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30+ Profitable Verticals For Affiliate Marketing in 2022

A lot of people find it very hard to find a profitable and suitable niche for themselves to build an affiliate website around. It is truly a sensitive topic because as an affiliate you are trying to build your life around it. Profit is everything, and it doesn’t come by thanks to trendy topics that go hot once and drop in traffic a while later. Profitable verticals in affiliate marketing are the ones that are always trendy and there is demand for them in the market. If you have the same problem finding your niche, this post is for you. We have handpicked 30 verticals and niches that are proven to be profitable for affiliates.

Criteria for Choosing the Most Profitable Verticals

There are several things to keep in mind when it comes to finding the most profitable niches in affiliate marketing. Below, these criteria are listed.

Market Statistics

One of the most important things to look at when researching profit is analysing how the market is performing. Monitoring the prices and the rise in demand over a large period of time can be helpful in this matter. In addition, the amount of annual sales can tell a lot about a niche’s success in selling those products.

Affiliate Performance

Taking a look at other affiliates’ performance in those fields can also give us some idea of how profitable a vertical is, especially when most of the earnings come from affiliate marketing. If there are affiliates that have been doing well in that niche, that might be a good place to start. However, this data shouldn’t be taken for granted, as it doesn’t fully show how profitable it is to promote affiliate products in that niche. The results might differ between different affiliates, so the best thing to do is compare successful affiliates from different niches and make a choice.

Programs and Networks

Another piece of data that can really show the level of activity in an affiliate vertical is the existence of trusted affiliate programs and networks. This is not the only important data, though. The percent of commission that those networks offer is also a decision-making factor. If there are lots of affiliate networks with high commissions in a niche, there’s a lot of room for earning money for you there.

Not all these three criteria necessarily can be found in a niche. However, if a niche is doing well in one of the above conditions, you can safely say it is profitable.

You also need to keep in mind that it is not enough for an affiliate vertical to be profitable for you to choose it. Your interest in it matters, as well. This means that if you are not interested in Golf at all, or if you’ve never even heard of it, you shouldn’t go for it only because it is profitable.

Now that we know what can help us choose a better niche for affiliate marketing, let’s see a list of 30 profitable verticals for affiliates. All the items on this list have lots of potential, and it depends on you how you direct that potential and invest in it.

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We know what you’re thinking about. That Golf doesn’t sound that profitable. The truth is that the market of Golf equipment alone in the US is an estimated amount of $3 billion a year. That is a lot of money to be made from affiliate marketing. An average golf player spends $270 a month for this sport. These stats are huge. Alongside that, there is such little competition going on in this niche. When you search about the websites that are active in this field, not a lot of results pop up. This means that if you are interested in this sport, it’s your chance to make cash.

One of the websites that is active in this field and is currently earning money from promoting affiliate products related to gold is MyGolfSpy. They have it announced on their website that they earn commissions by doing affiliate marketing. Below you can see an example post of this website about the best products related to Golf.

Home Security

According to the FBI's report, there are over 1 million cases of burglary and breaking into homes in the US annually. This has made lots and lots of people take house security seriously. It is not a minor issue. People spend a lot of money in order to keep the valuable belongings safe. This is the best chance for an affiliate to provide people with the best information about securing their houses.

One of the best examples that comes to mind is SafeWise. It is a website that helps people prepare for incidents like burglary. They provide information and security service reviews for this purpose. They also claim on their website that they are earning commissions from affiliate links. You can see it on their website at the top of the page.

Online Dating

You might think that online dating is not that profitable for affiliates and, generally, anyone who plans to earn money out of it. However, statistics show very contradictory pieces of evidence to this common belief. In 2021 alone, the online dating income in the US was $600 million. It is also worth mentioning that this revenue has increased by 10%. An even further increase of about 7% is predicted for the near future, as well.

This is already explaining why there are so many online dating affiliate programs and networks everywhere. It is almost never late to start your affiliate marketing activity in this field, because people will always need online dating. In this day and age, people rarely go outside and meet someone to initiate a relationship. It is not just one of the most profitable verticals for affiliate marketing, but also a great help to mankind in general.

