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How to Sell Colouring Books and Make $3 330 per Month Passive Income

In this article, we will be showing you how to make low-content coloring books as a great side hustle and way to make money online. We are teaching you how Diamond Chanel, a content creator and online entrepreneur, demonstrated to his followers how to make passive income by selling adult coloring books on Etsy.

Diamond used 3 different online tools which are ETSY, Sale Samurai, and Canva to set up her colouring books which gave her $126 daily sales. 

Estimated Monthly Income

  • Sales under 24 hours: $126 
  • Sales for a month: $3 780 
  • Sales Samurai Expense per month: $9.99
  • Ads on Etsy per day: $15.00
  • Ads on Etsy per month: $450
  • Total Expense per month: $460
  • Income per month: $3 330

Etsy Is a Substitute for Amazon KDP

Etsy has some advantages over Amazon that benefit sellers in the online store. To begin with, Amazon KDP can be oversaturated, which means you'll have to put in a lot more effort to market your book in order to make more sales. Second, Amazon KDP charges a 15 percent fee on every sale you make, plus $1.85 for shipping, whereas Etsy allows you to keep 100% of your profit. Third, Amazon KDP only pays you after you make a hundred dollars, and their payouts are only every other month, whereas Etsy pays you one to three business days after you make your sales.

In addition to the advantages listed above, Etsy is a smaller market, which means there is far less competition than Amazon KDP. Don't get us wrong: selling on Amazon is still profitable, but we want to broaden your horizons by introducing you to another marketplace where you can sell low-content books.

Diamond set up two different shops on Etsy as a trial to fully understand how Etsy works, and each time she created the type of shops we're focusing on in this article, she was able to make around $126 in sales in less than 24 hours. According to Diamond, 

"These are shops I was able to create in an hour, and to be able to make sales in less than 24 hours is really crazy. The trial opened my eyes to how great a marketplace Etsy is".

Finding Winning Products

Etsy is heavily reliant on Search Engine Optimization, which means that your reach and sales are highly dependent on the keywords you use. So, in order to find the right keywords and products to sell, we will use Sale Samurai, which will assist us in being successful specifically on Etsy.

When you first start out, you can pay a monthly fee of $9.99.

Keywords And Tags

To make your products rank in the Etsy algorithm, you must use ranking keywords and tags so that they appear in its search engine when users search for the keywords you've chosen. Diamond conducted extensive research by using the phrase "coloring books" as her primary search keywords.

Another crucial feature that must be optimized is "Tags" which we will use to broaden our reach on Etsy and, as a result, increase our sales. The algorithm lists the following tags based on the main keyword: coloring books, coloring pages, adult coloring books, printable coloring, coloring sheets, instant downloads, and coloring books pdf. These suggested tags also tell us what kind of books we should be selling. Try to create coloring books related to the suggested tags the algorithm displays.

  • Main Keywords: coloring books. 
  • Etsy Search Volume: 1 031 


The search algorithm displayed the colouring books in its algorithm as shown above, but let us check the first book on the list. 

The Best of Housewives coloring BOOK — a coloring book designed specifically for adults and women who enjoy watching the Real Housewives and priced at $15.99 ranked first in the results. The next step is to review the Etsy analytic tool and the suggested tags we discussed earlier to see if we can use them to promote this product. Because we know this is an adult book for women, we can use keywords from the suggested list such as "adult coloring books" "colouring books" "colring pages" and so on. As a result, this is a good product that we can promote. It is critical to seek out keywords that rank high but have low to medium competition.

Another Example — Kid coloring books

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We can also try to create coloring pages to promote kids' coloring book niche. Though we are not discussing this niche in this article, it is worth noting that if done correctly, this niche can generate hundreds of dollars per month.

Madelyn's Royal Princess Adventure, for example, is a personalized coloring book for children with very simple pictures. The seller has sold 83 000 copies for $9.99 per copy, for a total of $839 160. You might want to look into this niche if you want to start earning a monthly income from it as well.


  • You should use the suggested keywords in the title of your digital coloring books to describe them, and use suggested tags as hashtags. 
  • Google competitions — it displays the level of competition on Google. At first, you should use a combination of high and low keywords, but as time goes on, you should eliminate keywords that aren't working well for you.

