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How to Run Gambling Ads on Facebook in 2021

Everybody is so risky nowadays. Why not use it in your marketing strategy?

Today we are going to speak about gambling. You are right, casinos, poker, card games, etc. You usually get paid according to the RevShare Scheme — deductions are made from the money spent by the player. Interest rates vary, usually starting from 40% (excluding all commissions).

Why You Should Work with the Gambling Vertical

  • Good payouts.
  • The possibility of charging from one of the advertising offices is about $1 500-3 000.
  • Simple approach.
  • Identical creatives for different offers.

Some Details About the Traffic

Let's emphasize the simplest and most popular option: traffic networks. These include traffic exchanges, teaser networks, and other places where you can just buy traffic.

The benefits here are quite obvious: there is a lot of traffic; quite flexible targeting settings; low CPC and low entry threshold. But there are also several drawbacks: very low traffic quality; lots of bots and the fact that treating black and white lists probably won't help you to increase your envelope.

Tips for Choosing an Advertiser in Gambling

First of all, take a look at the appearance of the product. It should have a nice design, full-adaptive and mobile version, quick download interface, tips for beginners. Likewise, the registration form needs to be simple.

For example, you can have a look at the SBC Events website.

Another important aspect is the working capacity of the cash register. A common problem here is the fact that far from all deposits pass, so CR and your earnings can reduce. Also, focus on the top-up methods in gambling. The more, the better, but the main thing is to have the main ones for a specific GEO.

Another meaningful point is the availability of an interesting deposit bonus system for the player and the retention of department work (frequent and push, SMS and email newsletters, notifications in the player's account, the presence of a call-center).

Try to pay attention to this, choosing an offer, so you will protect yourself from many unnecessary expenses and will be able to earn more.

Work with Facebook Accounts

In order to scale the work, we need a lot of accounts. Here you can use the Multilogin anti-detect browser. But this has its peculiarities. Multilogin technology does not mask 100% of your hardware, but works as follows: the fingerprint of the hardware is equal to the fingerprint of your computer hardware plus system software noise. In other words, if you frequently open the same profile on different computers, there will be different fingerprints on the hardware. Ideally, work with your MacBook, creating a new profile, or with anti-detect browsers, but turn off the noise completely.

There are also other ways, such as buying VPS and working with accounts via remote access. So you will most like a real user, such accounts do we live longer. On average, the price per month for one such server is $15.

From now on let’s concentrate on the launch of advertising campaigns.

Have you ever faced the situation, when you run ads and get cheap leads first, thinking this is a gold mine? But the next day, it seems like something broke and the results are very bad. Many people disable and re-create campaigns at this stage. But if you leave the ad campaign running for 1-2 days, the results will return to the same indicators as they were at the start, or even better. And the more the ad campaign works, the better is the optimization. Especially if you work with optimization, not for the installation.

Which Accounts to Choose

A good option is to buy regular farm accounts and business managers with 5 advertising cabinets. So, you will have 7 offices from the start for draining. In BMS, the limit is $350 per ROK.

In total, for $30-40 (the price of one account), we get the opportunity to spend at least $1 500 per day.

Working with an advertising campaign on gambling.

It’s good to charge mainly through Webview Android and iOS apps. Obvious benefits here: accounts live longer — on average 2-3 weeks. They pass very often during auto-moderation. Good retention is achieved through built-in push buttons. Tip: on iOS, the traffic is better, the audience is less pressed, and the amount of deposits is higher.

Do you farm accounts yourself?
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Ad Campaign Settings

  1. In the «installing the app», put a checkmark on «campaign budget optimization».
  2. Select the app that you were given access to from the list.

It is better to focus on applications where there is access to events (find developers or ask in partner networks if there are such applications).

So Facebook optimizes not for installations, but for people who make registrations or deposits. This significantly increases the conversion rate, and consequently your earnings.

  1. Setting up the audience. We choose the location — men who live in the related territory (to exclude tourists) are 24-48 years old, on the broad.
  2. ‘Link’: exclude people who have used the app. Especially if you are charging on the app that you were given by the partner company. This will save you a little budget.

Some more useful tips:

  • Use auto-placements. Very often cheap and high-quality leads come from audience networks since these are the people who play or use apps.
  • The target devices. If we are running on Android, then choose OS version 8 or higher.
  • Creatives. There are 2 types of creatives for gambling: news, and videos with slots, emotions. News accounts are much less likely to be banned, accounts live long enough, convert well, but there is not so much audience. Also, such a method collects a lot of negativity, so you need to clean the comments, it is better to hide, and even better to order positive fake reviews.
  • Use AutoFill, so you can minimize costs and increase your income.


To sum up, we want to give some takeaways: always keep statistics. Record each user step to understand all the statistics.

Test different bundles. Regardless of the source of traffic: banners, landing pages, pads, posts, images, and everything else that can be replaced in advertising — change and test.

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