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How to Copy Facebook Audience to Another Account

With 2.3 billion Facebook became a sophisticated data collection engine that also has a robust report and analyzing tool.  It allows identifying the users’ behavior and based on engagement and targeting the proper audience.

An adequately defined audience boosts the business, increases brand awareness, and eventually the profit. However, finding the exact audience, which will be loyal to your business is not a simple task. No wonder why companies spent a huge amount of money on Facebook advertisements with no result at all. Creating a perfect target is not a 5 minutes deal. It requires investment in testing and to be honest this is the part that eats the biggest part of the budget. Once the specific target audience is set, this is crucial for a business to keep working with it. Especially because Facebook changes the target settings pretty often, it makes sense to find out how to save the audience and copy it to another business account.

5 Reasons To Copy Facebook Audience

Copying Facebook is not a complicated set of actions, however often managers or admin have no clue how and in which case it should be performed. Here comes a few reasons why this skill can be useful:

  • It saves time greatly for managers or business owners, who have two or more products and services, and several business accounts to advertise them;
  • Once you need to retarget the users, but the segment should remain the same;
  • It simplifies the workflow and the administration;
  • It helps to test a new ad on the same segment;
  • And the last, but still very often used by unfair market players, to sell the target group.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Copying the Audience

Remember, that this is the way other people may access your audience and share it with the third party, therefore Facebook has some security cautions to follow:

  • The Business Manager should link both accounts. In simple words, the party, which gives away the audience, as well as the party which receives it, should be Business Manager users.
  • Both parties should establish a sharing relationship. This helps to avoid unauthorized access to your target group.
  • The process of audience copying can be initiated only by the audience owner.
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Let’s Start The Action

Actions to be taken by the admin of the Business Manager, which shares the audience:

  • Open Business Manager page;
  • Find Audience in the top left menu of the page or simply follow the link;

  • The next step is to open Settings;

  • Use the Ad Account ID of the Business Page you are sharing the audience with and go to Audiences in your Ad Manager, which is in the Assets tab. Once you click on it, you will be able to see all of your audiences;

  • Now select the audience you want to share and choose the Share in Actions drop-down menu;

  • Now in the opened text box put an Ad Account ID of the Business Page you are sharing the audience with. You can also choose different permissions access like Targeting or Targeting and Insights. Keep in mind that this action doesn’t grant permission to edit, share or create a lookalike audience;

  • At this point, Facebook will specify the business relationship between your account and the one you are sharing the audience with. Check the relevant box;
  • Click Share and that’s it.

It applies to both custom and lookalike audiences. Several audiences can be shared at once with the same account.

Actions to be taken by the admin of the Business Manager, which receives the audience:

  • Share the Ad Account ID  with the admin of the page, you are going to receive an audience from. It can be found on your Business Manager page, in the Ad Account Setup section;
  • Once all the actions are performed by the sharing page admin, you receive a partnership request.
  • Accept the request and process with the received audience as needed.


Managing a Facebook audience is key to a successful Facebook ad with minimum money and time investments. Once the perfect target group is formed, it can be simply transferred between several Business Manager pages. Copying the audience requires a few actions between giver and receiver, and can be done in a few click just by establishing a relationship between pages and sharing the ID. Boost your sales on Facebook by working with your favorite target audience.

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