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Step by Step Guide on How to Promote Affiliate Offers with TikTok Paid Ads and Earn $500 and Above Daily

In this article, we are going over the simplest way to make money quickly using TikTok ads. This method is so simple and profitable that you will almost certainly make sales on the first or second day you start running the system.

This case study is one of the methods Sam Georgiyev, an affiliate marketer developed and has taught some of his buddies and followers on his YouTube Channel. 

According to Sam Georgiyev,

"TikTok ads, to e honest, are the easiest way to make money online right now, and this is amazing. This is neither dropshipping nor e-commerce, but affiliate marketing. All you do is set up ads, put a link in there, and anyone who follows the link fills out a form, and you get paid $10. This is the easiest money you will probably ever make online. If you follow my step-by-step guide accurately, you can start making money almost immediately." 

Here are proofs from David's buddies who have started making money with his method: 

Proof 1:

Here is a 4-day account with total sales of $3 000. 

  • Yesterdays' Click — 1 700
  • Total Clicks — 2 700
  • Thursday — $0 (Starting date)
  • Friday — $450 
  • Saturday — $1 600
  • Sunday — $994 (still counting)
  • Total — $3 044 (In just 4 days)
  • Conversation Ratio (CVR) — 8.52%

Proof 2:

The is 12-day analytics for this account with $4 100 sales.

  • Previous Month's Total Clicks — 2 600
  • Previous Month — $2 000
  • Yesterdays' Click — 2 200
  • Total Clicks — 19 100
  • Yesterday's Revenue — $20 000
  • Total — $20 000 (12 days)
  • Conversion Ration (CVR) — 8.86%

Proof 3:

This is a day-old account with $65 sales already achieved. 

  • Total Clicks — 73 
  • Conversion — 6
  • Total Revenue - $65
  • Conversion Ratio (CVR) — 8.22%

Step 1: Create a TikTok Account 

Download the TikTok app on your android phone or iPhone and create a new TikTok account. Input all your information during registration, but you may set up a payment method after setup. 

Step 2: Create a Pixel

A pixel monitors activity on your account. When someone converts, TikTok is notified immediately; as a result, TikTok begins compiling data on how well your ads are performing so you know which ads are performing well and which are not. Instead of making an ad right away, make a pixel fa first. You will need to navigate to where you can create Pixel by clicking Asset on your main menu.

Manually install your pixel code in the system and verify your code to set it up. 

Step 3: Use TikTok Creative Center Analytics

TikTok Creative Center gives you information of which ad does best, so we can copy the ad and run it more often. 

In addition, you can discover what is buzzing on TikTok and get the scoop on the most popular hashtags, songs, creators, and videos in your region. The Trend Discovery section inspires you, keeps you informed about the trend, and maximizes the success of your next TikTok video. So, you can easily create engaging content that can go viral using this feature. 

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Go to Top ads to see the top-performing TikTok video ads. You can type in your affiliate marketing niche to find out what the trading videos are. Check all the videos, and pick anyone you feel may work excellently for you. Click on the video to get more information about it. 

For example, the video above has the following figures: 

  • Likes — 2 900
  • Comments — 129
  • Shares — 305 

When you find a video that works for you, download it on your device.  

Step 4: Create Ad(s)

You should create a Campaign for your ad on TikTok using the custom mode. 

Fill all the forms for creating ads to set it up using the following parameters: 

  • Type of Campaign — Conversion
  • Campaign Name — Input the campaign name of your choice
  • Ad Group Name — Broad
  • Promotion Type — Website 
  • TikTok Pixel — Use the Pixel you created in Step 2 above 
  • Operational Event — Submit Form (You want the pixel to use forms submission as the main parameter for your analytics) 
  • Placement Type — Automatic 
  • Turn on User comment and Video download. Keep in mind that you want to leave most of these analytics parameters on so TikTok can track everything for you. These figures are going to help you with making decisions as you make progress with your campaign. 
  • Gender — All 
  • Age — 25 and older (25 - 34, 35 - 44, 45 - 54, 55+ 
  • Languages — English or the language of your audience
  • Add Interests 
  • Add Behavior Video Interactions 
  • Add Behavior Creators Interactions 
  • Add behavior Hashtags Interactions 
  • Budget — $20 (this is the daily budget so the monthly budget will be $600)
  • Schedule: Select the dates you want the campaign to start and end. Also, set the time range you want the ad to run. 
  • Cost cap — based on the daily cost, TikTok will guide you on the minimum you can choose, but you may decide to even go below the recommended cost cap. If the effect is negative on your campaign, it is advised you choose what TikTok recommends. 
  • Setting the Identity of your campaign is very paramount; therefore, you will need to use the information you used on TikTok Creative Center to set it. Upload the video.

Enter a text about the video in the input box as shown in the image above. Paste your affiliate network link in the URL box. 

