own products or products that you just purchased: gadgets, electronic goods, toys — unboxing videos of toys are especially popular.

  • Show magic tricks. Who doesn't like magic tricks? There are many tutorials on doing popular tricks. You can learn some of them and make a video.
  • Book or movie reviews. Share your experiences and help viewers choose good books and movies. Give books to your most active people along with your products or services.
  • Things from the past. Today, commission stores, pawnshops, and second-hand bookstores are still alive, which hide real finds for interested people. Therefore, you can tell people about some old gramophone or a retro-style armchair that you accidentally discovered while sorting things out.
  • What happens if… Another concept that allows you to create an unusual video. For example, how do you like the video on the topic: what will happen if you throw a large crab to the huge piranhas? What happens if you learn how to play the piano for 30 days from scratch?

Yes, it is possible that there will be little use in such videos, but nevertheless, human curiosity makes you watch such things. Use this technique, it works.

  • Everybody loves a freebie. If you google the word "Free", then the statistics speak for themselves. Tell people where you can find free software analogs, how to find masters and makeup artists who are looking for models for a free manicure or cosmetic procedures, where you can go to an exhibition or hang out for free. You will find all this information in free sources, and thus save a lot of time and money for your subscribers.
  • Birthday gift ideas. I don’t know about you, but for many, it is very difficult to come up with good gift ideas. Watching a video listing gift ideas would be extremely helpful.

How to Monetize

  • Are you ready to ask fans for help? Think of crowdfunding — fans can financially support your projects.
  • YouTube is a great place to promote events. You can post paid announcements of concerts and different performances.
  • Invite your subscribers to learn some skills from you: make online lessons and sell them.
  • Offer to make exclusive paid video content for subscribers.

Some More Ideas

  • Business channel. If you have such experience, you can tell how to start (or run) a business. Here are some topics you can cover:
  1. How to hire good employees, 
  2. How to find an investor, 
  3. This year's business ideas, 
  4. How to create a startup, 
  5. Common (or yours!) business mistakes,
  6. List of the best business books.

By the way, it is especially interesting if there was a negative experience — many people like to learn from the mistakes of others, and not from their own. If the video contains a lot of useful information, then it will be reviewed repeatedly, which will undoubtedly benefit you.


  • Interviews with other businessmen. If you manage to interview some successful entrepreneurs, it will certainly interest a lot of people and you are guaranteed to get new subscribers.
  • Psychology Channels. A psychologist needs his own channel for various reasons: to share knowledge, increase popularity, show expertise, attract customers, and receive quick feedback. You can talk about:
  1. Fears. Fear is an inexhaustible source of topics for the video channel because people can be afraid of almost everything. Shoot interesting videos with tips on how to remove fears. The channel is well suited for both practicing psychologists and people who are simply interested in psychology, or maybe they are very afraid of something.
  2. Achieving personal goals. There was a quote "Just believe in yourself, and you will realize that even those small steps taken in the right direction can produce great results".
  3. Tips for couples. You can make a channel with your spouse and on the example of your life, share tips for other families. You can tell how did you meet, what conflicts do you have and how do you solve them, how to choose gifts, etc.
  • Copywriter Channel. Copywriters can create a channel and share the secrets of successful copywriting: to teach people to write selling texts, to acquaint them with the secrets of writing texts for websites, copyright articles, etc.
  • Cooking. People’s love of food is natural. Therefore, it is understandable that people learn to cook certain dishes and want to learn new recipes. To help them, show step by step the process of preparing a dish. This will help them make the best meal possible. 

And it may not be culinary masterpieces, but rather ordinary everyday food that you prepare for your family. Viewers are interested in culinary nuances, lists of ingredients, the methods used, and sometimes just the process itself.

We will give you one great (maybe) idea. What if the topic of cooking is presented in a slightly different format? For example, to trace what the heroes of "War and Peace" by Leo Tolstoy ate and cook these dishes, dressed up in costumes, and staged a scene? 

Or how to make famous Perfect Hot Chocolate from Chocolat movie? Or what about Howl's Breakfast from Howl's Moving Castle? You can make a channel with recipes for their famous books, films, and series — and this is a pretty fresh idea.

