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How to Run Facebook Ads Without Credit Card

Facebook Business Manager is a tool designed by Facebook to act as your primary hub from where you can manage your ads and pages. If you run a page or if you have ever had the chance of running an ad on Facebook, you’d know that Facebook asks you to enter your Credit Card details in order to be able to do any business. Understandably, many people are skeptical of giving away personal information to social media platforms.

Lucky for everyone who doesn’t want to enter their credit card details, there are some ways with which you can still run a business campaign. Let's look at all the manual payment methods Facebook has approved.


Residents of China can use Alipay to pay for Ads. Alipay is an e-wallet method of manual payments, and it lets people make payments with the Chinese Yuan (CNY).


Residents of the majority of countries, including the United States of America and the United Kingdom, can use their PayPal accounts to make any kind of transaction.


People of India can use PayTM to do bank transfers without giving out their Credit Card information to Facebook. They can pay in their currency. However, one small catch is that PayTM is only accessible to advertisers adding their first payment method from their computer using Ads Manager.


People from Russia can use Yandex to make any payments for running ad campaigns by paying in their currency (Russian Ruble, I.e., RUB). Plus, they can use Yandex in two different formats. They can either use it to make direct transfers or use it as an e-wallet to make payments.


Trustly is an amazing choice for people from Denmark, Spain, and Sweden. They can make direct bank transfers in currencies, including Danish Krone (DKK), Euro (EUR), and Swedish Krona (SEK), respectively.


Interac is an amazing alternative to using Credit Card for Facebook Ads for people of Canada. It is a form of eBanking that allows Canadians to pay in Canadian Dollars (CAD) if they wish to run an ad campaign.

Boleto Bancário

Brazilians can straight up pay in cash using the payment method called Boleto Bancário to run their Facebook Ads. So, all they need is some cash in their currency, I.e., Brazilian Real (BRL).


Speaking of cash, Brazil isn’t the only country allowed by Facebook to pay in cash for ads. Colombians can also pay using Colombian Peso (COP) to run ads on Facebook using the payment method called Efecty.


So, with so many options for you to run ads on Facebook using Facebook’s Business Manager, you can easily promote your business, brand, products, or services without using your credit card. Now, you can see who is accessing your ad accounts and Facebook pages, change or remove people’s permissions, and share your Facebook Business Manager account with different management and PR agencies.

Hence, they manage your ad campaigns on your behalf. All of this without giving Facebook your credit card information. What could be better than that? Go and start your ad campaign ASAP!

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