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12 AI Software for Working With Images that Will Make Life Easier for Many Affiliates and Online Entrepreneurs

AI tools are always learning, improving themselves, and becoming smarter. Their scope of application is continually expanding, as we mentioned in our last article. Additionally, many modern photo and video editors utilize artificial intelligence (AI). In this article, we will examine 12 image-based AI services. We'll evaluate their results and try to determine their potential in online marketing.

For your convenience, we've categorized them into five groups:

  1. Image Mergers
  2. Object and Background Removal from Images
  3. Image Quality Restoration
  4. Face and Figure Modification
  5. Generators of Non-existent Personalities

1. Image Mergers

Making creatives unique is a crucial aspect of effective advertising. When using Facebook, it is a requirement, as identical creatives are immediately banned. Uniqueizing an image involves altering it in a way that is undetectable to the human eye, but considered unique by Facebook. Various tools can be used for this purpose, but we have discovered several services that use AI.

The initial Prisma app offers 700 diverse editing styles, with only half of them accessible for free. Within the app, you can adjust the overlay's intensity using a slider and change the background with a single tap. The AI technology automatically recognizes the image's shape, making it much more user-friendly. With just a few clicks, we were able to produce a unique image while preserving its meaning. During our test, we utilized a picture of a nonexistent person.

The fictional character was generated using the Generated Photos AI, which we will cover in the final section.

Here are the images that we got in a couple of clicks:

You can make subtle modifications, as seen in the fourth photo, or completely transform the image style, as in the first example. The program can be used for free, or you can purchase a premium subscription for 1 490 rubles per year. With the premium subscription, you'll have full access to all filters and the ability to download the final image in HD. Prisma is available for download on the App Store and Google Play Store.

Ostagram, the second online service, operates based on a neural network and offers similar features to Prisma, with a slight twist. It has a more complex and slower process, but provides greater creative flexibility. Whether or not this added creativity is necessary for business purposes is debatable. When using Ostagram, you start by uploading a source image and selecting a style image or choosing from the service's suggested styles.

You also adjust parameters such as stroke size and distortion strength. We tested the service using Van Gogh and Munch paintings, altering the distortion strength. The results showed that even with the lowest distortion setting selected, the distortion was still quite intense.

Ostagram falls short compared to its predecessor in terms of user-friendliness, output quality, and processing speed, with each image requiring a minimum of 7 minutes to be processed. Additionally, the service watermarks all photos, requiring extra steps to crop and further wasting time. Although Ostagram offers creative fun, it is unlikely to be practical for individuals looking to make money or build an affiliate business.

MJ itself creates abstract images, so we initially decided not to include it in this list. However, the developers on the platform recently introduced a feature that enables you to merge two photos. We demonstrated this feature by merging Zuckerberg with the devil and Andrey Sidoropulo with the clown from the movie "It" in our Telegram channel.

If you want to test this whole thing yourself, here are the instructions for testing this feature:

  • Go to the project's Discord server.
  • In the "Newcomer Rooms" section, choose any channel.
  • Type the command "/settings" in the chat.
  • Select "MJ Version 4" and "Remix mode", and leave the rest unchanged.
  • Type the command "/imagine".
  • In the "prompt" field, insert links to two pictures separated by a space.

This function can be useful for creating graphics, such as the ones currently used by affiliates. For example, the left picture shows a remedy for fungus, while the right picture shows a cream to enhance male performance.

We tried to combine corn with a skyscraper to also use it in enlarger creatives:

And then a banana with a skyscraper:

These images can effectively be utilized as advertising creatives. Simply add text, an image of the product packaging, and a call to action.

2. Removing the background and unnecessary objects

Programs for removing unwanted elements in photos are in high demand across various industries, such as creating product listings on marketplaces or eliminating text and elements from creatives. We discovered two well-known AI programs and conducted testing on them.

Pixelcut Pro is an AI-powered app that promises to effortlessly remove backgrounds. The basic functions are available for free with limitations, while a premium subscription costs 4,690 rubles per year. The app can be downloaded to a smartphone or used online through a browser. On a mobile device, three free editing projects are available every 24 hours without a subscription, but no restrictions apply when using the browser, even without registration.

