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Minimum Deposit in Exoclick, Taboola, Zeropark, Adsterra, Popcash [2022]

Have you been looking for ways to increase your affiliate campaign or website traffic? Well, you have stumbled on the right article! There are many ways to increase traffic; some of them are free, while some are paid. If you are already aware of the tips and tricks of Search Engine Optimization, then you do not need to pay for anything and just do the SEO work to optimize for traffic, and then just sit back and watch it to do its magic.

However, if you are not that good with SEO, your Plan B is to pay for traffic. You can find hundreds of advertising networks claiming to provide you with high traffic at a surprisingly low price. But what’s the catch? Most of these networks do not deliver what they promise.

So, we got down to work and decided to find the best advertising networks that actually deliver what they say and do not scam people for their money. These networks have the most affordable minimum deposits, so you can enjoy a high influx of traffic without emptying your pockets. Let’s jump right in:

1. ExoClick

Starting right off with Exoclick, an advertising network specializing in monetizing traffic from niches like file downloading, entertainment & lifestyle, adult, stream video, etc. Exoclick ranks 2nd in adult niches ranking.

The best part about Exoclick is that it provides up to 200 billion impressions on a monthly basis and caters to all sorts of advertising materials. From retargeting to online betting management, Exoclick has got it all. You can, however, only process payments via PayPal, and based on where you live, it offers low conversions because of high competition such as USA, Australia, and England, etc.

The minimum budget for Exoclick is $200.

2. MegaPush

This advertising network, based on push notification advertising, is relatively new in the field. Push notifications are the notifications you receive from websites and apps on your phone when you are using them. For instance, if you do online banking or use Facebook, you’d be familiar with the push notifications you receive every time someone messages you on Facebook, or there has been a recent transaction in your bank account.

Even though push notifications are a relatively new Ad Format, they are growing exponentially in popularity, and more and more advertising companies are shifting to it.

The minimum deposit for MegaPush is $100, and the minimum CPC is $0.001.

3. Airpush

Airpush is undoubtedly one of the best-performing advertising networks in terms of interface, management, volume, quality of traffic, tracking, and advertising formats. No matter what vertical you work with, it can perfectly convert it. Plus, it supports a wide variety of ad formats, so you are covered.

The minimum budget for AirPush is $50.

4. Taboola

Taboola is pretty famous as you can spot their ads on the majority of websites that you visit nowadays. They have an impressive portfolio consisting of big names like USA Today, MSN, Business Insider, and CBS, etc.

Taboola supports only one ad format, which is Native Display Ads. The best part is that there is no minimum deposit and you pay at the end of every month. All you need is a campaign with a budget of $10 / day.

5. RevContent

RevContent also deals in native advertising and allows you to place your ads on some of the best websites on the Internet, such as,, Metro, PCWorld, Inquisitr, and Newsweek, etc.

Depending on your targeting, such as device, GEO, placements, category, etc., the pricing can vary from super cheap like $0.01 per click or super expensive like $0.10 to $0.30 CPC.

The minimum deposit for RevContent is $100.

6. Zeropark

Zeropark provides more than 15 billion impressions every month. It supports up to 5 advertising formats, including pop-up notifications, and offers manual moderation of all AC, but it falls short when it comes to statistics tools.

The minimum budget for Zeropark is $200.

7. Pushground

Pushground is based in Barcelona, Spain, and it caters to push and in-page push notification traffic only. It offers instant ad approval and lets you see the results very quickly, so you can direct all your attention to optimization.

The minimum deposit for Pushground is $100. The minimum CPC is $0.001, and you can pay via Web Money, Paypal, credit cards, and bank transfer.

8. Adsterra

Adsterra has made a name for itself amongst CPA and other affiliate marketers because of the variety of ad formats it supports, such as banners, social bar, video ads, native ads, popunder, and push notification. Adsterra has more than 18 000 publishers with more than 1 billion impressions per day. Sounds amazing, right?

Adsterra has a minimum deposit limit of $100; you can pay using cryptocurrency, credit cards, Paxum, and WebMoney.

9. PopCash

PopCash is one of the very few networks that offer quick launch with their simple interface that is easily understandable for everyone, even if someone does not speak English. You manually operate all the sites with this advertising network, and you can use its wide settings that are categorized by country.

The minimum budget for PopCash is $5.

10. is another advertising network where you can buy native ads and display them on some of the best websites in the world. Like Revcontent, this network has a large amount of traffic you can buy for pennies. The pricing varies based on the type of landing page or website you want to promote.

The minimum deposit for this ad network is $250.


So, there you have the list of some of the best advertising networks and their minimum deposits. You can use these networks to promote your affiliate campaigns, gather email signups, collect traffic for your website, blog posts, social media channels, etc.

Some of them might be a bit complex for freshers to master, but once you start using them, you get used to their interfaces pretty quickly. With super affordable minimum deposits, these advertising networks are definitely worth a try because the quality of traffic they deliver is amazing!

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