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Everyone wants to travel. Who would be able to travel and choose not to? Almost nobody. Traveling websites and blogs that share different stories from around the world always have an audience. This is not a coincidence, though. According to Statista, people around the world spend around $7 trillion on tourism and travelling. These numbers are real.

All that said, now that we are passing the Covid-19 lockdowns and travel restrictions, tours and airplane tickets are beginning to increase in sales. This is the perfect time for you to showcase your passion for travelling. One of the best examples of this is the blogger Oneika the Traveller. She explains on her blog that she earns revenue from affiliate marketing and affiliate networks, and she even explains how she does it on her blog.

Home Decoration

One thing is certain. People will always need home decoration furniture because they will always buy new houses or want to renew their old houses. Therefore, this market is one of the best to invest in for your affiliate marketing time. One of the proofs for the profitability of this niche is The Flooring Girl blog. Debbie, the owner of this home decor blog, has appeared in success news headlines for having earned a great deal of revenue from affiliate marketing in the home decor niche.

Considering the the type of content she posts on her blog, and the fact that she cares about quality over quantity, you can see that for this niche, you can earn a lot just by recommending good products to your loyal audience and simply getting their attention, rather than posting 10 times a week about products that you are not sure whether they will help your audience or not. People are going to spend anything between $100 to $10 000 on home decoration and renovation, and if they are satisfied with one of their purchases recommended by you, they will keep coming back for more.


Most people are afraid of starting affiliate marketing in the vertical of finance and financial advice. The reason for this is that they think there are already a lot of people doing it. However, this is another case that can be proven otherwise easily. There are now more people in debt and in need of extra cash than ever. People will never stop searching for ways of managing their finances and earning more money. This is your best chance. As long as money exists, people will keep coming back. There are so many affiliates who started from zero and now are making more than $10 000 a month. One of the more interesting examples for this is The Savvy Couple blog. Kelan and Brittany started this blog together and are now making more than $40 000 a month from their finance blog. You need to keep in mind that in order to succeed in this niche, you really need to put your heart and head into it.

Health and Fitness

Health has always been human’s biggest issue. No matter how rich you are, you will always go back to the point where you just want to be healthy and happy. As long as humans are alive, this industry will never fail. Just taking a look at statistics shows that the global spend for health and fitness is at an ever-growing rate. A great example of how fast this vertical will turn into cash for you in the Lovely Refinement blog. As mentioned on the blog, in only 2 months, they managed to earn more than $2 000 only by blogging and affiliate marketing. These are great stats per se.

Another great example for this is the popular blog Hot Beauty Health. She manages to make more than $9 000 a month, including more than $2 000 of it from affiliate marketing, and $3 000 from ads.

If you’re passionate about health and fitness, don’t hesitate anymore. This niche will work for you like a charm for as long as you can imagine. Just remember to update your posts and consider quality over quantity.

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The world today runs by music. There are so many great ways of earning money through music. It is one of the things that seems like it’s never fading away. Just take a visit to TikTok, and you will understand how people are literally doing marketing through music.

Plus, according to a study, nine out of ten kids nowadays want to learn an instrument. This means that even in 50 years, you will still have an ever-growing audience for your affiliate marketing activity. We cannot deny the existence of so many great ways to do affiliate activity by music, including the Amazon Affiliate program. Below you can see that the US music industry earns more than $10 billion dollars a year, at an increasing rate. Most of this amount comes from paid subscriptions, which is what you can easily target.


Sports and the love for playing them and watching them dates back to the Olympics thousands of years ago. To this day, people spend so much money watching sports, betting on matches, and buying sports gear and equipment. A look at how valuable the sports industry is can convince anyone that it’s never late to start promoting affiliate products for this niche. According to Yahoo Finance, the global sports market revenue will reach around $600 billion after the pandemic. There is no better time to start your affiliate activity.

Keep in mind that right now, more than $400 billion is being spent on sports equipment globally, according to Statista.

If sports are your thing, just stick to it and do not give up. There are lots of great affiliate marketing programs and networks out there for beginners and professionals to start earning revenue.


