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How to Make Money with AliExpress Affiliate Program (2022) — Make $100 in a Day  

There are a lot of ways you can make money online. The great thing about making money online is that you will have a passive income. Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, people are now using the internet more than ever, and online stores are now busier than ever. People prefer to buy what they want from their homes because it is much safer than going outside, and they realize it is also a lot more beneficial. After all, you are staying home, and you are not spending a lot of time looking for what you want, and not finding it in a store.

Would it not be great if you could make money out of people buying products? In this article, we will show you that you do not even need to have a product of your own nor an online store. The way you can make at least $100 per day with passive income is affiliate marketing and the affiliate program that we are going to talk about is the AliExpress affiliate program.

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Advantages of the AliExpress Affiliate Program

First of all, talk a little bit about the AliExpress affiliate program, and AliExpress itself.

AliExpress ships all around the world and its affiliate program pays its affiliates with the CPA (cost-per-action) pricing model. They have a 30 days cookie duration, and the amount of commission they pay their affiliates is at the minimum of %8.5 and it goes up to %50 for some of the products. This amount of AliExpress’s commission is significant compared to other affiliate programs such as the Amazon affiliate program which pays only a %4 to %5 commission to the affiliates.

The threshold for the AliExpress affiliate program is very low, and when affiliates have $16 on their account, they can withdraw their commission before the 20th of each month. But there is a $15 processing fee per withdrawal, so it is better to do your withdrawals each month.

With AliExpress you have a higher chance of gaining more commissions because their cookie rate is 30 days. This means that when someone enters AliExpress with your affiliate link if they make a purchase within 30 days, you can get a commission for their purchase. This is while Amazon’s cookie rate is 24 hours, which reduces your chances of getting more commissions.

Drawbacks of the AliExpress Affiliate Program

Even though the prices on AliExpress are pretty cheap compared to other platforms, such as Amazon or eBay, it does not really mean that it is more trustworthy in the eyes of the public. For example, one thing that might discourage people about this store is that it takes a long time to ship the products.

More specifically for you as an affiliate, this platform takes up to 3 days to update its reports on how well you have sold products. So it basically keeps you hanging there for a while. Another thing that might be problematic for you is that you cannot receive your payments through PayPal because they only offer one method for payment, and that is International Wire Transfer.

The Tools that AliExpress Will Provide You With

Before we get into the ways that you can promote a product on AliExpress, let us see what type of tools they provide you with so you can choose the right way for yourself.

  • Deep Linking

AliExpress does allow for deep linking. With deep linking, an affiliate can create links to a seller’s page on their website. For more relevant content, you can link your affiliate link to a product or an article that is relatable to your content instead of having an affiliate homepage. This will increase your conversion rate. You can also have a link to the search results such as hot-selling products or daily deals, and other sections. As a webmaster, you can also use an API to display whatever product you like.

  • Money Link

This is a very helpful tool that comes into use when you have a website or a blog, and you are doing a project on it already. This tool will turn all of the organic links that you have on your blog into affiliate links, so instead of going and changing all the links, you can use this tool to do that. For example, let us assume that you have a website and you review smartphones on it. With the help of this tool, you can change the links to the smartphones into the AliExpress affiliate link, so if anyone clicks on the link to that phone they will be redirected to AliExpress, and they can purchase that product while earning your commission out of it.  

  • Banners and Links

Affiliates also have a lot of different advertising banners available for the AliExpress affiliate program, and they can choose from them depending on the behavior of their users. The good thing about these pre-made banners is that they are already designed, so when you use them, you can be sure that you do not harm any advertiser’s reputation, and you can use them without approval. You also have access to some pre-made landing pages. This is especially good because you do not need to find a landing page that gives you the best conversion rate.

  • Product Feeds

You can use this tool to display some information about the product your want on your blog or your website. The information includes a description, the price, the product’s name, and an image of the product. Affiliates can also download the full-detailed feed of that product or just include the parts that they need.

  • Coupons and Deals

Unlike some other affiliate programs, AliExpress does allow for coupons. The coupons come in several languages and you can choose which coupons for what languages you need. You can put the coupons on a website or send them to anyone you like on other platforms. You can put them on your social media account, social networks, or even group chats. There are a lot of websites that put coupons on AliExpress, such as the example below from the website, CouponFollow.

Which Traffic Sources You Should Use to Get Traffic

Now that you know what AliExpress has to offer, it is time we discuss what traffic sources you should be using, and what you can do with the AliExpress affiliate program that will give you the best result possible for your affiliate business.