  • Google Search Volume. According to the Etsy algorithm, monthly Google searches for adult coloring books are 110 000, but it is highly competitive with red labels, as shown in the above screenshot. We recommend that you use your intuition to select good keywords based on search volume and competition rate.

Creating Coloring Books

To create your coloring books, you should use Book Bolt which can also be used to create journals and notebooks. 


Even if you are not an artist, you can use Canva to design your coloring books. To begin, search Canva for "coloring pages" and you will be presented with various coloring book templates from which to choose. These are a collection of pre-created pages for your use, so you don't have to work too hard to create your books, and you can easily edit them to suit your needs.

When you click on the template, it will take you to a page where you can customize it, and you can also use Canva to find characters for your design. You should use white and black images that can be colored easily and can be customized with text.

Click on the element tab and search for background or vector background. Pick a good design, enlarge it over the girl, and move it behind the girl with a right-click as shown in the picture below.

You should add a text by clicking on "Add a heading" on the left-hand side. 

You can use any of the fonts available and place the text in a good spot. In our example, we are going to add BEAUTIFUL to the image.

Make use of the Canvas coloring page template to ensure that all of the page sizes are correct and the same. She chose the Amazon KDP sizing because it is the standard best size for any type of ebook or coloring book (8.5 by 11 inches or 8.5 by 10 inches). This is the proper precaution to take to ensure that all of your canvas page sizes are the same.

Your completed coloring page should look like this: (in this version FIERCE is the added text).

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You should have 20 to 50 printable colouring pages that are not entirely book-based. Save your colouring pages, share and download them in pdf format, and someone will buy the pages in pdf format.

Opening Etsy 

On Etsy, sign up as a regular customer. Click your account and then "sell on Etsy" to open your business. 

Make a listing before you set up your entire Etsy shop by filling out your title, which is the most important part of the selling process. In our case study, Diamond used the keywords "Adult coloring Book, Fashion, Positive Affirmations" which are all recommended by Sale Sumari. 

Fill in the title, about the listing, category, renewal options, type, description boxes, and choose digital download products. 

In your description, you should add as many keywords from Sumari as possible. 

Add tags as well. For this case study, Diamond added "colouring pages" and "adult colouring books" to this section. It's worth noting that you can have up to 13 different tags. So, use Sale Sumari to select popular ones as well as some that are a little less trendy but are in high demand.


If you are unsure of the price for your product, you can use Sale Sumari to see what price other sellers in the same niche are selling similar products for in order to avoid overpricing your own. No matter how beautiful your coloring pages are, if you overprice them, you will not make any money. As a result, conduct a thorough analysis to determine the price range and select an average price for your books. For example, if the price range is $1.50 to $3.50, you can choose to sell yours at $2.50.

In our case study, Diamond decided to sell hers for $2.00 which is a very reasonable price. 

List yourself as an individual or sole proprietorship to avoid paying too much tax.


We advise you to use Etsy ads to market your products and get some sales right away to kickstart your business. It may take more time if you only use Etsy organic search to advertise your product; therefore, we recommend that you use paid search ads on Etsy. A daily budget of $15.00 is sufficient to begin with, and you can increase it as you make progress.

Marketing Suggestions

Diamond made $126 from 63 purchases while spending only $15 per day on advertising at the time she conducted this trial.  From this trial, we deduced you need 2 100 visitors on your Etsy store every day to achieve 63 sales from a 3 percent conversation rate. To easily reach and even exceed this goal, we recommend that you create at least 5 different colouring book niches based on high-ranking keywords on Sales Sumari, each with at least 50 colouring pages. 


Passive income is an area that every online entrepreneur should consider entering because once you set it up, you don't have to work very hard to make money with it. Selling coloring books on Etsy is a great way to earn over $3 000 in passive income each month, and you can create them for a variety of markets, including adult women (as shown in this article), children, teenagers, and even adult men. The more coloring book collections you have in profitable niches, the more income you earn, and the better it is for you. As a result, you should create multiple listings on Etsy in order to increase your sales and reach, allowing you to earn a lot of money.
When starting, it is recommended to spend $15 per day to advertise your digital products on Etsy, but as you add more books, you should also gradually increase your daily budget for ads. 

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