  • Cleaning and decluttering. With the growing popularity of Marie Kondo’s organization method, her books, and especially her Netflix show, Tidying Up With Marie Kondo, people have become more interested in organizing things at home. If you are fond of this topic too, and you are good at it, create a video with your own tips. Tell people how to shop everything for organizing, make categories, fold and hang clothes, and the main thing, asking about old things: "Does it spark joy?".
  • Writer or Poet Channel. If you are writing a book, then break it into chapters, start each one on audio, add pictures and edit the video.
  • Gardener's canal. Share agricultural news and tips. See how many views the videos are gaining, where the owner of the channel tells, for example, how to get rid of weeds in a summer cottage.
  • Technics channel. Here are a couple of ideas, even if you do not have specialized knowledge:
  1. Virus testing. Fortunately (or not) today there are a great many of them. If you don’t feel sorry for the old computer, you can demonstrate to users various malicious programs that destroy systems, steal data, or just cause irreparable damage to networks, computers, and mobile gadgets.
  2. What's on the smartphone? Show an overview of the applications installed on your smartphone. Tell your subscribers why you selected them and what features you use. Perhaps some apps have deeply disappointed you –  so let everyone know about it. You can also create a list of the best and worst apps.
  • Home Improvement. Many have to deal with renovations and home remodels. Home improvement channels on YouTube show a realistic view of what home renovation is really like. A popular area is an inexpensive repair, saving on building materials, ideas for the design.

  • Style. Everyone wants to look good. Talking about fashion trends, different styles, teaching subscribers how to always look their best, you can attract your audience on YouTube. If your channel is already popular, then you can get sponsors who will pay for reviews and advertising of their clothes, shoes, and accessories.
  • Channel for the artist. Here you can announce new paintings, ask the opinion of subscribers, invite to the exhibition, etc.

Also, channels for artists can be monetized. Many people want to learn to draw, but not everyone can attend the painting classes. For example, a person dreams of learning to draw. He googles: how to draw a ship on the sea and goes to the artist’s channel, which explains how to draw a picture. And in the end, for example – a link to the full video with payment.

  • Learn the language. No matter what your native language is, someone is looking for a video on Youtube to learn how to speak it. You do not need to do a series of lessons about this. You can just say the 10 most difficult words in your language or anything related to the language.
  • Reviews and expert opinions. Almost half of the Internet users watch a video about a product or service before buying it. Shooting a video review does not take much time and money. Show how the product solves problems and makes life easier. Focus not on the product, but on the result of its use. Experiment with the formats: presentation of slides, visual demonstration, expert's story on the example of cases.
  • Instagram photo and video editing. Are you an expert on Instagram? Share your tips on what to do and what not to do with content so that it looks as good as possible for posting on Instagram.

How to Monetize

Expert channels can be monetized using the methods we talked about at the beginning of the article. But we must say that the sale of your services can be much more profitable.

Announce your services on the site. If you have loyal fans, you should know — they’re already ready to purchase from you. This means information products like e-books and online courses, but it can also include one-on-one coaching or consultations.

Sport & Motivation

  • Sport channels. This is a large niche that includes a huge number of areas with great potential for monetization: sports video courses, sports nutrition, clothing, and equipment. Let's look at topics you can talk about in your channel:
  1. A selection of the best goals/knockouts of the week/year/month. This format is suitable for team sports like football, hockey, volleyball, basketball, and American football, as well as for boxing and mixed martial arts.
  2. Top athletes in any discipline. Make the top 10 players last or present year. Such a video will definitely be watched, and the more popular the sport, the more views you will have.
  3. Performances of athletes at the Olympics / World Cup / Europe. Sporting events of this magnitude are watched by the whole world. This means that you can collect not only the audience of the CIS but also the whole world.
  4. Reviews on sporting events. It can be the final match of the most significant tournaments on the planet (Champions League, Stanley Cup, NBA Finals, and so on), as well as fights for champion belts in professional boxing or UFC. The format needs competent editing and a deep understanding of the nuances.
  5. Comparison "Who is better". Who is better than Messi or Ronaldo is a topic of debate for a huge number of football fans.
  6. Slicing funny moments. It can be fails, misses, and major failures. This happens even with experienced athletes, so you can find a lot of content.

