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"Currently, the Average Income on Fansly Ranges from $5 000 to $9 000 per Month," — How Much Do People Earn on Fansly? A Beginner's Guide and Interviews with Successful Models

Today, we will delve into the second most important platform for selling explicit content — Fansly. In this article, we will discuss what makes Fansly great, how to promote your account, and start earning there. We will also interview two successful models who will share valuable advice for beginners.

What Is Fansly, and What Are Its Advantages?

On Fansly, anyone can create an account and monetize it by selling unique content: photos, videos, audio, and messages. Just like OnlyFans, Fansly is primarily used for selling intimate content, and customers come there specifically for it. In January 2023, Fansly had 29 million visitors, indicating its popularity.

The majority of visitors are from economically strong regions: the USA (39%), the UK (5%), Canada (4.5%), similar to OnlyFans.

Of course, Fansly cannot compete with OnlyFans in terms of traffic, but that doesn't mean it's inferior overall. The first major advantage of Fansly, compared to OnlyFans, is that it allows citizens of Kazakhstan, Russia, and Belarus to work on the platform. The second advantage is the platform's internal recommendation system, which brings additional traffic to your profile. The third advantage is the excellent customer support and overall platform quality. All of this makes Fansly an excellent choice for selling your unique content.

Although such platforms as OnlyFans and Fansly are great ways to monetize your content, there’s still a chance that even after reading this article you would still think that this niche doesn’t suit you and you would want to find other ways to make money. In this case, it would be useful to subscribe to our telegram channel, where you’ll find tons of information on marketing and moneymaking.

How to Create an Account, Verify It, and Set It Up?

Now let's move on to registering on Fansly, going through the verification process, and configuring your profile.

Registration and Verification:

To register, simply log in through Twitter, Google, or Twitch. Afterward, you can start creating your author page. The registration form is straightforward and includes your name in Latin characters, place of residence, date of birth, a referral code, and social media links, which are required. Before submitting the application, don't forget to change the default username to a unique one; otherwise, you'll need to do it later through customer support.

The second part of the form is dedicated to account verification. For this, you'll need to take a photo with a piece of paper containing your personal information and provide one of the identity documents for verification.

Finally, indicate whether you plan to publish sexual content on your account:

Once everything is filled out, you can submit the verification request. Profile verification usually takes several hours. After your account is verified, you can start setting up your profile.

Profile Setup

First, you need to upload a profile picture and banner. Only the account owner's photos should be used. A close-up face photo is preferable for the profile picture, while the banner can showcase the body or any part of it. You also need to choose a display name, which can be anything, and fill in your profile information. The bio can contain anything you want, but it's better to follow the same rules as on OnlyFans: introduce yourself, explain what content will be posted, and how frequently. This way, subscribers will know what to expect from their subscription and what they will ultimately receive.

Here's an example of a well-structured profile:

Additionally, you can add tags to your profile so it can be recommended to people with similar interests.

Profile information and communication should be done in English since most users are foreigners.


Like on OnlyFans, many models add certain poor countries to geo-block to minimize potential issues, especially for free accounts. This helps avoid leaks and encounters with scammers.

How Models Earn on Fansly

There are several ways to monetize content on Fansly. You can offer subscriptions and content with payments for viewing, earn on tips, engage people in sexting, and sell related items like panties or other personal belongings. Let's delve into each of these methods in detail.


Subscriptions to a profile can be free or paid, just like on OnlyFans. You can also create a combined subscription that includes both free and paid content. Subscription costs should start at $5 per month and go up to $499. The platform takes a 20% commission on all transactions, just like OnlyFans.

A paid subscription can have multiple privilege levels, which differ in cost:

Depending on the subscription level, users will receive more exclusive content. This approach motivates users to spend more, as they understand what they are paying for:

In the settings, you can come up with a subscription-level name, choose a button color, set a maximum number of subscribers, and specify what it includes. You can create subscription levels in the Creator Dashboard.

You can also offer discounts when users subscribe for several months:

In completely free accounts, all posts are visible, and they are monetized through PPV (Pay-Per-View) content, tips, customs, and other services. Here's an example of a completely free account:

There are also profiles that combine both paid and free content. In this case, the model can publish content separately for the free and paid sections. With a fully locked account, the profile feed is unavailable for viewing without a subscription.