You cannot take coffee away from an average adult in this day and age. Most people are either addicted to it or cannot help drinking it because of how classy it makes them feel. This means that they will basically spend any amount of money on coffee because it makes them feel great about purchasing it. Coffee products can range from very cheap to very expensive. There are already so many blogs working in the niche of coffee, a great example of which is Roasty Coffee. They have lots of articles written about product reviews. They also mention on their website that they are a part of the Amazon affiliate program.

This niche is so vast and so rewarding that anyone who knows anything about coffee has started working on it, and still to this day, they have not given up. According to Statista, the global coffee market in 2021 is valued at more than $400 million and it is currently at an astonishing growth rate of 22% each year.

Makeup and Beauty

So far, we introduced niches that will be profitable all the time, but we have not really mentioned a niche better than makeup and beauty that will stay profitable both through bad and good times. Nowadays people spend more for makeup products and beauty than they do for grocery shopping. This means that even when the financial situation is bad, people will still wear makeup because they cannot afford to lose reputation.

It is also interesting to know that the global beauty and makeup industry in 2021 is valued at more than $500 billion, and it’s estimated to increase by $200 billion in only 4 years. There are an unlimited number of affiliates and bloggers currently making a living out of this niche, but one of the great examples of this is Chic Pursuits. This blog makes more than $10 000 in a single month, and most of that comes from affiliate marketing.

If you like this niche and you know a lot about it, there is no point hesitating. You can simply try and see the results for yourself. If so many others can do it, why would you not be able to do it, as well.


There are two great reasons why you can literally start your affiliate marketing activity on photography today. The first one is that you absolutely do not need any professional background on photography to start a blog on it. The reason for this is that most people who read about photography are newbies and they will appreciate the information you give them so much that they will become your full-time audience and admirer. The second reason is that photographers will literally throw away thousands of dollars for new cameras and photography equipment. Your luck is that photographers are very passionate and serious about it. All you have to do is introduce a camera or peripheral that they do not own, and they will immediately want to have it.

The proof for the claim given above is that the US market for photography equipment is super large, and is currently worth more than $11 billion. That is a very large and profitable market to target, if you have the right dedication and sense of aesthetics for it. Remember, people interested in photography will love the feeling of professionalism and aesthetics in your content.

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Insurance is a thing for a long time now, and it will probably go on for an even longer amount of time. The reason for this lies in the fact that people will not risk their lives, and insurance is something that almost everyone has or is going to get. It’s either for their cars, houses, health, pets, and tons of other things. Nobody wants to be surprised by the hospital bills if they break a break. That is why the market will be alive forever. You can also see the reflection of this in the insurance market.

According to Statista, the US insurance industry has made more than $800 billion in the past 10 years. The reason why insurance companies will always make revenue is that most of the time nothing bad happens and it’s pure profits for them. People will pay for it anyway because they cannot possibly lose it, even if their financial situation is terrible.


Now, we know how important cars are, so let’s just pass the extra explanation of why cars are expensive and profitable. We should definitely talk about the fact that people who have cars will literally spend any amount of money repairing their cars, buying new tires and wheels, or buying new cars whenever the old car doesn’t answer to repairs anymore. By the way, people own an average of 1.88 cars in their household for the entirety of the US. That is a huge market to focus on.

The other important thing about cars is that anyone with a car will one day have a problem with their cars or need a modification, and that is where you come in. If people purchase one of the products that you recommend, and if they like it, they will keep coming back. If you are passionate about cars and you know a lot about them, this is the real deal for you. Don’t miss the chance, as there are new automotive trends every day, such as electric cars. There are tons of active blogs in this field, but not all of them can be counted as competitors, so if you enter the market with the right attitude, you can easily ace it.

Baby Products

This is one of the niches that people will have to spend money on whether they like it or not, and most of the time, they morally have to. Who would not spend money on their new born child to provide the highest quality of products for them? You would probably be shocked to know that an average family spends around $14 000 on their baby every year. Keep in mind again that they essentially have to spend it. This market has lots of space to work in, and if you care about babies and can recommend good products, this is the niche for you. To get you all pumped up, we want to introduce a blog that has done amazingly in her first month of affiliate marketing. This blog is Easy Baby Life by Paula. In the beginning of her work, she earned $772, which is very good for starters. However, now she earns more than $4 000 from her blog.