The Pixelcut Pro subscription offers unlimited editing, as well as access to templates, backgrounds, and fonts updated every week. This app is well-known overseas and is compatible with major marketplaces like Etsy, Ebay, Amazon, and Shopify.

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Pixelcut provides all the necessary image editing features, including background removal, unwanted object removal, quality restoration, themed backgrounds, and shadow overlay. These functions are beneficial for both online sellers and affiliates. Sellers can create professional and appealing product listings, while affiliates can customize existing creatives or adapt them to different regions.

To test its capabilities, we used the Background Remover function to remove the background from a photo. In the first image, we show the original version, in the second image the background has been removed, and in the third image, any remaining excess was erased with the "Magic Eraser." After spending 5 minutes, we produced a perfect, ready-to-sell image that can be further edited with a themed or solid background, shadow, stickers, and text.

Next, we tested the app on a creative we found in a free spy service. We removed the text in 2 minutes, resulting in a great image with a slightly blurred background in the window, but this will be unnoticeable if new text is added in the same location. We also improved the image quality, as shown in the final photo. The entire process of cleaning and editing the creative took 4-5 minutes.

Cleanup.Pictures is a free service that uses AI to remove unwanted objects in photos. It can even handle large objects like people without sacrificing quality. Although the overall result is good, the green message has a noticeable brush mark. To get high-quality images,

Cleanup.Pictures offers a $5 monthly subscription that includes background removal and retouching features. The free version allows for downloading lower-resolution images.

3. Quality restoration and distortion reduction

Programs designed to restore image quality and eliminate image damage can be necessary to enhance images obtained from external sources. This is useful, when upgrading or improving the quality of image ad creatives that have been copied from spy tools and have a lower quality.

Let's compare the most popular service, Let's Enhance, with Pixelcut Upscale Image. To demonstrate their capabilities, we will use two heavily damaged photos that have undergone multiple JPEG compressions to see if these services can truly work wonders."

"The Let's Enhance website claims that the service uses a trained neural network to independently repair damaged areas of an image without excessive blurring. This, according to the developer, results in impressive improvements, even for severely damaged images.

The process is simple: upload an image and select the level of enhancement (x2 or x4 in the free version), then press "Start Processing." However, the results may not meet expectations.

The first example showed no improvement in quality and all distortions remained, while the second example was only slightly better. Let's Enhance offers paid subscriptions starting at $10 per month, with options for more edits and no watermark.

For comparison, let's run the same images through PixelCut Upscale Image.

The results are more satisfactory: the large artifacts and distortions are gone and the image appears solid and even, with a slight soap-like effect due to anti-aliasing. When processing an image with text, PixelCut performed even better with a fully restored and visually pleasing result. When compared to Let's Enhance, PixelCut is the clear winner.

The bot is currently free as it is in the testing phase according to the developer. However, we have used it in our articles and have found it to be effective. For instance, we improved the quality of a video meme screenshot and the result was remarkable, with the AI tool doing a good job on the faces but encountering some issues with the surrounding environment


4. Change of face and figure

This feature may not appear valuable to affiliates, but it can be beneficial for Instagram bloggers to enhance the appearance of their photos. Surprisingly, smart body and face editing can also be ideal for creating creatives in the nutra and pharma industry.

This is a program that uses a neural network to automatically detect body parts and enables you to edit photos with ease by simply moving sliders, resulting in more natural images. The program can be downloaded from the official website and installed on a PC.

We tested PortraitPRO Body 3 by creating some ads for weight loss, with the goal of making the "before" photo unattractive and the "after" photo appealing and surprising. The program's interface is user-friendly, with step-by-step instructions included.

We took a weight loss photo from open sources and edited it as planned:

The program made changes to the figures effectively, but the background suffered, with the door, floor stripes, and refrigerator arch appearing distorted. To fix this, we had to spend additional time or use specialized services like or

Let's see the second example:

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In the second example, the result was better because of the monochromatic background.