PPV or Pay-Per-View

Free and combined accounts monetize their content with locked posts that can be unlocked for a certain fee. This type of content is referred to as PPV (Pay-Per-View), and it often constitutes a significant portion of earnings. Typically, the first few photos in a collection are made visible or blurred to capture attention and show what can be expected after purchase.

When publishing posts, you can choose which subscription level will have access to the publication.


The easiest way to earn passive income that requires minimal effort is through tips, which are monetary tokens of appreciation for your favorite model. They can be sent on the main account page or on individual posts. Tips can also be attached to messages.

It's essential not to forget to thank those who send tips. Building respectful and friendly relationships with subscribers is key to success and good earnings.

Messages, Sexting, and Mailings

Similar to OnlyFans, a significant portion of earnings on Fansly comes from sexting in a messenger. These conversations are monetized through the sale of PPV content, tips, and the cost of sending messages to users. On Fansly, you can set a price for sending a single message, which is not only convenient but also profitable.

Additionally, you can customize who can send you messages: everyone, subscribers of a specific level, those who send tips, or those who purchase content. Besides, you can organize mass mailings to subscribers with paid content inside or, conversely, send appreciation mailings with free exclusive media as a thank you to VIP subscribers.

Custom Content and Sales of Related Items

Custom content involves creating photos and videos entirely based on the user's preferences. Such content is priced high and constitutes a significant portion of a model's earnings. Custom videos can cost up to $200, depending on their length, while photos typically range from $1 to $5 each. Models often offer packages of multiple photos, such as 10 for $10-50. Some models create a "menu" where you can find prices for specific services.

Additional income can also come from selling worn panties, socks, and other items that have had close contact with the model.


Another way to earn on Fansly is through streams, where subscribers donate tips. In terms of technical features, there are not many options: you can set up to three donation goals, select the viewing price for the stream, and create a title and description. Currently, inviting other creators for joint streams is not possible.

Referral Program

Fansly has a referral program that can generate additional passive income. This program allows you to earn not only 5% for a year from referred models but also 1% from users who spend something on Fansly within 90 days.

A year after joining Fansly, the platform offers a lifetime payment of 1.5% of the model's income, without any restrictions on the amount for the whole time.

How to Promote Your Profile on Fansly?

Methods of promoting Fansly are no different from OnlyFans. The most effective way to promote your profile is still by using various social media platforms and Reddit. However, apart from these, there are also options like buying promotions and affiliate marketing. Each of these sources has its advantages, and it's important not to neglect any of them.

TikTok and Instagram

TikTok and Instagram are very sensitive to erotic content, so it's essential to be cautious when using them. However, TikTok can be an excellent source of traffic; you just need to find the right approach and catch trends.

Reddit and Twitter

Other social media platforms and forums such as Reddit and Twitter allow you to post explicit adult content. These platforms are also the primary sources of traffic for Fansly and OnlyFans. Reddit may initially seem challenging, but with a little understanding, it becomes manageable. To promote on Reddit, you need to post in suitable subreddits tailored to the 18+ audience and try to get your posts into the top rankings. On Twitter, it's sufficient to publish tweets with relevant thematic hashtags.

Publications for Recommendations on “For You” Platform

One significant difference between Fansly and OnlyFans is that Fansly recommends other creators' profiles on the platform's main page, called "For You."

This section appears as an endless feed of posts from various platform creators, including photos and videos. The platform recommends both free and paid posts, which can be accessed through payment or by subscribing to the model.

To receive organic traffic from Fansly recommendations, you need to post free content or posts with previews 1-3 times a week. Be sure to mark your posts with "For You" tags to have them featured in this section.

Buying Promotion from Other Models

Buying promotion involves purchasing guaranteed fans from another model. Mutual promotion, where you promote another model on your profile, and they promote you in return, is also possible. While buying promotions is somewhat challenging on OnlyFans, it's even more challenging on Fansly. Since there aren't as many models on Fansly, finding quality promotions can be challenging. The average cost of promo for targeting 1000 fans is around $450 - $700.