Now it is better than ever to jumpstart your affiliate career as a cryptocurrency affiliate. A lot of people think that cryptocurrency’s value will decline, but as a general piece of advice in this field, you should know that in trading, for every fall, there is an imminent rise. That is the basic rule of trading. Sometimes this rise is so high that it motivates people to trade more and spend more money. The other important reason why cryptocurrency is such a great niche is that it is just the beginning of the journey of it. Every day there are new technologies and advancements in this world. If you still don’t know how valuable cryptocurrencies are, better take a look at the market cap of some coins.

In addition to all of this, there are affiliate programs for joining today and earning more than enough for a living. Some of these programs include the most famous platforms of cryptocurrency, including Binance, Coinbase, and Ledger. If you are interested in it, do not even hesitate on it being profitable for you, as you will get lifetime commissions on the money that people trade on.

Betting and Casinos

Betting is the most popular thing nowadays. It is one of the most addictive things ever. The basics of it are very simple. It all lies in psychology. Give people a couple of wins and rewards. And then make them lose a bunch of times. They will keep grinding to get more wins. After several more losses, they will lose all their money. However, that is not the case with a lot of betting websites and events. But like it or not, that is how the industry works, and it has been working perfectly, as the gambling market is now earning more than $40 billion a year, according to Forbes. This automatically takes away all the doubt. So, if you think that people know the drill and they will not fall into the trap of the industry anymore, take a look at those numbers again and again.


This is again the case with the photography niche. You might think that you don’t know enough to be able to write about investment, but you do not have to be a world record holder of the biggest multi-millionaire investor of all time to start your own blog teaching people who are just going to get started on investing how to do it.

The tip for success in such niches is to focus on newbies rather than professionals. If you manage to get some of the newcomers interested, you’ve won the ticket. It also wouldn’t hurt looking at the number of affiliates nowadays earning so much money out of creating content about investment and earning their affiliate shares. A great example of such affiliates is Project Financially Free. In the beginning of his journey, he used to make more than $1 000 a month, whereas now he makes more than $5 000 a month, most of it coming from affiliate marketing.


You cannot imagine how much money people are willing to spend for their animal friends. As a matter of fact, you don’t have to imagine it either. The US pet industry revenue is more than $100 billion right now. Is that not enough proof for you to know that this niche is profitable?

All that aside, there are so many examples of great affiliates and bloggers out there trying their best to provide people with great recommendations for pet products. Pets are like your babies or your family. So, if you own a pet, that’s really all you need as the basic information for starting your blog and affiliate career. A lot of blogs are doing the same thing right now, such as PetKeen. If you enter the competition with the right attitude, you will definitely succeed.

Vegan Life

No one can deny the impact of social media. In the past decade, more people have been talking about the fact that we need to preserve our planet’s natural sources, including animals. That is why more people than ever are turning towards using plant-based products. This doesn’t only include food and dishes from around the world, but also beauty products and supplements made only of plants. As seen below, the US vegan food market is worth more than $4 billion right now and it will almost double in only 4 years.  

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Personal Development

Not everybody is perfect all through their lives, and not everyone is 100% ready for what is coming to them in life. That is exactly why people like Tony Robbins are talking about it for so long. It’s because it’s a niche that still needs working on, and recently, more than ever, the need for it has reached an all-time high, according to Google Trends. This Google page includes data that you will not believe. For example, the fact that "areas of personal development" is super trending, and it will probably remain like that for a long while.

There are so many bloggers on Instagram and their personal blogs that are inspiring people and earning money out of it. Personal development is one of those niches that the quantity of people coming to you will outnumber the amount of money you get from each sale. That is why you’ll be earning more in smaller amounts rather than less but in larger amounts.


You have definitely either seen someone vape or tried it yourself, at least once. This by itself means that the industry is super active. It goes without saying that it’s an addictive passion, and people are spending on it more than ever. Why don’t we just look at the statistics. The e-cigarettes and vapes market size is at around $5 billion right now, and the way it looks from here, it is going to skyrocket in only 7 years.

There are so many different brands and many people have yet not found the brand and vape that they are comfortable with. This means more sales for you and more opportunities for you to dig in.