  • Website or Blogs

The first way that every affiliate can make money is from a website or a blog. For a blog or a website, you need to create interesting content so that people would visit your platform. The best way you can get traffic for your website is by getting organic traffic from a search engine. The key to getting organic search traffic lies in choosing the right keyword for your website or blog.

Alongside working on your keywords, make sure to invest in long-tail keywords as well. Long-tail keywords are key phrases that people may search. For example, if someone wants to buy a phone, they will search buying cheap phone instead of searching for only a phone. Long-tail keywords will increase your CTR (click-through rate.) That means people are more likely to click on your website when they see it on the search result page. They will also increase your conversion rate, and that means your traffic is more likely to turn into a customer. If a website has a 20% conversion rate that means 20% of its traffic will purchase from there.

The range of content you can put on your blog or website to do affiliate marketing with, and gain traffic are vast. If you want to be an AliExpress affiliate, you need to affiliate with their products, and since they have all sorts of products, you have a lot of options for affiliation. If the theme of your blog and content is something special, such as pets or parenting, you can affiliate the related products to your niche. If you do not have any special theme for your blog, you can generally write about every product that you like, or write product reviews. But the most common way of affiliation for AliExpress or Amazon is to make a blog with a specific theme, and then affiliate the related products. Tollo to Shop is doing a very good job on his AliExpress blog as an affiliate.

For affiliating AliExpress, you can also use the advertising banners that they give you for your website. You can use the money link tools to convert your product links into affiliate links if you already have a growing website with enough content. Affiliates can also use the deep linking tools to have any products that they want on their page or to use product feed and get whatever information they want on their page.

Another thing you can do with a website as we mentioned above, is to put coupons and cashback for AliExpress on your website or blog. Giving Assistant is an example of a website that is doing pretty well in this matter.

  • YouTube

The other way that is also very popular among affiliate marketers for all the ways especially for AliExpress, is YouTube. The reason why YouTube is famous among affiliate marketers is that it is fairly easier to gain traffic on YouTube compared to having a website or a blog and trying to gain SEO rank for the keywords. You can just make content on YouTube with the simple smartphone that you have. Although, it is wise to invest some of your earnings into your business and buy better equipment. It is not necessary but it will help your business tremendously.

As for a case study, Hot Deal Express on YouTube has 100K subscribers on YouTube and it is estimated that they make more than $2,000 to $3,000 per month. This information comes from a marketing expert on YouTube.

For another case study, you can see the YouTuber Rules for Rebels makes $300 without doing any effort with the AliExpress affiliate program. It is a lot to make $300 with affiliate marketing and doing nothing. It is that easy to make money with it.

  • Social Media and Social Networking

You can do affiliate marketing for AliExpress products on social media. Social media offers a lot of traffic, and we recommend to all the affiliates to use social media, because not only they can do affiliate marketing with it, they can also promote their other affiliate platforms on it. There are certain products in specific niches that you can promote on social media such as Instagram. For example, if your niche is cosmetics and beauty, you can do affiliate marketing on Instagram.

One thing that we mentioned that you need to keep an eye out for as an affiliate, is that you cannot create a community on behalf of an advertiser for AliExpress. One thing you can do is to create reviews of products that are on AliExpress, on your social network, and for that, you do not even need to mention any brand name. Sonka Sergeevna is an example of an AliExpress Affiliate. She has her affiliate business going on Instagram, Telegram, and TikTok.

  • Email Marketing

If you have a list of email contacts, then what you can do as an affiliate is email marketing. You can send your contacts news, deals, and coupons, but you should keep in mind that your contacts must allow you to send them emails of these sorts, so it might not be the most optimal way for AliExpress affiliate marketing but it is still a way of affiliate marketing with their affiliate program. You also cannot mention that you are AliExpress or that your e-mails are official. There are a lot of different topics that you can choose for your email marketing and each time, you can choose different products depending on your topic.

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Overall AliExpress is one of the best affiliate programs that affiliates can use. Often you see a lot of people using affiliate programs such as the Amazon affiliate program, but AliExpress is comparable to other affiliate programs as well. Just like we mentioned, the affiliate program offers up to %50 commission, which is a lot for an affiliate program.

In this article, we told you how you can get started with using the AliExpress affiliate program. We told you which platforms are good for AliExpress, and we recommend you to use all of them, especially YouTube and social media because using them both are free, and they offer you free traffic, so why not take advantage of that. Now that you have read this article fully, now you have a good idea about where to start affiliate marketing, so what are you waiting for?

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