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The Future of Affiliate Marketing in the Gambling Business: Path to Innovation and Personalization

In the past, gambling in affiliate marketing was merely another traffic conversion vertical. What was it like then, and how has everything changed? What opportunities have opened up for affiliates in the gambling industry, and what does the future hold for gambling and betting? And which affiliate program should one choose right now?

Affiliate marketing from its origins to the gambling business

Promoting products and services through affiliate networks has long dominated the online world. Affiliate marketing existed even before the online era. The patent for affiliate program was first granted to William George Tobin in 1989. Will founded a lawn care business and attracted florists to enhance both lawns in front of Tobin's house and flower beds. The business idea proved resilient and spread to various industries, including the gambling business. With the advent of the internet, affiliate marketing went viral:

Now, every casino ad features personal promo codes and free spins for those visiting private cinema websites or reading articles on sites like Partnerkin. And the trend toward mutually beneficial partnerships is growing. With the rise of bloggers, affiliate marketing has evolved and reached a new level. Influencers have long been developing their personal brands, recording episodes and podcasts where they promote various products in their niche, including gambling and betting.

One might think that this is not profitable for companies.

The revenues from casino advertising for the past year from the markets of Asia, Latin America, and Europe

However, businesses save significant money by finding intermediaries with a trusting audience. All that remains in collaboration with a blogger is to sponsor content production and pay according to the agreement, whether it's sales commissions or a fixed payment. And to collect profits.

Gambling today: What's happening now and how to profit from it

Gambling business affiliate programs have evolved from the times of the Roman Colosseum — bets on the death of slaves, chariot races. Time passed, the world changed. Street hustlers appeared, enticing people to play dice, gambling houses and bookmakers offering bets on matches. And of course, slot machines. The higher the risk, the greater the chance of winning.

The games and bets then smoothly transitioned to the internet. Online poker, online casinos, lotteries. Land-based gambling establishments also went online, as did most companies offering bets.

And although gambling is partially prohibited, the niche is too promising and lucrative to overlook. According to a report by PR Newswire, the online gambling industry is expected to thrive globally by 2030.

The average annual revenue, according to the same report, is $458.93 billion for the year 2022. Average payouts to successful affiliate programs’ affiliates, by EveryMatrix's data, can reach $50 000 per month.

Of course, we are talking about earning through affiliate networks, such as Growe Partners. You are unlikely to beat the casino like Don Johnson. But earning through affiliate marketing is much easier.

Example of commissions per player

Payments for gambling and betting advertising are usually made per referred player, with various gradations. Potential profits are usually indicated on affiliate network websites:

But relying solely on lead payments won't get you far. It's much more reliable to choose affiliate programs that are willing to provide some guarantees for gambling and betting traffic. One such reliable affiliate program is Growe Partners:

They guarantee assistance at every stage, communication with the support team, and a system of premium payouts, not just performance-based payment, which sets Growe Partners apart from competitors. But should you even join gaming affiliate programs now? Our answer: yes, because the future lies ahead.

The future of gambling and the integration of new technologies in the gambling business

A comprehensive report with a 10-year outlook on the development of the gambling business was provided by the Research And Markets portal. They predicted the globalization of online games and the popularization of gambling and betting, if not legally, then at least in the "gray" and black markets. The potential revenue is measured in billions:

The forecast doesn't seem like a fairy tale, considering that even the king of gambling, Don Johnson, has a betting prediction app based on player and match data analysis, offering personalized betting suggestions:

Betting apps predicting outcomes, such as horse racing, were not a novelty even 10 years ago, before the popularization of AI technologies.

Commenting on the foreseeable future for gambling, the Head of Affiliate at Growe Partners said:

«Affiliate marketing is evolving even faster than we could have imagined a few years ago, especially in the gambling and betting industry. Personalization and user experience are becoming paramount, leading to a trend of more targeted and engaging content. Looking to the future, the synergy between innovative technologies, such as AI-driven personalization and blockchain-based transactions, will continue to shape the affiliate marketing world, growing user trust, enhancing user engagement, and maximizing user loyalty. I believe it will drive the betting and gambling affiliate industry to new heights».

So, significant changes await the world of gambling. What technologies have already been implemented or will be in the near future?

Innovations and Personalization in the World of Gambling

The portal Geeks Around Globe highlighted seven main directions of personalization and innovations in the world of gambling and betting in 2023:


Most of the technologies from the above list already exist and are in operation. The gambling business niche is promising. Gambling revenues are growing, as are investments in gambling and betting. The key is to choose a reliable affiliate program:

  1. Choose those who collaborate with brands.
  2. Look for a convenient payout system and the availability of bonuses.
  3. Support at every stage is crucial.
  4. Regular payouts for participating in the affiliate program.

It's good if prominent brands collaborate with the affiliate program, for example, PariMatch:

The bigger the brand, the higher the trust.


The gaming industry is evolving rapidly. To stay at the peak of success, it needs to continually innovate and implement new technologies. In this article, we've explored how innovations and personalization will change the future of affiliate marketing, and what technologies will be implemented in the near future.

We've also discussed how profitable the gaming business is, how it will develop in the next 10 years, and why with partners like Growe Partners, it's genuinely possible to earn in the gambling and betting niche.

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