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How to Make Money with Pornhub Affiliate Program in 2021

In 2021, there are a lot of ways that a person can make money online. There are a lot of affiliate programs and a lot of ways you can do affiliate marketing throughout various places and social media. You can do a lot of things. You can make an Instagram page and start promoting products, or you can make a website or a blog page and start affiliate marketing. The only problem if doing businesses online is that there are many competitors, so somehow, you have to bring traffic to yourself in order to make money. The first step in every business is to find the niche and the field that you want to work in. As an example, if you want your niche to be about gaming, Twitch is probably a solid place to start affiliating.

Believe it or not, one of the best places that you can start doing affiliate marketing is the adult industry of porn. The reason why the porn industry is a reliable place to do affiliate marketing is that it has a lot of traffic coming towards it, and it is getting more traffic day after day. Working on a scene in the porn industry can be a little bit uncomfortable for some people, but do you even need to get in a porn scene and make money with porn? The answer to this question is that no, you do not need to get your hands dirty with the whole thing going on, on the scene. If you do not need anything on a stage, how can you make money in the porn industry?

HubTraffic Affiliate Program

A simple solution for you is to make money using the content that everybody else is making. There is an affiliate program called HubTraffic that you can use to make money by promoting other people's content on your website. In this article, we will be telling you about everything you know to start using the affiliate program of HubTraffic to earn yourself some money online.

There is a hub or a circle of porn websites that includes Pornhub, Youporn, Redtube, Xtube, and Tube8. The websites in this hub are the major websites of the porn industry, and HubTraffic is their affiliate program that anyone can use and make money with.

How HubTraffic Works as an Affiliate Program

The way you can use HubTraffic to make money is very simple. You do not need to go on a scene or do anything to attract people. The only thing you have to do is to make a porn tube and somehow drive all of the traffic you get on your website to the sites that are in the HubTraffic affiliate program. Like any other online business, what you need to do is to gather more traffic. The more traffic and audience you get, the more money you will earn for yourself. What you will be doing is redirecting the traffic you get on your porn tube to the main websites in the affiliate program.

In that way, you will become a HubTraffic partner or sponsor. You are a HubTraffic partner no matter which of the HubTraffic websites you redirect your traffic to. Whether you redirect your traffic to Pornhub, Xtube, or any of the HubTraffic websites, it does not matter. You will still get an equal amount of payment for redirecting your traffic.

How to Become an Affiliate of HubTraffic

The first thing that you need to do so you can start your porn tube and affiliate with the HubTraffic program is to sign in to the HubTraffic program. You have to sign in, very yourself, and submit your domain. Signing in to HubTraffic will have some advantages for you, and that is the tools they will give access to that will help you to promote your porn tube better. The steps are in the HubTraffic website as well, and they are easy to do and very straightforward. Sign in, add your domain, get the contents that you need, and start sending traffic toward them.

Tools You Are Provided With

As we mentioned before, when you sign in to HubTraffic, they will grant you some tools that will make your job much easier, so you would not need any extra pay for the tools you need to get content. These tools will make your job much more effortless. According to HubTraffic itself, the tools that they will provide you with are "Extensive dump generator per product with full access to each video database," "Multiple RSS feeds containing the latest video information," "Custom API to generate automated video results," "Large variety of embeddable banners and widgets" and "Advanced filters for content targeting."

Ways to Drive Traffic

After you signed in to the HubTraffic website and finished all the steps, you can participate in their affiliate program of driving traffic in two ways. The first way is via video players, and the second one is using CTA tools. These two ways are the things you can do to redirect traffic to the HubTraffic website. Our recommendation is that you do both of them so you can maximize the efficiency.

Redirect Traffic and Earn Money Using Video Players

In this method of HubTraffic affiliate marketing, what you need to do is to make a porn tube website and upload some content to it. What you will need to do is to embed as many videos as you can, and rewrite their contents so you can get good SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and a good rank on the google search page. The reason why you need to rewrite their content is that if you do not rewrite them, Google will include that content as a copy, and you will not be able to get a good rank with content like that. So make sure that the writings on content are unique and well-written so you can get a good rank on the Google search page. If you get a good rank and your porn tube is SEO friendly, you will get more traffic to your website.

How Redirecting Traffic Works

The way that this type of affiliate marketing works is that when a viewer clicks on your porn tube's video player to watch a video, they will be directed to the main source of that video in one of the HubTraffics websites.

To embed videos from the main source to your own porn tube, you can use the tools that HubTraffic provides you with to speed up the process a bit.

Redirecting Audience Using CTA Tools and Advertisements

We mentioned before that HubTraffic will give you some tools to make your job easier. One of these tools is creative banners and widgets that you can put your ads on and redirect audiences using ads. Anytime you display an ad on the screen, and a user clicks on them, they will be redirected to the place that you want, and you will receive ad revenue for it.

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How Much Money You Can Earn with HubTraffic Affiliate Program

The amount of money you will get by doing this is $0.64 for every 1,000 viewers you redirect to any of the HubTraffic websites. Affiliates will also get paid for the unique visitors that come to their porn tube website. You receive your earnings on the 20th of each month. You have to have earned at least $50 to receive a payment. You can use PayPal, Paxum, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit, and SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) to receive your money.

