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20+ Best Affiliate Marketing Courses and Online Trainings in 2022 

It's high time to focus on self-and professional development. There are many options, but today we will look at the best affiliate marketing courses. This is a very promising industry, which is not hindered by any crises. 

Let’s refresh some obvious terms. Internet marketing is an action aimed at promoting products and services on the Internet. The main goal of Internet marketing is to turn site visitors into buyers and increase profits.

Affiliate marketing is one of the tools of Internet marketing. It can be defined as a method of promoting a business on the network, in which the partner receives a reward for each visitor, subscriber, buyer and/or sale made due to their efforts.

So, how to earn money from affiliate programs? You don't have to be a cool webmaster to earn money in affiliate Internet marketing. Affiliate marketing implies a win-win relationship (when you help another person, and for this you get a reward, it is good for him and you too).

For example, you took a great educational course that really helped you to solve your problem (pass exams, find your soulmate, learn a language, etc.), and you recommend this course to your friend and get rewarded after the friend follows your advice.

In the era of Internet capabilities, this can be done by means of an affiliate link, which the partner assigns to you, and the person who clicks on your link is automatically assigned to you as your referral. Now everything is quite clear.

If you have affiliate marketing courses in your arsenal, learning affiliate marketing isn't complicated. Start by learning what you can and then try it out for yourself. You may not be effective in your first attempt but that's okay as long as you continue developing in this sphere. Only continue to read and try courses and masterclasses.

Webmasters working in different niches need to follow trends, update their knowledge, and introduce new features. This applies to both beginners and experienced users.

So, here we are presenting some of the best Affiliate Marketing Courses of 2022.

Ultimate Google Ads Training 2020: Profit with Pay Per Click 

The basics are most important. Before you dive into the world of affiliate marketing opportunities, make sure that you have mastered the basics of digital marketing. And the best place to master this is Google Ads.

This course is the perfect start to a great journey.

  • Price: $30
  • 25,5 on-demand video
  • 4 articles

Learn How to Build High-Quality Affiliate Websites

To have your own website in partner marketing is a big advantage. It's time to learn how to create your own sites for this purpose. Even if you hire specialists to create a website for you, it is so much easier to control their work, having proper knowledge about this process.

  • Price: 23$
  • 7 hours on-demand video
  • 6 articles
  • 2 downloadable resources 

Facebook Ads & Facebook Marketing Mastery

One of the most popular courses on Udemy and truly a bestseller on this list. With this course, you will learn all about using Facebook as a traffic source for affiliate marketing. This course keeps being updated, so you will always receive fresh information. The important fact to mention is the record number of students registered for this course (140 406), it is also a recently updated course — so the information is fresh.

  • Price: $27
  • 13 hours on-demand video
  • 38 articles
  • 28 downloadable resources

ClickBank Success — Affiliate Marketing Without a Website 

With this course, you will learn everything to start earning on ClickBank (a global internet retailer and affiliate marketplace). ClickBank Success is one of the most aspirational affiliate marketing courses for the second-income ideas that informs users about the tested and tried approaches, information, and tips on the online business marketing of different products. Initially, users might not know how to run a marketing campaign. Completing the course, they'll certainly know how to lead and effectively carry out an ad campaign and launch their businesses online.

  • Price: $22
  • 2,5 hours on-demand video
  • 22 articles
  • 23 downloadable resources 
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Amazon Affiliate Marketing + SEO

Everyone probably has experience with Amazon. And who has already managed to partner up? With this course, you will learn how to start, use SEO and link building, and make a profit on one of the largest online trading platforms in the world.

Look at this review:

  • Price: $23
  • 18.5 hours on-demand video
  • 14 articles
  • 71 downloadable resources

Complete Digital Marketing Course — 12 courses in 1

The moment you move into the affiliate marketing world, expertise in digital marketing is the main skill needed to make you succeed. Although it may take you some time to figure out whether email marketing works for you, or is it SEO, it is a smart idea to start by learning all the fields of digital marketing and then digging deeper into one particular subject. You'll learn about such topics as Facebook Marketing, Twitter Advertising, Quora Marketing, Google Adwords, Google Analytics, and even email marketing, SEO Fundamentals, and WordPress. The lectures will teach you how to identify your target, develop your specific sales proposal, carry out market analysis, drive traffic from all major marketing channels, and build a world-class WordPress website.

