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How To Start An OnlyFans Agency From Scratch in 2023

Today's article is packed with value, so grab a seat and get ready for a detailed discussion. We are going to walk you through a step-by-step plan for starting an OnlyFans agency from scratch in 2023, according to Jermaine Francois — a 25-year-old owner of inVogue Marketing and Only Astra Agency.

If you're just beginning in the agency world or want to scale up to earning $5 000 per month or more, this is for you.

Note: We are going to leave the guide according to Jermain’s very own words and only edit it for clarity and context. Let's dive in.

Jermaine Francois

Imagine you're at ground zero, starting fresh with your agency. Here's the exact strategy I'd follow, based on my personal experience. Think of yourself as the agency owner, a true business professional in this space. I want to share a unique approach that might differ from what you've heard elsewhere.

Picture yourself as the agency owner right at the top. I'll suggest something a bit unconventional compared to what you might find on YouTube or in the OnlyFansM (OnlyFans Management) sphere. So keep reading.

Start by Signing 2 OnlyFans Сontent Сreators

While some experts recommend focusing solely on one creator and scaling them up, I propose a different approach. Sign up two creators initially.

Here's why: Relying entirely on one creator can be risky. I've experienced this firsthand. If unforeseen circumstances, like personal issues, arise, your income can disappear overnight. I know how disheartening that can be, especially after investing time and resources.

By working with two creators, you spread the risk. If something happens with one, you still have another source of income. It's a safeguard against potential setbacks. I want to stress that you shouldn't rely on a service-based model with the creators, focus on building relationships with creators for long-term success.

Now, let's name these creators: Model One and Model Two:

Now they don't have to be in the same niche. I would probably say, try it in two different niches to see which one gives you the best results. This way, you can compare them against each other.

It's also a good opportunity because when you work with just one model, you can only compare results to that one individual, one variable. When you have multiple models, you can look at the agency or client roster from a higher perspective. You can see who's generating the most results and analyze what they're doing to achieve those results. What type of content are they creating to generate the best outcomes?

With only one model, you can only focus on what's happening in that one account. When you have multiple models, you can consider different variables, and you can glean information from one model to the next – different poses, content ideas, and more.

So, this is another reason why I recommend two models. Right now, you need to sign these models. How to sign them? Go ahead and watch this video and it will give you a lot of information.

Once you sign these two models and set up your 50% commission structure, here's what you'll do: Create your traffic sources.

Creating Traffic Sources for OnlyFans

To acquire traffic, make sure that you use free traffic sources initially. Don't invest money into traffic sources at the start of your agency career because you don't have the proof of concept yet. This is what you'll do:

  1. Start with TikTok
  2. Add Twitter
  3. Add dating apps

This is the best approach to free organic growth you can get online right now.

1. Tiktok for OnlyFans Traffic

TikTok is currently the best for organic growth. However, be cautious about the content you post on TikTok; it's a kid-friendly app, so you need to avoid anything that could lead to being banned.

Your goal, and your model's goal, is to reach 1 000 followers. Once you hit that milestone, you can start going live on TikTok. TikTok Lives for OnlyFans content creators is a great strategy. This is when you'll start to see an increase in OnlyFans subscribers.

If your model already has 1 000 followers, aim to get them on TikTok Lives as soon as possible. Aim to post 2 to 3 times a day. Pay attention to trending sounds and replicate successful trends while adding your model's unique style.

2. Twitter for OnlyFans Traffic

Moving on to Twitter, it's a safe platform that allows for NSFW content. This aspect is often overlooked; not many people on YouTube discuss the potential of Twitter. In reality, Twitter is an excellent platform for OnlyFans content creators.

So, on Twitter, here's what you need to do: Take control of the Creator's account, and install HyperFury – a content scheduling software for Twitter. Your aim here is to share TikTok videos directly on Twitter – two videos per day, relevant to the content. This applies to each Creator.

Additionally, post 2 - 3 tweets per day about 'sub to my OnlyFans' and related info. Always jump on the current trends. Much of your content should focus on trending global events like Black Friday, Christmas World Cup, and Movie releases like Barbie, etc. These tweets should include a link for a direct OnlyFans subscription.

And post one picture per day — Twitter content that showcases the model.

Tracking Is Important

Do remember to install a tracking link on your Twitter profile. If you're unsure, follow these steps:

  • Go to OnlyFans
  • Go to Subscriptions and Promotions
  • Click Tracker Links at the bottom
  • Create a new link named 'Twitter'
  • Copy and paste this link into your bio, tweets, and website section

This will help monitor Twitter traffic and subscriptions separately.

Note: For TikTok, you can't use a direct link. Instead, link it through Instagram. The TikTok funnel is TikTok to Instagram to OnlyFans. On your model's Instagram, create a custom domain or add the link as 'Instagram TikTok/dating apps'. This link on LinkTree or the model's domain will channel the traffic. This way, data can be differentiated.