  • Fitness & Health. Many people want to look good. Therefore, YouTube has become a personal paradise for various fitness trainers and nutritionists. Also, those who are ready to share their personal experience of losing weight began to create their channels:
  1. Sharing your experience. If you have the unique experience of independent weight loss, for example, by 50 kilograms, then you have every chance to win the interest of the public.
  2. Reality-show ‘Get Fit’. Have you been dreaming to lose a few kilograms for a long time? Make a real show out of this — make a promise to everyone that you will work out and describe every day in the video format what you ate, what kind of sport, etc.
  3. Different Workout Video. These videos quickly became popular. It can be yoga or any other exercise that everyone can do at home. You can also make such videos in the gym, but make sure you are allowed to shoot in this gym.
  • Educational channel. Publish useful materials about different sports and their benefits, about healthy nutrition, about scientific discoveries in the field of sports and health related to sports and health.
  • Motivational videos. Also publish videos that can encourage your followers to do sports. This can be a video in which attractive people are engaged in the gym or just a selection of motivational phrases.
  • Funny content. Post funny pictures, collages, gifs, photos and videos related to sports and fitness and you can cheer up your subscribers.

How to Monetize

Monetizing fitness channel will be easy, just connect the sellers of diet food or effective equipment that burns calories. And in the case of a successful experiment, you can even release a video course.

Also, you can work directly with fitness clubs, sports communities and create promotional videos about their programs and offers.

As for sports channels, you can make money with them through sports affiliate programs:

  • Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program
  • Under Armour Sports Affiliate Program
  • Hidrate Spark Sports Affiliate Program
  • Taylor Made Golf Sports Affiliate Program
  • Gainful Sports Affiliate Program, etc.

Whether your subscribers play sports or are just sports fans, they are very likely to keep buying sports-related products.

Ideas for Women's Channels

It is believed that women are interested in the world of fashion, new cosmetics, the latest makeup trends, star gossip, and rumors.

This is not true. Rather, this is not the whole truth. Women are interested in technology, programming, military affairs, travel, and absolutely any topics that are attributed to men.

Nevertheless, we will talk about the ideas of the channels, among the subscribers of which there are more girls than guys.

  • Makeup video. Many girls can not afford the services of makeup artists and do not want to contact them. It’s easier for them to watch and learn from these videos. They also allow you to follow the fashion and what makeup is intended for what occasions.

  • Special makeup. Did you know 61.8% of people celebrate Valentine's Day? Makeup ideas on this special day will surely come in handy for many people. You can also talk about the features of makeup for the celebration of Christmas, birthday, the first day of summer, and other special days.
  • The contents of the bag. Surely many heard a joke: "a girl’s purse can have anything". Such videos help girls to laugh at themselves somewhere, to adopt your experience somewhere if it turns out to be useful.
  • Reviews on cosmetics and other women's products. Such videos make life easier, so girls love and watch them. Do reviews in an interesting format, but without unnecessary information — only on the topic.
  • Video about hair care. Proper hair care is routine. Therefore, many people are looking for the cheapest, high-quality, and time-consuming ways to care for hair.
  • Video about manicure and nails. Makeup is just a small part of your personal care information. Training materials on applying manicure, especially original ones, will surely find their audience.
  • Video about yourself. Particularly useful material for an audience younger than 18 years old. Young girls are active YouTube users, so they will benefit from the experience gained over your life.
  • Celebrity Makeup Trending. People follow celebrities. Many of them like to imitate them. Copying celebrity makeup is a good way to attract viewers.
  • Clothes fitting. If you are fond of fashion, you can try on the clothes that you recently bought. Talk about where you bought clothes, how much it costs, and what you like best about each combination.

Show your viewers what you keep in your wardrobe. Make sure they recognize your favorite clothes and what combinations you like to wear.


  • Favorite designers and brands. Talk about your favorite fashion designers and brands. You can discuss their history and how they changed styles over the years, and share your favorite things of all time.

