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Facebook Ads Account Blocked — How to Unblock FB Ads Account in 2022

Can you imagine the world without advertisement? Especially, if you produce advertisements yourself. No way!

But it is possible that one day your Facebook Business Account will be blocked. Don’t panic — we are going to explain to you how to raise your account from the ashes.


First of all, let’s dwell on the reasons. Check out if you did something from the list below:

  • Low-quality advertisement. The only tip here: rules. You always need to follow Facebook rules. If there are several ads at once, which do not comply with the rules, or there are many complaints from users — the account lockout will not come up as a surprise.
  • Content. The Facebook algorithm focuses on the text volume, the compliance of image with the rules, and the page where the ad is directed. Ad probably will not pass the verification, if it is advertising unacceptable products. Those could be images with more than 20% of the text in the image, low-quality materials, Most often, an ad does not pass verification if it is advertising unacceptable products, more than 20% of the text in the image, there are non-existent functions, low-quality materials, and so on.
  • Suspicious behavior. Fraud alert: the system can block a Facebook advertising account if it has a hint of fraud. For instance, a user logs in from a different country's IP address, uses someone else's Bankcard, changes the payment method frequently, or charges an excessively high amount to the balance. Be smart and avoid those actions.
  • Financial issues. Here everything is more than logical: the payment can be blocked if there are not enough funds on the card for debiting.
  • Human factor. There are millions of Ad accounts, so don’t exclude the situation when your ad was blocked erroneously. If you didn’t deal with any of the violations mentioned above — relax and start acting. 

How to Unblock the Account

When difficulties arise, you need to understand what to do and who to contact in order to restore justice. In all cases, you need to contact the support service, but the methods may differ.

There are actually four ways to contact Facebook support. The following question is: where exactly to apply? Much depends on the reason. 

Here is the first case. Your activity was considered to be suspicious. If your ad account received a message about being blocked due to suspicious activity, it most likely happened automatically. Maybe you started the advertising too early or there was incorrect card binding, or you logged in to your profile under someone else's IP. To unblock your account, you need to click on the link here and fill out the form.

Violation. If your ad violated Facebook policy and there were complaints about it from users, try unblocking your ad account by appealing the decision on the form.

The next case — Ad Rejection. There are situations when an advertiser has an ad rejected and cannot understand the reasons for this decision. To unblock your profile in such a case, you need to write here. This option is also appropriate if the ad was blocked because of a specific ad.

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Ans there are also other reasons. If the Facebook advertising account is blocked for any other reasons, you must use a universal method — immediately write to the chat.

In any case, you should describe the situation in detail. For example, you assume that you were blocked because your employee logged in from your account to the advertising account. Facebook thought that your account was stolen. In this case, explain the support agent that you gave access to a colleague.

If everything is done correctly, blocked payments and ADs Manager should be unblocked. The speed of decision-making depends on the reasons for blocking and the request date. If the reason is not serious (e.g. the change of ip), the usual period of account recovery is from 1 to 3 days. Weekends and holidays are not counted.

If you have violated the advertising rules, you will need more time. But in this case, there is a risk that you will not be unblocked.

What Happens After you Submit the Form

You will receive an email notification that your request has proceeded to the support service. This will be duplicated on the FB support Inbox page. You will receive a response by email and on the "Inbox" folder.

Speed the Things Up

If you can’t wait to start working on your Business account again, follow the rules:

  • Remember about the human factor? Don't scold or insult the employees, because they are the same people who work there. Don’t use caps lock in your letter. You can also avoid telling them that you have already spent millions on advertising or something like that. For Facebook, this is a mere penny. Much more important is the security and positive experience of users.
  • If you didn’t receive the response, try writing again.
  • Don’t give up even if they tell you that recovery is impossible. If you haven't violated anything, write to tech support again. Use the same form you used before. In this case, your request will go to another employee, and they may have a different opinion about your account.
  • Ask them to call you and leave your phone number. At the same time, be ready to answer the call and prepare a list of questions in advance.


We hope, after those steps your account is finally working. Now you need to follow the precautions (print them and read every day):

First of all, don’t forget to register a Business account. Moreover, you should monitor your personal Facebook account. For example, use an up-to-date photo, real first name and last name, strong password and two-factor authentication. Provide access to your Email and phone.

Don’t violate the advertising rules. Each point of Facebook Policy provides comprehensive information to know the capabilities and limitations. So, DON’T use forbidden scripts on your page, redirect a user from your website to another, advertise something dangerous, etc. A potential client should get all the necessary information on the page where the ad block takes them.

It is also significant to add a real card with enough funds and your name and use an advertising account in one country. But don’t run ads for large amounts from a new account and increase your ad spending gradually. Also, try not to use a virtual card.

You should delete disapproved ads as well. And never assign administrator position to people with a bad reputation on Facebook. 

Now a few tips about communication with Support agents. Basically, communicate with support in English and be polite. Be ready for a call from Facebook operator. It is also important to fill up different forms according to your situation.

Remember: you don’t need to increase in advertising expenses drastically. Facebook tracks the relationship between your profile, fan page, and ad account. Therefore, all three elements should be without violations and with a good reputation. Don’t give other people access to your account: colleagues, friends, or clients should only connect through their own accounts. Your page or website that will be advertised must be free of pop-UPS or redirects. It is also forbidden to overload your account by constantly adding audio and video materials with automatic playback.

If your account wasn’t unblocked

Well, the forewarned means armed. So, let’s also consider the situation, when you eventually cannot unblock your account. Here are some tips:

  • You can create an advertising account for another person (husband, wife, parent, adult child, friend). First, agree on the card binding. An ad account can be blocked if the main page name and the name on the card are different. So you will need to ask the person, who you created an account to, to have a separate card for these purposes.
  • Next, restore access to the Facebook page or register a new one.
  • Log in from your device. It is very likely that at this point the page will be frozen or blocked due to suspicious activity. You will need to take a photo of the person who gave you the page, or even the photo with their passport, and restore access.
  • Don't rush to create an advertising account right away. Start an active social life for one or two weeks - post, read, comment. After that, make a business page, fill it with photos, information, create a couple of posts on the wall (a few more days, the main point is not to rush).
  • Go to your old business page. Find the "settings" section in the left column of Instagram. Untie the page. Go to Instagram itself → Settings → Account → related accounts → Facebook → cancel the link to your account.
  • Log in to your new account in the Facebook app on your phone. If you have an IOS phone, you must do the same in the Safari browser. Go to the new business page on Facebook, settings → Instagram → link the page to Instagram → username and password.
  • After that, you will have to use the "Promote" button for some time to accumulate positive statistics on your advertising account.


Following these rules is mandatory if you want to continue using your Facebook advertising account. The main thing is to immediately determine the possible cause.

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