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TOP 10+ Best Landing Page Builders in 2022 for Affiliate Marketing You Must Discover!

Affiliate marketing is all about creativity. There’s no silver bullet that would make any campaign successful, so every time affiliates need to come up with their own ideas. Creative imagination is a valuable skill when finding new perspectives and approaches to selling a generic brand’s product.

Push notifications, native, search, and display ads are just a small portion of all the available ad formats on the internet that target users with every sort of offer. People on the internet get bombarded with thousands of miracle weight-loss teas, "one of the kind" breast creams, and sort of ads trying to convince the customers that, for whatever reason, they’d need enlargement pills.

So, everyday people see thousands of ads, and worst of all, many newbies in the affiliate industry are trying to promote the same offers that come with a standard pre-lander and promise the highest conversion rate. However, this might cause fatigue. When users see the same ads all the time — notwithstanding the ad format — sooner they will be just ignoring it. It should really be something catchy for the audience to see it.    

The conversion rate of ad campaigns might change for a number of reasons. For example, the bid of the competitor could be higher than yours, the traffic could be unstable, your ad creatives might also not add value due to the ad fatigue phenomenon. Time and again, almost any affiliate marketer, with a minor exception to this, comes across creative fatigue.  

Ad creatives need to be taken care of. Rotating creatives helps to avoid ad fatigue. In doing so you are likely to increase the conversion rate. Not only ad creatives need creative thinking to get visibility. A landing page is another element that can mean the success or failure of the whole campaign. If the offer is converting, in itself, from the get-go, having added an attractive landing page, you can get much more.

Ad copy and other elements of campaigns might easily be replaced, landing pages, on the flip side, take a little bit more pro skills. For this article, we’ve made a little research on why you’d better invest in a landing page builder, which could be crucial to the overall success of the campaign. But to begin with let's sum up the best practices to eliminate creative fatigue:

  • Use simple images so that figuring them out wouldn’t mean a learning curve.
  • Make your ad creatives easy to grasp, that is they should be clear and concise.
  • If possible, use icons since they convert much better than images.
  • Green proved to be better than red!
  • Emojis to draw attention.
  • Show people something that would make their lives better, i.e. something they would like to see.
  • Craft images that would draw out emotion.
  • Sense of urgency dramatically impacts the conversion rate.
  • Reduce the clutter in your ad creatives.
  • Text on push ad icons is not applicable.
  • Try to avoid misprints by double-checking your ad copy.
  • Avoid using creatives that don’t fit in with a particular traffic source.
  • Avoid trite ideas.

A landing page is an asset that can mean the success or failure of the whole campaign. If the offer is converting, an attractive landing page can bring you even more conversions.

Lead generation is the most important part of today's marketing. It’s not enough to have a generic lander these days. It takes several landing pages to pinpoint consumer needs.

Alas, landing pages don’t grow themselves like mushrooms. Managing and optimizing web pages is a daunting task, you could do it yourself but who needs it when you’ve got a service that allows you to manage multiple landers from a single UI.

So, to reach out to as many people as possible and generate conversions you’d better invest in a landing page builder.

Why Do You Need a Landing Page Builder


If you’re an absolute beginner in the affiliate marketing industry, you'd better be looking for offers with landers attached. Why would you do that? As thousands of affiliate marketers promote the same offers based on the same landers, you get little chance of success. Newcomers have a lot of variables to deal with, and adding another one to this equation won’t make it any easier. Landing page builders do the job for you.

After getting the gist of advertising — choosing reliable affiliate programs, converting offers, and finding working combos of ad creatives plus traffic sources — you should resist the temptation of taking to ready-to-use resources that ad placements bristle with. A more or less unique landing page is the thing that gets random users converted.

To get real visibility you need to come up with something your audience that is used to all kinds of marketing tricks haven’t seen before. Even though you might be using a generic set of designs, it’d be a good idea to make some tweaks in order to find out what could bring home the bacon. The point is to create a customized lander that is tailored to the needs of a target group.

If you create your own landing pages you choose yourself what should be included as far as the appropriate content goes and make sure this complies with the rules of different networks.

What’s more, numerous case studies have shown that there should be several landing pages tested at the same time. If you use services that create landing pages you’d be able to tweak them and check out a lot of hypotheses related to converting ad copies, images, etc.

When creating completely new landers using available ingredients you can check on various web elements thereby pioneering new advertising solutions and — who knows — maybe even paving the way for new marketing approaches. Invest your own creativity, experience, and data based on market research to bring to light landing pages that have never been on the internet before.

