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How to Make Money Online from Home in 2022 — 20+ Fast Ways for Beginners

The diversity of online business allows every entrepreneur to find his niche corresponding to the skills, knowledge, and minimum capital investment for the beginning. Earning money online can start with an investment of only about $15 and gradually multiply them. Entrepreneurs can also spend over $1 000 or more on traffic and get significant revenues.

Of course, those who can invest $15 000 have a wide range of options, from creating the whole net of websites to trading on Amazon. But even with a small amount of money a person can start successfully and make a stable profit. The best ways to do this are listed below.

Paid Traffic Sources — Affiliate Marketing

The fastest and most controlled way to start working with partners is to arbitrate, buy traffic, and redirect it to the partner program. The basis of affiliate marketing is the publishment of ads through online services or other ways with the ability to select users who will see your ads. With a correctly selected audience who will see the ads, entrepreneurs can reduce costs. Accurately chosen audience (people who may be interested in a product or service advertiser) can bring more revenues.

Important parameters when working with traffic are:

  • CTR — (the click-through rate) the ratio of the number of clicks on the ad to the number of displays;
  • Conversion — the ratio of the number of people who performed the required action to the total number of clicks on the link in the ad.

The action needed is exactly what the advertiser pays you for. For example, buy a product, order a service, register for an online game, fill out a form.

Paid traffic sources differ from each other by the following parameters:

  • The audience size — it is necessary to take into account the language of users.
  • Customer engagement — Targeted or banner ads are shown to users looking for information, entertainment, or communication. These are not very interested, so-called “cold” buyers. Contextual advertising systems are based on the analysis of phrases that people enter in Google or Yandex search. This helps to find the best customer influx:
  1. Those who want to buy your product and are actively looking for it or a similar product;
  2. Those who are looking for a solution — a product or service from an offshore.
  • The possibility of targeting — participant pays for each click (sometimes, even for advertising displays), and the income brings only those visitors who become a client of the advertiser. The more precisely you specify the age, interests, geolocation, and other characteristics of the audience, the less non-targeted visitors will be on your branding and less extra spendings you will have.
  • The possibility of retargeting — re-showing advertising to those who have already clicked on the ad, but did not make a purchase, as well as other pre-assembled audiences like former customers. This is a good opportunity to push a user who is interested in the product but has not decided to buy it.

Besides, it is important to compare the ratio of the cost of traffic from different sources and its conversion when you redirect it into a particular offer, advertiser, or partner. More expensive traffic can be of higher quality than cheaper traffic and bring more sales and profit.

Facebook Targeted Advertising

An important advantage of this exchange is its huge audience. Among more than two billion Facebook users and 700 million Instagram users, you can find potential buyers for almost any of the online services. Besides, only Facebook Ads Manager allows publishing full-fledged ads on Instagram, as users of this social media much better perceive the ads of this platform than on other platforms.

Facebook Ads Manager allows using seven formats of ads with graphics or video, organizing slide shows, and dynamic galleries. The ads can be displayed on seven placement location of ads:

  • The right column of the Facebook site for PC users;
  • Newsfeed when viewing the site through a PC;
  • Newsfeed and in a mobile application;
  • Instagram newsfeed in a mobile application and on a site;
  • Instagram instant articles in the messenger and mobile application Facebook;
  • Stories in the Instagram application;
  • Audience Network — partner sites.

The ads display customization options are very flexible and detailed. Targeting can be customized by age, gender, user location, interest, demographic and social characteristics. Any assigned criterion can be used both to include selected users in the target audience and to prohibit the display of ads to a specified group of people.

According to Statista, worldwide advertising revenues of Facebook from 2017 to 2020 grew from 39 billion to over 94 billion and this is due to target advertising strategies improvements.

The advertising campaign budget is regulated by a daily and general limit. Bets can be specified manually, but there is an automatic mode that works very effectively. The system offers three types of display optimization:

  • a maximum number of clicks on an ad;
  • viewing an ad with the maximum number of unique users;
  • the maximum number of displays.

