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From $10 To $724 Profit per Day With a Youtube Channel of Random Beach Videos

In this article, we are showing you how the owner of the Epic Nature Youtube channel generates up to $724 per day from his channel which displays random beach videos. The videos are kind of unusual as they are just plain recordings of activities happening at particular beaches across the world, kind of like CCTV camera recordings with no words or dedicated scenes/ shots.

The Epic Nature channel currently sits at 40 000 subscribers and contains many beach-themed videos published on the channel. The frequency of publishing videos is 2 videos per week, but with all this, some videos gain millions of views in a few weeks. To understand in more detail how it all works. In this article, we are going to analyze how the owners of the Epic Nature channel create their videos and what makes them really attract many viewers, allowing them to earn up to $724 per day.

Analysis of the Videos

The videos on this channel tend to begin with a beautiful girl sitting in front of the ocean and just posing for the camera for a few seconds. This is called personalization. Anyone who comes to watch a video on the channel automatically understands that the channel owner is a beautiful girl who walks along the beach and films everything that happens in the field of view of the camera lens. The girl is quite beautiful, so no one has questions about shooting people on the beach. The video title shows that this beach is located in Barcelona, Spain. So such walks along the beach automatically attach the viewer to the place it was filmed.

What Is the Idea Behind this YouTube Channel?

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The idea is that most people have stopped going to the beach for apparent reasons during the covid-19 period. We understand that not only young people come to rest there, but also the elderly. So the owner gives his viewers the online experience of being on the beaches of Barcelona. And on the other hand, the male audience is attracted by colorful thumbnails and the title of the video, which is optimized for an English-speaking audience but also easily understood by other audiences.

A rather exciting formula comes out:

Unique content + Beautiful video thumbnails = Good profit on Youtube

If you think thumbnails do not play any role in video promotion, I must disappoint you because they do. The thumbnail and short video preview acts as a trailer where the channel owner tries to win the battle for the user’s attention, and if he wins, he gets more views than his competitors. So as they said in ancient Rome, "People want bread and circuses." Millenniums pass, but the male mentality has not changed much.

How Can We Replicate this Success?

This channel's content is mainly meant for mind relaxation and it only works seasonally - for this case, the summer season. To replicate this kind of channel,  In summer, it is the sea, and in winter, it is the mountains. Since autumn has begun outside the window, you must prepare similar content for a winter-type holiday. If you live, for example, in the hills, you have a unique opportunity to generate content about how people relax in a particular place. The cost of producing content is minimal. You can buy ski passes and shoot videos where it's allowed.

A vivid example of this is the resort city of Sochi, where there are many places where you can shoot and publish content in this format. Then once the channel grows, you can go ahead with the monetization.


To find out the approximate statistics of any YouTube channel, it will be enough to go to the well-known data analytics service called "SocialBlade." So we go to the service, enter the identifier of the YouTube channel we need, and we will see detailed statistics of the data we need.

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We see that the channel was created in the spring of 2014, when only 24 videos were published, which collected 3 600 000 views and converted into 38 900 subscribers. The fact that the geo-dependence of the channel is indicated as the United States suggests the channel owner’s intention to target the English-speaking audience.

The approximate income indicators show that the channel earns anywhere from $769 to $12 300 per month. Of course, there is no point in watching the annual revenue because the first video was published only a month ago. So I propose looking at detailed income analytics for the week since the service provides such data.

Detailing the income of this channel by day shows the approximate profit of the channel, which starts at $10 and goes up to $724 because I think the figure of $3 200 per day is a special kind of fantasy. so let's leave the approximate maximum profit at $700 or a little bit more per day.


A non-standard Youtube approach almost always leads to success. The ideal way to make money on YouTube with less hustle is to produce content without showing your face.

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In essence to the kind of content displayed in this channel, you can shoot videos of people cutting branches or trees, farmers doing their farm routines, people walking along the beach, or even cooking food. All the boundaries are in our heads, if you think harder, you can come up with ideas that can definitely beat the Youtube algorithm and help you monetize quickly.

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