Creating your own landing pages comes with lots of benefits. It might take some time before you learn the whole process thoroughly doing your utmost to sort elements that work from those that don’t. The hard work is what goes before you become a seasoned veteran of the affiliate marketing industry.

If you’re having doubts as to how to create an effective promotion, we’ve highlighted three pillars a successful ad campaign stands on.

Do a Little Research Before Advertising any Product or Service

It might sound like a daunting task, but in fact, it isn’t. You’ve got lots of sources of information to look up literally any fact of life. Another simple trick is to focus on one particular vertical. Even though you might tend to several verticals, at the end of the day you’ll be gravitating to the ones that have become your favorite, and those ones could be very specific niches. So, probably you’d be better off mastering one particular vertical than trying to convert the whole ground.

The first step in your research is to contact the ad network representatives, approach the support team and ask what the top-performing niches and offers are. Some niches in affiliate marketing work as a sort of Perpetuum mobile for their products that are constantly in high demand. When you’ve learned that some product or service is selling like a hotcake, look no further. In addition to a traffic source, choose an ad network and an offer (there could be several of them), then search for an appropriate ad type and format, as well as some specific locations to target.

Look for Means of Promotion

The next step is finding a way of promotion. It won’t be difficult if you read some affiliate websites or niche news agencies and communities. There you can find lots of tips and tricks and proven strategies for creating a killer campaign.

It’s alright if you are not a forum netizen whatsoever, though.

Ask a support team of traffic sources for advice that might help you find a way to look at your landing page from a different angle. The representatives of ad networks deal with thousands of campaigns on a daily basis. They won’t tell you the secrets of affiliate success and the secret souse some affiliate chiefs add, though. But anyway, they can nudge you to the right path.

One more thing, spy tools could become your secret advertising weapon. Find out the most converting landing pages and which things are evergreen in the affiliate world. Expand your research to come up with format-specific ideas for your campaigns.

Create a lander

Keep in mind that format-specific creatives should be used for push traffic. Landing pages themselves are not as complicated as they could seem but it takes an effort to regularly update them.

Affiliate agencies create landers in a variety of ways; it all boils down to your set of skills and your interests. Some advertising companies have in-team developers to code and create landers from scratch.

The other alternative is to learn the code and modify the existing landing pages afterward.

You can also get a developer on board, but who needs it when you’ve got a landing page builder to do all the hard jobs for you. If you’re trying to choose the company that fits the bill, we’ve already examined a couple of landing page builders and wrote reviews of them.

Google Sites


Google Sites is not a well-known product designed by Google, nevertheless, it’s an efficient one. And it is in its collection of the free tools of Google. This is a service that allows its customers to quickly create landing pages without any cost. As far as the theme number is concerned there are not much, and they look the same as well: you can get a large header and a page title, that’s the upper part of the website, below are sections for text, images, or files that you can upload.

You can drag in elements in these sections. Among its distinguishing features, there is color and typography customization. The layout makes it possible for you to create a landing page of any kind. It must be said a wildly unique design is not an option here. The editor is rather straightforward. You can easily add texts and images and other files from Google Drive. There’s a button to add all that quickly. When you add a background image the text over it will still be readable, a nice feature. This app is integrated with other Google solutions, which means you can tie your sites with other tools such as Google Form to send messages to your team chats.  


This is one of the leading companies in this category with more than a hundred templates for different areas, like e-commerce, nutra, banking, lead generation, and many more. In addition, you can get landers directly from your intelligence solutions of choice. One of them is Adplexity that pitches itself as a comprehensive source of data insights on countries and traffic sources.

Otherwise, you have an option of uploading .zip pages stored on your hard drive.

Another option is to build a completely new lander from scratch using an empty template. The way you’ve chosen to create your landing page makes no difference. You could be an advanced editor or a beginner with quite a limited set of skills, but a built-in visual editor saves the day making the editing process indeed easy. So, you don’t even have to be tech-savvy.

Moreover, LanderLab service offers other needed features like a back button. Among other things worth mentioning is a decent loading speed. The monthly subscription fee is $49.


This is one of the oldest landing page builders on the market. Here you have more than 150 web templates with advanced options for editing and customization. In case you’re having a hard time finding what you’d really like to get, take to the option of a landing page ripper, there’s also a landing page importer which can make it possible to download and edit literally any landing page. The 6-month subscription fee is $25.

