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How to Make Over $100 a Day by Just Recommending Free Apps

There are many online tools, but the majority of them are paid apps; however, in this article, we are going to look at some very useful free apps that we can use to earn a passive income simply by recommending them to online users. We are going to go over the strategy Sarah Chrisp used to earn over $100 per day by finding free apps and recommending them to her social media followers.

Sarah Chrisp is an online entrepreneur based in New Zealand. She has made thousands of dollars online via; YouTube, investing, affiliate marketing, and especially through her Ecommerce T-shirt stores. Her YouTube Channel is on its way to a million subscribers.

In fact, she made $157.63 on July 15 2022 with this method, and the screenshot is below.  

According to Sarah: 

"I personally think that these are the easiest types of affiliate marketing programs to earn money with because it's a win-win game. When you recommend a free app or a free product to people that helps them solve their needs, they're really happy because it is free. And it's a win for you too because these products and apps pay out high commissions".

It is not difficult to do; yet, people frequently overlook doing simple things. All you have to do is to introduce free apps and products that can help people solve their problems in exchange for high commissions. The most important factor in increasing sales is ensuring that you target an audience that requires the apps.

Sarah recommended two types of apps. The first group consists of what she refers to as her main products, which generate the majority of her income, while the second group consists of subordinate apps.

First Group: Main Apps

There are only two apps that generated most of her income, which are Placeit and Canva. 


Placeit deploys a technology to create high-quality branding and marketing tools so anyone from individuals to large companies can create amazing visual assets for their brand regardless of the level of their technical or artistic skills. The app turns complex design and layout problems into ridiculously easy-to-use tools for its users.

Using Impact analytic tool, in the period of 30 days (from June 16, 2022 to July 15, 2000), Sarah made 2 181.54 New Zealand dollar affiliate commissions. Sarah is based in New Zealand, so the dollar there is New Zealand dollars and not U.S. dollars. Converting it to U.S. dollars, it is around $1 340.

Also, she earned 157 New Zealand dollars (96 US dollars) on July 15, 2022.

As stated, Sarah has multiple streams of income and not just affiliate marketing. Basically, she engages more on a merch business on the website where she sells print on demand merch like t-shirts, mugs, and other related items.

In light of this, Placeit is an app used by merch businesses like Sarah who are not technically skillful because a novice can easily get issues solved on the website. This app solves the specific problem of finding experts to create good t-shirt designs instead of doing it oneself. 

Obtaining lifestyle photos of your products is both inconvenient and costly, and you will need to hire models, a photographer, and even a graphic designer to edit the photos. In comparison, the Placeit app has tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of photos you can easily use. You can simply select a photo of the product you sell, and then upload the design that will be printed on the product. You now have a lifestyle photograph that you can use for marketing purposes, and there is no need for an expensive photo shoot. 

Another cool thing about Placeit is that you can sign up for two different types of accounts.

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They have a premium plan that costs money and grants you access to tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of photos and templates in their catalog. But wait, there is more. They also offer a free account that allows you to access over a thousand templates and photos. Unfortunately, commissions from Placeit can only be earned if people sign up for the premium account. If people sign up for the free account, you get nothing.

Sarah always recommends that you encourage most people to sign up for a free Placeit account. The free plan gives users access to a limited number of photos, and once users become addicted to the website, the likelihood that they will upgrade to the premium plan is very high. Though many people are still content with using only the free plan, some others will go and browse through the premium library of photos on their own and might love to have access to them. This will prompt them to sign up for the premium plan.

This is not only applicable to Placeit, but it is also what happens when you promote products and apps that have fantastic free versions. When users upgrade to the premium versions, affiliate marketers earn a commission. Though, the commission may not come immediately after the user starts using it, but will eventually happen. 


Canva is the second free app that generates the majority of her income. It also has free and paid plans similar to Placeit. The free plan is excellent, and some users prefer it, but the premium plan includes numerous features that make spending money on it worthwhile.

Just like with Placeit, Sarah always recommends the free version to her audience; however, she still earns monthly passive commissions from people who choose to upgrade to the premium pro version.

