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Top 8 Niches For Free Traffic From Pinterest

Pinterest is the most niche-centered social media platform. On Pinterest, you can find all niches from the general niches to the most specific ones. However some niches are more popular than others and they can help to blow up traffic to your website, or online store.

In this article, we are sharing with you the top 10 Pinterest niches that can help to boost the traffic of your affiliate website, online store, or amazon affiliate links.

Home Decor

Home decor is one of the most popular niches on Pinterest with over 60.5 million users following this niche. The niche is broad and it caters to almost everybody no matter the age, sex, or other demographics. The older people may be looking for master bedroom redesign ideas and products while the younger people are looking for ideas to decorate their dorm rooms or first apartments.

If you have an affiliate site promoting products in this niche or a Shopify store selling home decor items, get ready for some serious traffic because there are tons of people looking for home decor on Pinterest. A good example of a home decor online store having success on Pinterest is which receives over 800 000 monthly views on Pinterest.

DIY and Crafts

When Pinterest was created, it was a place for creatives and people looking for inspiration. That’s why DIY and crafts are so successful on Pinterest. We are talking about DIY accessories, DIY decor, DIY gardening tools, DIY kids’ crafts, DIY wood, paper, or fabric crafts, and so on. It’s a no-brainer that anyone can turn any DIY skill into a full-time business by simply creating an online store on Etsy or Shopify and promoting it on Pinterest.

For bloggers, business ideas can be teaching people how to do crafts, reviewing crafts and so more like who makes thousands of dollars from teaching DIY, all thanks to Pinterest traffic.

Health and Fitness

The Health and Fitness niche has over 21 million followers on Pinterest and is still growing. The niche targets a lot of people who are interested in taking care of their bodies and also trying to find some health-related solutions. Pinterest offers a great opportunity for affiliate marketers and Shopify store owners to promote fitness products and very many have already made millions of dollars in sales by promoting fitness products on Pinterest like Gym Shark which receives over 1 000 000 monthly views on the platform.

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Health and fitness bloggers can also promote their workout routines, diet tips and so much more.


In 2017, there were over 3 billion fashion pins on Pinterest and over 29 million pinners interested in fashion. This already shows the vast amount of traffic Pinterest has for this niche. Affiliates and online sellers in the fashion space have the opportunity to promote their products on Pinterest regardless of whether it’s men’s fashion, women’s fashion, kids’ wear, shoes, accessories and so much more.

Fashion bloggers can also create guides on seasonal fashion trends and get tons of traffic from Pinterest like Hilal, the fashion blogger behind who receives over 10 000 000 views on her Pinterest page each month.


Pinterest is a visual platform, this means that anything to do with gorgeous makeup, hairstyles, skin care, or nail design will work very well on Pinterest. This is a niche that many people are interested in. With the current pressure on social media, many people are looking for ways to look good. Here affiliates and online sellers can promote all kinds of beauty products and get tons of traffic.

Beauty bloggers, makeup artists, and hairstylists can promote products or create beauty tutorials on their sites, Some other beauty bloggers have come up with more creative ways to monetize their Pinterest traffic, for example, Birchbox which is a page that finds the best beauty products and sends them to their subscribers on a monthly basis.

Nail art has also recently become huge on interest and it’s a good space to tap in.


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Travel has been big on Pinterest during the pre-pandemic era and now in the post-pandemic era. People are going on Pinterest to look for their next travel destination ideas, camping and vacation places, and so on. Travel blogs have the most advantage here to create guides for people interested to travel on the best go-to places, best Airbnb rentals, travel and hiking tips. Also to promote different equipment for travelers.

One of the best travel blogs killing it on Pinterest is

Pets and Animals

Everything from pet photography to pet training works well on Pinterest. People like to spoil their pets with cute accessories and training them. If you are in the pet niche, teaching people how to train their dogs on your blog or if you are selling pet accessories on Etsy or Shopify, Pinterest is a great place to promote yourself.

Some pet blogs also kill it on Pinterest and a good example is

Holidays and Events

Holidays and events are a big thing on Pinterest. It all goes back to why people are on the platform - to find inspiration and plan for things to do in real life. Targeting the holidays and events space is an obvious way to get Pinterest traffic flooding to your site because people spend hours looking for good dresses, DIY decorations, food, decors, travel ideas and so much more for each holiday season. In order to make the most of holiday seasons, affiliates and online sellers, regardless of the niche need to adjust their Pinterest pins to suit the upcoming holiday seasons in order to get lots of traffic from Pinterest.


Pinterest is very important in boosting the growth of an affiliate business or online shopping store. Knowing your niche and fully exploiting Pinterest by creating pins that link to your site can work wonders — even for small niches too.

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There are a lot of niches not mentioned in this list but they have the potential to blow up traffic at any given moment. Such niches include:

  • Technology, gadgets, and accessories;
  • Photography;
  • Architecture;
  • Food and drinks;
  • Gardening and outdoors.
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