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Facebook Marketplace Stuck in Review in 2023 — How to Fix It

One of the common problems that users get while trying to get their products on Facebook is that they will be stuck on the review page, waiting for their products to be reviewed, and it never happens.

There are many reasons that this problem happens, and it happens to a lot of people so if you have the same problem, first let's see why this problem happens and then how you can fix it.

Why Products Get Stuck Under Review

Most of the time the reason why a list of products goes under review and it doesn't come out is that there might be a problem with the products. Here is a list of Facebook products that may cause this problem:

  • Weapons and ammunition of all kinds.
  • Tobacco products.
  • Digital products and subscriptions.
  • Drugs or prescription products.
  • Products with sexualized positioning.
  • Violent or hateful products.
  • Medical and health products.
  • Animals.
  • Products for adults.

Although you may see some people selling these kinds of products, that doesn't mean that it is OK to sell them. Facebook is not perfect, and in some cases might have slipped away from their hands.

What Can You do to Fix This Issue

Your product might not be among the restricted products in this list, so here are the other reasons why you are stuck under review on Facebook and How you can fix them.

This one is not so common, but still, there is a low chance that people have reported your list, so that is why it will be stuck under review. Make sure that you are not reported and fix the reason that you got reported. Or if you got reported for no reason, contact the support to solve this issue.

Make Sure Your Product is Not Already Added

If you are spamming the products then stop. Even if you are not spamming them, you might have had those products before or you have been listing them recently so Facebook will recognize this as spam.

Make sure that you do not re-list an advertisement. You need to avoid duplicating content.

Erase any Texts on Your Photos

People in the past have tried to trick the algorithm to sell forbidden products with text on photos. Facebook will not allow text on photos such as phone numbers or other written text. For example, you should not have phone numbers on your photo.

Do not do this!

Make Sure the Products are in Your Area

If you have products that are not in your region, this might trigger the algorithm and cause this problem.

Put a Picture that Matches the Product and its Descriptions

If you have pictures of your product from another source and it doesn't match the product you want to sell, this will put your product stuck in review.

If You are Still Under Review, What Should You Do

At this stage, your product might still be under review. Here is what we recommend you to do.

Delete the products you have and start fresh. Make sure to use different keywords, don't use keywords that might look like you are scamming or spamming.

Use new original pictures. Use realistic pricing for your products. And make sure that you choose the correct category.

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Now you should no longer be under review by Facebook. If you still are, remember that there is a computer reviewing your products, so you are doing something wrong or out of the norm. Make sure your product is suited for the algorithm to pass, and you should have no problem.

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