Promo is also sometimes bought from OnlyFans models, although it may not be the most effective strategy. Typically, those who already have an OnlyFans account won't register on Fansly for one model's promotion.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is not a very popular method for attracting users to a model's profile, mainly because many people don't understand how it works. However, this approach can be an excellent source of subscribers, who are actually able to pay you, or, simply put, have money. Unlike OnlyFans, Fansly's rules have no limitations on traffic sources, and you can even advertise through Google Ads. Additionally, launching campaigns on Facebook or using push traffic can be a good option.

How to Withdraw Money

You can withdraw funds from Fansly using several methods: cryptocurrency wallet, Skrill, or Paxum. Each of these options has its pros and cons, and your choice should depend on your earnings and your own convenience.


Withdrawing from a cryptocurrency wallet is convenient and easy. After creating a wallet, you can link it to your Fansly account, and all payouts will be directed to it. From there, you can quickly transfer cryptocurrency to your regular bank card. One advantage of this method is that it's relatively easy, does not require any payment commissions, and is not subject to taxes since the funds are not traceable until they are transferred to your bank card. Most models we spoke to prefer this withdrawal method.


Skrill is a popular international payment system, similar to PayPal and Payoneer. Fansly models often prefer Skrill. The advantages of this payment system are transparency, ease of use, and the ability to withdraw funds to a bank card easily. However, Skrill has high commissions compared to other payment systems: a 4.99% fee for withdrawing to a Mastercard and a 7.5% fee for Visa. You can create an account for free, but before linking it to Fansly, you need to verify it with your passport or another document. Skrill is best suited for those whose income does not exceed $3 000.


Paxum is also an international payment system and it is often chosen by OnlyFans models or adult industry workers. The main advantages of this payment system are fast and high-quality customer support, security, and the ability to use your Paxum card. The disadvantage is that Paxum charges a fixed $50 commission when receiving funds, although it may not be noticeable for large turnovers.

Verification can be somewhat challenging, as you need to provide documents confirming your place of residence, such as utility bill photos with your name as the payer. In conclusion, Paxum is more suitable for those with turnovers exceeding $5 000 per month who do not want to use cryptocurrency.

Now that we have covered how to create and promote an account, as well as how to withdraw money, it's time to talk to models who have been working successfully with Fansly. They will share insights into their work and offer advice for newcomers.

"On average, I currently make between $5 000 to $9000 per month," — Octopus, Fansly model and author of the Telegram channel "I Came Up With It! Octopus's Diary"

Tell us about your Fansly account. How long have you been working there, and how many subscribers do you have?

I've been working for almost a year now, since April 2022. I have 9000 free subscribers and 70 paid ones.

Which social media platforms do you use for promotion, and what would you recommend to newcomers?

I use Instagram, TikTok, and Reddit. I'm a big fan of TikTok, and it brings in great traffic. For me, as a zoomer, the format of short videos is very familiar and easy. I can create them without distracting from my daily life, without stress. I always enjoy it.

Many models use geo-blocking. Do you use it, and is it necessary on Fansly?

No, I don't use geo-blocking. Yes, it's needed to prevent someone like Vasya from the neighboring building from seeing you. But it's not foolproof, as Vasya can use a VPN and still see you. Plus, when you restrict certain traffic on your page, you lose views and internal promotion. It happens that you limit users from Russia and lose 100 views on a post, which could have increased your page's visibility.

What are your thoughts on the promotional gg format? How does it work on Fansly?

I don't buy ads from other models, and I would recommend resorting to it only as a last resort. In most cases, it can be ineffective, and you might run into scams, which are very common now. Moreover, there are few payers on Fansly currently. For example, I have 9000 subscribers, and out of them, only 80-90 users are willing to donate right now. This is a very small ratio. It's better to attract subscribers from social networks and internal organic traffic on Fansly.

How much do you typically earn per month?

On average, it ranges from $5000 to $9000 per month, and for me, that's a good income.

Do you have a team, or do you work alone? Is it challenging to manage a Fansly account on your own?

I used to have a team that I recruited, but now I work with my assistant. She helps me manage the account: she creates posts, updates pinned content, sends welcome messages, processes photos, and so on. Working as a team is great, and I like it, but nowadays, it's hard to find a good team. Oftentimes, people are unreliable, lazy, or quickly lose their enthusiasm. Many sexters have multiple models but can't perform their job well for any of them. It's also challenging to manage an account alone, but with an assistant, it's manageable. For me, it works like this: I handle direct messages and communication, while she handles the page itself and posts. I dedicate about 12 hours a day to work and rarely take weekends.