When someone comes to your porn tube website and clicks on your video player or ad banner, they will be redirected to the main source of that video. If that person comes back to your website then HubTraffic will consider them as a unique visitor.

Payout in Different Regions

Similar to many other affiliate programs, the HubTraffic program also has a payout system that will give you different amounts of money based on the region you live in. The amount of money that you will receive in a tier 1 country like Norway is usually higher. While the amount of money you receive in a low tire country is lower compared to a first tire country. Down below, we will show a table to you that will determine the amount of money you get based on the country you live in.

Country Name CPM PC CPM Mobile CPM Tablet Bonus Offered


$3.55 $3.15 $2.5 yes


$3.65 $3.6 $3.4 yes


$3.5 $3.2 $3 yes


$3.5 $3.45 $3 yes


$3.6 $3.4 $3 yes

 Czech Republic

$1.5 $0.7 $0.35 no


$3.5 $3 $2.5 yes


$3.6 $3.4 $3.25 yes


$0.4 $0.4 $0.25 no


$2.25 $2 $1.75 yes


$3.5 $3 $2.8 yes


$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes

 France, Metropolitan

$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes

 United Kingdom

$3.5 $3.25 $3.2 yes

 French Guiana

$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$1 $0.75 $0.35 no

 Hong Kong

$1.25 $1 $1 no


$1.25 $0.3 $0.25 no


$0.9 $0.4 $0.35 no


$2.75 $2.7 $2 yes


$1.5 $0.7 $0.25 no


$2.75 $2.5 $1.75 yes


$1 $1 $1 yes


$0.7 $0.7 $0.35 no


$0.5 $0.4 $0.3 no


$0.4 $0.25 $0.25 no


$0.5 $0.45 $0.25 no


$0.7 $0.7 $0.7 no


$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$0.4 $0.4 $0.3 no

 New Caledonia

$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$3.55 $3 $2.8 yes


$3.65 $3.55 $3.4 yes

 New Zealand

$3.6 $3.6 $3.25 yes

 French Polynesia

$1.7 $1.7 $1.5 yes


$1.25 $0.7 $0.3 no


$0.8 $0.8 $0.3 no


$3.5 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$0.5 $0.3 $0.3 no


$3.55 $3.2 $2.75 yes


$0.75 $0.5 $0.25 no


$0.75 $0.4 $0.3 no


$1.25 $1 $0.3 no


$1 $0.45 $0.35 no

 United States

$3.55 $3.45 $3.25 yes


$1 $0.75 $1 no

 South Africa

$3.2 $3 $2.5 yes

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being a Pornhub Affiliate

Like many online jobs on the internet, being a HubTraffic affiliate has both advantages and disadvantages of its own. First, let us cover the good things about this affiliate job.

Advantages of HubTraffic Affiliate Program:

  • The first good thing about this job is that you do not need many things to start this job. It is a very effortless job, and you can do it easily.
  • HubTraffic will give you all the tools you need to start your porn tube.
  • In terms of setting up ads, you also have all the tools you need to set up ads for free. You do not even need to waste your time by looking for ads.

Disadvantages of HubTraffic Affiliate Program:

  • This affiliate program is not good for people who want a long-term program to make money. People might make some money out of this job, but it will not be something to live with, and it will definitely not be worth investing a lot of money in it. Maybe you are here to look for a lot of money in an easy way, we do not recommend this because it can be very hard to get a lot of traffic into your website so you can redirect it. For instance, if you want to make about $20 in a day, you will need about 20,000 views, and getting all that traffic will not be an easy job.

How to Create a PornTube Website

Creating a PornTube website is like creating any kind of another website that you see on the internet. You can either make a porn tube website yourself, or you can pay someone to build it for you. Paying someone so they build it for you can be a little expensive, so we do not recommend you to pay someone to make a porn tube for you. One thing you can do is use WordPress. WordPress is really easy to work with, and we are positive that you can probably find a template for what you are looking for. Here are some WordPress themes for porn tube websites.

Something that we need to mention is that if your porn tube website looks like Pornhub, it will be a positive point from HubTraffic's point of view. You can design your logo in a way that looks like the Pornhub logo, and match the colors with them, or place the ads like how they do it. The good thing about your website looking like Pornhub is that Pornhub has a very simple design, and if you have a basic knowledge of designing, you do not need a graphic designer.

Types of Contents You Should Have on Your PornTube Website

You can put any kind of content that you want in your porn tube, but trended contents are more insured in terms of bringing you traffic. You can visit some of the HubTraffic websites to see what type of content is on-trend or which one, and then you can rewrite them and post them on your porn tube. Here is the link to recent trending content on Pornhub.


If you are looking for a job that is related to adults, and you want to have a good amount of traffic, this job might suit you. Becoming a Pornhub affiliate or HubTraffic affiliate is easy, but you still need some effort so you can get enough traffic to your porn tube website. This job is not the best paying job in the world, but it is something to consider when it comes to affiliate marketing.

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