How to Monetize

You can collaborate directly with online stores of cosmetics and other women's (and not only) goods. You can also connect to affiliate programs and sell products in your videos with a personal discount code. Here are some popular programs (out of a huge number of them):

  • XLASH Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • Stila Cosmetics Affiliate Program
  • SunDaily Skincare Affiliate Program
  • Yves Rocher Cosmetics Affiliate Program

Using Patreon, you can sell your personal exclusive stories – when you already have grateful subscribers, there will always be those who want to know more about you.

Parenting / Kids Channels

Parents do not always have enough time for books on productive parenthood. That's why they subscribe to channels where authors share personal experiences raising children. 

  • Topics for such channels are truly inexhaustible. We will tell you about some of them.

Traveling with a child. You can tell why it is worth taking children on a trip; how to calm the baby on the plane; countries through the eyes of children; safety on the beach; travel during pregnancy, etc.

  • Bad mother's stories. People are tired of perfect stories. In reality, children break things, scream, and sometimes they just behave horribly. Many are interested in the real stories of imperfect parents – how to cope with the difficulties of raising children every day.

  • When there are many children. If you have three or more children, your experience will be incredibly useful to many people. Tell us how to deal with daily cooking, washing, and most importantly – how to keep peace in the family.
  • What to watch and read with children? Talk about your choice of movies and books. Recommend what age is suitable for, and most importantly — how many points out of a hundred did you like this movie or book.
  • Baby products from online stores. If you often order goods yourself, then you can do reviews on them. New products are constantly appearing in this area, so you will definitely have ideas for new videos. You can also do reviews on the most trending toys.
  • Educational videos. Make preparing your children for school easier and more convenient. Basic educational materials in a colorful presentation will surely appeal to both children and their parents. Teaching children colors with toys, fairy tales, and even animation is a popular topic on Youtube.
  • Video about animals. It can be pieces from various programs with your comments or your own content. Children will also be interested in watching videos about birds, fish, and other characters of the fauna.

  • Bedtime Stories. If you have a pleasant voice, then you can read aloud and record video. Parents often need a little rest, so the audience for such videos will certainly be found.
  • Simple handmade. People want to learn something, and you can show how to do something with their own hands with the children. It can be handmade toys, jewelry, etc.

To monetize such a channel, you can attract stores that make components for craft items. But in this case, it is better to attract not big brands, but smaller ones.

  • Ideas for playing games. Sometimes the weather is just not suitable for walking. Share your favorite indoor games. Tell your viewers about the rules of the games and why you recommend them. Or maybe you know a lot of outdoor activities? Share them and your viewers will be grateful.
  • Party Ideas. Some parties are common in the summer. The pool, the beach, the sun, and a lot of heat make the preparation of these parties unique. Many people are looking for tips on preparing a summer party. Food recipes are just a small part of what you need to have a good time with friends.

But people have parties all year long as well. You can help them and make a whole channel about organizing theme parties, for example, a Hawaii party, a gangster style, the 80s, hippies, and other celebration options.

Tell them how to choose clothes and home decorations, what dishes and drinks you need to cook, how to make a photoshoot, and what to give to guests as little presents at the end of the party.


How to Monetize

Here you need to know this important thing. Targeted ads, comments, chat, and some other features for children's videos will be disabled on YouTube. Anyone who watches a video for children will be automatically considered as a viewer under the age of 13, even if he, for example, is 30. This innovation has already reduced the income of children's channels.

How to earn then? One of the possible options may be to work directly with toy shops, trading companies, children's stores, and other brands.


Yes, the list of ideas is large, but, of course, it is far from comprehensive.

In any case, these tips will help you choose the direction that interests you. All of these topics will be popular for a long time to come.

We want to advise: don’t pick an idea that does not personally attract you. This will lead to a lack of interest and total burnout. Instead, you should find a topic that really inspires you to work on it, while enjoying it. Only that way you’ll attract a potential audience to your project.

Speaking of monetization, the trick is that there are really many ways to earn on your blog. The main thing is not to focus on only one way. Using several methods of monetization will add stability to your financial model. Each of the methods can bring a small amount, but together they will add up to income.

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