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Best NSFW AI Tools for Adult Content in 2023

For over a year, the whole world has been captivated by AI tools that people have adapted for various tasks in fields where large volumes of digital content are required. Artificial intelligence has also found its place in affiliate marketing: as soon as the first versions of AI appeared, webmasters rushed to use them to create creatives for various verticals.

Immediately, there was a demand for content generation in the adult industry. However, there were initially problems with this: developers of services based on OpenAI adhered to an ethical approach, according to which the development of NSFW AI tools was deemed unacceptable. But since the topic is promising and profitable, AI projects have emerged over time, addressing almost all needs in creating illustrated pornographic content. In this article, we will talk about some of them. And if you are as captivated by AI tools as we are, don’t miss a chance to visit our Telegram channel with tons of useful information on the topic.


A versatile NSFW content generator with extensive options for realistic image customization based on predefined tags.

According to the service's internal statistics, PornJourney generates no fewer than 10 million images daily, indicating the popularity of the AI tool.

Features of PornJourney

It allows the creation of realistic and detailed images in the style of hentai and furry, specific to animation involving anthropomorphic animals.

Upon entering the site, users encounter several active menus, offering options to create an image, undress a girl from a photo, or generate pornographic videos. Users can also use the menu with sexting tools to engage in erotic correspondence with artificial intelligence. To generate an image, simply select the necessary parameters in the "Create" menu. In the free version, the choices for each category are limited, but considering the variability, obtaining several dozen diverse creatives is easily achievable.

The service is available in both free and premium versions, with a monthly price of €15, and an annual subscription discounted by 62.5%, priced at €89.90. In the premium version, creatives are generated faster, and the functionality is expanded, allowing users to save and enhance images with cropping for each body part. Additionally, premium users gain access to a library where all created images are stored with metadata, providing the ability to revisit the creative process for image improvement or adjustments to specific details.

Advantages of PornJourney:

  • High realism in content.
  • A wide range of settings for images, including selecting the gender of models based on ethnic background, choosing clothing elements, and detailing body part sizes, among other options.
  • Access to creating AI adult videos in the premium version.

Disadvantages of PornJourney:

  • Server overload in the free version.
  • In Russia, the service works better through a VPN.

An openly accessible AI tool created by a developer known as dreampen. According to the legend, dreampen conducted the "training" of the AI based on a sufficiently large database of explicit photos of girls, models, and porn actresses.

Features of

To create an image, one needs to go to the "Make" menu, where there is a setting for prompts from a collection of predefined tags sorted into various categories. Among them are the creation of a girl's image, her body and facial features, ethnic background, age, image style, clothing elements, and more. Afterward, clicking the "Generate" button is necessary.

In the "Feed" menu, a large gallery of ready-made creatives is assembled. Clicking on each opens a card of the image with the parameters of a specific prompt. Here, with additional commands, users can edit, crop, increase photo resolution, or copy tags of a particular image for further adjustments. These tools are only available in the paid version of the service.

The variability in choosing an image in each category is impressive — in, a girl's image can be detailed according to any specific taste.

The AI tool is available in a free version, with speed limitations and watermarks placed on finished images. The Pro paid version costs $15 monthly — upon activation, users gain the ability to create realistic HD-format images with exclusive tags, enhanced detailing, the use of 3D graphics, gif generation, and more.

Advantages of

  • Access to a large database of user-created images in the free version.
  • A wide range of parameters for creating images to suit different tastes.
  • Presence of its own Reddit community, where users share their created creatives.

Disadvantages of

  • Frequent server overloads in the free tier.
  • Possible bugs in received images: at times, the AI tool generates individual body parts unsuccessfully, resulting in images with somewhat unattractive humanoid monsters.

Another decent NSFW tool through which you can create an entire collection of images for any adult offer.

Features of

To launch the AI tool, click on the Create or Generator AI button. In the customizable online form, you can filter future creatives by several categories: gender, number of people, age, ethnic background, and type, including fantasy or mystical. The Model menu determines additional options for the overall image style; in the free version, only the Semi-realism mode is available. In the Action menu, you can choose specific actions for the character in the picture, some of which are only available in the paid account.

Through the Undress menu in, you can "undress" the girl and add additional elements to the resulting image, such as tattoos, bikinis, or swimwear. In the free version, Undress is limited to only three generations.

The advantage of this adult-oriented AI tool is that you can freely preview over a million already generated creatives in the Hub section, and clicking on them brings up a profile with details of the prompt for a specific image.

When creating your own creative, there is the flexibility to adjust various parameters, including choosing the type of face and hair, pose, clothing, and more.

As in many similar NSFW AI tools, offers two tariff plans—free and paid. In the free version, the speed of creating images leaves much to be desired — on average, images are generated within 15-20 minutes, but they can be saved to your device. The Silver and Gold tariffs expand possibilities: the speed of creating images increases significantly, the option to choose a specific pose appears, exclusive tips pop up, and more. The paid subscription costs $4.99 on the Silver and $9.99 on the Gold tariff per month. When purchasing a large number of tokens, which are used to pay for subscriptions, significant discounts are provided.