To publish ads, log in to your Facebook profile and click on the link “Ads” at the bottom left corner 9of the screen (or in the user's drop-down menu on the right choose “Create ads” option). You will be redirected to Facebook Ads Manager. Follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Select a target. The affiliate marketing uses Traffic or Conversions;
  • Enter the name of the campaign and click on Set up an advertising account;
  • Specify the country, currency, time zone and click on Continue;
  • You will go to creating an ad group, enter the name and choose the website to which you want to redirect the traffic;
  • Customize the audience settings;
  • Select placements (if you agree to automatic, the system will show ads on all available sites and you will not be able to control them);
  • Specify the advertising budget and additional display parameters (optimization strategy, automatic or manual betting);
  • Click Continue and proceed to the creation of ads.

To use all the placements entrepreneurs will have to create a Facebook page, then choose the appropriate format for their ad and fill in details.

Proper tuning of targeted advertising on Facebook is a powerful and flexible tool, though it requires attention when using, especially for the target audience. For customer convenience, each change in targeting will be accompanied by a recalculation of the forecast for audience size, coverage, and a number of clicks per day. This information is shown in the right panel.

Google Adwords

Google is the largest search engine in the world, so the large audience and flexible settings of AdWords make this system an effective source of quality traffic for sales in the CIS market and for working with offshore companies.

Advantages of Google AdWords is the ability to publish video advertisements and regular ads on YouTube — the platform that itself unites an audience of over a billion users, combining the functions of video hosting, social networking, and search engine (the second largest after Google). Besides, with AdWords, it is easier to publish mobile ads on millions of Android devices, and with Google's default services.

The examples of possible revenues can be seen at Balance Small Business.

This system allows customers to publish three types of ads:

  • Context ads in Google or YouTube search results based on user requests;
  • Personalized ads on YouTube, Gmail, and contextual media websites. In this case, the interests of the user are determined based on his network interactions (for example, past requests, visited websites);
  • Remarketing — displaying ads on CMR systems to a group of users collected using a tracking tag or the special counter (for example, landing page visitors who have not placed an order) or based uploaded data of the advertiser (for example, a list of e-mail clients). This type of advertising is described in Google Ads Help.

Bids can be assigned manually or one of seven automatic strategies can be used. In this case, the system analyzes its statistics, data from the counter on the landing page, and changes the bet to achieve the desired result. The most interesting for the participant are three below-mentioned:

  • The Maximum number of clicks within a specified budget and average click price;
  • The Maximum number of conversions within a specified budget and average click price;
  • Target conversion price. Bids are automatically adjusted to achieve the maximum number of conversions within specified budget limits, the average price of which will be equal to the parameter in the settings.

The Google Adwords advertisements publication consists of two stages:

  1. Create an ad campaign;
  2. Create one or more ad groups in this campaign.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  • Go to adwords.google.com and log in with your Google Account or create a new one;
  • In the menu on the left, go to “All campaigns”;
  • Click on the blue round “+” button.

  • In the menu that opens, select “+ New campaign”.
  • Enter the name of the campaign.
  • Select the campaign type. In the affiliate marketing case, it is “Search network”, “Context-media network” or “Video”. This option affects not only the place where the advertisement is published but also the format of the advertisement. For example, if it is a search network, the customer will be able to use text ads. CRM uses adaptive text and graphic ads.
  • Next, you need to configure the locations of the target audience. The GEO settings are specified for the entire ad campaign.
  • Choose whether you want to manage your bets manually or one of the strategies.
  • Specify click price and daily budget limits.
  • Enter the name of the ad group.
  • In the case of online ads, set the audience parameters. Fill in the details of the ads. Click “Create campaign” and proceed to the creation of ads.

Teaser Networks

The traffic from teaser or banner exchanges is worse than from context or targeting. But teaser networks allow you to buy a lot of cheap visitors. With the right settings, after testing and disabling bad sites, this traffic can be redirected to partners and bring a profit

Teaser — a small ad, with a defiant, annoying, provocative headline and a picture that attracts the user's attention and encourages him to click on the ad. Creating an effective teaser requires a creative approach.

When working with affiliate marketing programs, teaser advertising on the Internet allows one to get a lot of cheap traffic with the per-click revenue.

The reputation of this source was spoiled by a large number of bots, but control of traffic during the advertising campaign, testing of sites and their blacklist ensure effective teaser advertising. The advertising coordinator will be able to get visitors from a large number of sites within the network and provide a large coverage of its advertising.

Advantages of teaser networks:

  • The large traffic volume;
  • Low cost of traffic;
  • Fewer restrictions on the subject of advertised goods.