Affiliate Network — Transparent Affiliate 

David suggested using Transparent Affiliate. 

It can take a day or more for the network to reply to you after applying to become an affiliate marketer with the network. 

Transparent Affiliate is a unique affiliate network that focuses on specific industries, especially insurance. 

Auto Insurance

Transparent Affiliate offers competitive offers among its peers to drive large volumes with broad interests. Here are various auto insurance deals on the network.

Life Assurance 

When it comes to death, everyone should be encouraged to prepare ahead of time. Transparent Affiliate provides some unique life offers that have high payouts with industry-standard conversion rates. 

Health Insurance 

Health is wealth. In recent years, the cost of excellent health has gone up and out of the reach of many; therefore, many are looking for ways to keep up with the cost. Transparent Affiliates has one of the best and very popular health insurance offers in the industry.


Transparent's affiliate education offers appeal to a young audience; therefore, there are opportunities for marketers to target young adults. There are various loans and options to achieve the best education anyone can desire through the network.

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  • Product — Loan TikTok Ads $10 CPA (earn $10 on every conversion) 
  • Category — Auto Insurance 
  • Channel — Email 
  • Country — United States

All converted visitors will be taken to the landing page below: 

Make copies of 3 ad groups for your campaign so you have 4 ad groups as shown below:

Having four or more ad groups will get you faster results, but it will cost you more. If you do not want to spend more money, you can go with just one ad group, but the campaign will be less effective than if you have more ad groups. In this case, the daily budget for an ad group is $20, so 4 will cost $80 per day.

Below are the four ad groups. 

  • The daily budget of each ad group — $20
  • Total Daily budget for 4 ad groups — $80 
  • Bidding System — As shown in the image above, you will receive one cap cost of $6. Any bid less than $6 will not be converted. The remainder will not be capped.

Advice: Because your campaign system is new and the pixel is not yet operational, you should not set a cap just yet because TikTok has not generated your conversion cost. Do the rest at the lowest possible cost.

You must also combine Transparent Affiliate and TikTok in your Transparent Affiliate.

You can watch the YouTube video HERE to learn more about the process described in this article, as well as the video for the step-by-step actions you must take.

How to Avoid TikTok Ad Account Bans and Suspensions

TikTok bans and suspensions may occur so that no matter what you try to run, it will not simply run. There isn't much you can do once you have been banned; however, there are a few things you can do to avoid such bans and suspensions:

  • Make Your Creatives. Make them better and simple

You can get good creative content by hiring someone on Fiverr. The most important consideration here is originality. In the preceding tutorial (case study), we used a video that is already available on TikTok. We recommend that you choose a video and use a similar concept to create a new video of your own.

According to Sam, 

"TikTok wants to make sure that the people that buy your leads benefit from it. This means that your ads must be compliant and not running some scammers' stuff like pictures of Biotin and stuff like that which do not work. Honestly, you can get cheap caps by doing illegal things. Or running illegal government stuff you are not authorized to do can give you cheap caps, but you will get cut off real quick because the people that are signing for it thinking you are giving them free stuff opportunities will start sending complaints to TikTok. You will be removed from the offer in a short period."

  • Regenerate a New Affiliate Link If You Get Banned. 

When your affiliate domain gets flagged, you can try swapping it. Likely, you do not get banned again after doing this. 

  • Change your Payment Method 

If the two methods above do not work for you after getting banned, you can look into your payment method. Switch to a different card. You can use privacy.com and get a new card linked to your bank accounts (will not work for credit cards, but only for debit cards). 

  • Avoid Using VPNs 

TikTok records all users' IP addresses, so avoid using VPNs because they are always flagged. When you need to create a new TikTok account, you can go to a coffee shop with a free IP address. You can return to your usual IP address after opening it, but do not use the IP address that got you banned to open a new TikTok account. Another option is to use your phone and a public hotspot to change your IP address. You can also go into airplane mode for 5 minutes, then log back in, and your IP address will be renewed.

  • Use an Agency Account instead of an Individual Account 

Agency accounts get less banned, but the only downside is that you have to upload a bigger sum of money to operate this type of account. 

Income Analysis

  • Daily Budget per Ad Group — $20
  • Daily Budget for 4 Ad Groups — $80
  • Estimated Monthly Sales — $2 400
  • Targeted Daily Sales — $500
  • Targeted Monthly Sales — $15 000
  • Estimate Monthly Income — $12 600


To drive traffic to their affiliate program landing page, most affiliate marketers post free TikTok videos and have their affiliate links linked to their TikTok bio. While this is an effective method of driving traffic to your landing page, it is time-consuming. One of the challenges is that you must have at least 1000 followers before you can embed your affiliate link in your TikTok bio. So, this case study, which also serves as a tutorial, teaches you how to set up TikTok ads and run them in order to make decent money online.

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With this method, it is possible to make $500 in sales per day while spending only $20 to $80 per day on promotion.

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