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Interview with Anastasiya from FlexPro: An Expert in Providing Rental Advertising Accounts for Facebook and Google Ads

Interviews are a fantastic way to gain insights from industry experts and learn about their experiences. Today, we have the pleasure of speaking with Anastasiya Arbuzova, the co-founder of FlexPro.

Anastasiya is recognized for her expertise in renting out Facebook and Google advertising accounts, as well as providing HR services for affiliate marketing teams.

In this interview, she shares her journey into the affiliate marketing space. She dives deep into the details of her agency's operations, including how rental advertising accounts work, how they access them from Google and Facebook, the best practices affiliates should follow when using rental accounts to run both whitehat and grayhat campaigns, and also tips for avoiding ad account bans from Facebook and Google Ads.

If you are an affiliate marketer or media buyer working with Facebook and Google Ads, you should not miss out on reading this interview.

Anastasiya, the co-founder of FlexPro

Hello Anastasiya, could you introduce yourself to the readers by sharing your background story and how you initially entered the affiliate marketing industry?

Hello, everyone! My name is Anastasiya, and I'm excited to share my journey into the affiliate marketing industry with you. While my background is diverse, my entry into affiliate marketing began in 2019.

Prior to that, I had been working on launching a graphic design studio startup. Although the venture didn't ultimately succeed, it provided me with valuable entrepreneurial experience and a strong foundation in marketing principles.

In 2019, I joined a marketing company as a content manager. It was within this role that I was introduced to the world of affiliate marketing. As the company expanded its services, we incorporated a B2B finance aspect, and I had the opportunity to transition into lead generation within the affiliate marketing domain.

Since then, my journey in affiliate marketing has been an exciting and fulfilling one. I've had the chance to collaborate with various industry professionals, learn about cutting-edge marketing strategies, and witness firsthand the power of affiliate partnerships in driving business growth.

If you're interested in connecting with me and learning more about my life and experiences in the industry, I recommend you to check out my Instagram profile.

Why did you choose to focus on creating and renting Facebook and Google advertising accounts, and how did you identify this as a niche within the affiliate marketing space?

Our agency chose to focus on creating and renting Facebook and Google advertising accounts, as well as other advertising platforms like Bigo, Bing, Taboola, Yandex, Unity, and more. This multifaceted approach allows us to cater to a broader range of affiliates and advertisers, providing them with access to various advertising channels based on their specific needs and preferences.

There are several key advantages to specializing in the agency niche. First and foremost, profitability is a significant factor. By offering authorized access to advertising accounts on popular platforms, we can generate revenue through rental fees and commissions. This niche allows us to tap into the high demand for reliable and compliant account access, providing a lucrative business opportunity.

Additionally, operating within the agency niche provides us with unique insights into the market. By working closely with these platforms, we gain an in-depth understanding of their advertising ecosystems, policies, and best practices. This insider perspective allows us to better serve our affiliates and advertisers, providing them with valuable guidance and optimization strategies to maximize their ad performance.

Also, being in the agency niche opens up networking opportunities within the affiliate marketing industry. We have the chance to establish meaningful partnerships and connections with industry professionals, platform representatives, and other stakeholders. These connections can lead to collaborative opportunities, knowledge sharing, and further expansion of our network, improving our agency's reputation and reach.

Could you walk us through the process of how your agency creates or gets access to the advertising accounts that you rent out to affiliates and advertisers?

To create and gain access to the advertising accounts that we rent out to affiliates and advertisers, our agency follows a specific process. Here's a walkthrough of the steps involved:

We establish partnerships with legal firms that help us facilitate the onboarding process with the necessary sources who create, farm, or own ad accounts. These legal firms assist us during interviews, meetings, and discussions to ensure a smooth and compliant onboarding experience.

During the onboarding process, we engage in interviews and meetings with the ad account sources. These interactions allow us to discuss advertising volumes and negotiate favorable terms that align with the needs of our affiliates and advertisers.

When it comes to Google Ads, creating an agency account involves filling out a special form and submitting a request. This is an essential step in gaining access to Google's advertising capabilities for our rented accounts.

We also explore the option of obtaining credit lines to support advertising spend. If an advertiser has a clean and consistent advertising spending history for the past 12 months, they may qualify for a credit line. This credit line allows them to fund their advertising activities.

In certain cases, we may consider using grayhat methods, to speed up the process of accessing credit lines within a month. These methods can provide an initial credit limit of $50,000. However, due to trade secrets and industry practices, I cannot share the specific details of how we use these methods.

For Facebook Ads, obtaining a direct credit line through the Facebook platform is challenging. Instead, we work with representatives from META to facilitate the advertising process on the platform.

Throughout this entire process, our agency maintains a commitment to transparency, professionalism, and adherence to legal and industry standards. We strive to create a seamless experience for our affiliates and advertisers who use the rental advertising accounts.

What is the pricing structure for renting these accounts, and can you provide insights into the revenue your agency generates annually from selling advertising accounts?

When it comes to pricing, our agency follows the market average to ensure competitiveness. The cost of renting Facebook accounts varies depending on the vertical being targeted. Whitehat Facebook accounts start from 5%, while grayhat accounts start from 9% in terms of pricing. These percentages are in line with industry standards and reflect the value and quality of the accounts we provide.

For Google accounts, pricing is determined based on the geos. Currently, we offer Google accounts from geos such as Hong Kong, Uruguay, Dubai, Lithuania, Estonia, and Nigeria. The pricing for these accounts is tailored to meet the demands and dynamics of each respective market, allowing us to accommodate a diverse range of clients.