PureLander offers a comprehensive kit of other features that allow users to add scripts that improve CTR, such as a back button hijack, or countdown timer. There’s a full set of options including exit pop, vibration, and Javascript alert. In addition to that, you also get timed redirects, audio alerts, and so forth. Users with some tech skills have a tool to add custom scripts.

It’s just a small portion of all the features available in PureLander builder. And the best part about this complex tool is its price. You only have to pay $25 for all the features. So, if you need the best deal, you shouldn’t look elsewhere because this might be it.


This is a landing page and marketing funnel builder for more seasoned markets. For the affiliates who are into sweepstakes, this service might be too much. However, for those who run offers in the niche of Nutra, this could become a service that will be generating the needed number of conversions.

With a little help from this builder, you’ll create landing pages from scratch, and that’s not all. After that, you can connect them to an up-and-running sales funnel. A simplified editor based on a drag and drop system allows you to gather emails, create giveaways, or guide your buyers through the sale funnel in any other way. There’re options for specific mobile optimizations. The monthly subscription starts from $97.

In addition to the option of pairing up third-party autoresponders as well as follow-up emails, this tool is well-set for more advanced niches like nutra, e-commerce, and the like. There are advanced service plans for ad agencies and experienced affiliates.


That’s a perfect solution for the newbies who have no tech skills. You don’t necessarily have to have a piece of advanced tech knowledge and know a thing or two about coding. This tool makes life easier for beginners. The builder is based on drag-and-drop functionality and makes it possible for you to create and post web pages that look like they were made by an expert.

By using LeadPages functions you’ll be able to optimize all of your content for conversion, as well as various pop-ups, and notification bars. The developers of LeadPages made it easier to conduct A/B testing.

With LeadPages you get more than 200 templates that are made to generate conversions. The dashboard contains behavioral insights that allow you to quickly find out what customers do on your web pages. By using this service you get unlimited page publishing and lead-gen capabilities. The monthly subscription starts from $37.


Everyone knows that a slow sales page is a conversion killer. According to the stats, a single second can reduce conversions by 20%, and 3-second delay gets the bounce rate up to 52%. However, with Convertri you won’t have your customers waiting around. The website of Convertri pitches its page technology, and it’s said to be the fastest on the market.

The experienced affiliates confirm that this service is well-known for its extremely fast loading speed. And we all know that this is one of the most important factors that impact the conversion rate. It seems like that for the developers of the service the speed of loading was a prime concern. Here you have a page editor that allows you to fully control your landing pages. By using this tool you can create web pages that won’t look like any other.

Moreover, Convertri service has an extensive collection of the likes of headers, footers, and forms that are ready to use. Having created something you can add collections and a library of web elements. Save the element set for further usage and that will allow you to create your next build much easier. As an alternative, you can also use a feature of dynamic text replacement. This thing will allow you to use the same web page for various offers or ads of the same kind. You can also apply it to the keywords.

There’s a comprehensive set of features including page importer option, A/B testing, and conversion optimization feature. The subscription for Convertri costs $99 per month.


That’s an advanced builder. To use it you only need to have limited tech skills. The list of features includes a clear interface, landing page performance tracking, and a fast loading speed.

This builder is based on Cloud Platform by Google, a kit of cloud computing tools running on the same assets used by Google for such products as Google Search, Gmail, or Google Drive, as well as YouTube. With a set of tools developed specifically for management, its users get a set of modular cloud tools that make it possible to store and analyze data. As you probably know, you need to provide credit card details to register on Cloud Platform.

With this platform from Google, you get such solutions as platform as a service, or serverless computing environments. So, this is a source of multiple cloud services which are trustworthy because they were created by Google itself.

All in all, this fact means that its customers get unlimited options for scaling up in one place. The editor dashboard allows the users to customize the web pages to the full and make them suitable for all types of devices. If any questions as to how to use the service arise, you can always read the documents attached, as well as watch video guides and as a last resort of saving your issues you can approach the tech support team of Wizzi.

With that being said, Wizzi landing page builder was created to smoothly integrate with the tracking solutions and web services. For 500k monthly visits, you’ll have to shell out $750 a month.



This is a perfect choice for both newbies and hardened veterans of affiliate marketing. This service has a built-in tool for dealing with similar pages, in that there are options to create a copy and edit your pages.

The owners of Unbounce tout this service as the most customizable solution for creating web pages online. For instance, if you need to move this or that web element a couple of pixels to the left, you got it. In case you need some show-stopping creatives, you can use them as well.