Besides a large number of bots, the disadvantage of teaser advertising is the limited settings. In most cases, it is geolocation, the time of the show, and the theme of the sites. But this does not prevent experienced masters to get 30% — 100% of the profit on such traffic. Websites like Teaser Media can help their clients to organize their own teaser network.

Creating Network Websites for Search Engines

Web resources are a profitable source of traffic for working with partners. When the website is promoted, becomes a permanent source of almost free traffic. Website creation requires investments in the following things:

  • Domain names — from $1 per one domain per month;
  • Hosting — its tariff depends on the size of websites, prices start from $2.75 per month for one website;
  • Content Purchase — If you do not write articles yourself, you will need to buy them on stock exchanges or find copywriters on special platforms like Upwork

Besides, to promote your website in search engines, you will need to buy links on other websites, directly or through special services like Loganix. Advantages of using a network of websites:

  • Stable traffic that does not require any costs;
  • You can study the audience of your web resource and accurately select offers that are interesting to visitors;
  • Full control over the website, which allows you to use any scripts to analyze and manage the traffic;
  • The ability to easily change ads, to switch offers as well as use additional monetization methods.

Disadvantages of using your websites:

  • Delay of six months between the website launch and the first traffic influx;
  • The website offers limitations due to the subject of the website;
  • Diverse audience according to geolocation. As for many offers geolocation operations are limited, you will either lose some of the traffic, or you will need to select a few options and install a script that analyzes visitor data and shows him the appropriate advertising.

Until the website collects a visible audience (starting from 300 visitors per day) it is impossible to earn on it. The time needed to be spent on this business often scares beginners away from this kind of business. However, if you create and promote your web-resource or the whole network, you will receive free and quality search or bookmark traffic.

According to Neil Patel blog, the partner network is capable to increase monthly revenues by 1 983%.

Cryptocurrency Farm Mining

Construction of a farm for cryptocurrency mining allows entrepreneurs to become digital coin owners and increase their assets. The income comes from the generation of new units of one of the crypt currencies. Each bitcoin or ether coin is a separate block of information encrypted using cryptographic methods. Therefore, the appearance of a new cryptographic coin is associated with a large number of calculations. To extract digital money, you need to run a special program that will decrypt the signatures of previous, already formed blocks. And after the computation is complete, you get another coin.

For mining process you need only a few important things:

  • a computer for calculations;
  • Special software available free of charge;
  • Stable Internet connection;
  • Electricity.

For operations with cryptocurrency channel in 1 — 2 Mb it is pretty enough. The main costs in mining — hardware, ensuring its performance (primarily cooling), and payment for electricity. Since the production of digital money requires a large amount of computing power, conventional computers are not suitable for this purpose. Besides, the peculiarities of computing for the majority of popular cryptocurrency require the use of graphics card chips rather than the CPU. Farm for mining is a computer in a home-built case or without it, built on a motherboard with a large number of connectors for the GPU.

Basic requirements for farm components:

  • Motherboard. An important parameter is the number of PCI Express slots. The more video cards are installed, the more you will earn, but the electricity costs will also increase. It is optimal to use 4 GPUs on one farm.
  • RAM — 4GB is enough;
  • CPU and storage are not important;
  • Video cards: you need powerful NVIDIA graphics controllers like GTX 1 060 or 1 070 or AMD (Radeon RX 470, 180, 570, 580).
  • The power supply is very important. A design with 4 GPUs will require a PSU of 850 — 1 000W and at least a PLUS Bronze efficiency certificate.

Cryptocurrency Trading

Trading on a cryptocurrency market is a less troublesome alternative to mining and the second way to get into this business. If you don't engage in mining, only trading can help you get bitcoins or other currency and increase it.

The mechanism of operations with digital money is similar to working with any other assets that are traded on the exchange. Trading on cryptocurrencies takes place on two types of platforms:

  • Exchanges of bitcoins and their derivatives for real money (USD, EUR, and other currencies);
  • Exchanges that are conducted exclusively within cryptocurrencies.

Some popular exchanges:

  • Kraken — is an American platform for trading digital currencies. It is deservedly considered one of the most reliable exchanges.

  • Poloniex — is the largest cryptocurrency exchange, located in the U.S. with the commission of 0.15% to 0.25%, if withdrawal amounts less than $2,000, the verification is not required.
  • Bittrex — one of the largest exchanges, with powerful security systems in the first place. Robust trading with Bittrex is provided by the custom-built scalable order execution.
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Forex Trading

Trading on the international currency market combines high risks as well as the opportunity to make large profits. Like all speculation in a rapidly changing environment, trading in Forex requires concentration and consideration of many factors.