Price: $27

  • 23.5 hours on-demand video
  • 38 articles
  • 4 downloadable resources


  • Rob Percival
  • Daragh Walsh

Affiliate Marketing & SEO Mastery Course [Clickbank, CPA, Amazon]

You get three best courses at one place in this brilliant class. You can get acquainted with the strategies for making money online without a website, with a balanced focus on realistic and theoretical lessons. The creator of this course, Adam Bosch, is a Digital Master Marketer who has been managing online companies for over 7 years. He has come up with some very important tricks across various methodologies in affiliate marketing, SEO, internet business, and more that will help you expand your company online. The nuggets in this course are not free online but insightful observations worth paying for.

  • Price: $23
  • 3.5 hours on-demand video
  • 13 articles

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners: Start Successful Home Business 

If you're unable to work for anyone and would like to be your own boss, then this course is worth looking at. Before opting for a profitable affiliate niche, begin by learning the basics and fundamentals of marketing, set up your website, and promote affiliate products. Navigate via websites like ClickBank, and Amazon among others, get high volume traffic which turns into sales. Through plenty of bonus content and continuous instructor encouragement, you'll be able to fulfill your full potential.

  • Price: $26
  • 9.5 hours on-demand video
  • 6 articles
  • 37 downloadable resources

Affiliate Marketing for a Living: Complete Blogging Training

Here you can learn all the tricks of affiliate marketing from Theo McArthur — an entrepreneur, Amazon seller, investor as well as expert online marketer. Moreover, she runs her own e-commerce company. All in all, this is about as much experience with a trainer as you would ever wish. 

  • Price: $22
  • 12.5 hours on-demand video
  • 13 articles
  • 30 downloadable resources


  • Theo McArthur

Complete Digital Marketing Course for Affiliate Marketing — 23 Courses in 1

As you know, affiliate marketing is incomplete without in-depth knowledge of digital marketing and this is exactly what this course aims to achieve within 32.5 hours of intensive training. In addition, to find out more about email marketing, Quora, Google Adwords, and much more, you'll hear about social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.

  • Price: $22
  • 32.5 hours on-demand video
  • 19 articles
  • 28 downloadable resources

Facebook & Instagram Marketing Masterclass

How can we not pay proper attention to the most popular social networks? Learn marketing for Facebook & Instagram with different tips and strategies that you can use later to improve your marketing efforts for your affiliates. The course will educate you on how to efficiently use Facebook Pixel and Facebook retargeting, helping you reach out to thousands of customers. You'll also learn how to sell Facebook Content, master Instagram ads, and find ways to increase your likes and followers. If you're trying to find a way to use Facebook and Instagram for your affiliate marketing business, this is extremely helpful.

  • Price: $26
  • 11 hours on-demand video
  • 3 articles
  • 12 downloadable resources


  • Diego Davila

Email & Affiliate Marketing Mastermind

Without a good marketing plan for mobile, depending on Google alone isn't the best approach according to trade masters. That's why in this list we highlight this all-important course that Bryan Guerra created. Bryan has taught more than 80,000 students online and is the best guy to spill the beans on this subject. Let us find out about his course.

  • Price: $23
  • 4 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 7 downloadable resources

Guide to Affiliate Marketing Strategies 

One of the most wanted and highly recommended course is this one on Kudus Adu 's Guide to Successful Affiliate Marketing Strategies. He not only focuses on building an affiliate marketing plan, but he also emphasizes best practices to create money sites, advises you on how to develop your email marketing list and how to take advantage of that.

  • Price: free
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 19 lectures

Generating Stable and Recurring Income

The area can function in two ways for people. One is by selling a certain commodity, to get sudden bursts of income. The second aspect is the selling of a service which will pay you recurring fees. If your goal is the latter, this course on Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Stable and Recurring Revenue can be of great help.

  • Price: $24
  • 5.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 7 downloadable resources

Affiliate Marketing Domination: Become a Super Affiliate

The truth about affiliate marketing — reasons of failure and how to bulletproof your business. Precise information about magnets and various niches. There is also a unique trick to get vendors to send traffic to you and how to become a super affiliate.

  • Price: $22
  • 5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 35 downloadable resources

Wealthy Affiliate

This is a very renowned and respected website that has over 100 000 participants of the affiliate marketing culture, and a training institution for beginners. This website teaches users the different knowledge, experience, and skills in handling, controlling, and running an online business for money-making purposes. Wealthy Affiliate takes on the responsibility of teaching you affiliate marketing from start to finish. It shows you how to start a website, how to get clients, how to monetize the website, and in less time, make big money. So, Wealthy Affiliate is a marketing system that helps you to expand the big business as an extra source of income or a retirement after graduation.