We deliberately made the last photo unnatural to achieve the intended surprising effect. We used a trial subscription, so all images were watermarked and we couldn't save the project. The watermark issue can be fixed with programs like the magic eraser or specialized services, while the project issue can be resolved with a simple screenshot. The full version costs $44.99 with a 50% discount, or $89.90 without the discount.

These two projects took about 30 minutes to complete and showed that PortraitPRO Body 3 is a cost-effective solution for achieving good results. It's best to use photos with solid backgrounds without vertical or horizontal lines, as these can be distorted during editing.

5. Generation of non-existent personalities

Creating faces of non-existent people can have a variety of uses, including bypassing verification on social media, creating avatars for social media profiles, and creating fake reviews. One advantage is that as these faces don't belong to real people, there's no risk of complaints about the use of someone else's likeness.

Here are three AI tools that can generate high-quality results for these purposes:

The service leverages a neural network to generate realistic photos of people and offers customization options, such as gender, age, head orientation, facial expression, skin tone, hair color and length, glasses, and makeup. With its wide range of customization settings, it's possible to create a perfect face for your needs. Let's test its capabilities by generating a few options with varying parameters.

We generated four realistic images by adjusting various parameters such as age, gender, hair length, and others. Using Generated Photos is straightforward and it takes 2-3 minutes to create a single portrait.

To download a high-resolution portrait (1024x1024), you can either buy it for $8.97 or purchase a subscription for $19.99, which includes 15 portraits without a commercial mark.

You can download a free image in a resolution of 512x512 with a service mark, but this issue can be resolved by using familiar programs with a magic eraser or specialized services like or

The second neural network was developed by NVIDIA and generates realistic portraits of people. You cannot select specific parameters, and the portraits are generated randomly by accessing the site.

The people in these portraits appear incredibly lifelike, with varying facial expressions, ages, head turns, and more. One of the benefits of this AI is that it is completely free and you can download the images in high resolution. When compared to other portrait-generating AI, this one has an edge due to the natural and detailed appearance of the portraits, as well as the fact that it is free and generates the portraits in an instant.

The neural network generates images of naked girls that look very realistic. Bodies look natural, but faces and hair sometimes have little problems. Here is what the AI gave out for three different requests:

A big plus of the service is that the image can be fully customized to the desired requests. It is possible to choose chest size, weight, height, hair color, nationality, front, back and side views, the photo room and add underwear. may be suitable for creating dating and adult creatives. Although the chance that someone will actually use this neuron "in practice" is quite low. There are two reasons for this:

  1. On the Internet, there is no problem with pictures of girls;
  2. People may develop the "uncanny valley" syndrome, which is an internal aversion to humanoid "content". That is, both to photos, videos and audios that are generated by AI tools, and to robots that look like people. The bottom line is that the brain still knows how to perceive real people from “fakes”, even if visually it is almost impossible to notice. And when our brain does not like what it sees and / or hears, then we have this inner disgust.

The service is completely free, and image generation takes an average of 5 minutes after a request. Sometimes the service produces funny and slightly creepy results:


Have you guessed what pictures this neuron generates? Photographs of male “things”. The author of this service said that he had a problem - his girlfriends asked him to send a "selfie". So he decided to create this AI.

Note that this service can also be used for creatives in the adult-nutra niche to advertise on manhood enlargement products. Few people will actually use them, since, again, there are no problems with such content on the Internet.

You can take “references” for creatives not only from popular porn tubes with the “big dick” tag, but also from subreddits r/penis, r/cock, r/dicks, r/averagepenis, r/MassiveCock, r/tinydick and others, from where the author of the neuron took the dataset (a set for training the neural network) - he used 40 000 real photographs.

We will not apply examples, you can go to the site yourself and flip through the endless images they have. Many pictures come across that look like something incomprehensible.


If you previously believed that AI tools were distant and irrelevant to your work, we hope to have changed your perspective. We have evaluated 12 different AI-based programs, services, and applications and demonstrated their practical applications in daily work routines. Some of them proved to be highly useful, while others failed to meet expectations.

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Out of all the tools, Pixelcut excelled in handling most of the image editing functions. In our view, this application has demonstrated its strengths and will make the work of professionals easier.

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