Access to the currency market, statistics studying tools and transactions provides an intermediary (a broker or dealer). Through the terminal, the trader gives the task on fulfillment of the transaction of purchase or sale of currency. The brokerage company carries out the transaction.

To become a Forex trader you need to go through the following steps:

  • Learn the theory of Forex trading, different strategies, and practice on a demo account with several brokers. But trading on a demo account is not the same as trading on a real account. When you switch to trading and risk real money, the trader feels mental tension. There is no risk in the demo account, as there is no risk. Besides, operations on a demo account are faster, as they are analyzed only by computer. And in real trading, orders are controlled and executed by live employees. Keep in mind that the broker can cheat, show better results on a demo account, and a real deposit, the trader quickly loses success due to such broker actions as displaying non-market quotes, execution of an order in the market at a different, less favorable price than specified by the trader.
  • Choose a broker. This is a very important and decisive step for your success. When choosing a brokerage company, it’s recommended to be guided not only by the conditions published on its website but also to look for other traders' comments about this dealer. Feedback can be found on special forums like Forex Factory Forum.

Binary Options

A binary option is a transaction in which the condition, timing, and amount of premium are clearly defined. If conditions were met, the trader receives a reward. Unlike Forex, in binary options, a trader does not buy currency or shares but makes a trade on how the rate of a currency pair or the price of another asset will change in an hour or a day. If the forecast comes true, the trader will make a profit.

Under the condition, if the entrepreneur has studied the theory, binary options trading consists of the following steps:

  • Select a binary options broker (Binary.com, IQ Option, Binomo). This is an important decision that will influence the success of your business. When choosing a dealer, be sure to study the feedback of other traders;
  • Register for broker;
  • Study the trading platform and practice on a demo account;
  • Choose a trading strategy;
  • Make a deposit;
  • Make real trades, analyze them, adjust your strategy.

To make decisions, a trader uses the same sources of information as in Forex:

  • Studying economic and political news that affect changes in the value of assets;
  • Fundamental Analysis  — the study of all processes affecting the price of an asset (political situation, macroeconomic processes, changes in laws of different countries, social events, conflicts, natural disasters);
  • Technical Analysis  — the most popular method of forecasting among traders. It involves tracking changes in the price of an asset using various charts, determining trends, and making decisions about transactions based on them.

Trading binary options with a combination of high risk, high yield, and impact of chance is very similar to gambling.


Since Poker is a card game, making money in this game means playing with other alike players. Unlike chess, a player in poker has to make decisions without complete information and without knowing exactly what cards the other players have. It means that at any degree of your skill your winnings also depend on random chances to win.

Online poker allows one to make money by playing with people all over the world. The game takes place in a poker room. It is a special online service consisting of three components:

  • the Game Server, which provides communication between players and stores all statistics;
  • The client program, which is installed on the player's computer, connects to the server and allows one to play;
  • A poker room website with the help desk, access to technical support, and distributions of the online poker client for downloading.

Examples of popular poker rooms:

  • PokerStars is the most popular poker room with a large number of players and a variety of games. When you make your first deposit up to $600, you will receive a 100% bonus.
  • GGPoker is another popular poker service with a weak field (many bad players). They give the player a 200% bonus of up to $600 on the first deposit;
  • Tiger Gaming is a poker room that offers impressive poker experience. This platform might be suitable for beginner players with low skills and only a few games played before.

If you intend to turn poker into a serious business, it is highly recommended to study the game under the guidance of a good mentor. According to experienced players, this will cut in half the time it takes to achieve stable game and regular winnings.

Sports Betting

Earning at bets is possible, but takes much more attention than beginners may think. This is a very risky business, which requires an independent assessment of the probability of winning by a certain team in a particular match.

To participate in this business entrepreneurs need an analytical mindset, to have at least basic mathematical knowledge and a cold temper to earn quickly. Careful exploration of all the factors that can affect the outcome of the match can benefit the entrepreneur.