We understand that larger teams may have specific needs and requirements. As such, we offer the flexibility to negotiate more favorable conditions for these teams to ensure a mutually beneficial partnership.

Additionally, our agency has implemented a volume-based discount structure for each category of accounts. This means that as the volume of accounts rented increases, clients can benefit from discounted rates. We strive to provide competitive percentages that meet the needs of our clients while maintaining our commitment to transparency.

While we are unable to disclose specific revenue figures, I can assure you that our agency's revenue is reflective of the value we provide in creating and renting advertising accounts across various platforms. Our focus is on delivering exceptional service, accommodating our clients, and ensuring mutual success in the affiliate marketing industry. Transparency is a core value for us, and we uphold this by maintaining clear reporting processes and ensuring open communication with our clients.

Given the strict policies of Facebook and Google, how long does it typically take for these rented accounts to face potential bans, and what measures do you take to minimize this risk?

The rental accounts we provide are carefully managed to minimize the risk of bans from platforms such as Facebook and Google, which have strict policies in place.

Our agency offers trusted agency advertising accounts that come with established credit lines. This builds trust with the platform providers and reduces the likelihood of immediate bans. The strength and credibility of these accounts significantly contribute to reducing the ban rate.

For Google accounts, we go a step further and provide detailed instructions on how to properly warm up the account. This process involves gradually increasing advertising activity to establish a positive reputation with the platform and minimize the risk of account suspension. These warming-up instructions are designed to help the account last longer and maintain its health.

Similarly, for other advertising platforms, we provide recommendations and best practices to minimize the risk of bans. We prioritize responsible advertising practices and ensure our clients have a clear understanding of the advertising processes and requirements. While we don't provide explicit instructions that violate policies or encourage grayhat advertising, we offer guidance that helps clients understand what they are launching and how it should work. For example, we may recommend using techniques like cloaking or provide examples of whitelists to enhance the effectiveness and compliance of their campaigns.

It's important to note that maintaining compliance and adhering to platform policies is a shared responsibility between our agency and our clients. By prioritizing transparency, education, and responsible practices, we aim to minimize the risk of account bans. While we cannot guarantee complete immunity from bans, our measures and best practices significantly reduce the risk and help to maintain account stability and longevity.

How do you advise affiliates to avoid being banned by Facebook and Google, and what best practices do you recommend for maintaining account longevity?

If you promote whitehat offers, you can avoid bans :D (lol)

Advertising accounts come with different criteria, and it's important to understand each one of them. This knowledge alone can significantly help affiliates when launching and running their campaigns.

If you take a closer look, most people don't even understand what an agency account really is. How can you determine that you have been assigned one?

Also, people don’t understand what whitelisting is on Facebook, and how can it facilitate a single ad account to run campaigns of up to $300,000 - $400,000 in ad spend.

My primary practical advice is to focus on improving your technical skills. Invest time in learning, reading, and engaging with service providers.

As a last resort, we have contacts with Google and FB moderators who can get the account out of the ban.

Your agency also provides HR services for affiliate marketing teams. How did you venture into this space, and what services do you offer to support affiliate marketing teams?

We have a fantastic HR team. It was put together not only with hires from the affiliate marketing industry but also covers various areas overall. Our primary focus is on IT recruiting, which is considered the top priority.

What aspects of working in the affiliate marketing industry do you find most rewarding, and how has your experience been so far?

From these perspectives, I would highlight:

  1. Mutually beneficial relationships.
  2. The opportunity to work with diverse markets and products.
  3. Opportunities for personal growth and development in the field of marketing, especially when adopting new technologies and methods.
  4. The chance to collaborate with partners and affiliates in various parts of the world.
  5. The opportunity to contribute to the creation of impressive brands.

For individuals looking to enter the affiliate marketing space in 2024, what advice would you give them, considering the evolving landscape and challenges?

I suggest prioritizing working under a leader, not just chasing money. No matter what, it's important to understand who you're working for, their reputation in the market, and their integrity.

What are the biggest plans and aspirations for your agency in the upcoming years, and how do you envision its growth?

The aim is to achieve a 100x increase in net profit and create huge booths at events that surpass the ones set up by the Pin Up team :)

Finally, what keeps you motivated and excited to keep on working? Is it the money or passion?

Passion, growth, and results! …And the best parties hosted by advertisers.

How can our readers who are interested in your services reach out to you?

The best way to contact me directly is through Telegram at @anastasiyafintech, or my partner at @Denisfintech. Our Instagram is @FLEXlPRO


Wrapping up our chat with Anastasiya from FlexPro, it's been a pretty eye-opening journey into the behind-the-scenes of affiliate marketing. Anastasiya shared how she got into the game and shared insights on how they access and rent out Facebook and Google advertising accounts — a side of the business, not everyone gets to see.

The details of their account creation process, pricing schemes, and strategies to avoid bans on platforms like Facebook  Ads and Google Ads highlight the chess-like moves they make to keep things running smoothly. Anastasiya's advice on being transparent, playing by the rules, and always learning is as important for anyone stepping into the affiliate marketing arena.

And let's not forget the HR side of things – helping affiliate marketing teams find the right recruits. They offer a well-rounded approach to supporting the industry, covering both the technical and people aspects.

As Anastasiya sets her sights on big growth for her agency, it's clear that the affiliate marketing world is in for some interesting times.

If you want to learn more about what her team offers or actually want to get some rental advertising accounts for running your advertising campaigns, you can reach out to Anastasiya on her Telegram (@anastasiyafintech).

A big thanks to Anastasiya for sharing her wisdom and giving us a sneak peek into the inner workings of this side of the affiliate marketing industry — it's been a ride!

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