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Introduction to Tiktok Ads For Facebook Advertisers


There has been a shift in the market in terms of paid advertising. Facebook Ads aren’t the same as they used to be and many experienced Facebook advertisers can 100% testify to this.

With IOS updates causing havoc for the Facebook platform, advertisers have been waiting for Facebook or “Meta” to find a resolution to this problem but somehow, Facebook has ignored the advertisers who made this platform what it was way back in the pre-IOS update era.

This doesn’t mean that you cannot get solid results from Facebook, but it definitely is way harder.

Nicolas Hernandes, an online entrepreneur who has run ads on the platform for over 3 years handling hundreds of thousands of dollars in Facebook ad spend says that it seems like Facebook is just focused on pushing forward with the “Metaverse” in which I doubt they will even be successful in. It’s like when Microsoft focused on creating the first smartphone device but was miserably beaten by Apple with this concept when Microsoft was the pioneer for pushing this idea of the “future of technology”.

The Metaverse concept could easily be dominated by gaming companies who could easily just shift their focus on this Virtual Reality idea, Nicolas adds.

Facebook has lost and is losing many of its advertisers who once made the platform for what it was to TikTok. Yes… TikTok. The platform that was once made for dancing videos.

TikTok has rapidly shifted the market and its advertising process is like the 2016 era of Facebook.

Advantages of advertising on TikTok:

  • Less frequent ad account bans compared to Facebook
  • You can go from spending $100 per day to $1 000 the following day when scaling and still not throw off the algorithm
  • You don’t have to rely on writing solid ad copy anymore. It all just comes down to User Generated Content (UGC).
  • TikTok is in the 2016 era of Facebook ads where the platform is still fairly new and you could make a fortune without hard strategies to test. All you need is a solid product and a strong UGC.

In today’s article, we are sharing an introduction to Tiktok ads for Facebook advertisers and we are covering a bunch of topics that will allow you to scale your online business way quicker on Tiktok ads than on Facebook.

Disclaimer: TikTok has shown to benefit e-commerce brands more than info-product brands at the moment:

Here are the topics we are going to cover:

  1. UGC content and why you will fail if you don’t have solid creatives
  2. TikTok Testing Ad Strategy in 2022
  3. Scaling TikTok Campaigns with Horizontal + Vertical Dynamic

UGC content and why you will fail if you don’t have solid creatives
Now on the TikTok platform, you need great user-generated content if you even want to have a chance at success here. On Facebook, you could get away with bad ad creatives if you had solid ad copy but on TikTok, that is not the case.

Ad Creatives take up 90% of the total puzzle for your campaigns to catch any success in the TikTok game.

The best forms of user-generated content are ideally between 5 - 10 seconds long. Anything longer is cutting it close because people’s attention span on this platform is very short.

There is no right or wrong way to film creatives. You can shoot content via your iPhone if you want to and you would still see some success. You just have to think outside of the box here and be creative.

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Here is what we have noticed to work:

  • Content that has quick transitions of the product in action
  • If you are selling clothing, shoot a try-on haul with quick transitions
  • Display product key features with quick cuts
  • Unboxing videos
  • Voiceovers
  • Demonstrations
  • Different sounds

These are just some ideas for you to get started with UGC but it comes down to testing what works for your market.

Tiktok Ads Campaign structure for 2022

Now we are going to look at the Tiktok ad campaign structure that is recommended by Nicolas Hernandes starting with the ad testing strategy.

Similar to FB Ads, broad targeting is best here. Interest tends to not produce results and for some reason, retargeting seems to be off on the TikTok platform.

Nicolas suggests that a solid testing strategy should look like this:

1 Campaign >>> 5 ad groups (PUR) >>> 3 different creatives per each ad group = 15 creatives in total to test with

At $20 per day budgets per ad group at the lowest cost and only targeting the U.S and Canada.

With the 3 ad creatives, you want each creative to be different, whether that be from different transitions or different features, the more variations you have in creatives, the more likely you’ll find success. Remember, creatives are king here.

At the ad group level, targeting looks something like this:

Very broad demographics

  • Either testing Age Range
  • Gender testing
  • Broad Demographics with hardly any targeting (only U.S & Canada)

So your campaigns at the Ad Group level would look something like this: (all under 1 campaign)

  • Ad Group 1 >>> Men 18+ - 40
  • Ad Group 2 >>> Women 18+ - 40

Remember: You need to go super broad here.


You can also implement this method of hybrid targeting as well:

3 of the ad groups like above with no targeting, and 2 with interest-based targeting:

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  • Ad Group 3 >>> Men 21+ - 35
  • Ad Group 4 >>> Streetwear for Men
  • Ad Group 4 >>> Workout fitness for men

Interest targeting just depends on your niche.

With TikTok, the broader your audience is, the better chance you will have at running profitable campaigns. This is where TikTok is different from Facebook and ideally, creatives are doing all the heavy lifting here.

Scaling Tiktok Campaigns with Horizontal and Vertical Dynamic Ads

With Facebook Ads, there was a clear cookie-cutter system you could follow step-by-step in terms of scaling strategy. With TikTok, that is not the case. Scaling is a mix of different steps with different situations and it just comes down to results.

The baseline strategy Nicolas recommends following is simply the method of horizontal scaling with 3-5 campaigns with 5 Ad groups per campaign:

The scaling setup looks like this:

  • Campaign 1 >>> 3-5 Ad Groups (Broad + 2 Interest max) >>> 3 ads per ad group
  • Campaign 2 >>> 3-5 Ad Groups (Broad + 2 Interest max) >>> 3 ads per ad group
  • Campaign 3 >>> 3-5 Ad Groups (Broad + 2 Interest max) >>> 3 ads per ad group
  • Campaign 4 >>> 3-5 Ad Groups (Broad + 2 Interest max) >>> 3 ads per ad group
  • Campaign 5 >>> 3-5 Ad Groups (Broad + 2 Interest max) >>> 3 ads per ad group

At the end of the day, the number of campaigns you can run just comes down to the number of creatives you have. The more UGC you have, the quicker you can test and scale winners.

Nicolas says that his team spends at least $75 - $100 per day for each campaign. Ideally, they aim to scale with 3-5 campaigns, which seems like the golden ratio.

When it comes to scaling horizontally,  Nicolas prefers to test in the following order:

  1. Test New creatives (Variations of content)
  2. Test new targeting (Demographics, locations, interests, dayparting, etc)
  3. Test new strategies (Find different methods from other advertisers and implement them. There is no right or wrong answer until you test)

“We test a lot horizontally to lay the foundation and then scale vertically.”, Nicolas adds.

Now there are 2 ways of scaling vertically:

  1. $100/ day per each Ad Group (Take top ad set with 5+ sales, duplicate into a new campaign at $100 per day)
  2. Top 3 creatives >>> ACO >>> Incremental budget increase (Take top 3 ad creatives, make ACO, increase in increments of 10 up to $100 per day every 2 days then 20% increments every other day once you build consistency)

When it comes to scaling with TikTok you could duplicate an Ad Group and scale with $1 000 per day if you wanted to.

Unlike Facebook where if you did that, your ad account would face bans or the algorithm would completely be thrown off, TikTok is in its “Golden Era” and there are no limits when it comes to scaling.

We hope this gives you guys some clarity with TikTok, it is not that hard to operate, it just comes down to how good your creatives are.

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