Bets can be placed on the following events:

  • Match outcome (victory of one of the teams or a draw);
  • Accurate score;
  • Total — a bet on a quantitative index (for example, the number of points in basketball or goals in football);
  • Fora — a bet on an event with an additional factor and an increased index. For example, a bet on the victory of a football team and simultaneously on the minimum difference in the number of goals scored;
  • Handicap — a type of fora with a large number of additional options.

To bet on a sport you need:

  • Choose a sport that you love or know well.
  • Choose a bookmaker. This is an important point. Use only reliable bookmakers who work legally and have the right to accept online betting. For example, Bet365, Betfair, and Unibet.

Contextual Advertising Websites

Creating websites to attract traffic and earn money by clicking on contextual advertising ads is one of the most stable ways to earn. This business is as follows:

  • You create a website with useful or interesting content. The content uniqueness is important as search engines do not like duplicate materials. Users also leave websites if they have already read the article at some other resource;
  • Promote the site in search engines, advertise it in social networks, do everything to increase the target audience;
  • Install on the site advertising blocks Google AdSense;
  • Some visitors click on advertising. For each click, you receive payment;
  • When AdSense balance is higher than the minimum you can withdraw money to your account.

The cost of creating a personal website consists of four items:

  • Domain name  — the cost of which can start from $8.88 per year
  • Hosting costs from $3.75 per month. The specific amount depends on the hosting company and technical parameters of the selected tariff.
  • Content for the website. If you can not write all the articles for the website yourself, you will either need to hire a copywriter or order texts on the stock exchanges.
  • Website promotion. To get high positions and traffic from Google you will need to buy links. This is the minimum spendings on promotion if you do it yourself. You may have to pay for the advice of the SEO specialist.

Media Content Websites

This type of earnings is based on users' unwillingness to pay for watching movies or TV programs. The webmaster creates a website with a movie catalog and built-in video player and provides visitors with the opportunity to watch videos for free. The earnings consist of income from the placement of various advertisements, such as teasers or overlays from video partners. To launch a movie website you need:

  • Domain. Preferably with thematic keywords in the name (film, video, tv, movie. etc);
  • Hosting, which will be loyal to the complaints of rights holders. This area of business faces constant and rapid changes, so it is better before buying a hosting, to search on Google for reviews for the past week-month.
  • Site engine. You can use any engine, with the ability to organize a directory, but in most cases, Data Life Engine is used. For this engine were developed many additional modules: Parser Film Search, MoonSerials, HD Light, ufMoon, CatFace, which are necessary for the work of the online cinema;
  • Modules of movie parsing from other sites, film profiles, news and SEO settings of the site;
  • Order or write the description of the categories of movie catalog;
  • Order descriptions of films and news publication;
  • Provide the promotion of the website in search engines links purchase.

Amazon Goods Trading

Amazon Trading is one of the most convenient ways to earn money. At your disposal is the ready infrastructure and access to the huge U.S. consumer market. All operations are carried out on behalf of the website with a high reputation and trust of more than 300 million users. Americans are looking for goods on Amazon first and only then on Google. The sale of goods on Amazon is carried out by members of the FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon). Under this program, the seller receives the following services:

  • Storage of goods in Amazon warehouses;
  • Delivery of goods to buyers;
  • Processing payments and refunds.

Seller working under the FBA program is required to:

  • Buy the goods or organize production;
  • Deliver the goods to the Amazon warehouse;
  • Advertise your goods.

Trading on this massive platform does not require to have a separate website and helps to avoid the solution of fairly complex logistics issues. Besides, it is believed that on Amazon it is easier to bring the goods to the top search than on Google. Money earned from Amazon can be withdrawn to the Payoneer card or bank account.

The process of  the trading process is the following:

  • Research — search for a product for sale;
  • Search for a supplier or manufacturer of goods (usually some factories in China). They are easier to find with the help of these websites: Alibaba.com, Made-in-china.com, Indiamart.com;
  • Purchase and delivery of goods to the Amazon warehouse (cheap and long by sea, fast and expensive courier company, the best option is air cargo transportation);
  • Publication of goods on the Amazon catalog;
  • Advertising, promotion, and customer support.

You can search for the idea of the goods selling a business in the list of Amazon bestsellers, projects on Kickstarter, Indiegogo, interesting novelties of Aliexpress, as well as think and list all the goods which are familiar for you so that you feel professional about their business implementation.

For a quick analysis of the potential of products and possible sales were created special plug-ins for Chrome, such as AMZ Scout or Unicorn Smasher.

