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How Much Money do Famous TikTokers Make — and How to Do It

TikTok is a video platform that is very similar to a social network. Users can shoot short videos (15 or 60 seconds), write comments and private messages, conduct live broadcasts, shoot duets. TikTok audience is very active and involved. And, despite the widespread myth that only children are in TikTok, more than half of the audience is over 18.

And yet, there are a considerable number of people who earn good income through this platform. These days more than half of those aged 13-38 — in the US aspire to become social media influencers, according to recent researches.

So how much can you earn with TikTok, and most importantly, how? In this article we will talk about how to make money at TikTok.

Of course, there is no magic technique. Making money at TikTok requires hard work, creativity, some luck and creating value for people.

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Show Me The Money

So how much do the most successful TikTokers get? Online Casinos says that TikTok is becoming so popular that some influencers may even have the option to charge about $1 000 000 per post in the next year.

What about now, the most popular TikTokers charge close to $200 000 (£155 000) per post if they promote something or collaborate with brands.

Loren Gray, a 17-year old TikToker, makes the most money — it almost $200 000 a post. Byte, TikTok’s arch-nemesis is offering creators $250 000 for videos.

If you have a loyal audience, you become a very interesting person in the eyes of many brands. And if you can help transfer their basic ideas to people, you can definitely make money on it.

How Much Is Needed to Develop an Account in TikTok

If you shoot it yourself, we would recommend spending $100–200 on good courses or a consultation to make fewer mistakes.

Plus, you’ll have to buy some equipment: a microphone, a ring lamp. You will need good lighting and a good background.

But you can start if simply have one phone with a camera. After doing some practice you might buy a microphone, a lamp, if necessary. You can order graphics too or learn to do it yourself. But for starters, you only need a phone, really.

Think over the background that you will use for shooting. It can be a white wall, a beautiful apartment, or something unusual, even a complete mess.

If this is a cooking, or cake baking product — it’s best to make a video right in the process. TikTok is about reality, behind the scenes of business.

7 Popular Types of Content in TikTok

There are some types of videos that have become the most popular among TikTok users:

  • Duets. Take any video you like, turn on the duet function (the screen is divided into 2 parts), and shoot next to you.
  • Challenges. Find a popular hashtag and shoot a video on this topic, indicate this hashtag in the video description.
  • Reaction. Take your reaction to someone else’s video. To do this, you can use the above function "duet".
  • Dance to the music. The most popular video format on TikTok. Take any melody and dance to it.
  • Tutorials and lifehacks. Make some short instructional videos, for example, how to cook a specific dish, dance some kind of dance, make a handmade product, and so on.
  • Video in the style of illusionists. There is a video stop function for this. First, shoot the first part, for example, where you are in the same clothes, then pause and shoot the second part, where you are already in another outfit. The result is a movie as if you changed clothes in a second. Or a video where you pick up a car from the street, as Will Smith did.
  • Sketches, jokes, parodies. TikTok comes in very well for humorous content. It’s not easy to create such videos but bloggers with this kind of content have a lot of subscribers.

What Indicators to Monitor

First, you need to switch your account to Pro — it’s kind of a business account on Instagram. It is free, you can do it in the settings in five seconds. After that, you can see the statistics:

  • the growth of subscribers for each video;
  • searchability. It is desirable that it be at least 50%;
  • the number of reposts;
  • virality;
  • comments;
  • the number of subscribers;
  • likes.

How to redirect an audience from TikTok to other channels

It’s not enough just to post information about your other channels in the profile.

You can shoot some short video in TikTok and say: watch completely on Instagram or in YouTube. For example, you promote Instagram for a week — you leave only the instagram button in the header. Users go to Instagram, watch the video, and, of course, subscribe.

Important tip: Speaking of other channels, it’s also a great idea for your videos. You can, for example, take texts from Instagram and make short videos for TikTok based on them.

It happens that people get several thousand new followers on Instagram or YouTube in one night. People switch from video to TikTok and subscribe to your other channels.

And yes, you can say in a short video that the full extended version can be viewed on your Instagram. Just try and see what happen.

Is Only Humor Popular

This is one of the most famous myths — that only humor is popular in TikTok. However, here are whose pages are gaining popularity:

  • Lawyers who talk about domestic disputes. For example, is it possible to come to the cinema with your own food, or what to do if you broke a bottle in a supermarket;
  • Artists / sculptors / hand-makers who shoot beautiful videos with the creation of art objects;
  • Financial consultants telling how to close loans and start saving;
  • Fitness trainers showing exercises;
  • A designer who talks about art in general and sells expensive courses;
  • A marketer or PR person shooting videos about the moments of the profession.