Now, restaurants are probably the last things that someone might think about while trying to find the most profitable verticals for affiliate marketing. However, you would be surprised to know that the global revenue of online food delivery and restaurants revenue amounts to $270 billion, and this means that every person orders an average of $150 a year ordering food online. Isn’t that just perfect? There are so many affiliate programs to try that you will never get enough of the revenue you earn.

Books and Education

You are probably wondering how you can monetize books and education. There are several ways:

  • Promoting online classes and courses,
  • Promoting university degrees online,
  • Promoting books from programs and networks.

It is literally that simple. People want to continue their education from home and all they need is for you to introduce them to the perfect course for them. You might ask why people would spend that much money on online education. The answer lies in the $200 billion market size of e-learning services. If you have some information about online education and books that you want to share with the planet, feel free. It has never been better to do so.


It is impossible to go around not seeing people promoting VPNs and subscriptions. This literally translates to the fact that on a yearly basis, with an increasing rate, people spend $1 billion on purchasing these virtual private network services. Now, we know that internet security is now more serious than ever, so it is not late at all for you to start your activity in this niche. We can also claim that there are many amazing VPN affiliate programs and networks to look out for. We can name you 5 super famous VPN affiliate programs that you have definitely heard of unless you’ve been living under a rock. They include ExpressVPN, Norton VPN, Fastest VPN, NordVPN, and Private Internet Access. Interestingly, they have very great payout models, up to even 100% commission per sale for new sign-ups.


Affiliate marketing is all about looking for what people are willing to spend the most on. This means looking for what they need the most. In this day and age, people are very much in need of jobs, and getting a job has not become easier at all. There are always customs and mistakes in their resumes. There are always people who need templates for making their resumes and need help preparing for interviews or getting connected to more employers online. That is where you come in as an affiliate. As long as people are looking for a job, you will be there to provide them with tools to improve them.

To show you how great job affiliate programs and networks are, let us take a look at one of the most famous job platforms, Fiverr. You can see a summary of their commission plan below. They are offering great rates. It might be interesting for you to know that lots of other websites are offering the same way, too.

Credit Cards

The credit card industry will not go down for a while, and it is going to take a long time, considering right now, the market value for it is at more than $3 trillion only in the US. You wrote those numbers right, that’s a “T.” That is how great the demand for credit cards is. There are also so many great affiliate networks in this field, such as American Express itself. They pay up to $200 for every credit card you manage to sell. In order to understand exactly how thriving this niche is, take a look at how much credit card companies are selling. The graph below shows the sales of the 4 major companies, Visa, MasterCard, Amex, and Discover. If you are interested in this field, then throw all doubt away and start your affiliate career today.

Web hosting

Let us cut right to the chase. There are 380 new websites created every single minute. Meaning that while you were reading this, that many websites got created. This much should suffice for you to understand how profitable it is for any web hosting service or you to sell these services. There are so many people out there making tons of money already that it is impossible for you not to have seen one. There are also great affiliate networks that cannot be overlooked, for example Bluehost, Hostgator, and WP Engine. A great example of an affiliate who has promoted web hosting services is Adam Enfroy, making $2 000 a month only from affiliate revenue in the beginning of his activity.

His journey should be a great example for you to know that you can do that, as well. If you have built the right audience base, there is nothing complicated about promoting web hosting services.


As you know, lots of software nowadays are being sold by a new business model called SaaS, short for Software as a Service. This means that instead of selling the whole software for unlimited use, they sell it on an annual or monthly based subscription. This is super beneficial for them. Almost all big companies, including Adobe, Microsoft, and even Google are doing it right now. One of the best examples of affiliates who could surprisingly make more than $200 000 doing affiliate marketing. He started by doing it for SaaS products and that has led him to a fantastic success in the field of affiliate marketing. This means that you can do that, as well. There are thousands of Software for you to try, including Adobe, Stellar, and Norton, just to name a few. If you are interested in software and computers and you are familiar with SaaS products, definitely give this a shot.

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Now you know most of the profitable niches in affiliate marketing. As mentioned before, it all depends on you how to go about doing your content marketing and how you build your loyal audience. There is always going to be competition in each niche, but if you are bringing something new and unique to people, they will always love it. The tip is not to give up and to always stay positive.

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