According to Wayne Rash the author at the PCMag review hub, AWS can run different services and supports a range of operating systems. Also, the universal appeal is strengthened by the intuitively-clear setup process, management, and monitoring features.

With over 300 million active clients around the world, Amazon conquered the global market and allowed for some groups of only two people to sell goods worth $140 000

Mobile App Development

The number of smartphone and tablet users has surpassed the number of computer owners and continues to grow. The most promising areas are:

  • Using augmented reality for practical purposes ( a combination of a translator software and online travel guide);
  • Health Applications;
  • Easy Content Processing (one of the leaders in 2017 on Google Play  Photo Editor);
  • Applications that simplify the information processing (Socratic — Math Answers & Homework Help, for doing homework and sharing results).

The cost of developing a new application depends on the platform (Android/iOS) and the necessary functions. According to Formotus, it starts from $100 000 to $500 000 for the development of enterprise mobile applications. To publish an application in a store, you will need to pay $25 in Google Play and $99 in the App Store for the developer account.

One of the brightest examples of the profitable mobile application is the Walgreens end-to-end health care application. This is the digitally-savvy mobile-focused drugstore with over 60% of traffic generated through mobile devices. Transferring prescriptions between locations, refilling prescriptions, etc. This company already enters the telemedicine arena in several markets.

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High Yield Investment Programs

When such projects appeared on the Internet around 2000, their creators tried to explain the high-interest rates and invented legends that the invested funds are used to trade on Forex or buy promising real estate at lowered prices.

It is simply a pyramid scheme in which interest is paid out of the contributions of subsequent participants (the Ponzi scheme). Micropayments and anonymous settlement systems are used for calculations. To earn in the HYIP system you have to be among the first participants. Before joining HYIP you should analyze:

  • The program start time — The longer it runs, the fewer chances you can benefit from it.
  • If the HYIP organizers have created HYIP programs before, how long the program existed, and whether the previous programs had positive feedback. It is always possible that the organizers may launch a new pyramid to get money to fuel the previous one. The monitoring of new pyramids and discussions of their creators and scripts can be found on special forums like Pyramid Analytics.

YouTube Channel

If you need a job on the Internet at home, the largest video resource in the world can give it. To get the money, you'll have to attract an audience. To do this, you need to generate video content that would be useful and interesting to a wide range of people.

What do you need to start:

  • A few installation lessons;
  • Camera;
  • Microphone;
  • High-quality information presentation.

Placements of Links

You will have to invest time and effort in the promotion of the channel. As soon as it has enough subscribers and respective view rates, you can start making money. What brings main revenues is the placement of the link to a product or service. That's what most bloggers make money on. They find advertisers and talk about their products or services in their videos. It's better if the content and the product they promote are relevant. In this case, it increases the target audience so that it brings more money.

Bloggers who make money by linking to other products or services limit themselves to certain topics. Big advertisers, for example, do not want to get involved with adult-related content, discrimination, bullying, and other actions that can cause public condemnation.

Banner Advertising via AdSense

To make a profit, bloggers place a small advertising banner on their channels. But first, they have to figure out the work of AdSense.

Such earnings on the Internet can be called safe. Each subscriber will be shown relevant ads, selected based on search queries.

Advertising Video Integration

This type of earning is suitable for large, promoted channels with a solid audience. The money will be charged for each watching which lasted more than 30 seconds.

YouTube Affiliate Program

Advertising inserts will appear along with the video content. This promotion method is suitable for large channels that collect hundreds of thousands of views. Content owners can contact the YouTube affiliate network directly. So all of the advertising revenue will settle in your pockets.

Channels focused on English-speaking audiences can count on high revenues. Usually, a thousand views bring $1-2. That's why videos that gain millions of viewers is the dream of every YouTube blogger.


A blogger who owns a website can make big money. The main thing is to create relevant content that would attract many subscribers. The most common topics are as follows:

  • tourism;
  • business;
  • construction and renovation;
  • shopping;
  • any beauty product-related;
  • DIY and crafted things.

Specialized blogs are in great need. They are demanded by a narrow target audience, which is easier to focus on.

Advised Ways to Make Money on Blog

  • Advertising articles. The blogger purposefully writes text promoting a particular product, service, or website.
  • Classic advertising. Banners, links, and other marketing tools placing on blog pages. To do this, you need to connect a partner network or work directly with Google.