Tell us about the downsides and challenges of working on Fansly as a model. Is there anything that disappoints you or wears you out?

The downside is that you have to spend time figuring out whether a user is spending money or not. It would be very convenient if Fansly showed this. The constant complaining from regulars can be draining, but I've learned to perceive it as white noise.

What advice would you give to aspiring models? How difficult is it to be a Fansly model in general?

The easiest approach for a model is to live like an adult blogger, where you constantly share your life but with a twist. I advise trying to distance yourself from members. You need to study sales psychology and men themselves as much as possible to understand their needs better. Don't focus too much on your appearance and your content. Even if it seems like a photo isn't great, it will definitely appeal to someone. The key is to present everything in a unique way. Find your unique selling point and try to stand out from everyone else. You should try to be at least slightly special and try to engage users so they stay with you. Don't look at others and don't try to copy someone. Also, don't skimp on investing money in toys, equipment, and clothing. All of this pays off.

What payment services do you use, and which ones would you recommend?

I withdraw to cryptocurrency and cold wallets. No PayPal, Payoneer, or anything like that because in most cases, you can get a refund, and besides, your name, address, and email will be visible there. I'm a bit paranoid about that.

In your opinion, which is better, OnlyFans or Fansly? Where is it more profitable and convenient to work? And why did you choose Fansly?

Of course, it's more convenient to work on OnlyFans because it's a well-established platform, and subscribers from Instagram, TikTok, Telegram, and other social networks easily migrate there. Fansly, on the other hand, is less established, but it has its own features like multi-tiered subscriptions and internal traffic. I chose Fansly because at the time, it was the only platform where I could register with just a Russian passport and no additional documents.

Tell us a cool story, funny, spooky, or just one you personally like.

Every day, I interact with my followers to lead them to a sale. Once, things weren't going so well; no one had made a purchase for a few days. So, I created a paid subscription with a $2 viewing fee, and it featured a video of a chicken drumstick spinning in a microwave set to a beatbox soundtrack. I used a sexy photo for the preview to pique their interest and sent a message saying, 'I'm so hot and juicy here, spinning just for you, open it up quickly.' About 5 people opened it, and we had a good laugh, which helped me to establish a connection with them.

How exactly do you monetize your content on your account? Do you offer multi-tiered subscriptions, pay more attention to the pay-per-view (PPV) model, or do you make the most of your income through sexting? Is there an approach that, in your opinion, is more effective?

I earn in various ways, but primarily through interaction. If I'm not sure what someone wants or can't identify their needs, I suggest they buy a subscription to continue interacting with me. Most of my income comes from gifts. I ask for money for an apartment, a therapist, braces, new toys, and so on. I also make a lot of money from sexting, typically I earn $200-300 every 2-3 days. I rarely send PPVs, and they don't sell well. I sometimes even sell sketches of genitals. Subscribers send photos of their private parts, and I create sketches with markers for $10. I know a girl who earns solely on Fansly by drawing and costumes. In short, if you have charisma, you can earn, but if you don't, even if you split yourself in two, you won't earn anything.

In your opinion, what do Fansly users expect from models?

Well, users there like absolutely everything. In my opinion, people come here not just for self-gratification but rather to chat. In the first case, they can easily find free porn online. I try to build my earnings on people who like me for me. How can they like me if they don't know me? I try to show my real self, not just my body.

You do streams on Fansly. How do your streams go?

Yes, I do streams, and often I do them in a life format: cooking, setting up room miniatures, watching anime, and more. Sometimes I go to sleep with Lovense inside and set up a morning stream for tips. To wake me up, they need to send tips, and the Lovense will vibrate. Sometimes I pretend not to wake up on purpose to encourage more tips. By the way, the platform promotes streams themselves and displays them in recommendations.

How do you determine the pricing for your content?