3. Dating Apps Traffic for OnlyFans

The protocol for dating apps is best implemented after getting started on TikTok and Twitter. Always begin with these two platforms for free traffic. You can start by using your phone or the model's phone – avoid investing in more phones for now.

So for dating apps, start by setting up model profiles on Bumble, POF (Plenty of Fish), Hinge, Hood Hookups, and Flava – depending on your niche. Tinder is challenging due to recent updates so we can put that aside.

Once the dating app accounts are operational, ask the models to swipe from 25 to 50 profiles per day and keep chatting with the guys on the apps and offer them links to see them privately on OnlyFans, for more private chats.

Also, consider offering discounts to these guys on dating apps to drive conversions.

Use limited-time offers like 60% off for the next five people, available for three. This creates a sense of urgency. Consider pricing your OnlyFans subscription between $8 and $12.99 per month. Run regular discounts — 70% off for Black Friday and 40% off for Cyber Monday.

Remember, all traffic must lead to the OnlyFans page. This involves aligning your traffic strategy with your model's OnlyFans page. By following these steps, you'll optimize your approach for better results.

Start by Reaching Out to Models that Already Have a Small Fanbase

Your model should at least have a small fan base already. I wouldn't recommend starting as a completely new agency pitching models who are totally new on the internet. Don't begin with a model at ground zero. It'll make your journey much harder.

Usually, you can find a model in the top 20% of OnlyFans who are earning around $200 to $300 a month. This is the best model to work with. They have content ready but need help with marketing and running the account.

If they already have an active and verified account, it'll speed up your progress significantly. Building a new account from scratch involves more complexity and variables. So, it's wise to start with a model that has a small following, preferably 2 000 to 3000 on Instagram, and a decent TikTok following, if applicable. Avoid the challenge of starting from zero. While it's still possible, it takes longer to hit monthly goals.

OnlyFans Strategy

Once you have traffic going to your model's page, you now have to start with the messaging. Start messaging by sending ideally one Pay-Per-View (PPV) video per day. The rest of the messages should involve building rapport using scripts, getting to know fans, and selling content. Customize messages to each individual.

Also, avoid spamming with too many PPVs; one well-timed PPV can spark a conversation.

After sending a PPV, end it with a call to action like 'What do you think? Open this and let me know.' This is important for creating genuine connections.

Once you have over 500 or 300 fans, you can do 2 to 3 PPVs per day. But for a new creator or agency with fewer than 50 subscribers, message them individually with 1 PPV. Build rapport and trust for better conversions.

Scaling the OnlyFans Content Creator to Over $5 000 per Month

When you have the PPV messages going, scaling a creator to $5 000 a month takes about 30 to 45 days on average. This typically means you have taken a model that is ideally from the top 20% to the top 2.5%, and you take 50% as an agency fee.

With proper execution, each of your 2 models can generate a steady $5 000 monthly, therefore they will make $10 000. You will then take $2 500 from each making it $5 000 for your agency.

The beautiful thing about this is that this is a monthly recurring subscription service. So you will have income coming in every month from these models. So in the following months, you can actually grow the revenue as more people subscribe to the models.

Next Steps

If you have an agency making $5 000 per month, what's your next step? You bring on a social media manager and Chatters. You can assemble a team to ease yourself out of the process. Sign up more models, maybe start with one for $5 000 per month.

Repeat the process: another model, 30 to 45 days later, targeting $5 000 per month. Add a third model using the same process, and now you're at $7 500 per month, just below 6 figures per year.

This is all achieved with around 80% profit margins. Anything less than 80% is a big mistake. This entire approach I've shown you is free. The only costs might be the domain and perhaps a free trial with HelloSign for model contracts. No need to pay for dating apps or phones right now – it's all free.

Because you're starting with as little as a hundred dollars or even less. Essentially, it's almost free. Unlike most businesses that require thousands to start and often take months to break even, this approach can make you $2 000 - $3 000 per month in your first 30 days with just two models. This could potentially replace a full-time job unless it's a high-end one.


So, this is the logical way to scale your agency from 0:

  • First, sign on one or two models.
  • Set them up on TikTok and Twitter using the tools I've mentioned. You don't need to pay for these tools — they're free.
  • Use dating apps on phones, either yours or the models'. Swipe 20-50 times daily for each model. Over time, traffic will come in, and subscribers will start to grow in about a week or two.
  • Once subscribers are there on OnlyFans, build rapport, chat with them, sell content and tips, and handle ratings.

In 30 to 45 days, you should reach $5 000 per month per model. With two models, that's $2 500 from each making you take home $5 000, and adding another model and hiring chatters will get you even higher.

Few businesses allow such low-capital scaling. Yes, social media marketing agencies (SMMA) and blogging could, but they're more saturated now. So, get in early, build your business and cash flow, and change your circumstances.


Hopefully, this approach makes sense and provides value. It's exactly what to do to start an OnlyFans agency from scratch. Give it a shot — you could start with little to no investment.

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