Write advertising articles only if you promote a quality product. Otherwise, the audience will quickly get disappointed in you.

Partner programs can help get more benefits from promotional articles. They bring money for every customer who has performed the target action: signed up, ordered services, bought goods.

Classic marketing tools do not require additional efforts. All that a blogger needs to do is to generate relevant content. Advertisements will appear along with published content. Most websites live at their expense and bring their owners a satisfactory income.

Personal Website

An information resource that is very similar to a personal blog. But it gives more opportunities for monetization.

There are at least 5 ways to make money:

  • Links sale — Links can be permanent and temporary. The more popular the resource, the more profitable the deal will be. Through the links, part of the audience of your website will be transferred to where they lead. This method should be used with extreme caution. Otherwise, there is a risk of losing your position in the search engines.
  • Banner placement. Money can be received for shows, transitions, and other targeted actions. And the more complicated the banners the more revenue they bring.
  • Writing custom articles. The average price of such content ranges from $3 to $200. The articles hide a link to the resource that is being promoted.
  • Publication of PR-materials of third-party websites. This is direct advertising. Its effectiveness does not depend on the owner of the website. But if you cooperate with dubious advertisers and products, you can lose the audience.
  • Pop-up notifications lose relevance. But if your website specializes in selling traffic, they can be used in 2020. However, you should not count on a permanent audience.


It takes money to start any business. Of course, the idea and thoughtful technology of its implementation are also necessary things. But a talented person is able to come up with a dozen good ideas, each of which has a chance to become world popular. But if there's no money, you won't move one step towards your business dream. Crowdfunding is a way to get investments for your project without bank loans and financial support from relatives.

Crowdfunding makes a large number of people to be your investors who are interested in the project or just like your idea and want to help you.

In order to apply for your project, you must have it developed and ready. People need to understand what they are investing in. The more detailed and attractive your idea is, the better.

You have to realize how much money you do you need for your project. To do this, make a business plan, make a calculation of all expenses and declare on the crowdfunding website a specific figure of the funds you need. Information about the amount of money already collected and how much more is left should be publicly available to all.

Some Popular Crowdfunding Platforms

  • Kickstarter — For now this is one of the most popular crowdfunding resources. It is one of the thousand most visited sites in the world. At Kickstarter, money is raised to implement specific ideas, not to fund existing companies. If the declared amount has not been collected in a certain period of time, all the money received is returned to investors. This is one of the mandatory laws of Kickstarter. The timing of the fundraising and the minimum amount required is determined by the project author.
  • IndieGoGo — The popular international crowdfunding platform. Customers can raise money for charity, launch the business, implement any interesting idea. IndieGoGo gives the author of the project all the funds collected by a certain date, even if the amount is not enough. Only the amount of commission changes: if the goal of the fundraising project was reached, the resource holds 4%. But if not, then 9%. IndieGoGo service covers about 200 countries, so the resource can be called the most international.
  • RocketHub — Platform allows for collecting funds for projects related to art, business, science, as well as for socially important and social purposes. The principle is the same as with IndieGoGo — how much money has been raised and how much the entrepreneur gets. But if the entire sum has not been collected, then a higher percentage of the commission goes to the platform. All information on projects (including the sum that has been collected, which people donated money, etc.) is publicly available for each user.

Social Networks

Ordinary customers gained an opportunity to make money on social networks. Now it is possible to sell anything: a product, service, information product. There are many ways to monetize the Facebook account. But the most effective are the following 3:

  • group advertising;
  • advertising on a personal profile;
  • broadcasts.

Group advertising

A community with a large target audience provides the opportunity to generate income from the promotion of relevant products. To create it, you have to:

  • Select a relevant topic. It must reach a target audience that is ready to pay. Good examples are business, tourism, and construction.
  • Engage in a promotion. To conduct promotions, buy subscriptions, or likes.
  • Publish quality content. It should be well-dosed. Otherwise, it will overload the news feed of subscribers, and they will likely unsubscribe.

According to Digital Information World, the top 5 social networks that bring the highest incomes are LinkedIn, Twitter, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Reddit.


These were some of the most popular ideas that can be used to make serious revenues in 2022. Taking into consideration the epidemic situation in 2020, in the nearest future, the demand for various homemade goods and services will only increase. Offer consumers what they need first and your business will thrive in any economic environment even if it is managed right from your home.


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