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The Most Profitable Traffic for Dating Offers in 2023: a Thorough Comparison of Organic Social Media Traffic and Ad Networks

Dating offers have always been evergreen in the affiliate marketing world. But with Google algorithm updates and the changing digital landscape, marketers need to continually test new traffic sources and strategies to determine what works best in 2023.

In this in-depth article, we will compare a wide range of approaches for driving highly targeted and profitable traffic to dating offers this year, based on extensive testing and optimization.

These include:

  • Organic traffic growth strategies on Facebook
  • Using TikTok's powerful algorithm and engaging users
  • Evaluating ad formats like Push Notifications, Popunders, and Native Ads
  • Combining multiple traffic sources for maximized conversions
  • Implementing tracking and optimization best practices

By the end of this comprehensive guide, you will have a clear data-backed understanding of the most effective method for your dating campaigns, along with actionable tips for implementation and scaling profits.

Why Dating Offers Present Big Opportunities for Affiliates

Before diving into traffic sources, let's understand why dating offers are so lucrative for affiliate marketers. Online dating has grown exponentially in recent years. According to Business of Apps, The dating app market made $4.94 billion revenue in 2022, Over 300 million people use dating apps worldwide, with about 20 million paying for premium features. Tinder was the most downloaded app in 2022, followed by Bumble.

With people relying more on virtual interactions, the stigma around online dating has reduced. Niche segments like senior dating, LGBTQ+, and faith-based dating have also emerged.

These trends present massive money-making opportunities for affiliates promoting dating offers. Commissions are among the highest compared to other verticals, ranging from $1 to $4 per lead depending on geo and demographic targeting.

Dating offers also convert better because people are more open to trying new dating apps and websites. Affiliates can capitalize on this high-intent traffic for maximized earnings.

Now let’s explore the most effective traffic strategies for dating offers in 2023.

Driving Organic Traffic from Facebook for Dating Offers

Facebook remains one of the largest traffic reservoirs, even after Apple's iOS changes. For affiliates specifically, manually growing organic accounts to promote offers is a proven tactic.

Here is an overview of how affiliates generate organic traffic from Facebook for dating offers:

  • Fake female profiles are created with unique targeted geo mobile numbers to seem authentic. Profile photos of attractive women were added.
  • For a few weeks, the accounts are warmed up. This involves making normal user actions like posting photos, commenting, liking pages, and expanding friends lists to avoid flagging.

  • The accounts are then used to start conversations with male users and invite them to chat in a discreet dating app or dating website that the affiliate is promoting.
  • The girl suggests that the user can find the link to the private website in her Telegram channel — and then she forwards the link to her Telegram channel.

  • The male users sign up using the link sent in the Telegram chat and the affiliate makes the commission.

Results Achieved

Max, the affiliate who tested this method says that this campaign strategy resulted in a respectable average ROI of 32%, which could likely be improved further with more optimization.

While profits were consistent, heavy time investments into manual account farming made scaling this strategy challenging for a single affiliate. Also testing automated farming software also did not work, with over 90% of accounts getting suspended before being used.


Overall, this strategy proves profitable if done manually. However, most affiliates will find it difficult to scale efficiently.

Testing TikTok's Algorithm and Engaged Users for Dating Traffic

With over 1 billion monthly active users, TikTok has quickly become a goldmine for affiliates. Its powerful algorithm rewards engaging content, making it ideal for promoting dating offers.

Here is how Max used TikTok accounts for maximum conversions:

  • Like Facebook, accounts were grown by uploading videos of attractive women to build followers organically.
  • 3 to 4 high-quality videos were posted daily per account, requiring 6-7 hours of daily effort by the affiliate team.
  • Within 5-8 days, 1 000 subscribers were achieved per account. Affiliate links were added to profile headers once accounts were primed.

After a week we saw real traction - profiles had approximately 1 000 subscribers and some initial leads. A few days after hitting that milestone, we added a landing page link to each account. We tested two tactics here that worked equally well:

  • Funneling people to a Telegram channel, warming them up with flirty pics, and sending them to an affiliate funnel from there.

  • Directing leads to a custom bot first, then on to the offer link.


Max says that the TikTok traffic drove a 70% higher conversion rate compared to Facebook. Nearly $700 in revenue was made in the first month alone, without extensive scaling. TikTok's algorithm clearly provided very targeted users.

The biggest challenge was the daily time investment needed for content creation for each account. Manually managing more than a few accounts became unrealistic.

Expanding affiliate teams could improve scaling, but would also increase costs substantially. Relying on automation tools carries the risk of getting accounts banned.


TikTok's engaged users have very high intent for dating offers, but generating sufficient traffic volumes can be challenging without large-scale manual effort.

Using Paid Ad Networks for Driving Traffic to Dating Offers

Beyond social platforms, leveraging the reach of ad networks is an option to scale dating offer promotions. But impact varies greatly based on format.

According to Max, paid Facebook ads did not convert well for dating offer campaigns, leading to losses. They required a lot of grayhat tactics like cloaking, buying proxies, and farming ad accounts which all didn’t pay off at the end as the ad accounts were being banned.

Popunders saw poor results, likely due to user annoyance with heavy pop-ups. They were discontinued quickly. Native ads performed better at a 15% ROI prior to optimization. But native advertising scales better when invested in the long-term.

However, in contrast, inexpensive InPage Push ads on reputable ad networks drove up to 90% ROI, without extensive optimization.

Among all formats tested, InPage Push notifications delivered the highest returns for dating offers with minimal effort.

Why InPage Push Ads Worked So Well:

  • Wider reach than pop-unders as they don't require opt-ins or subscriptions
  • More discreet than banner and native ads and has a higher CTR
  • Allow hyper-targeted messaging for specific demographics

The key is having a reputable ad network with transparent reporting and quality traffic. Continually refine targeting, bids, and creatives based on data. Invest in scaling push notification campaigns, as profits compound when successfully optimized. Avoid shady networks, you can always find a list of the most reputable advertising networks here.

Implementing Tracking, Optimization, and Scaling Best Practices

As with any affiliate promotion strategy, real-world results come down to rigorous tracking, optimization, and scaling of campaigns.

Here are some proven tips for maximizing your profits with dating offers:

  • Track and segment all conversion data points — registrations, email confirmations, purchases, etc.
  • Analyze metrics for each traffic source — ROI, conversions, CPA, CPC, etc. Tweak budgets accordingly.
  • Refine targeting based on the highest-converting demographics and placement/timing.
  • Continuously A/B test creatives across platforms and campaigns.
  • Reinvest a portion of profits to scale campaigns that deliver the best results.
  • Monitor closely for platform policy changes and optimize as needed.
  • Maintain diverse traffic sources to minimize risk and maximize profits.

The Bottom Line

While this guide provides a detailed comparison of various options based on real-world testing, affiliate marketing success comes down to continually monitoring data and optimizing efforts.

No single traffic source will stay profitable forever. But by tracking all key metrics, pivoting approaches based on changes, and scaling efforts strategically, dating offers provide massive opportunities to build a thriving affiliate business in 2023 and beyond.

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