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How to Make a Minimum of $15 000 per Month Promoting Keto-Diet Ebooks

In this article, we are teaching you how to take ebooks from IDPLR, download them to your computer, plug them into a special website, and generate tonnes of sales online. The best part is that the entire process is 100 percent net revenue because there are no expenses. IDPLR grants you the right to resell, give away, rebrand, and claim these ebooks as your own, and you are free to do whatever you want with Hemingway e there is no fee to download them. As a result, it is a cost-free enterprise.

Jay Froneman, an online entrepreneur, consultant, and specialist in E-Commerce business startups revealed this process in one of the videos he posted on his YouTube channel. He posts regular content based on tips and tools on how he is finding success in the online world
According to Jay Froneman: 

"All I did was that I took this Easy Keto ebook, plug it into a website, and then plug it into Shoutcart and I generated over $400 doing it again and again". 

The above screenshot is the revenue for just only a day in a seven-day period. The highest revenue is $504, but there are other days when made less than $200. From the screenshot, the average sales per day are around $410.


IDPLR is a collection of high-quality products designed to help you build and grow your Internet business. The majority of the products on the platform have Resale, Master Resell, or Private Label Rights licenses.
There are over 12 500 high-quality eBooks, software, and videos available to help you save time and money while increasing your online profits.

  •  When you have Resale Rights (RR) license, you will have the right to sell back that product to your customers. This is like opening your store on the web.
  • With Master Resell Rights (MRR) license, not only you can resell that particular product to your customers, but most important of all, you can also give your customers the to sell it again to their customers. This is like being a national car dealer.
  • With Private Label Rights (PLR), you have access to the kind of rights that are the most expensive to acquire because the license will give you the ultimate rights to do anything you want to do with the product you just bought. Private Label Rights will give you the power to claim that product as your own.

You can put your name as the sole author or the name of your company as the sole creator. You can also modify, edit, and change the product in any way you want. It is as if you just claimed to be the creator of Windows software and Microsoft would not dare to disagree with you.

PLR allows you to avoid the time-consuming research and development of a product. In other words, you created your products without having to lift a finger.

And it's not just ebooks that you can sell to your satisfied customers, but also software, graphics, website templates, sales copy, videos, music, articles, and tutorials are available.
IDPLR membership is a business in a box. So whether you are new to the internet or you are already a well-established entrepreneur, this PLR package will help you build your online business much faster.

You no longer need to be stressed about creating products that sell; it is now simply a matter of downloading products that sell. There will be no more creating, time-consuming research, writing, or spending thousands of dollars on professionals. Simply enter your name and you're ready to go.

How to Plug These Products into Our Own Sales Funnel 

In the system, there is the main product, an upsell, and then a final upsell which is an affiliate marketing product. This system makes up a total of three sales per visitor. 

1. Search for the Product You Want to Promote

Go and search for the products in the niche you want to promote. In this case study, Jay focused on the health niche. 

2. Pick the Product(s) You want to Promote from Your Search Result

So, the products he promoted are about the keto diet, and here are the products he decided to promote:

  • Easy Keto Ebook — a simple ebook that gives people how to diet and lose weight. 
  • Keto Video Upgrade — a free video course a more in-depth version of the ebook which he used as an upsell to his lead as a package deal to make even more revenue online.  

3. Create a Landing Page 

Here Is Jay's landing page

Using Keyword Research to Find Juicy Affiliate Marketing Offers

All the visitors on his website that click the "Get Your Copy Now" are led to a page that asks them to pay $5 for the ebook. The next page offers them the video upgrade course for an extra $17.

4. Build Your Checkouts 

Kartra is a business builder you can use to build your checkouts. 

  • With Kartra Checkouts, you can sell products or services online through their secure and gorgeous checkout forms for both credit card and Paypal payments
  • Kartra Pages is an amazing drag-and-drop page builder with hundreds of professionally designed templates. They are ultimately flexible and 100% mobile optimized.
  • Kartra Leads — You can build your leads, prospects, and customer database with this option. You can organize them in theme groups via lists and custom tags. 
  • Kartra Funnels and Campaigns — To convert visitors into leads, leads into customers, and customers into clients, you can use this tool to engineer a multi-page funnel flow. 
  • Others — Kartra Email, Kartra Memberships, Kartra Videos, Kartra Surveys and Quizzes, Kartra Helpdesks, etc. 