Advantages of

  • Simplicity and ease of prompt creation due to the choice of ready-made tags;
  • A large volume of options even in the free tariff;
  • High quality of finished creatives;
  • An additional feature of undressing any image from an uploaded picture.

Disadvantages of

  • Long image generation time on the free tariff;
  • Token purchase through the subscription service Patreon;
  • Possible minor bugs with fingers on hands and feet.

SoulGen AI

One of the most popular NSFW services among anime enthusiasts, SoulGen AI allows users to create realistic images featuring girls and animations.

Features of SoulGen AI

The SoulGen AI service stands out from its AI counterparts with several specific functions, including the ability to generate realistic high-resolution images—up to 1024 x 1536. What distinguishes SoulGen AI tools is the precise editing of existing images, allowing alterations through drawing. Apart from undressing the female image in the picture, the service offers the creation of a similar person based on an uploaded photo.

To generate an image, simply click on the Generate command, where you are immediately prompted to choose between a realistic or anime image. In both options, creativity is constructed by adding various tags in several categories — action, body, clothing, hair, face, scene, and accessories. You can also choose the image size, with only one option available in the free version — 2:3.

Through the Edit menu, you can edit the uploaded photo or drawing. The All Girl Showcase section contains a collection of ready-made cards with girls; clicking on any of them opens an online form with prompt information to create an image. Registration in the service is available through email or a Google account.

Unlike other NSFW AI tools, SoulGen AI comes at a higher cost — on the paid plan, you'll have to pay $19.99 monthly, with an annual subscription costing $239. However, the ability to create a variety of high-quality creatives justifies this price. Additionally, since payment is made in the internal currency, credits, and individual options for bulk purchases of generations with up to a 70% discount can be explored. The system also allows users to earn credits by creating their own images.

Advantages of SoulGen AI

  • High image resolution;
  • Fast image generation — ready within 10 seconds;
  • Ability to create multiple creatives simultaneously;
  • Extensive variety of settings and filters for creating various images, including animated ones.

Disadvantages of SoulGen AI

  • The blurring of generated images on the free plan;
  • High cost on the paid plan.

Unstable Diffusion

A versatile AI tool designed for creating high-quality realistic images, primarily utilized for generating NSFW content.

Unstable Diffusion was launched simultaneously with the renowned Midjourney, positioning itself as an uncensored and free service for producing 18+ content right from the start. The AI tool's surge in popularity irked competitors, leading to legal challenges against the developers. Nonetheless, they persevered and, over time, introduced a full-fledged platform on a new site, incorporating numerous parameters and a preserved generation history.

Unstable Diffusion's advantage over other AI tools focused on erotic content lies in its ability to empower users to unleash their fantasies without solely catering to NSFW themes. Through the service, users can create fantastical and mystical beings, generate breathtaking landscapes, or simply craft human images in various poses. Additionally, users can experiment with various forms of trash content, depicting detailed bloody scenes or violent scenarios, including the portrayal of weapons and more.

When working with Unstable Diffusion, users manually input prompts in English in the designated Prompt field. While the service allows the use of Russian-language word sets, the results may leave room for improvement. To filter out unwanted elements in the image, users can utilize the Exclude field. The online Genre form allows users to refine their requests based on the type of images — photos, digital drawings, anime, and more. In addition to the primary fields, there are additional options allowing adjustments for aspect ratios, the number of generated images, color palette, the amount of small details, and color saturation.

A distinctive feature of Unstable Diffusion is that during the beta testing phase, users can access its functionality for free. Each account is credited with 52 coins daily, with one coin deducted for each generated image. In case of insufficient coins, users can acquire them by opting for one of the three paid plans — Basic, Premium, or Pro. The differences lie in the number of coins provided, permissions for commercial use, and the speed of image generation on each plan.

Advantages of Unstable Diffusion

  • Extensive variety of possibilities for creating realistic creatives in different styles and forms.
  • Enhanced image detail.
  • Ease of image generation using English prompts.
  • Upload of ready-made images in resolutions up to 8K.
  • Free use of the service's tools.

Disadvantages of Unstable Diffusion

  • The need for VPN usage for Russian-speaking users.
  • Limited adaptation of the AI tool to Russian-language prompts.
  • Authorization is available only through a Google account or Discord.


The use of AI tools for creating adult content is deemed unethical by many, if only for the fact that individuals not only generate explicit content but also produce so-called deepfakes featuring the faces of celebrities. However, in the realm of adult affiliate marketing, ethical concerns regarding the use of AI services are generally irrelevant, as it is merely one source of high-quality, realistic images.

Legally speaking, the creation of such images is entirely legitimate, albeit with some legal nuances in the legislation of certain countries regarding the right to use them for commercial purposes. Accordingly, webmasters working in the adult industry bear no responsibility for generating NSFW content using specific AI tools. The key lies in finding a suitable service, learning to navigate it, and generating as many creatives as needed.

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