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How to Spend $3 000 on Google Search Ads and Make $30 000

In this article, Jesse Geitzmuni explains how he made consistent profits by promoting his affiliate pages with Google Search Ads. He is an online entrepreneur who started his journey nearly ten years ago when he first tried to make money online, but he wasn't profitable. However, after implementing funnels, email marketing, and retargeting strategies, he began earning a full-time income online.

Jesse's Google Ads account shows that he spent $2 992.50 to promote his affiliate marketing programs, which is exactly what you want to do.

Affiliate Revenue

Below is the revenue from July 2018 to July 2019. 

The total revenue is $27 777.11, and the average monthly revenue is $2 249.23. However, it is very possible to extend the total revenue to $30 000 or even beyond.

How To Find The Affiliate Program to Promote

To begin, use Google to find the best products to promote. To do this, type the keywords "Join our affiliate program product research" in Google search engine. Google will reveal its search result which you must check one by one. At this point, you should be patient to go through all of the results and make the best decision. You may consider choosing a web-based software or an app that assists people to find products to promote on Amazon or Shopify. The products you should choose should be similar to an e-commerce product research tool.

Jesse recommends selecting products with a commission of 25% or higher. For example, you could promote ProductMafia, which pays a 55 percent commission and will help your online business succeed. ProductMafia information is provided below, and you should be aware that the duration of its cookies is 60 days, which is extremely beneficial to you.

Here's a snippet of the detailed information you'll need to know to get a good result.

Another affiliate program worth investigating is (formerly shopinspect), which offers a 50% commission on each sale. Also available on Zonbase is Helium 10 with a 25% commission, as shown below. You should not bother working with JungleScout because it offers a 10% commission. 

An important caution you should be aware of is to make sure the affiliate program allows you to use Google Ads for your campaign. According to Jesse: 

"Once you find an affiliate program you want to promote, make sure they don't have a rule that says you aren't allowed to bid on their brand's name. You are running a search ad campaign, you must comply with the rules. Some affiliate programs don't allow you to do this, but if you find an affiliate program that does allow you to do it, then this is what you want to do. You want to create a bonus page for the product which is a page you give out bonuses through your affiliate links."

Build Bonus Web Pages

The next step is to create bonus web pages for each affiliate program or product you want to promote, and  create sales funnels on the bonus pages. One of the secrets to getting a great result is to use a sales funnel, and ClickFunnels, as shown below, is an excellent choice for this purpose.

With clickfunnels, you can easily build sales funnels for all your affiliate programs. 

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Russel Brunson's One Funnel Away Challenge is an example of a sales with bonuses.

You should make use of good and attractive designs which will state clearly your program just as above. 


Also, you should have a discount displayed on the page similar to how it is shown above where $3 126 is slashed to $100. These are tricks that will make your funnel convert a large number of visitors to your bonus pages. You can have up to 5 bonuses on your bonus page just like the example below (note that there are only two bonuses in the example below). 

Bonus 1: 

Russell gave out a 550-page digital book to promote his challenge, and he detailed what you should do from day 1 to 30 in his first bonus.

In addition, at the bottom of each bonus, there should be a call to action to participate in the challenge. Including a call to action at the bottom of each bonus is an excellent way to convert your visitors. Following that, you should include testimonials, as Russel did.

Bonus 2: 

The second bonus Russel gave out is a group of 20 "One-Pager" Digital Workbooks for his challenge. 

A second call to action is placed below the second bonus, and testimonials are added to it as well. Some of the testimonials added to Bonus 2 are listed below.

Email Marketing

It is recommended that you set up an opt-in email program on the page where you will be building your email database. Email marketing is very effective at driving traffic to your bonus page and it will work in tandem with the Google Ads used in the campaigns.

 You can use Mailchimp to automate your emailing system.

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Your bonuses should be relevant to the affiliate products you're promoting; otherwise, most visitors will decline. Also, try to make them non-resistible. 

Google Ads
The primary benefit of using Google Ads is that it is usually placed on the first page of Google search results, above unpaid optimized results. Here's an example of a paid ad at the top of a search result page.

In the example above, the shopinspect ad appears at the top of the first page of search results for the keyword "shopinspect." Using shopinspect (the brand name) as the keyword allows you to target customers who are already familiar with the product. These customers have not yet decided to purchase the product, but they are already researching it online. You don't want to start targeting customers who don't know about the product; otherwise, you'll waste a lot of money on Google ads marketing. It is in your best interest to follow the instructions above because you are paying for advertisements. When visitors arrive at your bonus page, your offerings will persuade them to purchase through your affiliate links. The bonuses you provide put you ahead of other affiliate marketers promoting the same product, which is why bonuses should be part of your sales strategy.The more bonuses you offer, the better and more likely visitors will buy the product through your affiliate links.

 Google Ads Set-Up
Sign in to your Google Ads account and create a catchy title for your ads banners. The following is the title of the Google ads above: - Find Viral Products - Get "Started for Free". 

Create a new campaign to promote your product or program. Then, in the campaign, uncheck the display network button.  Depending on the product, you could set a daily budget of $20 to $50, but keep traffic in mind when deciding on your daily budget. You may want to conduct some trials over the course of a month to determine the optimal daily budget. Following that, you should specify whether you want your bidding to be "clicks" or "maximized clicks". Create three ad groups for the campaign using "exact match keywords", "phrase match keywords", and "broad match keywords" in each. You should manually enter the name of the brand you are promoting as the keyword.


Summary of Google Ads Set Up 

  1. Create a new Campaign 

  1. Type in your headings and descriptions 

  1. Daily budget — $20 - $50
  2. Bidding — Clicks or Maximized clicks 
  3. Create 3 ad groups 

  1. Enter Keywords manually 

Keywords: name of brand or products you are promoting eg. Shopinspect. 

  • Ad group 1

exact match - [shopinspect]

  • Ad group 2 

phrase match — "shopinspect"

  • Ad group 3 

broad matches — shopinspect 

  1. Google ads set up with a $20 daily campaign budget

Monthly Expenses and Income

The two main expenses are ClickFunnel and Google Ads. While the basic subscription of ClickFunnel is adequate, the platinum option costs $297 which can be very rewarding. However, unless it is used for other projects, the platinum option may not be required for promoting online affiliate programs. Other expenses include internet, web hosting, and other miscellaneous expenses up to a maximum of $50.

  • Click Funnels — $97
  • Google ads — $600
  • Others — $50   
  • Total — $747

As previously stated under affiliate revenue, the average monthly revenue can be $2 249.23, resulting in a monthly income of $1 502.23. If you notice that increasing the daily budget raises the conversation rate, you should go above the range in this article. For example, if you increase your daily Google Ads to $60, your total expense will be $1,947.00, and your monthly income will be $4 506.69. In this case, you will exhaust your $3 000 Google Ads budget in five months, which is excellent. Your total earnings for the five months is $22 533.45. As a result, you must continue optimizing your bonus page while also figuring out how to increase the number of visitors you have. When you increase your daily Google Ads budget, you must ensure that your conversion rate remains high.

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Promoting a profitable brand with a 25% commission on a daily Google Ads budget of $20 to $50 can be extremely rewarding. In addition, the product should be promoted on a bonus page designed with ClickFunnels. The main idea is to target customers who are already familiar with the products and entice them to buy through your affiliate links by offering them two to five bonuses. You can earn consistent profits using this method. If you spend money on marketing, a daily budget of $20 is not expensive since it will keep generating profits which is an advantage over the search engine optimization method. Although search engine optimization is free, it takes several months to begin earning money.

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