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What Is an Affiliate Marketing Showcase Site and How to Build It — Says Affiliate Marketing Expert in the Finance Niche

In a recent video on the 123Finance YouTube channel, Ivan Telnykh answered the questions that every newbie affiliate marketer in the finance niche asks:

  • How to build your showcase site with offers of loans, credits, and MFIs
  • On what and by what means to build a showcase of loans
  • What tools for building storefronts are offered by CPA networks and what really works
  • How many offers are needed for the maximum conversion of the storefront and how to arrange them correctly?

Ivan Telnykh is the owner of the 123Finance YouTube channel, the 123Finance affiliate program, and the 123Agency.

A showcase site is a website acting as a showcase of your business but on the internet. It allows you to highlight your products, your services, your realizations, a reservation system, and much more, without selling online.

"A showcase in this matter is a kind of site on which the loan offers of Micro Finance Institutions, banks, or investment companies are displayed in a certain order, with the possibility of comparing the loan offers from the different institutions," Ivan revealed the concept.

Showcase Classification

By the location of offers, showcases are:

  • Horizontal — they are convenient to use when targeting mobile traffic since it is convenient to scroll through the offers with a swipe of the screen;
  • Tiles are used for desktop traffic since many offers can fit on one screen.

By the number of offers in the showcase, Ivan recommends using:

  • 10 offers in horizontal showcases
  • 12 offers in a tile view

According to the method of creation, offer showcases are divided into:

  • Coding the showcase on your own site
  • Made on online website builders like Wix

Building a Showcase Website Promoting Offers from an Affiliate Program

Most CPA networks with financial offers allow the affiliates to create their own sites which will display the offers.  Building such sites is an easy task. Telnykh says that a person with normal hands can build a site of 10 offers in 10 minutes.

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The advantages of creating affiliate showcase sites include:

  • They are easy to create
  • No heavy financial costs
  • You can promote various affiliate programs at once

Building Showcase Sites with Online Website Building Tools

You can quickly create any showcase site using public website designer tools like Tilda, Wix, and others. Their obvious benefits include:

  • Simplicity
  • Speed
  • The presence of a large number of different templates and design elements.

An affiliate that makes a showcase site on Tilda or Wix picks which offers to post on it. However, the biggest con with website building tools like Tilda and Wix is that their code is very heavy and it may be difficult to load the site on some devices.

Creating a Showcase Site on Your Own Host and Domain

Steps to create an online showcase site:

  1. Buying a domain
  2. Buying a host
  3. Linking the first to the second
  4. Creating a showcase design, for example, in Figma
  5. Website coding

The advantage of a site created on its own domain and hosting is that you the owner will have complete autonomy and the ability to implement any site improvements.

If you lack design and programming expertise, you will be forced to hire a third-party developer and designer, which is already a disadvantage because their services must be compensated. If you know how to make websites, you know that it is not easy to make a nice website.

Additional Tools for Building Showcase Sites

For successful work on promoting financial offers through showcases, it is necessary to use additional tools.

1. Affiliate API: As soon as a user (user) enters the storefront, feedback is sent to the affiliate program based on his cookies. If some cookies were already in the affiliate program, for example, for offers 1, 3, or 5, then the API-based CPA network will instantly inform the site about this. Your site will not show these offers (1, 3, 5) to this user, since the conversion fee for them will not be charged to you, but to another webmaster who brought users to advertisers' sites before you.

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Some affiliate networks offer dynamic indications of the EPC account, which is the primary parameter used to anticipate profitability. You may organize the presentation of offers in a sequence that is useful to the website, each user, and in real-time by obtaining this parameter using the API.

EPC is a metric that shows the average profit per click. In other words, this is all the profit received divided by the number of clicks.

Each user has a unique set of parameters that may be utilized by the webmaster:

  • Create a display of offers based on region, which is monitored by IP address. Users in Moscow, for example, will see one set of offers, those in Saratov another, those in Surgut a third, and so on.
  • According to the statistics, the parameter for each offer may change based on the operating system of the user's device. The API may be customized such that consumers who reach the site using iOS Safari see one set of offers while customers who come via Android Chrome see another.

By the same principle, you can set impressions depending on the device model, screen resolution, and so on.

Using the API, you can also set up the display of offers based on behavioral factors. For example, if a user stays on one of the offers for more than 5 seconds, then he will receive push notifications with this offer at certain intervals. Another example: when the user scrolls through all the offers, without delay on any of them, you can set up an endless change of them in any order that the webmaster needs. That is, the user will scroll through the feed of offers and it will never end, since the offers will change each other endlessly.

2. Retargeting offers: After a user visits one of the offers on the site and then comes back, he gets to a completely different set of offers. This motivates him to keep searching. If the user exits the offer again or for the third time, you can give him a storefront with a completely different set of offers. Ivan told that, according to the experience of his team, gambling converts well in conjunction with financial offers.

"Retargeted visitors add at least 20% to the profit, and they also provide an opportunity to you to introduce complimentary offers that they might be interested in," Ivan says.


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Showcases are a unique thing that allows you to simultaneously promote several affiliate offers at once. Ease of setup and ease of use make them indispensable tools for those who drive traffic to the financial vertical. An additional advantage of showcases is that, by filling in the white niche of finance, you can additionally drive traffic to gambling, betting, and other verticals through retargeting.

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