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How to Hack and Get Followers on TikTok: 5 Fast Ways

TikTok is rapidly gaining popularity in many countries. The number of installations exceeded 1,5 billion. More than 800 million people use the application daily. Many beginners wonder how to get subscribers on this social network quickly. In this article, we will find it out.

Understanding TikTok

Despite the fact that many are skeptical of TikTok, the numbers speak for themselves. And now is the time to go there for the audience, because in 2020 the popularity of the application will only grow.

A year ago, the most popular content was songs, dances, and humor. There was no professional content at all. But by 2020, everything has changed — now the trend is about creating video, expert content, video blogs, text storytelling. And there is more and more such content every month.

The first accounts from the business appear — people just talk about their business or take comic clips and sell. Yes, people are buying at TikTok!

Apparently, TikTok will only become more popular every month. But what if there is not much time, but you have a goal to get a promoted account in TickTock as quickly as possible? In the article, we will tell how to gain popularity in TikTok before you can say "blueberry pie”. Okay, maybe not that fast. But pretty fast, alright?

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How to Get It Fast

We have analyzed the recommendations of the coolest guys from TikTok and are ready to share with you the best tips on how to boost your account.

TikTok is a paradise of organic reach. The platform itself promotes videos that users prefer.

The success of the video is influenced by several factors, in decreasing order of importance:

  • reposts;
  • searches;
  • comments;
  • likes.

The user sees the subscriptions and recommendations. Most traffic comes from recommendations.

Hook the Audience

Views, likes, and shares are bullshit. There are not considered. Even the number of subscribers is not important, or rather their activity.

One of the main factors is the interest of the watchers. The percentage of the average viewing ratio to the length of the video is important. It should be at least 50% because all viral videos had no less than this. It’s important to interest or intrigue at the beginning so that viewers watch until the end. You have a minute, so use it 100 percent.

Here are some tips:

  • Make videos up to 15 seconds long. By the way, the most important are the first three seconds. They should give full attention grabber.
  • Shoot Loop video. If your video is watched in a replay, the Completion Ratio will be over 100% and it will increase the “Performance Rating”.
  • Use intriguing captions. Examples: “Don’t let this flop”, “Wait till the end”, “Do what is right – not what is easy”, etc.

For example, Loren Gray, 17-year-old TikToker says:

Quote I like the dance trends — those are always fun. I dance all the time even outside of TikTok, so it fits in with stuff that I like to do. And anything funny — if I hear audio that I think is funny, I'll use it.

Use Other People's Videos

Yes, this method cannot be called perfect white. But as far as we know, it often works.

Here is an example:

The author did not even make his own shootings, but simply posted other people's videos. And in the first few days received more than 750 subscribers, 2,830 likes. Two of his videos went to the top and gained more than 20,000 views. And he managed all this in just three days.

Here is one way to do it quickly. Search for your niche on Instagram, copy the link, paste the link in the Reposter app and click on the "Post to Instagram" (it will download the video directly to your phone that way). After that you close it, go to your gallery and just crop the video, speed it up maybe,, etc (to make it look original). Use some hashtags to go viral.

Put Hashtags Correctly

People often underestimate the use of hashtags. But hashtags must be used to increase your audience and get relevant followers. The correct use of hashtags brings the video to the top. In this case, the video will be shown on the main page.

We will give some recommendations for using hashtags:

  • Put them at the beginning of the post to indicate the topic.
  • Up to ten hashtags will be enough.
  • Do not use a lot of high-frequency hashtags.
  • Pay attention to the style, spaces, and so on.
  • The tag should look like a link.
  • If you are annoyed by unreadability, use underscores.
  • In short. People are unlikely to look for long tags or even read them.
  • Again, thematic. Matching the topic is important.
  • Make your own hashtag so people can find you.
  • Look what hashtags popular bloggers use for your topic.
  • Always follow the analytics: what works better and what is worse.

You can use Seekmetrics — one of the tools that you can use when searching for hashtags for TikTok, to promote your account.

Bots & Automation

Organic growth at the moment is quite good so automation is not crucial but can still be very important. Here are some bots that will allow you to quickly upgrade your account.

  • AutoTokker helps you grow your TikTok following by using the follow/unfollow method. It costs $29.99 per month. Autotokker is hosted and runs 24/7 in the cloud, so you don’t need to install any software on your computer. There are no comments and likes automation.

  • Jeffrey. It recently changed pricing structure from USD to EUR, 49.99 per month, per account (24.99 for the first month), or 349.99 per month for their enterprise plan. It uses follow/unfollow, and according to some reviews, the owner provides great and quick support.

  • TokUpgrade. If you want a set-up-and forget system, TokUpgrade is here for you. Once you have set it up, their support will manage to grow your account. You just have to know your target market and pass this information onto your dedicated account manager. Price is $15–$25 per user, per week.

Buy Advertising Posts in Other Accounts

In TikTok, you can’t just ask a blogger to recommend your site or product. Inventing a storyline for a video is 90% of the work. If you order promotion to TikTok from the authors, it would be wiser to plan the release of their posts on different days. There are no direct links in TikTok so far, which means you can only evaluate the effect of each advertisement. And, of course, do not forget to ask the blogger to mark you in the video itself and in the description.

And better go to a blogger with a detailed description of the order, because TikTok has a lot of people who do not yet have much experience with advertising integrations.

Important tip: Before promoting your account, keep in mind that if your account is confusing and messy and your content is boring and substandard, it’s difficult to achieve sustainable subscription growth. So, content is the king as always.


Now in TikTok, it is pretty easy to become popular. But everything is changing, competition is growing, and it will be more difficult to advance on the platform every month.

Hurry up to take the opportunity and occupy your niche in TikTok now, while it's free.

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