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How to Buy Profitable Websites in 2021

In 2021 people buy websites to make money. With proper control, a website whether it is an advertising platform or an online marketing platform can bring significant income. Also, the use of such services as Google Adsense contextual advertising service can help to increase revenues by a few times. The main income always brings direct cooperation with the advertisers — this is what Google Adsense will help to organize.

Entrepreneurs, before buying a website should realize what they will do with it. This is important to set a target purpose and move to it. Also, the website management process requires constant attention. Buying it and leaving with the hope that your income will increase won’t in any chance be beneficial. Without proper management, the website will likely be bringing less and less income with each day. Even the smallest website usually needs at least one manager to regularly update content, which can be photos, videos,  products, blog articles, and anything interesting to the target audience. Regular updates, on the contrary, can increase the conversion rate and attract new website visitors.

Website Evaluation

Let's imagine that you have found a good website. Do not rush to buy it instantly without checking. Remember, purchasing something without checking is a great risk as without a test launch you may buy something that won’t work under any circumstances. Invest your funds properly and double-check if the website meets all your needs. Its functionality should be sufficient to implement it for your plans.

From the very beginning, read carefully descriptions from the seller, to avoid repetition of the previously mentioned by him. Ask questions that interest you and that were not fully discovered by the person that sells the website. Check if the information in the description is true so that seller won’t try to cheat on you.

Look if the website URL address doesn’t have any redirections from the old domain to a new one. This is a bad practice that can lead to a zero conversion rate in the nearest future.

The website should not have any sanctions or bans. The website should be able to give you revenue — consequently, you as a buyer have the full right to ask the seller if he previously had any revenues from this particular website. The most important thing is to ask the seller for the statistics of the website. But here the seller also has the right to refuse. Many of them hide their keywords and sources where the main traffic comes from till the very end. This is a warranty that the buyer won’t steal keywords and won’t make the alike website.

But if the seller gives you the statistics or attaches screenshots, then look from which pages the main traffic comes. In the case of website purchases, everything should be more or less evenly (different pages and keywords). If from 100 articles the predominant share of traffic was collected with the help of only 2-4 articles it is better to look for other variants.

Do not forget to look at content updates on the website you want to buy. For example, if the website owner does not add articles or update for more than a year, there will be problems with page indexing. Never be afraid to ask questions relating to your purchase. Find out as much as possible to find out important details. Then you will get the desired results. Ask the website was under some bans or filters before. If yes — keep searching further. Simply because this website is already on the search engine's blacklist, and no matter how the seller assures you to buy, do not listen. Consider buying a website where the income will be not only from the context but also the links exchanger so you can make much more money.

Prices for Ready-Made Websites

Always keep in mind that the price of any business is based on its annual income. This is so in most cases, but there are always some exceptions. That is, a website that brings $1,000 monthly should cost no more than $12,000. Also when buying websites from professionals remember that the creative team of the website developers may look like this: web designers, editors, copywriters, frontend and backend managers, programmers and other specialists who are aware of the process nuances and current search engine requirements. With such a broad development team standing behind the website creation process don’t dream of buying it for a cheap price. But be ready to feel the difference as the level of professionalism these companies offer can’t be compared to the level of individual programmers creating websites for sale independently.  

The approach you should follow and maintain while buying your website for future business is the fastest creation of complete solutions for any type of business. This will help to make your business more accessible to your customers and convert their interactions into revenues. Never immediately agree with the price offered, bargaining will make prices for your purchase more lucrative. Take part in the auctions. Buy a website with a good income for a little money. Some sellers won’t agree, but there will be always those who agree.

The website domain name should have a balanced Thematic Citation Index (from Yandex) and Page Rank (from Google). This will mean that search engines rank the website, as highly effective and trustworthy.

From revenues that are specified by the seller can easily take from 10 to 20%, because everyone wants to sell more expensive. Mostly pay attention to the income from the stock exchanges of contextual advertising: Google Adsense and Yandex Directory. This is the income that you can check out from the screenshots before purchasing. If the seller specifies high income from the direct advertising sale, you should not always believe it. As you can only roughly control the income from link sales. Just enough to look at the articles of the website for the last month and look for posts.

When biding at the online auction with a specified price, be sure to leave a message that you are not only interested in the website revenues, let sellers know that you are interested in the topic and you will invest in it and continue to develop. Any seller of his business will be pleased to hear it and will likely prefer you and will give a discounted price on his website.

Adhering to the above-mentioned, do not lie to the seller. Buying a website, you can not just squeeze money out of it. Every website needs the proper management and needs one or a few people to maintain it and fill with data: articles photos, videos, and other content depending on the website specialization.

Pay attention to the cost. If this is just a hosting, domain, and articles, ask to leave you contacts of the person who previously has been writing articles for this website. Saving a consistent style is a useful practice when the website changes the owner. At least for a month. This will help to lose a minimum in content while managing all issues related to paper bureaucracy.

If you will follow all of the above-mentioned, you can buy a cheap profitable website, which will be profitable from the moment of purchase. And if you will continue to develop it, revenues will only increase. This is how the ready-made business should be purchased.

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Benefit Customers Get from the Purchase of Ready-Made Website

The main advantage of buying a ready-made website is that you will not need to spend your precious time on the replenishment of your website with various information, as well as its promotion. Money costs are almost minimal, while free software that allows website administrators to manage the content and structure of the website is currently widely available in large quantities. But even with all this, you have no guarantee that the website you have bought, will start bringing the desired profit. It is much simpler to buy a ready-made website and avoid all these routine worries.

The second reason for buying a ready-made website is as follows. Nowadays the global market has a huge selection of ready-made websites for any choice up to ready-made online shops like Amazon. Buying a ready-made website, you do not have to pick up the right information and create unique content from the very beginning. For you, this work has been done by those who dealt with the website code. Your task will only be to maintain the consistency of website functioning and provide the alike content filling.

Where to Buy Ready-Made Websites

There are a lot of options for buying a ready-made website. The hardest thing in this business is not to become the target of speculators and not to be deceived. Here are several methods of how to buy the website:

  • Directly from the owner of the website;
  • On special forums;
  • On highly specialized web services.

All these methods are effective and it is up to the customer to make a choice. The best practice is to analyze all of them and select the most effective from your point of view. Of course, by buying the website online directly from the seller you risk getting into trouble with fraudsters. It is very difficult to independently assess the income, costs, as well as popularity of such a website. Very often speculators are engaged in sending emails about the purchase of ready-made websites.

A great option would be if you know the seller of the site personally. This will reduce the time needed to check the documentation and check the website itself on special portals. It is much safer to buy a website on special forums. Currently, the number of Internet services that sell ready-made websites is pretty great. But the prices are quite high. Websites with the lowest prices are almost impossible to meet, they almost immediately sell out. Here are several forums that sell profitable online - projects:

  • Webmasters;
  • Searchengines;
  • Cy-pr;
  • Maultalk;
  • Mastertalk;
  • Masterwebs.

Choose the Appropriate Website

Surely the way to buy ready-made websites with the help of special forums that checks the online resources of suppliers is a good thing, but still, the future owner of the ready-made online site needs to understand and choose a profitable website. It is recommended to carefully weigh all the pros and cons, to assess their capabilities and the degree of risk of the whole idea.


Now you have learned important tips that will help you answer the question of how to buy a website that will be able to bring you some revenue. It is worth saying that when you become the owner of the website, you need to keep working on making it more profitable and effective. It is very important to further develop it, make it in demand and competitive to outscore your possible opponents. Besides, fill your website with unique content and maintain a competent advertising policy.

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