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How to View and Recover Deleted Ads on Facebook Ads

You might have deleted a Facebook Ad and now you want to have it back. Fortunately, there are ways to do this. Some things that you need to keep in mind is that deleted ads on Facebook are not archived or anything like that. They are permanently deleted, and even when you want to delete an ad, Facebook confirms it with you.

Anyhow, if you still proceed to delete the ad accidentally, you might be able to recover it. The most stressful part about deleting an ad campaign on Facebook accidentally is losing the engagements and impressions. So, even if you are able to recover the deleted ads, you might not be able to recover the interactions and likes, etc.

Even though many consider that impossible, we are here to show you how to recover the whole ad, along with the engagements. So, sit back and chill. Your ad isn’t gone forever.

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How to View Deleted Ads on Facebook Ads

In order to view the ads that you have deleted, simply go to Ads Manager and navigate to the Campaigns page. Then, from the top, find “Search and Filter”. In the pop-up that opens, you want to find the section related to “Delivery”.

From this section, you can click on Campaign delivery, Ad set delivery, or Ad delivery to proceed with filtering the results to show you the deleted ads. When you select “Deleted” in the next pop-up, simply click on “Apply” and view your deleted Ad campaigns. You can do the same with the rest too.

After hitting “Apply” to show the deleted campaigns, ad sets, and ads, you can see a screen like the one below, with all your deleted ads.

You can also click on each campaign to see the ad sets, and subsequently the ads, related to it.

How to Recover Deleted Ads

Now that you know how to view your deleted ads, you can proceed to duplicate your ad so you can have it back again. Keep in mind that this will not bring back the engagements, but only the contents of the ad itself.

Now, to proceed with duplicating the ad, you can approach it in several ways. Firstly, you can do a Quick Duplicate (using Ctrl + D) and quickly duplicate your ad. However, you also have the option to duplicate your ad in the original campaign. To do this, find “Duplicate” in the toolbar on the top while selecting your ad (you can also find this by pressing Ctrl + Shift + D), and click on it. When you do, you can see the following pop-up, that allows you to choose the campaign. Here, you can either choose the original campaign, choose another campaign, or create one.

Next, you can click “Duplicate” and your ad is back with its content, ready to be published again. Now, if just like us, you really want to have your interactions and engagements saved on the post, there might still be something you could do.

How to Revert the Deleted Ads on Facebook

There is still a way you could bring back your ad with its engagements in case you used a Facebook Post as your ad previous time. This time, you can use the filters to view your deleted ads, select the one you want to revert the changes on, and click on “Preview” on the top toolbar.

When you click on Preview, a window like below will appear, and from there, you can find this option: Facebook post with comments.

Click on “Facebook Posts with Comments” to open up the link to the page where you can see your post. Simply, copy the last number you see after /posts/ on the URL address bar. That is the post we will be using to promote once again (this is assuming you have used this post to create that campaign previous time).

Next, we need to create a new campaign, like you would normally do. Click on the “+ Create” button on the campaign page and start over the process of creating an ad campaign. This time, choose the tab “Use existing campaign” and make sure “Use existing ad set” is checked under the Ad set settings.

Click Continue and select the ad. Under the Ad identity and Ad name, find “Ad setup” and “Ad creative”. Make sure “Use existing post” is selected in Ad setup, and then proceed to “Select post” so you can enter your post ID into the field.

When you find the post by its ID (the number we found before), choose it, and you’re done when you feel good about your new ad and click on “Publish”.

Now, your new ad is basically the same ad you had before, and the engagements on the post are still there, visible to everybody. Keep in mind that this method works only for the ads that use the objective “Engagement” and select “Post engagement”. Learning more about objectives in Facebook Ads can help you gain a better understanding of what you could do in case one of your ads gets deleted.


Even though there might not always be an easy solution to bring back the engagement on your deleted ads, you need to keep in mind that this can teach you many lessons about why your ads are so important, and if you feel like you could always use a little extra engagement, don’t be afraid of promoting yourself through your Facebook posts, because those are the engagements that will actually remain there, even if your hand accidentally slips and deletes an ad. As mentioned before, consider learning more about Facebook Ad Objectives can give you lots of insight on this matter. Now, you can try recovering your ads, and make sure to let us know if you had any luck.

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