Build your campaigns in Kartra for your courses, masterclasses, consulting, etc if you want to have an upsell in your funnel. 

With the "Keto DFY $1 CASH MACHINE" template, Jay created a campaign for his products. When customers purchase the first product which is the ebook, they are sent to the video course upgrade page. 

Accessing Your Product Content

You should select a downloadable file as one of the delivery options for your customers. 

Keto Ebook 

The main project is the Keto Ebook, which is very inexpensive. This is most likely to keep it affordable and attract a large number of customers. A reasonable number of buyers can be found at $5. We will lose too many customers if we raise the price.

Upsell — Keto Video Upgrade

The Keto Video Upgrade is the upsell, which buyers are directed to after purchasing the ebook. As shown in the screenshot above, the price is $17. If the buyer decides not to buy it for $17, we have another option to force him to accept the offer.

So, when a customer exits the page, the system redirects them to the screenshot above, where the price has been reduced from $17 to $7. If the customer chooses this offer, the system advances to the last offer.

How to Sell Colouring Books and Make $3 330 per Month Passive Income

The destination is shown in the screenshot above after purchasing either the $17 video upgrade or the $7. This page reveals the third product, dubbed the SECRET WEAPON by Jay.

Incorporating a custom keto diet program as the second and final upsell to generate three sales per customer who visits his page.

The Secret Weapon — An Affiliate Network Offer 

The secret weapon is the affiliate program offered by any of the existing networks. You can select from ClickBank, JZoo, Digistore24, Warriorplus, and others. Jay decided to use ClickBank. He chose to promote a customized keto diet training program that pays him $58.34 in commission and $22.30 monthly for customers who sign up for the program.

  • Gravity Score — 147. 33 
  • Initial $/conversion — $30.67 
  • Recurring $/Rebill — $22.30

Promoting the Products — Shoutcart

Shoutcart is an influencer marketing platform that connects online entrepreneurs with social media influencers. On the platform, you can filter followers by language, country, age, sex, and gender allowing you to choose influencers with followers that match your target audience. Also, there are post tracking and statistics available for campaigns in Shoutcart, so you can easily research the influencers who will bring the most return on investment so you do not waste your promotional budget. 
Influencer marketing in general is inexpensive and may be more authentic than traditional venues. You can start on Shoutcart with just $10. 

The image above depicts influencers with a large number of followers with whom you can connect to get your brand or products in front of their audience. Instagram shoutouts and influencers, TikTok influencers, and YouTube creators can all be purchased on the platform. 

Jay promoted the website he built with Kartran using Shoutcart from the fitness, food, and nutrition section.

He chose an Instagram influencer with 323 600 followers whose price is $85. 

  • 24-hour feed post — $55 (your ads and URL of your choice will stay on your Instagram feed and Instagram bio link for 24 hours). 
  • Permanent Feed Post — $85 (your ads will stay on your Instagram feed permanently, and your URL will be posted on your Instagram bio link for 24 hours). 

Using shoutouts ensures sales while avoiding being banned from social media networks. You will have to pay, but it is still very effective and inexpensive. It is also a good option for new affiliate marketers who do not have a large social media audience or followers.

Income Analysis 

  • Average Daily Revenue — $410
  • Average Monthly Revenue — $12 300 
  • Keto Ebook Expense — $0
  • Keto Video Upgrade — $0
  • Kartran Expense — $1 
  • Shout out Expense — $85
  • Total Expense — $86
  • Income — $12 214

Jay gave a great recommendation on how to research further your choice of influencers. According to him, 

"Copy their user name and paste it onto the social media platform and go have a look at how their page is doing. Follow an influencer with 10 percent views or likes of their followers. For example, if they have 300 000 followers, they should be getting 30 000 video views." 


You can easily promote affiliate marketing products in the health niche by offering ebooks at a low cost of around $5. After, you can increase your revenue by upselling a Keto Video Upgrade. Both the Keto Ebook and the Video Upgrade can be downloaded for free from the IDPLR website. The product license allows users to distribute, sell, and profit from the product without restriction.

The Case Study: $1 000 a Day on a Bot Farming in World of Warcraft

To build the entire system, a professional business builder such as Kratran is required. Jay Froneman has demonstrated that with a good system in place, we can make an average of $410 per day 

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