It’s not a secret that beautiful websites are able to get your message across in terms of just informing potential customers who are exploring new products on the web. However, oftentimes it is not that easy to turn your traffic into revenue. Unbounce allows you to create and optimize your landers that will drive your visitors through the funnel rather than leave them to navigate a webpage bristling with distractions and without any call to action.

The builder of Unbounce is a drag-and-drop-based UI with more than a hundred various templates. In this way, it’ll be easy to bring any campaign idea to life in no time.

The design of Unbounce web pages is 100% custom, the customer controls every inch of it. You can change and edit templates for desktop and mobile with optional JavaScript and CSS.

Custom-built landing pages are the assets that allow you to get your point across to the target audience while generating more leads, sales, or sign-ups. Meaning, that your prospects get exactly what they need.

Unbounce builder creates customized web pages, which guarantee the results, and it’s not overpriced either given the outcome you get in the end.

With Unbounce you can edit your pages for an unlimited time, there are no strict rules to this. The service offers you access to more than 850K high-quality images that can be added to the web pages at any given time. The more advanced features are as follows: adding customized JavaScript, CSS, and HTML to any lender. These scripts can be applied to various pages.

Among various features of this builder, there are lead-gen forms and two-step opt-ins that stand out. The starting subscription price of Unbounce is $80 a month.

Elementor WordPress

The basic features of this builder are free, quite limited though, a more advanced plan starts from $49 a year.

This is basically a WordPress plugin designed to create web pages. Again, you don’t need some specific tech skills to use it, just drop your templates for further editing. It’s as simple as that.

Elementor contains several hundreds of themes, numerous add-ons, and other building elements, and because of them this builder really delivers. This web app is fully customized which makes it possible to create as enhanced UX as possible and please website users. Along with simple lead-gen forms, you can create quite sizable and professional-grade websites. The plugin is a quick and easy way to create numerous landings in no time.

It is also worth mentioning that The Elementor plugin is the only free builder that is up to par with the paid ones since most of the freebies are not pro-quality.



A landing page builder made by affiliates for affiliates. That’s a relatively new solution on the market designed to offer templates that have been tried and tested in the CPA industry.

In Landerize you’ll find more than 50 ones, not many but in spite of that fact, these templates were cherry-picked and fine-tuned by experienced marketers. That’s why they work fine in most used niches. We can mention the likes of sweepstakes, nutra, health, banking, lead gen, and so forth. These landing pages were optimized and designed according to the guidelines for responsive design. You can customize them with no effort in the drag-and-drop editor.

This builder offers a selection of tried and tested web templates that are used by experienced affiliate marketers. As its website touts users can get from zero to profits in a matter of 5 minutes because it’s as little time as you need to select the template needed and set and launch your campaign. The team of Landerize does all the dirty work of setting up the landers. So, you save your precious time on setting up and do analytic work of driving up conversions.  

The basic plan offers all the needed features and templates as well as high-quality support. The advanced plan offers unlimited landers. You can also get email or tracking integrations that might come in handy when scaling up and tapping into new markets. The subscription starts from €97 a month.


HubSpot offers various tools for affiliate marketers and advertising agencies, and their landing page builder is one of their best solutions. The company pitches it as an all-in-one solution for advertising campaigns that help your business to onboard and retain new customers. HubSpot landing page builder creates cutting-edge landing pages.

What’s more, HubSpot is a versatile platform for managing web pages, email marketing campaigns, and so forth. HubSpot has marketing agencies and SaaS companies on the list of its customers.  

The landing page builder and especially its CTAs will structurally give your business an edge, and it’s not expensive either, which makes HubSpot worth taking the time to give this platform a try.

You can create onboarding videos or ad copies in a matter of minutes. Should any issue arise, approach the customer support team. You can change your content and get your business up and running soon.  

There’re plugins, the templates — from creation to page design — that are pretty easy to work with. You can easily add videos, or tracking codes capturing leads with a little help from lead forms.


In summation, creative fatigue is the thing that is not to be ignored. Trite ad creatives result in the phenomenon of banner blindness. And that thing has lots of side effects like lower CTR and CR. And yes, you wouldn’t want to take to the creative used by thousands of other affiliates, the same is true for ready-made landing pages that are used a little too much.

Creating your personalized landing pages comes with lots of advantages, by the way, it’s not hard to do. You just need to find a web page builder tailored to your needs. But don’t choose the first comer, first, do a little research and try to figure out what fits your offer best and would be driving tons of traffic to your offers.

We hope that some of the landing page builders we’ve just reviewed will come in handy.

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