It is much more difficult to gain an audience if you plan to monetize through the sale of expensive products or services for a narrow audience. For example, consulting, b2b services, premium products.

In this case, one should not expect wide popularity, the quality of the audience is more important.

A simple illustration of two types of professional content.

For example, a web designer who wants to make money on ads on his blog. He will shoot video about the mistakes of large brands, about the influence of color and font on the choice of the buyer, about shopping in general. These topics are interesting to many, an audience of 14-100 years will easily subscribe.

Or it may be an advertiser who wants to make money selling his services. He will choose a more serious audience, for example, entrepreneurs. And his blog will have business lifehacks, marketing mistakes, cases, ideas for specific types of business. Yes, he will have fewer subscribers. But he will receive applications for his services.

We mentioned above that if you are already creating content for another platform, you can use it for TikTok. For example, voice video posts from your Instagram or blog articles.

You can make short videos from your articles already published in the media.

Undoubtedly, it is worth making a content plan and shooting videos at least a few days in advance. So you spend less time and you will have backup videos.

TickTock for Small Business

Small businesses just need to develop an account. In TikTok today, it is incredibly easy to do. And it costs practically nothing. Remember these three steps:

  1. Choose an employee who agrees to star in most videos
  2. Take one topic — in the case of a small business, it is quite simple.
  3. Shoot useful OR entertaining content.

If this is a small cake shop, you can take a piece of cake, stand in front of the camera, eat it with pleasure. TikTok has a lot of challenges about food, jokes about being overweight. Myths can be dispelled — perhaps the bread does not get fat or something like this.

How to Monetize Your TikTok

In conclusion, we’ll tell you about the most interesting thing — how to monetize your profile.

  • Participation in the brand’s flashmob.

Launching your own challenge gives companies good coverage. And they invite bloggers so that the challenge goes well. If you participate too, the company will send you a task (challenge theme, text, music, hashtag). Of course, for your participation you will receive money from the brand.

  • Advertise with other bloggers.

A great option for monetization, can bring a steady income. You can regularly receive such requests from beginning authors. As a rule, you will need to either place his video in your place or take it to a duet. And you can shoot your video about him with an account mark. Just do not overload your profile with advertising.

  • Product placement.

It’s enough for some brands (especially large ones) to mention their product in the video. Often a brand simply sends its product as a gift to a blogger, who already includes it in the publication. And often in addition to this, the blogger is also paid.

  • Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be a good way to monetize your account. For those who hear about it for the first time, let’s explain: this is when someone buys a product or service from your affiliate link, and you receive a part of the income.

You can recommend different products to your audience and offer to buy them by clicking on your link. Let's try to calculate: for example, you have 10 000 subscribers and 1% of them made a purchase using the link. In this case, your earnings will be from $100 to $1 000 per video.

  • Visiting brand events.

Some TikTokers can make money off the platform thanks to the reputation they receive on TikTok. Brands often invite them to attend events such as Beautycon or Comicon. Typically, a brand pays to represent them on a platform supported by the brand. If, for example, you have a reputation as a good musician on TikTok, then the brand may offer you to perform on their behalf.

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  • Selling your goods.

If you have created a large enough base of subscribers on TikTok, you can consider creating a Shopify e-commerce store and selling products from there to your audience.

Experienced marketers can turn their TikTok images into a brand and sell it as products. By doing this, you create a feeling of exclusivity: subscribers can buy a t-shirt promoting your brand only in your Shopify store through your TikTok account. Wearing this T-shirt, a person will feel special, because he knows that not everyone has access to purchase.

The initial step in selling goods is to create a community. You can easily do this together with your fans on TіkTok.

In fact, you can create TikTok videos to sell any type of product, not just the Shopify store. If you want to sell crafts on Etsy, make a video showing your products (and possibly even your real production technologies) and upload them to your TikTok channel.

Remember that your fans do not watch TikTok to see ads for something. If you are uploading a video promoting your products, you need to show them attractively. It is much easier to do this in some categories. For example, if you do something with your own hands, your videos may reflect the product creation process itself.


It is a pity that there is no way to find out who and how much specifically earns on TikTok. People do not talk about money openly. But definitely, TikTok has become not just an entertainment platform, but also a very popular place to make money. The sooner you start testing this option, the better. If you already have experience in receiving money in TikTok, tell us about it in the comments below, everyone will be interested.

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