As with Placeit, it is always preferable to recommend Canva's free version to users. The screenshot below shows that she earned 126.14 New Zealand dollars (or about 77 US dollars) on July 15, 2022. 

On the same July 15, 2022, Sarah made another $96 so her total earnings for the day is $173. 

Second Group: Subordinate  Apps

Of course, not everybody is a t-shirt creator; therefore, not everybody will be interested in Canva and Placeit. And so Sarah compiled a list of other free affiliate products from a wide range of different niches that also have high commissions, at least 30% commissions.

Product 1: GetResponse

Sarah uses GetResponse, an online marketing software suite, for her email marketing. The platform also includes other tools, such as a website builder.

Fortunately, their free plan is extremely valuable, so many users will likely want to sign up, and the plan includes a website builder, email marketing, free web hosting, and even a free domain name.

There are many internet marketers with small startup budgets who would appreciate a free service like this; however, when satisfied customers upgrade to the premium plan, you have the option of earning 33% on monthly payments or receiving $100 upfront. This means that if someone signs up using your link, there is an option for recurring commission. 

Product 2: Tripadvisor

Another recommended free app is in the travel niche is Tripadvisor.

Tripadvisor is a free website where you can find reviews for services such as hotels and tours, and you can also book these places through the website. It has a very unique affiliate payout system in that when someone browses their website and then clicks on a link to a hotel, they are directed to the website of that hotel. You will receive anywhere from 15 to 75 cents for that free click. As an added bonus, whenever someone books any service such as a hotel or a tour, Tripadvisor's profit will be split 50/50 with you.

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Product 3: Personal Capital

Personal Capital, is one of the most popular personal finance apps in the world in the personal finance and investing niche.

Users create free accounts and then they connect their investments such as their retirement funds and their bank accounts together in a central system. From there,  they can track their investment portfolio all through the app.

The incredible thing about this affiliate program is that you can earn around $100 in affiliate commissions simply by having people sign up for free accounts; however, only free accounts linked with at least $100 000 investments can earn such an amount. 

Product 4: SemRush

You can make a lot of money by recommending a useful free internet marketers app to analyze Google traffic to other online marketers. Semrush is an SEO online app with a plethora of tools available in it with a fantastic free plan option. The free plan provides access to 12 SEO tools, including their popular keyword research tool, which you can use up to ten times per day.

This free plan is extremely beneficial to new internet marketers, but for advanced internet marketers who have decided they want unlimited access to these tools, you will earn $10 just for them signing up for a free trial of a paid account. Also, you will earn a $200 commission on each sale. 

A blog post on a blog called BloggersPassion shared how they've made over $400 000 in affiliate commissions promoting Semrush.

Also, they give some tips, tricks, and strategies that they've used to earn even more money with the program. 

How Sarah Promoted Her Affiliate Pages

We have looked at how this strategy works and even seen proof that it works, but getting traffic to our affiliate pages is the most important factor in making more money. Sarah drew traffic to her website via her YouTube channel, and her channel has 995 000 subscribers and over 760 000 views in the last 30 days (analysis was conducted in November 2022), according to SocialBlade, a tool for analyzing YouTube channels.

The subscribers are not random, but individuals who are interested in what she is doing, and she has the channel focused on making money online, with a focus on print-on-demand merch. How significant is this? When she makes a tutorial, she uses these apps, and the viewers also use them to understand what she's teaching. She attached her affiliate link in the video tutorial's description, and as a result, as viewers watch the tutorial, they subscribe to a plan and practice with the apps.


Affiliate programs for free apps can earn money if you recommend them to internet users, but to make money, the apps should be very useful, and users should be able to upgrade to a premium offer in the future.

The steps are as follows: choose a profitable niche from which to pick free apps, create tutorials to assist people in solving various problems in the chosen niche, and then recommend free and premium tools they can use. This way, you are assisting your audience in learning new skills or solving problems while your wealth increases when they purchase the tools you recommend.

To earn more than $100 per day in commission, you must promote various types of free software, with Placeit and Canvas being two of the most profitable in her collections. Getresponse, Tripadvisor, Personal Capital, and SemRush are some other free apps you can promote to increase your daily income. You can post your tutorial videos on YouTube, and interested users will begin using the free apps you recommend.

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