  • Price: free; $49 premium

The Six Figure Mentors 

Six figures mentors (SFM) is a website dedicated to educate and improve people's careers by providing them with internet marketing expertise, state-of-the-art resources, various online money-making strategies, tips about how the affiliate market works, and wings that can set you free in the future. This website contains more than 6 500 learning courses, numerous tools, strategies, and skills required to make affiliate marketing a full-fledged passive source of income.

  • Price: $297

Sell T-shirts with TeeSpring

Do you know you can sell personalized goods as well as training in digital marketing? Those are the items you crafted specifically for your audience. It means you get your products planned before you actually sell them. You can do all of this with TeeSpring. TeeSpring is in Shopify just like Teelaunch. It enables you to build custom shirts that match your prospects. This course will take you into the application specifics and eventually get your website off the ground, courses like these will certainly serve as a training program to ensure you know what you're doing. That will also help you earn. I've seen a lot of webinars and I've been blogging for years, and never found a course on Udemy with that level of information.

  • Price: $22
  • 1.5 hours on-demand video
  • 9 articles

Clickbank Success: Zero Cost Advertising

To new affiliate marketers, ads have always been a concern. Some attempted to do it, and then ended up losing money. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads is pointless if you are not going to win it back. So even people who don't know what they do aren't getting it back. To new affiliate marketers, ads has always been a concern. Some attempted to do it, and then ended up losing money. Spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on ads is pointless if you are not going to win it back. So even people who don't know what they do aren't getting it back.

  • Price: $22
  • 2 hours on-demand video
  • 4 articles
  • 12 downloadable resources

Affiliate Marketing with Apple iTunes

Knew you could make money supporting Apple iTunes? iTunes has a free-to-enter affiliate program. You will support all of their goods with this, and get a discount in exchange. This course shows you the exact details of this path. The affiliate program to iTunes has various rates to consider before entering.

  • Price: $22
  • 1-hour on-demand video
  • 3 articles
  • 9 downloadable resources

Super Affiliate Playbook: Insider CPA Marketing Secrets

After completing all the training modules in this Affiliate Marketing Course, you will be able to build landing pages, beneficial advertising, and learn how to write to be accepted in even the most challenging and high commissioned affiliate programs with an equally high rate of rejection.

  • Price: $22
  • 4 hours of on-demand video
  • 8 articles

Affiliate Marketing Side Hustle: a New Entrepreneur’s Guide [SkillShare]

The Skillshare network offers a variety of training courses on affiliate marketing. There are plenty of topics which are discussed within each course. However, for someone just starting with affiliate marketing, it is recommended to use the quickest resource to get your basics in place. Then you can move on to the more advanced courses if and when necessary.

The important 20-minute guide is an excellent time-saving tool for those who are first exposed to the affiliate marketing environment. Because it covers just the basics, it excludes any directions that might confuse a total newbie and discourages them from working for an affiliate company.

  • Price: free
  • 20 min on-demand video

The Authority Site System [Authority Hacker]

The platform authority program covers all facets of an affiliate marketing undertaking. Through market analysis, keyword study, website set-up, design and branding, content development to link building, recruiting and outsourcing, monetization, and analytics and monitoring, this relatively thorough course has extensively addressed all of this. In the affiliate marketing environment, packed with five support packages, 120+ over-the-shoulder training videos, and more than 70 000 words of support material, they have established themselves as an authority.

  • Price: $997
  • 120+ videos

The 6-week Super Affiliate System™ [John Crestani Course]

It is a course by John Crestani which is himself an existing name in the marketing of affiliates. Backed by a 60-day money-back guarantee, this course will provide you with little-known affiliate marketing tricks, and after six weeks have your affiliate commission earning program. Armed with more than 50 hours of content, daily homework, and weekly quizzes, it takes you through a step-by-step cycle as you bring your ultimate purpose in.

  • Price: $997


  • John Crestani

Savage Affiliates

The Savage Affiliates is an affiliate course from Franklin Hatchett and is an exact step-by-step guide for generating passive income. It trains you to various affiliate networks, including ClickBank and Amazon, and shows you how to leverage both paid and free traffic.

The updated membership version, available in two pricing schemes, includes funnels instruction, jacking affiliate, and web hosting affiliate blueprints besides all standard material. Additionally, exclusive case studies are available for you to observe and repeat.

  • Price: $197


Though thousands of students acknowledge each of the above tools, at the end of the day, achieving success depends on your hard work and motivation. In the first year, 10 other websites start and shut down operations for each active affiliate website. The reason for that is simple. Some see affiliate marketing as a fast scheme to get rich, and nothing can be further from the facts. In order to succeed, stay inspired, stay focused and keep hustling.

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