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How to Make Your First $1 000 with Digistore24 Affiliate Marketing

Are you still struggling to make a good living from affiliate marketing? Have you ever earned more than $1 000? In this article, we are showing you how Chad Bartlett teaches his students how to make their first $1 000. If you follow his instructions, which we are teaching you in this article you can start making at least $100 per day.

This same strategy can be used to earn big on ClickBank too. According to Chad Bartlet,

"The strategy is the one I use on a ClickBank account that makes me hundreds of dollars per day. Digistore24 is very similar to Clickbank, so you can apply the same strategy ."

Therefore, feel free to use it with ClickBank products. Chad has devised a strategy for accomplishing this goal. 

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Let's dive into this article...


Since Chad is a teacher, he decided to show an account of his students as proof. Here is the screenshot of the first $1 000 his student made. 

Step 1

Create account.


Step 2

Choose a niche to promote and a product to earn commissions on.

Like Clickbank, Digistore24 has a wide range of niches from which to choose. Most niches are profitable, so it all depends on the strategy you use to promote your chosen product. Take note that some niches are generally accepted as great niches for free traffic, which means you may encounter difficulties with some niches if free traffic is your preferred method of promoting your products.

"Spirituality" is one of the niches that are simple to promote with free traffic. It is simple to promote it in the North American (USA and Canada) market. As a result, Chad chose to promote a product in the spirituality niche.

He chose the product: Highest Converting Archetypes Products – killing it On Cold T.

  • Commission Rate: 75 percent with gives $22.63 net profit. 
  • Product's Value: You can make up to $120.75 per customer, and there is 40 percent Upsell Conversion for the product. For every 10 front-end sales, there is an additional effortless $200 at the back end you will earn. 

Step 3 

Copy your affiliate link and post it on your sales page. Step 3 is linked up with step 4 which I will explain below.

Step 4

How to Make $100 000 in 60 Days Selling Spine Cracker

Promote your sales page. We are not going to start spamming our affiliate links all over social media, as many inexperienced promoters do. We will employ the Attraction Marketing strategy.
According to Chad, 

"Attraction Marketing is where you make people come to you instead of you chasing them. It is not spamming all social media and chasing them. You just let people come to you. The best way is to give out some type of freebies (gifts) to that audience." 


Freebies are free gifts that you give to your audience to act as a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a free item or service that is given away in exchange for contact information. You can make lead magnets out of samples, trial subscriptions, white papers, e-newsletters, or free consultations, for example. Lead magnets are used by affiliate program promoters to generate sales leads that attract buyers to you.

You can also distribute ebooks in pdf format. The good news is that freebies are already available on digistore24 for the majority of the products in the marketplace, making it very simple for you.
Let's take a look at the product Chad has chosen to promote. Please take note of the screenshot below.

The product includes a "Free Archetype Reading." The headline reads: Free Archetype Reading Reveals Your Personality Quirks, Inmate Talents, and Hidden Weaknesses. Begin marketing free personality ebooks, free archetype ebooks, ebooks on knowing your inmate talents, etc. According to Chad, 

"Instead of being a spammer out there, we're just giving away a free gift. We are giving away free readings, and I tell you what? It is much easier to market something for free than to market something that is actually paid for,  especially if doing this on social media which is usually a free traffic source"

 Another Example of a Freebie

You can give out the above free ebook to encourage your targeted audience. 

Your gift must be related to the product you are promoting; otherwise, your audience will lose interest in your programs. Take note of the red arrow pointing to the button where visitors will click to obtain the free pdf file. After they click "GET MY FREE READING!", a pop-up will appear in which they will enter their email addresses, which you will use to build your email list assets.

Of course, Chad used this strategy for his landing page, which is shown below:

When you click on the orange "Yes, Send me Free Access!", a pop-up will show like below: 

This is an excellent strategy for obtaining emails from a large number of potential buyers. Even if they do not buy at that time, you can still contact them via email.

Sales Funnel

Create a sales funnel that you can use to convert visitors to buyers on your sales page. You can find free templates for your product by searching for "Free Sales Funnel Templates." However, because there are few free options available, we recommend that you use one of the email marketing packages following listed: Builderall, Clickfunnels, Systems.io, or any other excellent service available. Personally, I recommend you look into system.io because there is a free option available right now (March 2022).

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Build Digital Assets 

For this kind of strategy, Chad recommends using social media as a free source of traffic. Therefore, you need to invest your time in building a powerful social media account in your niche. 

Every social media network is a digital asset, so begin developing yours to promote your affiliate programs. The most important thing is to combine your choice with email marketing. When combined with any good digital asset, the email list you generate through freebies is a powerful strategy. You can, for example, create an email list as well as an Instagram campaign strategy.

Drive Traffic to Your Sales Page 

One or two of the social media digital assets you create will drive traffic to your sales page. Chad suggests using videos, so you can either run videos as faceless accounts or make your own videos.

Showing Your Face

This is an example of a TikTok social media account featuring the promoter's face, with over 452 000 followers. Almost all of the videos on the page feature the promoter's face. It is important to note that this is educational content that is related to your chosen niche and is used to promote your affiliate pages.

The key to success is trust. As a result, you must gain your audience's trust. They will then believe your recommendations. Any of your followers who believe in you will easily purchase the products you are promoting. It may take weeks or months, but they will gradually start patronizing you more. This is why you must ensure that the products you promote are of high quality. Do not promote products solely for the sake of high commissions; instead, make an effort to ensure that the products are of high quality. Choosing products with positive reviews on Digistore24 is a good way to find such products.

Faceless Channels or Pages

Here is an example of faceless pages. On this channel, the promoters do not show their faces. You will only see the contents. 

In the preceding example, the content promoted on the channel is a spirituality topic that teaches "knowing your future." The videos explain the strategies, suggestions, and practical actions to take in order to predict one's future. This type of channel can promote future foretelling products as well as prophetic services and products.

Write a Good Bio

Take a look at the arrow in the above screenshot. This is where you will write your biography, which should include a lead to the product you are promoting. You want to do this to entice interested followers or visitors to your products to click on your bio. A good strategy is to edit the information on the digistore24 product page and then combine it with the information on your freebie.

Here's how to do it: 

  1. The product on Digistore24 product: Highest Converting Archetypes Products - killing it On Cold T.
  2. Your Freebie: Free Archetype Reading Reveals Your Personality Quirks, Inmate Talents, and Hidden Weaknesses.

You can have your bio as follows: "Highest Converting Archetypes Products. Get Free Archetype Reading. Reveal Your Personality & Talents." 

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Connect your biography to your sales page. Visitors will download your freebie when they arrive at your sales page. And from there, a portion of them will buy the digistore24 you're promoting. You can market related spiritual products to everyone who downloaded the freebie in the future because you have their emails.

Our Recommendations

The most important things are: 

  1. Get Traffic — First, create a high-quality social media channel or page. Videos are ideal for this purpose. To gain the trust of your audience, you should first provide general quality information. To ensure that you have enough content on your channel, you can outsource video creation to professionals on Fiverr.
  2. Get Leads — To get leads, make use of a good sales funnel. Begin building an email list for your company with high-quality digital assets. These assets will be useful in the future for many other products similar to what you are currently promoting.
  3. Get sales — This is every affiliate marketer's ultimate goal. Get sales, good revenue, your first $1 000, and then start earning at least $100 per day. You can increase it to $700 per day by adding more products to the list. All you have to do is follow the same strategy that we described in this article.
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