The lowest threshold, which I rarely go below, is $5 for a photo $10 for a minute of custom video, and 30% off on subscription tiers. Usually, I set prices twice as high as these. I always gauge a person's payment ability and use various techniques to increase the price. The same video can sell for $50 to one person and $10 to another. For example, I can sell a foot video to a foot fetishist for $150, but I might send it for free as a gift to a regular subscriber. You shouldn't underprice your content either. If a photo or video is too cheap, the user may lose interest. Setting a goal of $100 for stripping during streams is normal.

"In the span of the past month, I've earned $2 000," — Margarita, Fansly model.

Tell us about your Fansly account. How long have you been working there, and how many followers do you have?

I've been working on the site for 3 months. Currently, I have 1000 followers and 44 paid subscribers. These are good numbers considering my relatively small number of followers.

Which social media platforms do you use for promotion?

I primarily get my audience from PornHub and internal traffic.

Many models from Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine use geo-blocking. Do you use geo-blocking, and do you think it's necessary on Fansly? If yes, which countries have you included?

No, I don't use geo-blocking, and I don't believe it can be helpful. In any country, there are those who are willing to pay and those who are just looking for free content.

What are your thoughts on promotion through promo methods? How does it work on Fansly?

I've heard that Fansly lacks quality promo. It's sad, but I hope the situation will improve in the near future.

How much have you earned on Fansly in these 3 months?

I earned $2 000 in the last month. I'll send a screenshot from my personal account. I regret that I didn’t join earlier. Honestly, I didn't even think I could earn more than $200 a month in the first six months after joining, but I was wrong.

Do you have a team, or do you work alone? Is it challenging to manage your Fansly account on your own?

I work alone, and it's a bit challenging because I work every day. During these three months, I only had one day off when I didn't post anything on my profile. But when I see the feedback, purchases, compliments, and gifts, it really motivates me.

Tell us about the drawbacks and difficulties of working on Fansly as a model. Is there anything that upsets you or drains you?

For me, the only drawback is the difficulty with withdrawals. Sometimes it takes more than 2-3 days, as it should, but about two weeks. Everything else works perfectly for me, and I'm grateful that Fansly is constantly evolving. I'm sure the withdrawal issue will be resolved over time.

What do you like about this job?

I love it when people write to me, saying they want to see me in a specific outfit, buy it, and ask for more photos of me wearing it. This is my favorite part. One of the members taught me to wear long leather skirts and high heels. He picked everything himself and paid for it, and it suited me perfectly. I like that some members can help me discover new aspects of myself. Before working on Fansly, I had many insecurities. Now I feel confident about myself, and thanks to the earnings, I've become more calm and self-assured.

What advice do you have for aspiring models? How difficult is it to be a Fansly model?

I advise newcomers to be themselves and enjoy their work. Invest money, effort, and love into your work. Be grateful to every subscriber. And, of course, don't give up if something doesn't work out. We always have a great community where everyone supports and helps each other.

What payment services do you use, and which ones would you recommend?

I only accept payments on Fansly or through the Exodus crypto wallet.

In your opinion, what's better, OnlyFans or Fansly? Where is it more profitable and convenient to work? Why did you choose Fansly?

Unfortunately, OnlyFans closed its platform for my country. Fansly takes better care of models. Even if OnlyFans returns to my country, I'll still focus on my favorite Fansly.

Share an interesting story: funny, scary, or simply the one that you personally like.

Recently, a guy wrote to me that he would like a girl like me — with a genuine interest in sex. He said his wife looked like a dead fish during sex. At the end of the message, he added that he wanted God to bless me. It was awkward and funny at the same time.

How exactly does content monetization work on your account? Do you offer different subscription levels, focus on PPV, or earn most of your income from sexting? Is there an approach that you find more effective?

Most of my income comes from subscriptions, custom videos, and PPV. Subscriptions are currently the top source of income for me. I only started sexting at the end of February; otherwise, I could have earned even more.


It's clear from the interview that Fansly is different from OnlyFans not only because models earn less, but also because of the style of interacting with users. On Fansly, it's advisable to focus on connecting with users to build long-term relationships. Additionally, it's essential to plan your promotion with a unique selling point, as bringing users to Fansly is more challenging than to OnlyFans. From a promotion perspective, buying fans from other models is currently not a good idea on Fansly. It's better to focus on developing your social networks and consider alternative ways to attract subscribers.

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