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45 Micro SaaS Ideas for 2022

Micro-SaaS has become a popular topic among entrepreneurs looking to tackle challenges for a specific target audience. A micro SaaS company or product focuses on solving a problem in a specific niche market with limited resources. Large budgets and investments are not required. The company is often run by one person or a small staff, with a tiny yet committed customer base.

Customers gain access to the product or service by paying a recurring subscription, which is usually paid monthly or yearly.

In this article, we are sharing with you 45 micro SaaS ideas that can be implemented in 2022. These ideas are collected from the common problems mentioned in various online communities across different niches that we believe can be solved by SaaS projects.

A Crypto dashboard SaaS with the following features:

  • Allows a user enters wallet address
  • The user can get daily summaries of balance changes, farming profits, etc
  • The user can set alerts to track other wallet addresses
  • Sends alerts and summaries through SMS and email.

Cold emailing software that integrates phone numbers and sends an SMS within 10 minutes of mailing to the same prospect.

An email pixel that not only tells you when a recipient opens your email but how long they had it open. then you can retarget the most interested prospects with your cold emails.

A survey SaaS app that captures feedback via users’ voices rather than text. Extracts sentiment via AI and presents a report with the analysis.

A service that dials a customer service line for you and replaces their annoying background music with the music of your choice (or silence), automatically detecting when an operator picks up on the other end and playing a gentle tone for you to take your phone off speaker and respond.

Content creation marketplace that connects brands with creators (not necessarily "influencers" with large followings) who can help build out their online presence. Through recurring projects, one-off videos/photos, social strategy, etc.

A platform that allows people with social anxiety to get other people to make phone calls for them to book/change appointments, dispute charges, etc.

 One for procrastinators: A task management/Pomodoro app that charges ONLY when you don't complete a task. This could end procrastination once and for all.

A Tool that shows how many people are using a certain SaaS tool-free and paid. (great for competitor analysis)

 Portfolio sites for wedding photographers that can build a photo checklist for the big day, and gather input from the bride with beautiful emails.

 Brand development for e-commerce companies. Only input certain parameters and it will give you a full brand statement, functional benefits, brand personality, and even taglines. (GPT-3 enabled + human-curated).

 A SaaS that allows users to create knowledge base content from your Discord community. Do support and Q&A in your discord server to automatically create SEO-friendly KB content on your website.

 Charity golf scoreboard: An app enabling charity golf tournament organizers to track team scores in real-time by providing players a way to input their score using their phone during tournament play; enhances user enjoyment & helps grow charity golf events.

 A bot to make buy and sell crypto orders in exchange when they reach your selected price so you don't have to do it manually and don't have to track your crypto daily.

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 Mail app sidekick, which analyses the emails coming to you and provides you insights based on Machine Learning models.

  • Prioritizes your critical business emails.
  • Reports productive vs wasted time while reading mails.
  • Suggests an action based on a previously taken action.

 Audience Q&A software whereby everyone can ask their questions. This is will save the speaker time, filter bad questions, and give chance audience to ask anonymously.

 A platform that takes data from the news/announcements section of unicorn startup websites, analyses, and turns them into buying intent signals. Eg company expansion: Opportunity for new supplies and services providers.

 Uber, but for doctors and people who want remote healthcare attention Could be useful in this period where remote services are booming.

 MailChimp but for WhatsApp marketing.

 Personalized LinkedIn outreach tool for Enterprise/midmarket prospect. It can highlight attributes of prospect profiles similar to ICP to enable personalization, quickly send and track manual connections and messages.

 A list of your home projects that finds gaps in your calendar to get that crap done (and keep your partner happy). The subscription covers tech costs and gets you typical home consumables like Affresh tabs, cleaning liquids, etc. ahead of a particular project.

 A content management system for landlords that can enable them to track their property. Check if there are any breaks or leaks, whether the tenant has paid the bill.

A Twitter bot that gathers and posts online businesses like content sites, Amazon FBA, e-commerce, lead generation, SaaS projects, etc that are up for sale and listed by top brokers.

 Calendar app for musicians&venues: This will eliminate email from the booking process, reduce the amount of tab-switching required for venues to review artists, and auto-post confirmed shows to all necessary services (Facebook/Instagram, Bandsintown, Spotify, Songkick, and more).

 E-learning platform that aims to educate a specific nice customer, like people seeking training on how to drive a tractor.

 Time management SaaS solution that gives time management tools to a specific audience, such as truck drivers. The app would remind them when to take breaks or sleep.

 Create a plug-in for an existing technology or web app like Shopify, WordPress, etc, and offer a custom solution.

 Simple invoicing and financial planning tool aimed at artists or poets. Create a tool that helps them send simple invoices and track their income.

 Marketing automation tool that can create a marketing automation platform to help small businesses manage their social media content. The tool could also manage interactions with customers.

 Remote doctor: As the pandemic has proven, many interactions with a doctor don’t need to happen in the doctor’s office. Create a telemedicine platform for dermatologists to diagnose their patients’ problems.

 Storyboarding app that helps budding screenwriters build a script. The user could use the tool to refine and organize their story and build plot points.

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 Photo editor for children: A micro SaaS solution for parents of creative children. This application would allow children to build photo editing skills in a fun, creative way. Instead of blurry glamour shots, this app would let the child build up scenes with an intuitive user interface.

 Virtual assistant for small businesses that would help small businesses plan employees’ schedules, order supplies, and marketing. The application would serve small businesses with 10 or fewer employees in a business-to-consumer environment.

 Micro Customer relationship manager (CRM) for very small businesses or individual freelancers. This tool would help them maintain customer relationships. Micro CRM would track leads and responses to advertising campaigns.

 Video editor for Instagram to help Instagram users edit and organize their video content. Lighting and filters features would help them create arresting content.

 A group chat for children: For parents that worry about their children’s exposure to social media, this app would allow a closed group to send and receive messages. The classroom teacher would define the group and parents would approve.

 A micro SaaS that would help disorganized writers get their ideas out of their heads and onto the page. Simple tools like character builder and story arc help to maintain focus. Alerts and notifications would remind the writer to create content.

 Compliance training games: Today many firms have regulatory requirements that employees must meet. The employees must attend lectures or finish online courses. Instead of boring them with these, this micro SaaS solution would turn training into a fun interactive game.

 Time tracker for freelancers: Many freelancers in IT have multiple clients. They need to track hours based on client and project. This simple application would allow for manual input as well as a stopwatch feature to automatically count hours.

 Remote medicine supply for people living in remote areas. It allows people in rural places to have online consultations, distant checking of health records, and knowing how to treat certain diseases.

 New tab dashboard for all your metrics like MRR, newsletter signups, followers/subscribers, etc. Pretty much like Submetrics but for the new tab page on Chrome/ Firefox browsers.

 Pinterest Design & Automation Tool: Thousands of bloggers and businesses use Pinterest to market their content and get traffic. But, designing good pins and posting them at the right time is time-consuming.

 Make creating Interactive Blog Posts Simpler: Imagine technical articles where users can try what they learn in the browser and answer questions as they read it. Create a publishing platform that allows you to add rich content like quizzes, polls, and flashcards on web pages.

 Cookery & Recipe Software: Cooking is a favorite for many people and currently, chefs and restaurants are sharing their recipes by conducting live demos of popular dishes. Creating a SaaS that lets customers manage, organize, and share recipes is a valid idea.

 A landing page builder that can take single payments for multiple SaaS companies and auto-split subscriptions among the other stripe accounts without using any code.


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