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How to Make $200 A Day Promoting The GetResponse Affiliate Program

One of the best ways to make money as an affiliate marketer is to promote products that people can use to solve problems, such as reducing the time they spend on tasks or increasing their productivity.

These products could be apps, tools, or software. Promoting products like these is preferable to promoting high-ticket Affiliate Products because promoting problem-solving products often results in recurring commissions. Unlike most high-ticket items, the affiliate commission is only paid once. Going for recurring commissions can be very rewarding in the long run than just earning a commission only one time. 

Getresponse, a tool with many functionalities such as building landing pages, managing an email campaign, and much more, is an example of a product that solves user problems. In this post, we are going to look at how Sam Enny earned $200 per day by simply promoting Getresponse.

Sam Enny is an internet marketer who has created some courses on making money online. Also, he has a YouTube channel where he teaches various ways of making money online.

Overview of Getresponse Affiliate Program

To make money with Getresponse Affiliate program all you need to do is to recommend this program to people that need them, and once they sign up for one of the plans on the platform, you will get paid for it. According to Sam:

"This works worldwide so it does not matter where you live. if you are a Kenyan, or you are from Bangladesh or you are from India, you can do this and still make money with it from wherever you are. Getresponse is an Email Marketing System tool that helps online business owners to create their landing pages and their autoresponders among other functions. So, everyone needs it." 

There are two affiliate programs to choose from: the recurring program, which pays you 33% on any plan your customer purchases, and the bounty program, which works similarly to a CPA model and pays you a fixed commission of $100. It makes no difference whether the person you are referring to pays $15 or $3; you will be paid $100 for every sign-up. After successfully signing up, you will see a dashboard similar to Sam's.

As you can see from Sam's dashboard, he has a pending balance of more than $200 and a recurring commission of $6.77.

Once you have access to your dashboard, you must obtain your affiliate link. Scroll down to get your affiliate link; and you will see three options: one for the recurring program, another for the bounty program, and the last one to create your unique affiliate link tailored to your preferences.

How to Promote Your Affiliate Link With Blogging for Free

After creating an affiliate link for yourself, you must promote it to make a commission. Medium, a website you can post your content will be used to promote the link in this case study. 

On Medium you do not need to buy a domain name or pay for web hosting because it is a free website. Therefore, you are not going to spend money on anything to get started writing articles that will rank on the Google search engine. Medium is common among content developers, as it allows them to publish their content for free. Head over to if you don't have an account, and sign-up, follow the prompt that follows, and you will be able to sign-up conveniently without having any trouble. 

Once, you are signed in; click on stories, and then click on write a story. This is where you're going to be able to write about the products you are trying to promote which in this case is Getresponse.   

The next thing you need to do is to do a little research about the product you are trying to promote, and here we will use Getresponse email marketing service. In Sam's words, he said: 

"What I recommend you do is that you head over to Google, and search for Getresponse review. You are going to see a lot of people that are doing the same thing you are trying to do."

After searching for the phrase, you will see many Getresponse review articles written by various creators that are already uploaded on Google. Many of these reviews are accurate and considered honest reviews from people all over the world.

The authors of the articles may mention the key benefits and drawbacks of Getresponse, so you will need to use the articles in a smart way. The fact that these contents are ranked on the first page of Google indicates that the writers did an excellent job of publishing quality articles that the Google algorithm accepted out of thousands of articles uploaded online.

Do not be tempted to copy them word for word, rather, you should rewrite these articles to be free from copyright infringement. Open at least three or four different articles, and from these, you can write a new article that will pique the interest of people looking for Getresponse reviews.

Keep in mind that the people searching for the keyword "Getresponse" are probably ready to buy, but they are looking for more resources on the internet to help them make the decision. Therefore, the article you post will help them make the final decision to buy using your affiliate link. 

Another thing to keep in mind is to include your keyword in your title and please do not just copy and paste; because doing so will result in Medium disapproving your articles, or suspending your account. So you must create your own unique content, which you can easily do by gathering inspiration from a variety of sources.

How to Embed your Affiliate Link in Your Medium Article

After gathering information and writing the article, which should be between 1 000 and 2 000 words in length, you need to edit it properly and make sure it is free of errors. There are several methods for determining the number of words you have written, and one method is to use a text editor like Google docs or Microsoft word. 

You can also use a Google Chrome extension called Word Counter to determine the number of words. To determine the number of words using Word Counter, highlight the texts and open the extension. 

The next step is to include your affiliate link in the article, but you should not allow your affiliate link to float around on Medium. If you do, your account may be suspended. Nonetheless, there is a workaround for this limitation. Instead of directly embedding the affiliate link on Medium, go to Google sites

Google Sites is a free website-building platform owned by Google, and we are going to use it to create a landing page for the affiliate link. To do so, go to the Google site and create a new site. Where it asks for a title, type in whatever you want to be your title. You can also copy this title and use it as the site name. Create a button in the right-hand corner with which to embed the affiliate link. 

Once you are done with setting up the site which is just the title and the call to action button, hit the publish button to make the site functional and you are able to go live. 

After the site has been published, you might want to check if it is working properly or not by switching to incognito mode and entering the site URL. If the site loads up fine then you are good to go.

Get the link from the published site which is now your landing page and insert it in the Medium article you have prepared to publish with a Call To Action (CTA) such as "Click here to sign up for Getresponse Now" as shown in the screenshot above. You can put your choice of CTA in 3 to 4 places in your article so that when people click on these links, they will be redirected to the landing page where the affiliate link was embedded. Doing this will ensure that Medium does not suspend your account.

Also, you can add images when necessary. So once you've done this, go ahead and hit on the publish button. Afterward, you will be required to enter at least five tags. Click on "Publish Now" and your article will be live. 

How to Rank your Medium Article on Google Faster

After the page has been launched, it will gradually get indexed in several search engines, especially on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. To index your Medium page on Google faster you can make use of a powerful indexing tool called Pingomatic.

This tool is used to ping your content to various search engines. You should copy and paste the Medium URL into the blog homepage field, paste the same thing where it says RSS URL, and just type where it says blog name. After you have done that, go to where it says "check all," click on it, and double-check that everything is checked. So, once that is done, click on send pings, and it will show you that your content has been sent to all of the search engines.

As a result, Google will notice and index your content more quickly, and when people search for "Getresponse review 2022", they will come across your content.

One of the best aspects of the strategy is that once your article is published, it becomes a source of passive income on autopilot. The reason for this is that the moment you publish your article, you can continue to make money with this strategy for the next couple of years as long as your content ranks on Google, particularly on the first page. Furthermore, as long as you follow Medium's guidelines for using their platform for affiliate marketing, you will not have to worry about your account being suspended.

Income Analysis

  • Revenue from bounty program — $200
  • Revenue from recurring Commission — $6.77
  • Total Revenue — $206.77
  • Money spent on ads $0
  • Total Income — $206.77


We have seen in this post why promoting a tool is profitable in an affiliate marketing campaign. Any tool that can solve a user's problem is valuable and can make earn us excellent commissions. Getresponse, one such tool, was promoted for free in this case study by using Medium as a traffic source.

The affiliate marketer on whom this case study is based used another free website called Google sites to bypass Medium's restriction of not posting affiliate links in published articles. With Google Sites, it is simple to include affiliate links in articles without fear of being banned.

The final step in promoting our affiliate links is to promote the articles we have embedded our affiliate inside. Indexing our affiliate articles on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others is an effective way to compete with similar articles online for a first-page spot. The most important thing to remember is to always promote a tool that constantly solves people's problems.

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